Chapter 6: Ep 5 Director's Cut

The theater's audience was looking at the dark screen with varied reactions.

Subaru's sleeping form was being crushed by three shocked girls that were staring at the darkness on the window in absolute disbelief.

"S-So he killed himself?" Emilia stuttered, not believing that her knight, her strong amazing knight went through such an experience. All this pain. All this suffering.

"Because I brought him with me? Because I just wanted to have a friend in that lonely mansion… Subaru was hurt that much?" Emilia can't believe that this was real…. She doesn't want to believe that… she hurt him this much.

As the half-elf was shocked to the core by her guilt, a certain spirit girl was just hugging her contractor's arm tightly. Rubbing a certain spot that was the subject of many arguments she had with him for many nights.

"Forgive Betty I suppose." Beatrice muttered as she hugged Subaru's arm, rubbing the spots she would see him scra-

Beatrice understood why he does what he does at night. "He's desperate for relief, infact." she whispered as she let the warmth overtake her.

Rem… dear, poor Rem. The Oni maid was broken. She was hugging Subaru's neck and crying her eyes out from both guilt and happiness.

Seeing her own death, her sister's deranged breakdown over her body. Her sister should never cry over someone so worthless like her! She was supposed to be a selfish monster that deserved to be forgotten.

She killed an innocent boy and made her sister cry.

She was supposed to be punished. Yet,

Rem, still has her horn.

She still has her sister's love.

She was still saved by Subaru.

Her guilt over hurting her love and forcing him to go as far as to kill himself to save her. "How are you this amazing, Subaru-kun?"

The maid pathetically whispered her question as she hugged the boy.

The silent sleeping boy.

Let's give you all a moment to process the previous viewing.

The general consensus around the room was that of agreement with the screen's mysterious voice. The last scene had shocked all the viewers to the core.

Except for a certain number of individuals sitting in the room.

One of them…

"What a disappointing waste of time that was! Hmph!"

A certain fiery haired princess with blood red eyes looked away from the screen with a scowl on her face.

"Candidate Barielle, are you saying that the scene represented to us was unimportant?"

Priscilla looked down at the only person that's been refuting her this entire viewing.

"You've grown more annoying than usual, commoner."

Although the scarlet eyes narrowed hatefully at her, Crusch was standing firm while glaring through her own yellow irises at Priscilla.

"I won't ask why you don't feel anything towards the boy's mental condition, most of us know how futile talking feelings with a nasty one like yourself. But I do want to know why you still insist on calling this a waste."

"Commoners and mongrels are the ones that concern themselves with feelings." Priscilla glared hard as she met Crusch's gaze with her own. The people around them backed away and watched the two candidates with weary glances.

"Feelings is all you filthy rats care about and that greatly annoys me."

"Ah, so you see our emotions as inconvenient?" Crusch asked in sympathy.

"Hmph! More like sometimes amusing to play with and sometimes boring to watch." The orange haired maiden fanned herself while staring down at Crusch.

"So, why are you annoyed at what you saw in the window now?" Anastasia Hoshin entered the stare down with an emotionless look, the effect of the previous viewing still making her unable to pick up the pleasantry to smile.

Priscilla slowly pointed her fan towards the sleeping Subaru.

"That one, over there." She whispered.

Crusch and Anastasia looked at the boy with confusion and then stared at the red dressed princess.

"For some reason… He greatly amuses me." Priscilla whispered and glared at him.

"Yes, I think he's caught everyone's attention by now, what's your point?" Anastasia asked in an annoyed tone.

"Hmph! Common opportunistic rats such as you should be able to tell exactly what this one's disgusting power is capable of."

Anastasia glared at the princess with hatred but remained silent.

"What do you mean Barielle?" Crusch annoyed and angry at the nasty person before her, asked.

"What Barielle-sama is saaaaaying, is that Subaru-kun haaaas the power to achieve whaaaatever he wishes."

As the ominous and untrust worthy Roswaal weighed his opinion in a cheerful tone, almost all three maidens glared hatefully at him, especially Priscilla.

"I don't remember a clown being included in our conversation." Anastasia mused while glaring at the shady clown.

Roswaal wasn't affected by the three candidates glaring hatefully at him. He smiled wide and leaned back in his seat.

"I do believe thaaaat I have the right to give my own opinion on the matter. Natsuki Subaru is a Registered Mathers knight afteraaaaaall." For just a moment, Roswaal looked smug.

