This is a story set after the Three Years of the defeat of Naraku and starts three months after Kagome returns to the Feudal Era. I've been very invested in the relationship between Kagome and Inuyasha after watching how much she loved him and how often he chose Kikyo before Kagome. No matter what Kikyo came first, and because of this I wanted to plan out how Inuyasha and Kagome could possibly get over Kikyo…. Well so far… in my thoughts, it is not possible. BUT KEEP READING. My thoughts are all over the place. I want to think for the characters themselves!

It's been three months since Kagome settled in the Feudal Era with Inuyasha. Their time was spent mainly together making up for the time that they had gone without each other.

Warmth, was the feeling when his hand covers hers. When his eyes would look deep into hers, and when he caresses her cheeks. She remembered how she had proposed to him.

She had asked him on the night of her return, when they were left alone beside the crimson fire.

"Inuyasha," She asked looking into his sunflower orbs, "Will you let me stay? By your side, forever?" She hesitated when asking. A part of her always knew that he loved her dearly, but she will never compare to Kikyo. And she had accepted that.

"Of course Kagome," He says with his knowing expression, "I swore to always protect you." He smiles. Kagome didn't know if it was the fire that was making him red, or if he was blushing. Either way, she loved him. Her love for him was endless, and no matter what, nothing can destroy her love for him. Not even, his love for another woman.

Since that night, she was his.

Inuyasha would go out from time to time with Miroku to earn some rewards for the family. And from time to time, Kagome would go out helping villagers exorcise demons. She was a priestess now and she wanted to get used to this world quickly.

But it was soon after that demons would come around looking for Kikyo, even though she was no longer in this world. [If you've read the manga, or watched the recent Yashahime show, you'll know why. But I don't wanna write all of that down so here ya go].

"There are monsters that still believe the Shikon Jewel is still around," Sango tells Kagome, "Monsters are still searching for Kikyo even today." Sango says.

"I see," Kagome responds without much thought. She doesn't expect everyone to know that the Jewel is gone. But she didn't think that they would still be tied down to that name, Kikyo. Her spirit will forever live with them.

Looking over at Inuyasha, Kagome knew that there was no turning back when she had left the Modern period. She knew what she chose and who she chose.

A soft smile is placed on her lips as she glances at Inuyasha. Scared, Inuyasha bends down asking her if he did anything wrong.

"No, it's just that, I was wondering if -" But the more she looked at him, the more she could only feel love for him. The three years without him, felt like an eternal heart ache. And to Inuyasha, the three years without Kagome, felt empty, almost as if he could no longer move on without her, as if his reason for living suddenly diminished.

When Kagome came back, the soul that he lost in him returned. The happiness and joy that filled up every corner of his body felt alive. She was the reason he learned how to laugh, how to enjoy life, how to love life.

Kikyo taught him how to love, but it was Kagome who taught him how to enjoy life and how to love life.

No matter what he would always love Kikyo, but Kagome is here now. She was here to stay. And he would never let her go.

"What are you thinking about?" Inuyasha asked her. Lately, she's been staring off as if she was in some deep and unshareable thought.

"It's nothing," Kagome smiled.

The next morning, as Sango washed the clothes and her daughters play in the field of flowers, Kagome held Hisui, Sango and Miroku's boy in her arms. One day, she'll have a child. One day, if Inuyasha would come to his sense. Sometimes, Kagome feels as if Inuyasha doesn't understand the meaning behind staying together forever. Annoyed at the thought, Kagome decided that she needs to push Inuyasha more.

Determined, she hands the baby over to Miroku, and tells Inuyasha that they are leaving for their honeymoon.

"Honeymoon? What's that?" Inuyasha asked.

"It's well-" She blushes at the thought, "It's when a couple goes on a trip and spends some time alone…" A sudden anger went over her head. She couldn't understand why she had to explain to him what marrying someone would mean.

"Never mind!" Kagome storms out.

"What does she mean?" Confusion is written over Inuyasha's face.

"Honeymoon…" Miroku whispers, "I believe she's saying that she wants to spend more time alone with you Inuyasha. Going on a trip with your significant other and you know… perhaps you'll understand the depth of your love even more." Miroku says.

"Love?" Inuyasha's face is beet red, "Why would she want to do that?" He asked.

"Well, when you love someone, you would want to spend even more time alone. Especially since the both of you have your own duties, you guys haven't had a time to be husband and wife." Miroku says.

"HUSBAND AND WIFE?" Inuyasha screams, "Us? Husband and… Wi - Wi - Wife?" Inuyasha couldn't understand when that happened.

"When?" Inuyasha asked.

"Well… I guess it just happened." Miroku twitches a smile.

"What happens now as husband and wife?" Inuyasha asked.

"I figured Kagome would need some help." Miroku sighs, "Inuyasha, have you ever truly thought about Kagome's feelings in the past three years you were apart her?"

"What do you mean?" Inuyasha is serious when taking about Kagome's feelings. He knew the cause and he knew the effect. Kagome was always with him even though he had hurt her many times.

"Truly Inuyasha," Miroku's voice suddenly became like a father, "There are parts of us humans that questions the extent to love. To what extent should you love someone who doesn't return the same feelings?"

Remembering how Kagome had endured her feelings every time she had caught him with Kikyo. He remembered how hurt she had felt.

