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Chapter sixteen

Solemn music was played in the cafeteria as Kipo said her words.

"Let's take a moment to honour Yumyan for his bravery." She said, solemnly, as Yumyan scratched at her shoulder "The legend of Yumyan Hammerpaw will live on for generations." She continued, as she caught Yumyan's tail. And though he's very much still here-" her voice became slightly pained "-and digging his claws into my shoulders... ow-ow-ow!" She cried, as Yumyan pressed his attack on her shoulders.

"I'll take him." said Benson, tearing him off her shoulders.

Kipo winced in pain, saying "Ow!" For a few seconds before continuing "He has earned his place in the Great Hall of Axe Lords." She beheld her arms to a carving on the ceiling as the Timbercats raised their axes with a solemn cheer.

Molly's face fell even more than it had already as she stared at Yumyan, who was sleeping on the throne. "He fell asleep while you talking about him." she said, quietly "The old Yumyan would never fall asleep while you were talking about him!" She cried, even more upset.

As Yumyan got up and got ready to spring off the throne, one Timbercat cooed "Awww, look at that!"

"Everyone for themselves." said another, sadly, as Yumyan pounced on Mandu's tail.

"This whole 'Cure' thing is toatlly not cool." said Cotton, miserably.

"I don't wanna be small!" exclaimed Label.

"Oh, I'm sorry, that's what your worried about? Losing yoour gains?" Snapped Jamack "Look at him! He can't talk!" He yelled, his voice sewn with anger.

"On the bright side..." Began Amy. She looked at yumyan, who abruptly stopped playing with Mandu's tail and started chasing his own.

"Oh no! I can't think of a bright side!" Amy yelled, clutching her head.

"Oh no! All is lost!" Yelled Label, kneeling in despair.

Everyone began chattering worriedly and despairingly.

Lio announced "If I could get a cure sample, I could make a vaccine, but I'll need songs' help."

Everyone stopped clamouring, and let out gasps of surprise.

"That's the problem. We can't understand what she's saying, and I don't think Hugo's willing to go through all that again." explained Thor.

"I'll go steal some." Said Clint..

"I'll come with." Said Kipo.

"No." Said Steve "I will. Now they have the cure, you're in the most danger. You need to stay here."

Kipo's jaw dropped "Last time I stayed behind you got captured!" She pointed out.

"That was a trap! they won't expect me, Tony, and Clint!" sighed Cap. "Look, we need to make sure you're safe to go on missions."

Kipo sighed "Fine." She replied, caving in.

As Cap, Nat, and Clint moved out, Kipo just stood there, frustrated.

She made a decision. She was going to talk to Hugo.


"...And- and what's frustrating is that they're right! It's too dangerous to clean up my mess!" groaned Kipo, as she sat outside Hugo's cage.

Hugo sighed "Am I supposed to say something to comfort you?"

"Yes, actually." Replied kipo.

Hugo thought to himself for a second "Well, I'm more used to crushing people's spirits than lifting them, but why not do something useful?"

Kipo looked thoughtful "that's... actually good advice! You're learning!"

"I can't decide if I like it or not!"


Kipo walked into a clearing to see Natasha doing something with Margot and Wolf.

"Hey, what'cha doing?" she asked.

"Margot's other senses have been raised now she's blind." Nat explained "Me and Wolf are training her to fight blind."

"Wow. Any way I can help?" Asked Kipo.

Wolf winced "Sorry Kipo, but I don't think there's any way you can help."

Kipo sighed in disappointment "Okay then." She sadly, slowly, walked away.


Kipo used her jaguar arms to get up in a tree, and scout out the area.

She sighed. She couldn't see any-

She gasped.

There was Charles, the mute butterfly Yumyan always used to chase. Maybe if she captured it, she could fulfill Yumyan's desire for him!

Silently, she crept down to the ground, and hid behind the bushes.

She slowly came out into the open, sat cross legged, and waited for Charles to come to her.

Suddenly, there was a cry, and Asher leaped at Charles, axes drawn. They barely missed, and Charles flapped off into the trees.

"Asher! You should have waited to catch him!" kipo told them.\

They sighed "Right. Wanna see where he went?" They asked.

Kipo grinned "Get on my back."

With Asher on her back, Kipo leaped from branch to branch up the gargantuan trees.

As the pair poked their haeds out of the top leaves,, they saw the night sky, and stopped what they were doing.

"Wow." Gasped Kipo, at the millions of stars in the sky.

"It's beautiful." Whispered Kipo.

"Yeah..." replied Asher.

"Look! There's Aries!" Pointed Kipo.

"And that's Orion, right?" asked Asher, pointing to another.


They climbed on top of the leaves and sat down on them.

"Hey... Ash?"


"Do you think Yumyan getting cured was my fault?"

"Of curse not!"

"It kinda feels like it is." Yumyan had jumped in to save her. Emelia had taken their friends captive to get to her.

"Look, Yumyan made his choice to save you. You didn't pull him to use as a shield. The best way to honour his legacy is to take EMelia down."

Kipo smiled "Thanks Ash."

Asher took a deep breath "Hey, do you... have a crush on anyone/'

Kipo's face went red "What!? No! Well, yes..."


Kipo sighed "I diidn't realise it at the time, but I started having a crush on them when we were ten."


"I didn't realise it until I was eleven."


"And it got worse when I turned twelve."


"One day, my dad took me wall climbing to distract me..."


"My mom tore up the burrow."


"I didn't think about them that much when i was trying to find my way home, except when I was asleep."

"Uh-huh. This sounds like you've-" Asher blushed "-Fallen for them"

"Yeah. After I got back, i was only reunited with them for a few minutes. Then I had to go look for my dad and the others."

"What are they like?"

"Brave... kind... a terrible baker..."

Asher blushed "You don't mean..."

Suddenly, Thor exploded out of the leaves next to them.

"Ah, friends! a pancake feast is upon us!" he grinned.

"They are up here! They are sitting on the branches and Holding hands!" he shouted down.

"What!?" The pair cried together.

They looked between them. They were indeed holding hands.

They both went bright red, and quickly made their way down as to stop the awkwardness.

They knew they loved each other. Unfortunately, they were completely unsure on how to handle it.

As Kipo stabbed at her pancakes dejectedly, not taking a bite, she thought something she had thought before.

Why is being a teenager so complicated?


As Tony showed Eddie some tricks with his armour, something was watching them. A spy drone, silently hovering above them.

Back at Emelia's ship, Emelia stared in shock as she looked at the screen with the feed being broadcasted. She looked at his eyes, and hers widened.



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