"What did you mean by that statement?" Crusch ignored her feelings of disgust and urged the magi to continue.

"It's simple. What candidate Barielle-sama is disgusted by is Suuuuuubaru-kun's king maker ability."

Anastasia and Crusch looked at the clown with wide opened eyes as they understood the implications.

The smirk on Roswaal's face widened. "Don't you see? Subaru-kun maaaaanaged to make a three way alliance between competing camps to achieve the impooooossible feat of defeating the White Whaaaaale. How do you think he knew about all the needed informaaaation?" Roswaal smugly looked down at the two shocked candidates.

"He… Returned by Death." She didn't have time to think about it with everything going on. But she remembered how Subaru was able to perfectly called out her plan and made the flaws and wrinkles disappear by implementing his own.

"Thaaaat's correct! Now imagine what Subaru-kun will do if, say, someone other than Emilia-sama was chosen to be the next ruler of the Kingdom?" By now, Roswaal's face was so contorted as the smirk on his face twisted wide, some of his skin that wasn't covered in clown makeup was showing.

It was ugly.

Everyone in the room heard what he said and they all understood the meaning.

A certain Half-elf looked down with her hands trembling.

"He… can change whatever outcome that he doesn't like." Anastasia glared at the ground in frustration as the full implication of this power finally set into her merchant mind.

It was terrifying for her. To have such a power.

"But Natsuki Subaru won't be doing such a thing." Anastasia looked at the green haired maiden with surprise. As did most of the room's occupants.

"You think the boy won't use his ability to gain the upper hand in this election?"

Anastasia questioned the firm looking Crusch. The Karsten heir nodded her head and met Roswaal's eyes with her own filled with belief.

"Natsuki Subaru has already taken most of the credit for both the whale and Sloth take downs. Those two were very helpful to Emilia's reputation… that is very suspicious." Al pondered from his place beside Priscilla.

Those who had the same line of thinking began agreeing with him.

"Yeah, maybe Subaru did use his cheating ability to win some good points with the public." Tivey nodded his head as his tactic driven mind went into overdrive.

Some among the watchers nodded along with the boy's statement.

"We have seen that he has no regard for his life anymore. He jumped off a cliff with a smile." Julius muttered as he glared down and processed the words and the thoughts that came with such words.

He was conflicted. He's heart was screaming that Subaru was a hero that was deserving of respect and praise for his efforts in making this world a better place. He wanted to be a friend to the boy because he genuinely likes the guy.

But he's pride as a knight and a warrior was making him fear the boy bit by bit. What if Subaru used that power to take over the kingdom? Who could stop him? What if he was taking over by the Witch?

It was a scary thought. It was terrifying for Julius.

"Natsuki Subaru could be using all of us from the beginning to achieve whatever he wants." Some looked at the purple haired young man with disbelief… and some where beginning to agree with him.

Reinhard glanced at his friend in frustration. "Are you saying that Subaru was lying to all of us? Just to get some connections through this race?" His heart clenched as Julius looked away from him.

"But you said that Subaru was one of the good guys?" Ricardo lost his smile and glared at his friend in the camp. The dogman was angry that this boy's faith was doubted.

"No one jumps of a damn cliff to save someone that killed him." Al mused from the back making Ricardo look at him with an angry glare.

Its a shame… these two were great friends when this started.

"He could've just wanted to stay in the mansion. If he saved the blue haired maid, he could be a permanent guest and get treated like royalty." Tivey lamented from the back.

"I have to agree that Subaru-kyun is someone not to be trusted." Felix growled in anger.

"Felix! What's with you?! Why are you so hateful?" Crusch looked at her knight with betrayal clear in her eyes.

The cat boy surprised all as he stood up and glared at his master with tears in his eyes. "If he was so inclined to use that dirty WITCH power to gain the upper hand, then how can you trust in him so much?!"

Crusch's eyes widened at her loyal friend's anger. For the first time since she met him, Felix was directly challenging her.

"What do you mean?" Reinhard asked one of his few friends as his guilt mounted more and more. Why couldn't he had just taken Subaru with him? Why did he let the boy throw his life away like this?

"Cap'n's been using tis power to help all o' you! Why are ya so mad at him?" Garfiel angrily stared the cat boy down, ready to punch the living shit out of all of them for glossing over his Captain's awesomeness. He watched Subaru drive off a cliff to safe someone that murdered him! "Cap'n's the greatest hero I've ever known. He promised to save everyone even if he dies."

