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Summary: The Snow Queen has arrived/The Ice Queen has come/Elsa comes with all her might/Happy Winter! Fanfic Challenge: The Four Seasons. Season: Winter.


Here is a poem for my fanfic challenge, the Four Seasons. :)

This fanfic poem is about Winter. Enjoy! :)


Ice and Snow

Poem By: Aria Breuer

The Snow Queen has arrived,
Bringing the Snow and the Ice in
That follows her through
These cold winter months.

The Ice Queen has come,
To bring in the rain,
The freezing, freezing rain,
And the ice that follows.

Elsa comes with all her might,
To use her ice powers,
Through everything,
And restore hope to all.

The Snow Queen brings her wrath.
The Ice Queen brings on the rain.
Elsa wants none of these,
For only joy can warm her heart.

So, what do these women have in common?
Why, they are all queens!
Each with their own destinies,
And each knowing that winter has come at last.

Happy Winter!


Thanks for reading. :)