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Mr. and Mrs. Pepper, owners of the Pepper Paradiso restaurant, a fine establishment that was known for their sugary, sweet, spicy and hot tastes, which was a good thing, since it was a good way to bring more flavor to regular food nowadays.

Mr. Pepper has pale skin, white hair on the top with pink hair on the sides and back, he has pink eyes, while Mrs. Pepper has dark skin and cherry red hair that went all the way to her back, she has velvet brown eyes, they both wore chef's attire, which theirs had pink cuffs and collars, Mr. Pepper was shorter, just about reaching above Mrs. Peppers shoulders

Mr. Pepper is the sugar and sweets expert in cooking and is seen as a very nice and comforting person, he would try to help out in any way he can with people and the restaurant, he is rarely ever seen mad, in fact, nobody besides has ever seen him mad, nobody except Mrs. Pepper.

Mrs. Pepper is known to be the expert and genius when it comes to spicy and hot food, every meal that has spices or anything spicy in it, she never fails to cook it perfectly, she is seen as a stern and strict person, nobody wants to get on her bad side, even with being seen as a stern person, Mr. Pepper insures people that his wife is sweet and kind when she wants to be.

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Currently the two chefs were cleaning up the restaurant, which was also technically their home, they were cleaning in a rushing manner, as if something very important was happening today.

Mr. Pepper was quickly cleaning the tables and their chairs, making sure they were squeaky clean, while Mrs. Pepper was making sure all of the ingredients they had in their pantries, freezer and refrigerator were stocked and organized in the kitchen.

Mrs. Pepper walked out of the freezer and closed it before sighing, "I believe we are finished sugar" she said as she leaned against the freezer door.

Mr. Pepper walks into the kitchen and takes off his cleaning gloves and sets them onto the countertop before letting out a breath of relief, "I hope she arrives soon, it's been so long since our little girl has been home" Mr. Pepper said thinking about their daughter, their first child.

Just then they both hear footsteps coming towards the kitchen, walking into the kitchen is a young boy, wearing a purple buttoned up shirt, white shorts and purple and white laced shoes, the boy is 6 years old and has purple hair, this is Lewis Pepper.

Lewis smiles excitedly as he goes to his adopted parents, yep, Mr. & Mrs. Pepper are Lewis' foster parents. One night, a 5 year old Lewis showed up on their doorstep, scuffed up and half unconscious, despite numerous attempts to discover where he came from and what brought him there, Mr. & Mrs. Pepper was never able to unravel his past, so with nowhere to go, they decided to take him in as one of the family.

Anyways, Lewis goes to his parents with a happy smile on his face, "Is she here? Is she here? Is she here yet?" he asks.

Mr. Pepper smiles at his foster son's excitement, "Not yet Lewis, she'll be here soon" he said.

Mrs. Pepper showed her rare smile to her foster son as she ruffled his hair, to which he giggles, "Your gonna have to wait Lew, Inko's text said she just left the airport and is on her way" she said, to which she looked at the nearby clock, showing it to be 4 in the afternoon, "Though that text was 3 hours ago" she said, she hummed to herself, wondering if her daughter was alright and if it should be taking this long for her daughter to arrive-


That was the sound of the Restaurant's bell for when customers would arrive, the 3 looked to the entrance of the establishment and saw 2 people, the first one to enter was some one all 3 Peppers knew

Entering was a women with green hair that was tied in a bun and grown past her shoulders, she was wearing a pink cardigan and a white buttoned up shirt underneath, a dark blue skirt that went down her thighs and wearing short heeled black slip-on shoes, she has green eyes, she also seemed pregnant, almost near labor even, this is Inko Midoriya, formerly known as Inko Pepper, though she still uses her family last name as a middle name, so her full name would be Inko Pepper Midoriya.

The second person was a man that had black scruffy hair, he wore a simple black T-shirt and a grey sleeveless jacket, grey pants and white laced shoes, his eyes are grey, this is Hisashi Midoriya, Inko's husband.

Lewis smiles as he runs over to Inko and hugs her, "Inko!" he says excitedly.

Inko smiles gently as she pats his head, "Hey there little brother, sorry we took so long getting here, there was some traffic on the way" she said explaining her reason for being late.

"Yeah, who knew the traffic was more difficult here than in Japan?" Hisashi said in a slight Japanese accent, even though he is Japanese, he spoke in English so he didn't confuse anyone.

"It's alright, in fact you arrived just as we finished cleaning up" Mr. Pepper said.

"Wow, talk about timing" Inko said as she giggled a bit.

Lewis stopped hugging his big sister and looked at her pregnant belly, "So when will the baby be here?" he asked, ever since he heard that his big sister was going to have a baby, he was excited to have a new member of the family.

"You'll have to be patient little guy, the baby will be here when they want to be here" Hisashi said as he wrapped his arm around Inko who smiled blissfully.

"They? You mean you don't know the gender yet?" Mrs. Pepper asked.

"We want it to be a surprise Mom" Inko said, "We already picked out names for a boy or a girl"

"Yep, Inko was persistent on it being a surprise" Hisashi said chuckling a bit, "I only suggested a gender reveal cake one time, but then I get conked on the head for asking" he said while rubbing his head, they all chuckled at this while Inko blushed in embarrassment.

"That's my girl" Mrs. Pepper said in a proud manner with a small unnoticeable smirk, to everyone but Inko maybe.

"Mama don't say that, you make me sound mean" Inko said as she blushed up a storm.

Hisashi walked over to the parents, "Again, thanks for letting us stay here while we find an apartment, I promise as soon as we find a suitable apartment, we'll be out of your hair" he said.

"No problem Hisashi, and don't you worry, you can stay as long as you like, we don't mind" Mr. Pepper said.

After they all finished talking with one another, Inko and Hisashi grab their personal belongings from their car outside and they bring them to their temporary bedroom, Lewis even insisted on lifting the heavier bags, which he struggled with before Hisashi helped him out.

They settled in as Inko was alone in the bedroom, Hisashi being downstairs, playing a game Lewis had insisted on the Japanese man playing with him.

She looked at the mirror that was on the wall, looking at her pregnant belly as she rubbed it gently.

"Soon little one, you'll be here soon" she said before deciding to leave the room to see what her husband and little brother were up to.

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