Garfiel was shocked to his core at Subaru's suicide. He thought that such a power might make his captain a monster with no heart or care for anyone since he was able to control time itself.

But that suicide scene showed Garfiel a broken beaten kid that wanted to do anything to save someone he cares about. That kid… was his cap'n. The same person that had saved him from the Sanctuary.

Garfiel will be damned if they think less of his brother.

As the guilt ridden Reinhard and the outraged Garfiel faced him and demanded an answer to his hatred for there friend, Felix only stared at his master and answered coldly.

"If Natsuki Subaru was using the return by death ability to win the election for Emilia… wouldn't that explain why you still had your memories taken?"

Crusch's eyes narrowed at Felix… she was disappointed.

"What are ya say'n" Garfiel growled, already done with the cat.

Felix's hatred came forth once more as he glared at the blonde boy.

"If Subaru truly cared for his friends he would've killed himself back then to stop Crusch-sama and the maid from being attacked by Gluttony."

Eyes widened and breaths hitched as the healer faced the shield with a look of pure fury.

"Subaru understood that saving Rem would also save Crusch-san, that's why he didn't kill himself and let the maid stay in her sleeping beauty state of coma! Had he killed himself and stopped Crusch and the injured that she took with her, the most popular candidate wouldn't have lost her memories and Emilia would still have an honest rival in this race!"


The cat boy's entire form went frigid. His body trembled. His face morphed in horror.

He looked back.

A cold and angry glare. A disappointed stern expression.

A glint of hurt in both eyes.

In her beautiful shining honey colored eyes.

"Sit down."

Felix looked down and obeyed his master. His disappointed master.

Crusch turned to Garfiel and bowed her head.

"I apologize for my knight's words." She humbly said to the boy.

Garfiel shook his head and sat down, keeping his eyes on the cat boy and the knight beside him.

"But what your knight has said still has merit. Why didn't Natsuki Subaru use his ability to help save you?" Anastasia looked conflicted at the sleeping Subaru.

"Boss… The archbishops attacked when me and bro were taking on the Sloth." Ricardo had a grim look on his face.

"He could've still warned Crusch-sama before she left." Julius told silently as his face, expressionless and emotionless looked at the ground. He wanted his friend to be innocent of such foul tricks… but… he just couldn't.

"He would need to die though…" Tivey sounded as he backed Anastasia.

Mimi quickly slammed her brother on the head.


"Enough already! Big bro gave his all in that fight! Against both Whale and the creepy man! You have no right to speak about him as if he was a villain!" Mimi shouted at her brother as her feelings of awe and amazement at Subaru's bravery that night came back full force.

Garfiel smiled at the little girl. He could get along with her! She knew how awesome his cap'n was!

"It is suspicious though… why wouldn't he warn the others of Gluttony's attack? Why would he take all the credit for both fights? It's clear now that he can kill himself without a problem since that was what he did in the last viewing."

Al mused his thoughts to the conflicted crowed.

Reinhard looked at Julius and then at Subaru.

"We saw how he ended up in this world. How he met me and Emilia-sama. I don't think he's using us to obtain a further advantage for race he didn't even know about until he came to this world." Reinhard tried to reason. He wanted to believe that Subaru was a friend. He wanted to have him as a friend.

Julius looked unconvinced. He was afraid of Subaru. He was afraid that his friend was an enemy.

"Why does the witch support him then?" Julius coldly asked Reinhard.

"That is fair to ask." Reinhard slowly looked down and clenched his fists. He wanted to be Subaru's friend… but the evidence couldn't be ignored and he had a code that set his doubts above his feelings.

But Subaru didn't have Reinhard as his only friend…

There was another friend that was shaking in place as he heard this nonsense.


This one didn't have a code to follow.


Julius looked up slowly to see who was it that called him.



"Whoa! Whoa!"


Everyone looked on with shock and surprise as Julius was suddenly punched in the face.

"I know that you weren't hurt by that, Julius-san. So please, look me in the eye as I speak to you."

"This act can lead to your execution, you know? You just assaulted a royal knight." Julius slowly and coldly turned his head and faced the merchant standing before him.

Otto simply glared sternly down at Julius.

"You seemed like you needed it."

Julius's eyebrow raised at this. "How so?"

Otto's eyes narrowed. "Because you were forgetting who your friend was."

Julius's breathing hitched.

"You were afraid of Subaru just now. Weren't you?"

Julius's eyes widened.

"You were trying to grasp on to anything just to justify the fear that was spreading through you. And you were forgetting about Subaru being your friend."

