A/N: I don't know what the epilogue should be about.

Word Count: 254 words

Izuku received a text from Katsuki.

'Check your phone nerd.'

Izuku woke up to news about All Might. It was all surreal.

It seems All Might really did have a big impact on people's lives.

He's not sure how the world will transition back to normal after.

Principal Nezu sent out a letter asking if his students want to return to UA.

The Hero Commission tried to brief people who were close to All Might. They aren't sure how they're gonna explain why Sir Nighteye is magically alive again. They also told the media they suspect All Might's disappearance from the world was probably due to a villain attack.

Izuku later met up with Mirio who has his quirk back. Kai and Eri figured out a way to reverse the effects of the quirk erasing bullets.

It turned out All For One was behind All Might's disappearance. He claimed it was a joke. He was bored in Tartarus.

Gran Tornio told Izuku that All For One was impressed by Izuku's wits.

Overhaul, as promised, said he will return to Tartarus. But he might be let out early for good behavior and will be parole for life. But he would also have a restraining order on Eri.

Kai figured it was fair.

Shigaraki is at a standstill. He's not sure if he should return to the league or not. He has a new mission now. He wants to reform Japan's hero system.