"That girl," Kaede appears now standing aside the two as they watch the silhouettes disappear. "Kagome is thinking of seeing the most powerful witch from the North. She is known as the Witch of Life."

"Why would Kagome go there?" Miroku asks.

"I believe she said it's because of Rin," Sango responds.

"No," Kaede says in an elderly manner, "She is resurrecting Kikyo."

"Resurrecting Kikyo?" Miroku shouts loudly enough to scare his two twins who start crying, making the youngest boy tear up as well. Sango had to embrace them and tell them it's okay for them to stop.

Soon as the children were put to sleep, their talk continued. With every information given from Kaede, their face grew darker and confused.

"Why would Kagome want to do that? She just returned, and she can't go back." Sango asks.

"Kikyo's death really hurt them both. Inuyasha losing the love of his life and Kagome ultimately realizing how much Inuyasha loves Kikyo. During the past when we were still chasing Naraku, there was not a time when Inuyasha chose Kagome. Ultimately, as someone who loves him, Kagome chose to bring happiness to Inuyasha." Miroku says.

With that thought, they slept, and Shippo who happened to overhear this conversation couldn't help but tear up at the thought that Kagome would give up her love for Inuyasha's love. He remembered the time when he almost took the shikon jewel to save a human girl. Love almost. He couldn't help but think about the pain Kagome was going through, and no one knew. So he departed.

"Miss. Kagome," Rin says as she rubs her eyes while Inuyasha was carrying her.

"Yes Rin?" Kagome asks.

"Will this really help me get better?" Rin asks.

"Don't worry Rin. I'll make sure everything is okay." Kagome smiles rubbing the eleven year old child's head.

"Do you think Lord Sesshomaru will be mad?" Rin asks.

Kagome twitched a smile and slightly laugh, "He might be mad. But it's for the better good. Your health should come first."

"Okay," Rin says. She looks at Inuyasha who remained silent for a time and pondered how they were brothers. Inuyasha is definitely loud compared to Lord Sesshomaru.

"Lord Sesshomaru is not loud." Rin says. .

"Well I'm not him," Inuyasha bickered.

"He's also very elegant," Rin says smiling with joy with her hands on her face exaggerating her admiration for the man.

"I'm quite an elegant persona!" Inuyasha screams.

"Don't you think Lord Sesshomaru is cool!" Rin asks. Kagome was going blind from her adoration. Grabbing her by the collar of her kimono, Inuyasha puts her down.

"You can walk on your own." Inuyasha says.

"I've always walked on my own anyways," Rin laughs and holds Kagome's hands. Inuyasha can't help but think but wants to twist her neck around. The more she kept praising his brother, the more he couldn't help but become angry.

"Let it go Inuyasha. It's not like you guys are on bad terms anymore." Kagome says.

"We're not on good terms either," Inuyasha whispers. Soon, a repulsive smell took over his nose. He quickly grabs Kagome and Rin and stops them from walking.

"What is it?" Kagome asks, looking around.

"Something disgusting." Inuyasha says. Kagome takes her arrow and prepares for an attack. "Show yourself." Inuyasha confidently cracks his knuckles.

"My my my," A yellow serpent crawls from the path and transforms into a human form. "If it isn't Kagome," He smiled. A beautiful man with sharp edges across his body. Masculine seeps from his skin.

"Who are you?" Kagome couldn't help but blush as the naked man walked forward. She closes Rin's eyes from seeing the inappropriate.

"Someone, you'll enjoy being with" He smiles.

"Who are you?" Inuyasha stood in front of Kagome. A laughter echoes from the man's lungs. His blonde hair curled like a god.

"The name is Satan," He smiled.

"Hah," Inuyasha laughs, "Well if you're Satan, than I must be God." Inuyasha states, "Satan was killed by Toga millions of years ago."

"Ahh," Satan smiles, "No wonder you reek of dog." He points towards Kagome and beckons her to go to him. Confused, she wondered what he was doing and suddenly her body was forced to move forward away from Inuyasha.

Alarmed, Inuyasha quickly pulls Kagome back, but only for Satan to attack Inuyasha with a ball of dark energy.

"You see Inuyasha, I know all about you." Satan yawns, "I've studied how you defeated Naraku, how upset you were when Kikyo died. The same for Kagome. You thought you were alone during those three years, but you should thank me." He smiled handsomely but wickedly. "I was by your side undoubtedly through your toughest time."

Kagome's body was moving uncontrollably, but her conscious was still hers. She was curious as to what he was talking about. She needed to break through his control before she could continue questioning his statements.

"Inu- yasha," Kagome muttered out, "Protect Rin." Kagome says as she reaches Satan.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha quickly takes out his sword and looks for an opening.

"I can't help but enjoy feasting off of people's sins." Satan laughs now caressing the face of Kagome looking at her. His eyes doesn't spell evil Kagome had thought. Something about him, reassured Kagome that he wouldn't hurt her. But still, she didn't want anyone else touching her but Inuyasha.

Kagome used her strength in that moment to take her arrow and strike it to the demon's chest and she quickly tossed herself aside for Inuyasha to strike the man down. Inuyasha lands a blow on the body, and the body disappears leaving only a dead snake behind.

"Is he dead?" Kagome asked Inuyasha.

"Doesn't seem like it." Inuyasha says, "I can still smell him but he's faint."

"Rin come here," Kagome says, reaching out to the young girl. Their quick embrace ended quick as a voice echoed in the forest.

"You can find me on the highest mountain in the following village." And his voice disappears.

"Who the hell would come find you!" Inuyasha barks. He looks back at Kagome and couldn't help but touch her face with both his palms. He turned her left and right looking for any marks.