"H-How...ghk!" Julius looked away as he clenched his fists.

Otto had him pigged from the start.

"Think of all the times you've spent with Natsuki-san. The one you know."

Julius looked at Otto…

His eyes widened.

Otto turned around and walked to his seat, leaving the bruised knight as he thought about how he truly saw the boy named Subaru Natsuki.

A monster that could ruin his kingdom?

A fraud that used him and his friends?

Or the amazing brash son of a bitch that had a heart of gold?

His friend.

Reinhard looked down and thought about Otto's words as well. He started lamenting about all the interactions he's had with the nasty eyed boy.

"I wish I spent more time with him." he muttered as he found his memories with his friend sparse.

"That's what you get for not being greedy." A voice long forgotten sounded out.


The blonde girl that had been silent all this time finally spoke up in a mocking yet sincere tone as she smirked at her knight.

"You need to be greedy. You need to ask your friend to spend some time with you more."

Reinhard looked taken aback by this.

How could a boy that had torn his family, ruined lives because of his selfish and slothful self, be more greedy?

"That's an order. You need to be a true friend to Big bro."

Felt smirked at him.

Reinhard… could only smile.

It was his lady's orders. He would be greedy.

The little girl smiled and leaned back in her seat as she looked at her big bro. She wasn't a dumbass. She understood what the gray haired idiot was doing when he punched Julius. She was shocked by how hard Subaru's life was. But she was never going to think badly of him.

She missed her chance before, she was knocked out when Subaru's fate was decided.

She won't lose him this time. If pain and death was all he got because no one wanted to help him, then she and Reinhard will save him.

Felt had her mind set. She wanted to be greedy too.

Crusch nodded her head at what the green clad boy had said. She had been dumbfounded when she learned about Subaru's power. She was terrified of the implications. But in her heart she knew one thing that keeps her faith firm in the black haired bo- knight.

"That boy would never use that power for his own advantage."

"What makes you say that? He took the credit for the fight that your army and my mercenaries have done." Anastasia asked Crusch in a thoughtful tone.

Sure, her mercenary force was sent for support only and she had accepted a percentage of mining rights as well as safe trade routes as her only payment… she was a little miffed at how the people only spoke about Emilia's knight as if he was the one that did all the work.

"Let me correct a certain misconception about Natsuki-sama, all of you seem to have."

Anastasia looked at the standing Crusch as did most of the occupants in the room.

"After the White Whale had been subjugated, Natsuki Subaru refused any kind of praise from me. He was shocked when I told him that he will be given credit for what he had done. He even tried to make me take all of the glory for myself." Crusch smiled warmly for a second at the sleeping boy. Yes, a boy that had no power or talent.

"That big of an effort made by such a boy needed to be praised and announced to the world. It was I, who praised him and told the people of his achievements." Crusch confidently announced to the theater's audience.

Anastasia's eyes widened as she never thought about Subaru denying such praise.

Or she should have…

"Of course this unambitious idiot would do something like that." Anastasia facepalmed as she thought about the boy's personality so far. A little smile found it's way on her lips.

"So he didn't take advantage of you? My bad." Al said bored out of his mined.

Ricardo smirked a little as he remembered the fight with both Whale and Sloth. How could he ever doubt the kid after that?

Everyone was divided on wither Subaru can be trusted or not.

"Soooo much chaos! I wonder if this is what you waaaaanted?" Roswaal smiled at the princess clad in red sitting in the same row as him.

Priscilla was expressionless as she fanned her self and looked down at the crowd beneath her.

The princess sighed and dropped her fan on Al's lap.


Al looked up as his mistress stood from her seat and…


"Roswaal-sama!" Ram quickly ran to help her master's side as he laid on the floor.

The clown waved slowly and rubbed the spot on his face that was met with the sole of Priscilla's boot.

"It's alright Ram. I suppoooooose Barielle-sama haaaaas a good reason to kick my handsome faaaace?"

The orange haired princess had a disgusted scowl on her face as she lowered her leg and wiped her shoe on the carpeted floor.

"Aldebaran, you will lick my shoe later. I'm afraid it came into contact with sewer sludge."

Roswaal narrowed his eyes at the princess, he looked annoyed for the first time.

"Princess, please don't start a war with the most powerful magic user and another candidate's sponsor." The exasperated helmeted knight sighed as he tried to calm the maiden down.

"Hmph! This dog needed some discipline and I took it upon mine self to correct him." Priscilla looked at the crowed with a look of pure superiority.

