Author's Note: After so long, the great crossover I had been preparing for has begun. After Konosuba Mask, the Trickster of Nazarick, The Saga of Tanya and Slade, and Maximoff: From Zero, and The Shield Hero and the Amazon, the time has come to begin Isekai Quartet X. Sure, the other stories aren't finished yet, but I couldn't help but start this. I do plan on continuing some of the stories, don't get me wrong.

Like Konosuba Mask, this will be a musical story. Each chapter will have at least one song. These songs are merely parodies with the same music ad rhythm as the originals, but the lyrics will be different.

The song featured here is a parody of "Come Fly with Us" from Total Drama World Tour. It may not be the best, but I plan to make better ones in the future. If you all have requests for song parodies you'd like to see, simply comment them to me. Just tell me when the song should be, the meaning behind it, and the song it's a parody of. I'd love to have your assistance in this.

I am glad I made it here and I hope you readers will indulge me with your assistance.

Any and all comments are welcome.

There are four different worlds across the vast plane of existence. What do all these worlds have in common? They have people who have arrived there from Earth. And the truth is, they didn't come alone.

Kazuma Satou died on Earth and was brought to a fantasy RPG world by a goddess. He was told to bring one thing with him, and he chose to bring the goddess that was with him. Meanwhile, Stanley Ipkiss died too and brought a magic mask that turns him into a cartoon entity of chaos. Together, they went on countless misadventures with their freaky, bizarre party.

A futuristic player of a famous RPG had arrived in another world under unknown circumstances. Not only that, but he found himself in the body of his avatar, Ainz Ooal Gown and his NPCs are alive willing to serve him. Some time after, the Norse trickster, Loki, came to Ains' home, the Great Tomb of Nazarick, trying to escape his fate. After seeing Ainz' immense power, Loki decides to work with him in his mission to spread his name across the new world.

Tanya Degurechaff used to be a harsh salaryman who didn't have any faith. When he was murdered, an entity that he called Being X decided to punish him for his faithlessness by reincarnating him into the body of a young girl in the middle of a magical world war. Being X also reincarnated an assassin known as Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, for having no qualms for his killings. Slade rebuilt his life in the war world and went to answer directly to Tanya, who had become a major.

Lastly, Natsuki Subaru had been summoned to a fantasy world with twin mutants, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. They decided to stay with the half-elf, Emilia, during hard times that gets the three of them killed a lot. But every time they died, Subaru's Return By Death ability would take them back to an earlier time. It was very traumatizing considering what goes on, but they pressed on.

And so brought us to this, a time where all these characters learn to be friends with each other.

"WAAAAHHHH!" Aqua cried as she was covered in toad slime. She started running in the direction of the bathroom while the rest of her party was digging through their bag of rewards.

"Aqua, calm down and help us look through our rewards." Kazuma said.

"That's gonna have to wait!" Aqua whined. "I've got to clean up that toad slime that I couldn't have been covered in if Stanley had done his job and kept the Mask under control!"

"Hey!" Stanley shouted. "I can hardly help it if the Mask decides to focus on one toad teaching him the tango! You know the Mask is unpredictable!" Before he could say any more, he noticed a small object fall out of the bag. It was a strange, cube-shaped object with a big, red button on top. "What the…"

All of Ainz Ooal Gown's subjects gathered around him in the Nazarick throne room. Demiurge, Shalltear, Mare, Aura, and Cocytus bowed as Albedo and Loki stood beside their master's throne.

"So our current plan is to control the kingdom of Reestize from the shadows while secretly forming a secret alliance with the Baharuth Empire." Albedo said.

"Lord Ainz," Loki said, "I must say once more, thank you for granting me my own region to rule over."

"Think nothing of it, Loki." Ainz said. "You've shown your loyalty since the day you stumbled into our halls. A chance encounter for great opportunities in the future."

"Many thanks, my lord." Loki said outwardly. Though, on the inside, he was shaking in fear trying to think of a way to escape while he looked for his way home.

"Lord Ainz, if I may," Demiurge said, "Our subjects have reported something strange within our halls."

"How strange?" Ainz asked.

"It appears that a red button has appeared, though its origins are unknown."

"That's unusual." Loki said.

"Indeed." Ainz said. "Alert the residents of the Great Tomb. No one is to press anything. And if more of these buttons show up, follow trap-checking protocols. I expect you all to do the same."

"Yes, Lord Ainz!" everyone answered.

Tanya's loud screams echoed through the vast field the flew over. The major was testing out her new Computation Jewel designed by Dr. Shtugel, but it was scaring her to go that fast. Right beside the doctor, the teenage boy with the eyepatch, Slade Wilson—aka Deathstroke—watched in concern.