"You were hurt losing the love of your life by death. But have you ever thought that it may hurt more, losing someone who is standing in front of you?" Miroku asked, "Kagome knows how much you love Kikyo, but if - if for some reason, Kikyo returns for any unknown reason, would you just leave her?" Miroku asked.

It was something he never thought of before. When Kikyo died, he had accepted her death years ago. She always filled his mind even before three years ago. Even after her death, she was all he could think of. But when Kagome entered his life, it was something new, something he wanted forever.

But if Kikyo were to return for any reason, would he leave Kagome?

He pondered on that thought long enough for Miroku to heave a sigh.

"Seeing how you struggle to give me an answer, you seem to know where your heart truly lies." Miroku says while shaking his head, "You never learn Inuyasha."

"Yeah Inuyasha," Shippo's sudden appearance scared them, "All you do is run around using Kagome to fill your empty soul, you need to treat her right. You're a dog loyal to your original owner."

"Shippo!" Inuyasha growled, "You little demon!" He grabs a hold of Shippo and knuckles him on the head not long before Sango returns with the children.

"Is Kagome here?" Sango asks, "She left her bowl of herbs outside, it might fly away if she leaves it sitting there."

"Oh, I'll go get it to her." Inuyasha says before throwing the Fox Demon in the air. As Inuyasha leaves, Shippo curses after him.

"What's going on?" Sango asks. Miroku shakes his head and explains to her that Inuyasha still struggles to choose between Kagome and Kikyo.

Once night settled in, and the stars rose above, Inuyasha found Kagome sitting on the hill looking above the village.

"What are you doing up here?" Inuyasha asks, sitting next to the body of warmth. Something he missed dearly after their fight with Naraku.

"I'm just thinking about life from now on," Kagome says not sparing him a glance.

"We could just live life the same way we always had. Fighting demons, and doing good." Inuyasha says.

"I see," Inuyasha could hear a slight smile from Kagome's lips, "I've been thinking Inuyasha," Kagome says now staring at him with her chestnut eyes.

"Yeah?" Inuyasha asked, afraid of what she might do.

"Well you see, now that I'm living in this world, and we're you know friends living our life… I've been thinking about what else I would want to do in this world." Kagome says.

Inuyasha was hurt by her choice of words, friends.

"And you see, I've missed you a lot in the past three years. But now that we're in the same world, and we could always see each other, I would like to do some more traveling just to sort my thoughts out." Kagome says.

"Okay, well we could go south towards the valleys and help the villagers there." Inuyasha said.

"No Inuyasha," Kagome smiles as she puts both of her hand on his cheeks and turns his face towards hers, "I'm saying that I want to go alone and figure out what I want in this world alone."

Hearing the words he'd never thought she'd say, alone, confused him. She says that she wants to stay with him and now she wants to leave him. His mind jumbled in thoughts.

"Wha - what do you mean Kagome? We decided to be together…" Inuyasha said, watching her hands pull from his face. He quickly grabs her hand and places it back on his face.

"The past three years were hell for us Inuyasha. Being away from you made me realize how much I love you." Kagome smiled, "But, you see, perhaps, there are other ways we could go about this."

"What do you mean?" Inuyasha gripped her hand tight.

"I want to find the Black witch from the North, Yume and see if I could -" But before she could finish her sentence, she breaths and hugs Inuyasha, "If I could help Rin solve her problems before she leaves with Sesshomaru. The witch has strong spiritual powers that'll help guide me to help her with her illness."

"Take me with you," His breath reaches her ears heating her body even more so than before. His nose dips in the line of her neck. And his lips soon bites on, holding her still as she winces.

"Inu- Yasha," She whimpers, holding him close, but only until she pictured Kikyo, she quickly pushes him away.

"Miroku says we're Husband and Wife." His words made her pause with a blank face. She almost couldn't help but laugh. "You and I are to be together forever as I promised." He pouted.

She couldn't help but laugh now. She doesn't know if it was his childish act or his innocence. She smiles and holds his hands. They were now eye to eye as she moved her head closer to his, until their lips touched, under the crescent moon.

"You guys are leaving?" Sango asked, watching Kagome pack her bag.

"Yes, I'm taking Rin with me. If I remembered right, there was a witch that could help Rin with her shortage of life." Kagome said, "I've already let Kaede know, but if you see Sesshamoru, please let him know before he goes berserk."

"Uhh… will do," Sango responds. It was only just three months ago that Kagome returned, and now she was leaving again. Watching the three of them leave, felt as if they were leaving forever.

"I hope Inuyasha doesn't do anything stupid." Sango whispers.

"I hope Kagome isn't thinking too much." Miroku responds, "Those two really have a different fate than what I have expected."

"That girl," Kaede appears now standing aside the two as they watch the silhouettes disappear. "Kagome is thinking of seeing the most powerful witch from the North. She is known as the Witch of Life."

"Why would Kagome go there?" Miroku asks.

"I believe she said it's because of Rin," Sango responds.

"No," Kaede says in an elderly manner, "She is resurrecting Kikyo."

Yeah Yeah Yeah, Kikyo resurrecting again… it's super possible considering the fact that she died so many times. Anywho, keep reading to find out what happens next. Subscribe.