"My reason for disgust wasn't for this dog's implication. I had another reason that made me both disgusted and amused by that boy."

Crusch grinned as she had to admit, that kick was satisfying to watch, the purple haired merchant beside her was smirking behind her coat as well.

"What is that reason?" Anastasia asked cheerfully.

Priscilla looked annoyed that she had to speak with these commoners."I suppose, a goddess such as mine-self should be the one to explain it to the filthy mongrels."

The princess pointed at the sleeping Subaru while looking interested.

"The boy amuses me and disgusts me… because I don't understand him."

"What do you mean?" Felt was the one to finally enter the discussion as she wanted to know what this nasty girl thought about her big bro.

"Hmph! A rat such as yourself wouldn't get it. What I want to know is why this boy didn't use his power to remove his shame?"

"What are you talking about?" Petra was the one that finally spoke up as she tiredly looked at the princess. The little girl's heart was shattered that her hero killed himself and was killed by someone she held as her sama. And now there was another incident that added to his 'shame'? Petra wasn't gonna make it through.

"I think I know what Candidate-sama is talking about."

All eyes turned to the old butler sitting beside the rigid Felix.

"Wilhelm-dono?" Crusch looked at her knight in surprise. She forgot about him to be honest.

"I apologize for my intrusion but I may have grasped the meaning behind Barielle-sama's conflicted feelings."

Priscilla looked at the old man and scoffed. "As if a demented old fool could understand the mind of a goddess. But it is a little amusing to watch you try."

Crusch sighed at the princess's ego and turned towards her bowing butler, nodding to give him permission.

Wilhelm spoke towards the scarlet eyed maiden while keeping his voice just loud enough to make the others hear him.

"Subaru-dono didn't use his power to erase that shameful behavior he displayed in the royal castle that day."

"...Hgk!" Julius and Felix looked at the old man with wide open eyes.

"That's true!" Reinhard wanted to laugh out loud for the first time in forever, but since this was his grandfather speaking, he decided to not cut him off.

He did feel more hurt that his own grandfather was standing up for Subaru more than he was.

The old man smiled warmly with his blue eyes shining with respect and conviction.

"You're confused and disgusted because you can't understand that someone could have such a selfless goodhearted soul. You thought this power would make for an opportunistic heartless monster."

Priscilla's eyes widened as the old man described her thoughts exactly.

Crusch smirked proudly.

"Yet all we've seen is a boy using what he could to save his friends. And that is something you can't comprehend."

Priscilla wanted to slam her heel into this swan's face. "How dare.."

"Ghk!…" She wanted to shout at him and kill him where he stood.

How dare he read her mind like this!?

She, a god among commoner scum, can't understand the good heart of one weak pathetic boy? What foolish deception!?

The black haired boy was…


"OW! Princess?!"

Some grimaced at the kick Priscilla delivered to her knight's stomach. He was sent into a wall.

Priscilla sat down with a huff as she glared at the boy sleeping far away, being hugged by three girls.

Wilhelm sat down and returned to take his posture of watching in silence.

Crusch and Anastasia sat down beside their conflicted knights.

Everyone was as conflicted as Priscilla. Some couldn't help but be overridden by their guilt for not helping the boy. Others simply waited for more to be revealed.

Let's continue watching for more information. It might put you all at ease.

Everyone looked at the screen and waited to see Subaru's next death.

Season 1 Episode 5 Director's Cut


A dark black hand reaches from the void towards Subaru.

A blurry image… A faint voice…

"I'm back here again… " Subaru grunted once he opened his eyes and found the same ceiling of the reset room above him.

He had Returned by Death.

"Sister, sister. It appears our guest is still half-asleep."

"Rem, Rem. For one so young, it's quite sad how out of it he is."

Subaru slowly looked up to see…

The two voices…

The twin maids…

Subaru slowly sat up and stared at Rem and Ram as they stood infront of him.

He closed his eyes in recollection at the previous loop and how broken these two were.

Noticing the pained expression on his face, the two ran to his side with worried expressions.

"What is the matter, sir?"

"Do you feel unwell? Do you have a chronic illness flaring up?"

Subaru looked up at the worried maids and quickly took their hands in each one of his.

"Let me see your hands."

Both Rem's and Ram's eyes widened in shock and surprise.

"This is it? The one?" Rem asked in a tone that could be described as happy and filled with hope.

That caught the attention of both, Emilia and Beatrice. Both girls looked at the Oni and then at Subaru with hope.