"Major, what are you waiting for?" Dr. Shtugel shouted. "Just push the button to release the Jewel!"

"Which button, you idiot?" Tanya replied loudly. "You never specified!"

"What are you talking about?" the doctor asked. "I only built one button!"

"He's right, Tanya!" Deathstroke said. "The plans only had one button!"

"Don't you start, Wilson!" Tanya shouted. "I'm holding two!"


Tanya growled as she was getting nowhere with the overenthusiastic scientist. Impatient as she is, Tanya resorted to pushing both buttons in her hands at once, which had an usual impact on her, Deathstroke, and a few of their comrades.

In the Roswaal mansion, Natsuki Subaru and Pietro Maximoff had just finished their hot bath.

"Now, this is the life, isn't it?" Pietro asked putting his clothes back on. "No more psychotic slashers or man-eating animals. Just a relaxing day with nothing else."

"That's usually call for a jinx, Pietro." Subaru said. "Any minute now, something's going to…

"Pietro, Barasu!" Ram called out as she arrived. She had Emilia, Wanda, Puck, Rem, and Beatrice at her side. "You need to see this." She pulled out a very similar button.

"A button?" Subaru asked.

Rem nodded. "I found it in Roswaal's study. He left a note saying to gather everyone up around it and push it."

"Are you sure?" Pietro asked. "I mean, that guy can be a little shady."

"Based on what's happened to us in the past," Wanda said, "It would probably be dangerous to ignore it."

"What do you think, Subaru?" Rem asked.

"I don't know. What do you think, Emilia?"

The half-elf rubbed her chin pondering. "I suppose we should push it. Don't know why, but I have a good feeling about it."

"If you say so, then I have no argument, I suppose." Beatrice said.

"Well, I'll give it a shot." Subaru said as he pressed the button.

"COME ON!" Aqua begged as she struggled to get to the button while Kazuma and Stanley held her back. "Just let me push the button!"

"No way!" Kazuma said. "We gotta bring it to Vanir so he could see what it is!"

"Besides, the last time you recklessly pushed a button, you unleashed a sadistic fembot on us!" Stanley shouted. "Don't push the button!"

"Kazuma and Stanley are right." Megumin said. "We simply can't just push this button for no reason… But if this is a button that can lead us to our destiny… THEN OF COURSE WE SHALL!" She immediately pressed the red button.

Meanwhile, back at the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Ainz continued with his meeting with his Floor Guardians and Loki. During the talk, he slowly lowered herself onto his throne. However, at the very last second, another red button materialized out of thin air right below him. He didn't notice it until he sat right on top of it.

When everyone opened their eyes, they found themselves in the middle of a courtyard. And when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE. In one part of the area, there stood Kazuma, Stanley, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness. In other part, Ainz was confused on the new area along with Loki, Albedo, Demiurge, Aura, Mare, Shalltear, and Cocytus. Tanya and Slade were also there along with their comrades, Visha, Weiss, Koenig, Neumann, and Grantz. Lastly, Natsuki Subaru, the Maximoff twins, Emilia, Rem, Ram, and Beatrice were in the last area. All at once, they gave the same reaction.


"Kazuma, Kazuma!" Aqua shouted.

"That's my name."

"There some undead guys at the center!" Aqua shouted. "Let's kill them!"

"Come near us, you little twerp, and I'll feed you your eyes." Albedo threatened.

"Hey, let's not fight." Stanley said.

"Indeed." Loki said. "We don't even know who these people are."

"The blue-haired trollop threatened Lord Ainz!" Albedo shouted. "I simply can't let that go, Loki!"

"Please, do." Ainz said in his own thoughts.

"This is certainly bizarre." Subaru said.

"Tell me about it." Pietro agreed.

"I find it quite enigmatic myself." Emilia said.

"No one says 'enigmatic' anymore." Subaru told the half-elf.

"Major," Slade said, "What's going on?"

"That's what I intend to find out." Tanya said. "This looks similar to our old world, but different somehow. If this is a test set up by Being X, I'm gonna…"

"Now, now, class." A new voice called out from the front of the classrooms. "Let's not go overboard." The man was very familiar with the group in the back.

"Lord Roswaal?" Ram asked.

"What's going on, Ros?" Subaru asked.

"All in due time, my students." The man replied.

"Students?" Loki asked.

"Yes." Roswaal answered. "You see, each of the four groups here have been brought from their respective worlds to this one in order to get you all to experience school life."

"All right!" Subaru cheered. "High school! Where boys become men and girls blossom into beautiful women… SO THEN, WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE HERE?! We've got a little girl, a guy with an eyepatch, a bunch of colorful adventurer-looking guys, and a whole bunch of demonic people! What qualifies them for school life?"