It's been three years since he had felt this scared. It brings him memories of the time when he and Kagome were looking for the Shikon Jewel. Everytime Kagome was in danger his stomach would drop. Or even when Kagome was hurt, the blood lust in him was uncontrollable.

"I'm fine Inuyasha. But isn't it strange that he would see us, then leave?" Kagome asked.

"I don't think it's strange at all. He must've been scared after my attack." Inuyasha boasted.

"You didn't seem to scare him," Rin stated, holding onto Kagome's hakama.

"Hey you," Inuyasha growls and knuckles her head.

"Hey!" Rin yells, "Lord Sesshomaru's going to slice you into pieces!" Rin whines.

"I've already warned you." Inuyasha bickers back.

"What could he have wanted?" Kagome questioned.

"Don't think too much about it. We won't be seeng him as long as we don't cross that stupid mountain." Inuyasha says.

"I'm worried about you Inuyasha. This man knows you and your father. If he really was Satan what would you do?" Kagome asked noticing how Inuyasha's hands were trembling. She grabs a hold of his hands and holds it close to her.

"If he really was Satan, we shouldn't get involved." Inuyasha said.

"What is he? What does he want?" Kagome asked.

"Don't worry about it! He can't be. He's probably some demon pretending he's Satan. Inuyasha plastered a smile on his face.

"Geez," Kagome sighs holding Rin's hands.

Their travel to the village was longer than expected. Kagome would talk to Rin asking her about her time with Sesshomaru since that's the only topic she seems to be lively in.

"Lord Sesshomaru would have his eyes closed and know exactly what I was holding!" Rin smiles energetically.

"That's pretty great!" Kagome smiled hoping that this little girl never changes.

"Kagome, make her sleep please," Inuyasha begs, "She's been talking about Sesshomaru nonstop!" Inuyasha plugs his ears.

"Don't you want to know more about your brother? He's such a mystery." Kagome states. Rin is sticking her tongue out angering Inuyasha even more.

"Why you, come here!" Inuyasha headed towards Rin. But before he could reach her, Kagome beat him to it.

SIT. Those words are the most treacherous words. He can't help but hate them as his face eats dirt.

"You just never learn Inuyasha." Kagome sighs, "You shouldn't hit girls. That's for earlier!" Kagome yells.

But sometimes, even though those words are his worst enemies, that word "SIT" has become something meaningful to him. Something he would treasure and never want to lose. A soft smile was placed on his lips as he remembered the old days.

"What's gotten into you?" Kagome asks as they continue walking. She watches as Inuyasha just smiles.

"Nothing," Inuyasha smiled wider, almost laughing when he ran through his memories of meeting Kagome and mistaking her for Kikyo. She definitely is nothing like Kikyo. When Kaede had put this dumb necklace on him, he thought he was for sure screwed.

"He must've hit his head hard," Rin says, ruining Inuyasha's mood.

"You're starting to sound alot like that little turtle Sesshomaru has around." Inuyasha spat.

"Jaken-sama?" Rin asked with her utmost girly attitude.

"Let's rest here for tonight Inuyasha," Kagome says as she lays out her sleeping bag for Rin to sleep in hoping that their fight would stop. Inuyasha left to gather wood from the side of the trees and returned to start a fire. It was definitely like their old adventure when they would rest with a fire by their side.

Rin is fast asleep and the husband and wife remain side by side.

"How are you feeling Kagome? Tired?" Inuyasha asks.

"No," She nuzzles her head on his shoulder. "I'm just thinking about the old times when we would fight constantly, or when we fought demons non stop. And how thankful I am that you were always by my side." Despite the time he chased Kikyo. Those don't count, because it wasn't her who needed Inuyasha during those times.

"Kagome," Inuyasha says as he leans closer to her, "I will never leave you." Those words were not the words she wanted to hear. Yet she smiles softly, enduring the crack in her heart, the emptiness in her stomach. Those words, he has said many times. Does he truly understand the depths of those words, Kagome thought to herself.

To never leave a person, means you love them and means that he would have to leave behind his past. To never leave a person means you're willing to be by their side, even as the love of your life stands before you.

That's not the type of person Kagome wanted to be. She doesn't want to be bind by the love Inuyasha had for Kikyo. She never wanted to be in between the two. Kikyo had died twice, but in this world, if Kikyo could return once as just a spirit, she could return again as a human being. There has to be a way.

She glances at Inuyasha and her smile fades, and he does too.

"Don't leave me again," Inuyasha whispers. She only mustered enough strength in her to smile and placed his head on her lap hoping he would not suspect her intentions.

"Would he be mad at me, for letting him go, if Kikyo returns. Or Would he be grateful that Kikyo had returned." Kagome thought to herself.

As she combs his hair, a familiar voice spoke to her. It was the voice of a man. A deep masculine voice with concrete power. One whom had spoken to her before she crossed over from the well for the last time. She now remembered.

You owe me Kagome.

Satan's voice echoed in her mind. She looks around to see Inuyasha and Rin unbothered and she doesn't see any silhouette hiding.

Who are you really? Kagome asked. They speak with voices in their mind.

I am Satan. The man who helped you return to this world.

Why did you help me? What do you want? A part of her was shook. Inuyasha feared this person, perhaps even more than he had feared Naraku back then.

I want you Kagome. I want you as mine.

Confused and annoyed, she hated that this man thinks he could own her.

What do you get out of that?

I could help you Kagome. I could help you revive Kikyo. It's what you truly want. I'll help you and in return, all you have to do is come to me.

He offered her something dangerous and she could sense the seduction in his voice. A true serpent he was. The man of all demons, the King of Hell.