Subaru slowly closed his eyes and remembered the time he was having a nightmare.

Those two's hands… were the same ones that helped him then.

"So it's true… I wasn't mistaken."

Subaru smiled in relief and sincerity as he held both of their hands.

The maids looked annoyed. "No, sir. I think you are mistaken about everything."

The maids quickly removed their hands out of his grasp and stepped away from him while glaring.

"No, sir. I think your very birth was a mistake."

"From their prescriptive, it does seem very creepy." Al mused while some nodded in agreement.

"I agree, being touched like that by the gross pervert Emilia-sama managed leash with her was an uncomfortable experience for both me and Rem." Ram coldly attested from beside her master.

"That's a little harsh Ram-san… Wait?!"

"Is this the one?" Crush asked the maid as she came to the same conclusion as the shocked and excited Otto.

"What's happen'n?" Garfiel asked in confusion at his brother's joy.

"When I think about what's to come, I can't laugh off that comment… But right now even though that's a good feeling." Subaru looked at the wall in uncertainty.

The twins looked at him in pity.

"Sister, sister. Could our guest be a troubled man who takes pleasure from torture?"

"Rem, Rem. Our guest appears to be a pervert who's turned on by insults."

"Haha what a misunderstanding." Ricardo tried to salvage some of the fun mood the room once had before everything turned serious after the last death.

He noticed many people smiling with glee as they watched.


Subaru smiled sheepishly. "Sorry to do that out of the blue, but I trust you both."

Subaru slowly left his bed and stood infront of the two in his robes.

He was smiling while holding his hand out. "Let's be friends, okay?"

"How embarrassing." Ram huffed at the foolish gesture but a small smile on her face was shown.

"You seem happy that he won't die." Roswaal mused whisperingly to the maid beside him.

Ram looked up at her master with an innocent face. "I'm just happy that my sis will stop crying over trash."

The twins looked at each other in bewilderment at this man's gayness.

And a new voice came into the room.

"It was awfully noisy, so I came to check… Subaru, I'm glad you seem well." A beautiful silver-haired maiden entered the room with a sincere smile on her face as she looked at the boy.

Emilia's frozen and haunted face suddenly changed into one of pure relief and happiness as her smile reached her ears for the first time in a while.

"This is it! That's how I remember it!"

"So he won't die again?" Felt asked with a surprised grin.

"There was a lot on my mind a second ago, but seeing you blew it all away, Emilia-tan! I guess you were the wonder drug that my heart needed." Subaru smiled brightly at Emilia.

The lady just looked confused. "Sorry, I have no idea what you're saying."

Anastasia giggled at her opponent's obliviousness. She felt really relieved that the boy won't be dying again.

It made the heavy and painful depression around the room to almost disappear completely.

Emilia smiled. "But good morning. I'm glad you're well."

"Yeah, good morning." Subaru took a second to appreciate Emilia's smile.

"Look at how happy he is to see Emilia-sama!" Frederica teased Petra and giggled as the little maid stuck her tongue at the screen.

She wanted Petra to forget about the dark moments of this adventure in the mansion. For just a moment.

He smiled and closed his eyes, muttering. "Let's get this started."

"It was getting tiring to repeat this." Tivey said in boredom.

Many nodded and watched with interest.

Scene change to Subaru and the manor's residents eating once again.

Subaru slams his hands on the table and smiles to the lord of said manor.

"Hire me to work in this mansion!" Subaru demanded.

"Why are you looking at me?" Anastasia innocently asked as she noticed the many stares aimed towards her.

"Nothing, we just thought that you'd be angry at Natsuki-san for this choice." Otto chuckled nervously.

Anastasia just shrugged and ignored the smirking Crusch and the giggling Felt.

Both candidates could see how hard she was gripping her coat.

'This boy deserves another beating!'

Anastasia just fumed in place.

The screen began showing Subaru working his chores with the twins from the previous loops as his thoughts were voiced over the montage.

There are two broad conditions I need to clear in order to survive a week in Roswaal's mansion.

First is to earn the trust of the staff here.

Rem is shown watching Subaru with a suspicious glare on her face while he peeled some POTATOES (Fuck you Tatoes!).

If I don't earn those girls' favor, they're likely to kill me to keep me silent.

Flashbacks to Subaru's previous loops where he was killed in both the hallway and the forest played.

That goes not only for Rem and Ram, but for their master, Roswaal, as well.