"Barasu, I don't think you're any authority to point out someone's physical flaws." Ram insulted.

"Don't worry, Subaru," Rem said, "I think you're a wonder to look at."


The strange sound got everyone's attention. They looked up in the air and noticed the sound came from everywhere.

"What was that?" Cocytus asked.

"That would be your song cue." Roswaal said. "Whenever you hear that sound, that means it's time to break out into song."

"Are you kidding me right now?" Slade asked. "Why?"

"Well, the goal of this school life is for you all to come together and be friends." Roswaal explained. "As it so happens, sharing songs is a most effective method of coming together. Just a word of warning though, there will be no rehearsals. You will have to sing whatever you can on the spot."

"You expect me, the great Ainz Ooal Gown, to just break out and play sing-along?"

"Yeah." Loki agreed. "That's just ridiculous and not to mention, beneath us!"

"Not to mention unrealistic." Tanya added. "I mean, who would ever break out into song just like that?"

"Um…" Stanley said, "Actually, that happens to us all the time."

"Yep." Kazuma said.

"Seriously?" Pietro asked. "None of us sing in our worlds."

"We've borrowed that element from the adventurer's world as well as others from yours." Roswaal said. "Not to worry. You'll be fine. Now, let's start singing!"

The music started, and the students decided to go on and start.















The Maximoff Twins:



It's our school life

We're living a school life


School life begins


School life begins


Who knows what each day of our new life shows


School life begins


School life begins


This is utterly ridiculous, I suppose


What are we all doing

Why do we have to sing


How should I know

It's not like Ros tells us everything


But how are we perfectly singing this song


I have no idea, but we should play aloooooooong


School life begins


School life begins


Do we really have to


Might as well


This whole thing leaves so unsure

But if I'm with Lord Ainz, I'll endure


School life begins

Fool life begins

Weiss, Koenig, Neumann, and Grantz:

School life begins

Come on, join in

"No!" Tanya and Deathstroke shouted.

"I'm afraid you have no choice." Roswall said. "You see, we have a strict set of rules, and unless you want to be punished…"


Then it seems, we have to sing


Major, come on. Don't refuse


Come on, eyepatch. Let loose

Slade sighed. "Fine…"


School life begins

School life begins

Our… school life… begins

"Well…" Loki said, "You're the last one, girl."

Tanya sighed before singing her number.





"Not bad." Roswaal said. "Now, let's begin."

Other than the new school setting and the song number, the rest of the day was pretty standard for school life. After the school hours ended, Roswaal told everyone where their new homes would be until school life had ended.

Ainz, Loki, and the Floor Guardians walked into the direction of the sunset down the sidewalk.

"None of this makes any sense." Loki muttered. "Why here? Why the school life? Why the singing? If I had the chance, I bet I could've made that clown tell."

"As fun as that sounds, Loki," Demiurge said, "I'm afraid Lord Ains wants us to remain on our calmest behavior. After all, this world seems to have certain rules. The best way to make it through is to go by those rules. That's what Lord Ainz realized the whole time."

"I did?" Ainz asked in his head. "I just didn't want to make a ruckus."

Just then, a figure stood in front of them. The blue-haired goddess of water, Aqua, waited for them.

"Filthy undead." Aqua called out. "As a benevolent goddess, I'm afraid I cannot let you live."

"A goddess, huh?" Ainz asked. "Loki…"

"Not any goddess I've ever heard of," Loki replied, "And believe me, if there was a goddess that loud, I'm sure I would know about it."

"I don't know what nonsense you're talking about, but if you're siding with this undead beast, then I will take you out too." Aqua shouted. She pointed her hand toward Ainz as it started to glow yellow. "SACRED TURN UNDEAD!"

"I'm not afraid." Ainz said. "That's a low-level spell."

Ainz immediately regretted his cockiness when the golden beam escaped from her hand and made direct impact with him. He screamed as his body felt like it was struck by lightning. When the beam ended, he breathed heavily in exhausted.

"Huh?" Aqua asked loudly. "How? It didn't work!"

"AQUA!" Kazuma and Stanley shouted as they ran behind her. Kazuma went on and struck Aqua from behind.

"I'm so sorry about that." Kazuma said. "She gets a little delusional and out of control sometimes."

"It's… fine." Ainz said as he eyed Stanley placing band-aids on the spot where Aqua was struck. As he gazed the two boys dragging Aqua away, he turned to the trickster. "Loki, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I think so." Loki said. "A goddess using a low-level spell to deal damage to someone as powerful as you, and that same goddess was struck down by an ordinary boy and mended by another."

"Yes." Ainz said. "Whatever this world is… IT HAS SERIOUS POWER-BALANCE ISSUES!"

And thus, the school life for these four groups (and more to come) had begun.