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Chapter One

Tony Stark led his team into the lab, where a metal ring attached to some machines and a large ARC Reactor awaited.

"What're you bring us here for, Tony?" Asked Natasha.

"Well, Natalie," Grinned Stark, ignoring Natasha's icy glare "I might just be onto something big. Trans-dimensional portals!"

Everyone stared at him.

Steve smiled, a little hysterically. Who could blame him? "Tony, are you sure?"

Thor growled. "Stark, this is not something you should mess with."

"Is it something I can't mess with?" Asked Tony.

Thor raised his hammer. "Stark, I am going to destroy the machine. You are going to stay, and do nothing." His voice was hard.

"Oh, come on. You can't destroy it, I made it!"

"That only gives us more reason to destroy it." Grunted Clint.

"Well... uh..." Said Tony, walking over to the device. "Maybe it is a little dumb..."

"Right. How do we destroy it?" Asked Bruce.

Tony explained. "Well, we should just take it apart, piece by piece. It'll turn on if if gets a large surge of-" Thor lunged at it, lightning crackling out of his hammer.

"-Power." Tony finished, as the entire lab was engulfed in a bright blue light.

"&% !" Swore Nat, before they all disappeared.


Kipo walked through the City in her Mega Jaguar form.

WHY couldn't she find Doctor Emelia?

It had been MONTHS!


No success.

Suddenly, she saw a flash of Blue light in the distance.

"What's that?" Asked Wolf, who was perched on Kipo's head.

Kipo shrugged two of her shoulders, dashing over to the blue light.


The Avengers got up, groaning. The lab was gone, thought the portal, machines, and some of the Iron Man suits that Tony kept in the lab had come with them to... wherever they were.

"Looks like we blew up the Tower." Remarked Steve.

"No, THOR blew up the Tower." Clint accused.

"Thor you are so dead." Growled Widow, marching up to him.

Thor grinned nervously.

Bruce collapsed, grunting and punching the ground.

"Oh no." Natasha paled, as 'The Other Guy' came out.


"What the !^*& could have made him angry this time!?" Wondered Tony.

Everyone glared at him, exasperated. "What?"

Suddenly, the rubble above they moved, to reveal a truly enormous pink jaguar, with Six legs and Three tails.

Everyone stared.

Tony took a few steps to the left. The Jaguar's eyes followed him.

"Okay." Said Steve. "We should be fine as long as we stay-"

Hulk gave a roar, leaping at the Jaguar.

"Or not." Muttered Natasha, taking out her pistols.


Kipo was trying to pin down the weird green thing with her foot.

So far, she was being unsuccessful.

It was so strong.

Kipo gave a growl as the other people came over. A Red-headed woman with two pistols, a blue-clad man with a shield, a muscular guy with a hammer, a middle-aged man with a Bow, and a guy in a flying suit of Armour.

Wolf jumped off of Kipo's head, whirling her claw-on-a-string round her head.

The Avengers, needless to say, were shocked to see a ten-year-old wearing a Wolf pelt attack them.

Within Seconds, she had tripped up Clint, and knocked him out.

"Woah, woah, kid. Call off your Monster-Cat, and we can talk." Said Natasha.

"MONSTER!?" Cried Wolf, outraged, swinging her weapon at her.

Kipo was trying to fight Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk, but they were just too darn small.

Wolf, who was currently on Cap's back giving him a headlock, shouted "Kipo! Change tactics!"

Kipo nodded, turning into her girl form, except with jaguar arms, feet, ears, eyes, and tail.

The Avengers looked Gobsmacked. Even Hulk stopped being angry, and froze in his tracks for a few seconds.

Kipo charged at Hulk, and engaged him in an armlock.

Hulk got mad again.

Nat and Wolf looked at each other.

"Truce?" Asked Wolf.

Natasha nodded, taking off her glove and activating the lullaby method.

After much crashing around, Hulk turned back into Banner. In return, Kipo withdrew her jaguar parts.

"We should talk." Said Tony.


Meanwhile, Doctor Emelia was working in her lab.

Hoag came up. "Doctor! A flash of blue light has been seen in the distance!"

The blonde woman turned. "Interesting. Send Zane and Greta to take a look."

"Right Away!" Cried Hoag, running off.

Emelia went back to her work.

The cure...


After they had all introduced themselves, the sharing of stories began.

"So... you guys are from the year 2015?" Gasped Kipo.

"What year is it here?" Asked Tony.

"Um... let me think..." muttered Kipo. "I've been so busy I actually forgot. I think it's the 2400s."

"Woah..." Muttered Tony.

"Right. It's our turn to ask a question. And since you asked two, we get to ask two."

"Fine." Muttered Wolf.

"One: What caused this apocalypse thing?" Asked Steve.

"Oh. Most animals somehow mutated about two hundred years ago." Explained Benson. "We call them mutes."

"Right. Question two. Is Kipo a Mute?"

"Not exactly. My parents messed with my DNA before I was born, turning me half-mute." Kipo Explained.

"Huh. Seems like something Tony would do."

"Hey!" Said Tony, offended.

Everyone laughed.

"Our turn. Is it normal for people to turn into huge green monsters, and fly around in metal suits?" Asked Wolf.

"Um... no. In fact, we're defenders of the earth."

"Hey, is it possible you invented time travel and not an interdimensional portal?" Asked Bruce, who was covering himself in a blanket Wolf had found for him.

"That could be so sweet! We were looking for Emelia, and we found some cool allies!" Squealed Kipo.


Kipo's face fell. "She's this scientist that wants to end all mutes." She explained. "She's trying to invent a 'Cure' for them."

"That makes sense." Said Tony. "After all, they did take-"

Wolf kicked him. "Some of our best friends are mutes!"

Tony blinked, a little ashamed. "Right... sorry."

Kipo grinned. "We have a lot to discuss. Come to our base, and we can tell you more."

The Avengers looked at each other. "Give us a minute." Said Tony.


The Avengers got into a huddle. "I think they're telling the truth" Said Steve. Everyone nodded, save for Natasha.

"What if they're not? I mean, she did just attack us." Muttered Natasha.

"We attacked her first." Bruce pointed out.

"Fair enough." Said Widow.

The Avengers broke the huddle.

"Lead the way, kid." Grinned Tony.

"Right." Said Kipo, transforming into a Mega-Jaguar again, and laying down.

Wolf jumped on top. "Climb on." She said, narrowing her eyes, still a little suspicious.

Everyone got on, and Kipo sped off.

Greta and Zane got up from behind some rubble where the group had stood not a minute before, and went back to the Ship.

They had some interesting news for Doctor Emelia.



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