The memory of the fully powered Roswaal, hovering over Subaru and Beatrice with a glare on his face played.

"hmmm! He was prepaaaared for my intrusion as weeeell?"

"Why are you surprised I suppose? Betty's Subaru was always prepared for your stupid book's instructions." Beatrice kept her eyes on the screen as she scathingly reminded the clown of how he lost to Subaru.

"Thaaat's true." Roswaal just leaned back and watched.

"So he needs to earn the trust of the staff first?" Reinhard looked at Rem with a forlorn look. He wanted to believe that she won't be doing anything regrettable this time around.

"How did he earn your trust?" Frederica asked, knowing how hard it was for new servants to be taken in by these two.

Rem just looked at the ground. "I never understood why he worked so hard lie that."

People looked at her in confusion.

Emilia simply looked down a bit and remembered the disturbed look on his face.

"It all feels so much creepier now." She whispered as she thought about the days where she spied on the boy and watched him almost kill himself by working too much.

And second is to defeat the shaman that attacks Roswaal's mansion.

Subaru is shown swinging a broom as if it was a sword with a smile of determination on his face.

"That's correct… " Julius finally spoke up. His voice was quieter but much more cold.

"He still has that to figure out as well." Crusch mused as she looked on with interest.

"How will he do it?" Mimi asked as she watched with excitement.

"Barusu never told us how he knew about the shaman but I have a rough idea after watching this window's events."

"Let's watch for now." Wilhelm advised as he kept watching at the edge of his seat. The old man wanted to see how Subaru managed to get out of this situation.

"He never gives up." Wilhelm mused silently. If it where up to him? He would've left the mansion and all it's residents.

"Love is such a cruel thing…"

Wilhelm was watching with a smile.

Scene change…

Subaru dropped to on some grass looking tired. "I'm exhausted!"

Above him was a floating Puck, hovering upside down.

"You're quite the hard worker." Puck mused.

"I'm not done yet. I still need to prepare dinner and clean the rooms. I'll get back to work after a little break."

Puck lowered down with an excited smile on his face. "It's only your first day, and you're so spirited."

Subaru smiled up at the cat… "Well…"

The boy looked to the side with a wide smile. "Some important things are at stake here."

He whispered softly as he stared at Emilia while she talked with the small light balls hovering all around her.

"He's working so hard to stay with her."


Rem looked down a bit. The feeling of guilt and jealousy mixed as she wished for her to be in Emilia's place.

Even though she was content with second place, she still wanted Subaru to look at her like that.

But she would just hope for his forgiveness for now.

Emilia felt her heart strings tug a little as she watched how Subaru looked at her. She wished to give this boy the same feelings with the same look coming from her one day.

"By the way, what kind of magic does Emilia-tan use?" Subaru asked the floating cat.

"Technically, Lia isn't really a magic user. That goes for her contract with me, too. She's a spirits art user." Puck flew around the boy's body with a smile on his face.

"So magic users and spirit arts users are different… "

"Magic users cast magic with their own mana, but spirit arts users draw from mana in the atmosphere."

Subaru raised his hand in the air. "And how are those two different, Sensei?"

"Basically, it depends on whether or not you use a gate."

"A gate?"

"Mana passes through a gate within your body. You both draw mana in and expel it out through the gate."

"I see… so it's like a faucet for MP."

"You should have one too, Subaru."

"Hey come to think of it, why does Natsuki-san have a gate as well?"

Garfiel looked at Otto with a confused look. "Whaddya mean?"

"I mean, that if he was from another world, and like Beatrice-sama confirmed along with his reaction just now, his world had no magic users or any instance of mana usage, then how can he posses a gate?"

"I… don't know, I suppose." Beatrice mused as she began thinking about the inquiry.

"Maybe humans in his world do have gates but they're unable to make use of them since his world has no mana?" Emilia gave her opinion while watching Puck on screen with a sad look on her face.

Some nodded at the explanation.

"Or it could've been given by the Witch." Felt sounded out making a few individuals to gasp and turn frigid towards her.

"What?" The little blonde asked as she noticed some stare at her.

"P-Please don't speak of HER so lightly, Felt-sama." Reinhard stuttered as his shock that his lady was so brave to casually speak of such a monster. He was almost proud but he couldn't let her go around speaking like that in public less he wants a call for her execution.

"Pussy!" Felt huffed and looked away from her pussy knight.

Reinhard looked worried when the children plus Ricardo and Al laughed at him.

He hoped that name won't stick.

