This idea came out of nowhere, I think I'm probably writing it because its indeed almost bedtime for me, so the idea came.

For the story itself, there´s not much to say, its just a small piece taking place 3 ½ -years after any Tangled related movie or TV show and have its scenario during just one night.

Other than that, i will introduce Princess Flora, an OC character that I might use for future stories.

Hope you like.


The tower clock had struck its ninth chime that night and the castle was now almost all silent, even the King and Queen had gone to bed. The only two figures who were still awake was a lonely man who was reading a book, while in the floor, a little girl around 3-years old, played with her wooden toys in the library.

Suddenly, Eugene Fitzherbert, the man in question closed the book and smiled down at the little girl ''Alright Flora, its time for bed, sunshine'' he called and in response, the girl give him a look that made his heart melt.

''Papa, I'm a princess, princesses don't need to sleep!'' she protested with a yarning ''I'm not sleepy"

''Well sunshine…'' Eugene cleaned his throat ''Maybe big princesses don't need to sleep, but small princess does and its passing the time for this one go to bed'' he said and she looked at him with her big green eyes, his heart skip a beat, but he knew he couldn't give in. ''I tell you what, lets go to bed, I will tell you a bedtime story and tomorrow, we can ride Max around the town, what you say?''

''Alright Papa'' Flora agreed ''But don't tell a story like Grandpapa did'' she said to him making him smile.''

''I promise I won´t sweetheart'' he said holding her on his arms as they made their way to the nursery.

To be honest, Eugene couldn't but laugh at the remembrance of his Father-In-Law, the king himself, sleeping at the child´s bed, with his day clothes, while Flora finished her own bedtime story, still, when the Queen called him, he blushed and told her that Flora insisted in read the story herself.

After a few minutes, they got in the nursery and once the nurse had finished get Flora ready to bed, Eugene who had left for a while, come back to tuck her in and tell her the bedtime story.

''Alright sunshine'' he smiled ''What story I should tell you?'' he asks lying down next to her.

''About the princess in the tower, Papa!'' she ask and suddenly, Eugene was taken aback.

''Are you sure princess?''

''its my favorite!'' she exclaimed ''Please, Papa!''

''Alright…'' he took a deep shaken breath ''Once Upon a time, a beautiful princess, had born with magical powers and because of this, a witch kidnapped her and locked her away inside a tower far, far away from this castle'' Eugene said quietly ''The witch wanted the princess, because with her magical powers, she could keep the witch young forever and as she lived in that tower for eighteen years, her hair got so big that it could cover the whole staircase from the castle, if she could.''

''Rapunzel, let down your hair!'' Flora repeat the line her father had said to her many times during the story.

''That's it, that was what the witch said, to climb on the tower, so she could spend time with Rapunzel'' he said ''Than one day a thief sneak in the tower, to hide from the guards and became fried with Rapunzel, who asked him to take her to see the lantern and they fall in love…''

''But they defeat the witch, didn't they?'' Flora always made the same question.

''They sure did, sunshine'' Eugene agreed ''They defeat the witch, Rapunzel was reunited with her family, the thief never steal anymore and they got married, living happily …'' Eugene stop the story, not so pleasant memories start to flood his mind and he lost words.

''Papa?'' Flora´s sleepy voice brought him back to reality.

''Huh? What's it sweetheart?''

''You forgot the story?'' she asked and he give her a sad smile.

''I didn't forgot it sweetie, the story end like this'' he said getting up the from the bed and wrapping the blankets around his little princess.

''But you said the other day that they lived happily ever after!''

''Well, then I think you are right, I'm must be tired and end up forgetting the story'' he laughed quietly, trying to erase the memories from his mind. ''I think I will go to bed myself too, good night my ray of sunshine'' he kissed her forehead.

''Good night Papa'' she said finally asleep and with a smile Eugene left the room.

The castle corridors were empty when Eugene made the way to his chambers. Still, despite of the chamber in question be located near the nursery, he always preferred the longer way, so he could pass the portraits wall and face an important portrait dear to his heart.

It was a wedding portrait, the King and Queen stood behind the bride and groom, as they hold hands and despite of been looking at the painter, the bride and groom seemed to be as in love as ever.

As always, as he lied eyes on the picture, Eugene felt his sight start to get blur, as tears made their way to his eyes, so before he start crying for real, he just approach the portrait and touch the bride´s dress.

''Good night Blondie'' he smiled, even after he had cut her hair and it became brown and powerless, he still called her like that ''Good night ove, I really miss you'' he whispered and continue his way to his chambers, to go sleep and be ready for the next day.