Subaru smiled wide in excitement. "Really?! Does that mean I can use magic, too?"

"Want me to figure out what your attribute is?" Puck slowly moved his tail and touched Subaru's forehead with the tip.

"Magic users are divided into fire, water, wind, and earth attributes."

Subaru's forehead began glowing as the sound of meowing filled his head.

"Whoa, that's totally a magic sound effect!"

Subaru looked up with excitement.

"No its not!" Mimi and Tivey as well as Beatrice were giggling at Puck's sound effects and at Subaru's reaction.

Puck stopped and removed his tail from Subaru's forehead. "I know what your attribute is."

Subaru jumped in place while holding his hands together with an excited smile. "Yes! I've been waiting for this! Is it the burning fire of passion? Or a relaxed cool guy water type? Or maybe a gentle wind blowing across the plain? Or is it solid, reliable earth?"

Subaru thought about all the different attributes as beautiful soothing and exciting places of mystical sights.

Only for all of them to get swallowed up in a black void of nothingness as Puck announced.


"All rejected?!" Subaru wallowed.

Emilia and Rem chuckled a bit as the cast behind them laughed outloud at his luck.

"I remember the time my attribute was announced! It was much cooler than this." Mimi jumped on her brother as she remembered that moment with her teacher.

"Wow, Shadow? That's very rare." Emilia entered the conversation as she stood beside the two.

"What is a shadow anyway? Weren't there only four attributes?" Subaru asked in misery.

"In addition to the four basic attributes, there's also shadow and light." Puck explained.

Subaru grinned smugly. "Is it actually some amazing ability? Like a talent that only comes along once in 5,000 years?"

"Why does he want to be a hero so bad?" Julius felt wrong to ask this but he had to learn more about his friend. If he is to be his friend.

"He still thinks that he deserves some kind of power for him coming into another world." Otto sighed.

But then froze in place as a certain thought came to him.

Most of the watchers also turned silent and mused at the idea.

"Holy shit!"

"He did get a super power!"

Al and Ricardo as most of the cast couldn't believe it.

"Such a stupid rule was true?" Anastasia asked as she lamented over Return by Death being Subaru's given power.

"It is what's being told to us." Crusch shrugged as she couldn't deny that this power made Subaru achieve some amazing things.

Heroic things.

"With shadow magic, you can obstruct an opponent's vision, block sound, slow their movements and things like that." Emilia explained to the proud boy.

All the excitement that was on his face disappeared, replaced with a deadpanned expression as his dream to become this Zelda's Link died with the explanation of his ability helping him understand what he can do.

"Only debuffs!"

"Da fuck is that?" Garfiel looked at Beatrice for an explanation.

The smug loli couldn't turn an opportunity to share her Subaru knowledge and she raveled in the small jealous glares coming from a certain number of girls. Especially a pouting half-elf and a glaring Oni.

"Debuffs, is what you would call attributes or effects that weaken the power of a foe or an ally."

"Isn't that a good power to have though?" Reinhard asked, not understanding why Subaru didn't like such a power.

"Betty's Subaru is still enthralled in his fantasy to be the most amazing hero, infact. He wanted a magical power that could make him beat all of his enemies in one shot like you, the Sowrd Saint, have done to that bowel hunter girl, I suppose."

"But why would he want that after all of this?"

"Think about it, he was summoned to another world with a power to turn time to his will, he has a gate that can control a type of magic so rare to us, he totally thinks he will become some legend to-be." Otto shook his head at his brother's frigid state of mind.

"That's… understandable." Anastasia mused as she thought back to when she saw him as nothing more than an impotent kid with a loud mouth.

"Man, I'm starting to understand what really happened in that castle." Al spoke to himself but his words reached the rest of the room.

A certain purple haired young man looked down once more as he lamented the words in his head.

"An easy one would be something like Shamac." Puck mused as he flew around them.

"That's a blinding spell, right?" Emilia asked.

Puck nodded and floated infront of Subaru. "Want me to show you?"

"For real?! Let's see, let's see!" Subaru smirked in excitement as he readied himself.

"W-Wait…" Emilia reached her arm out to stop anything reckless from happening…

but it was too late.

"Shamac!" Puck said and forced a spell on the boy.


Subaru was sitting in an endless void of darkness.

He tried to scream and yell something but his own voice was taken from him. He was apart of this darkness.

Emilia's eyes widened.

Rem's did as well.

Just like that moment where his heart was crushed.

He was unable to do anything in this darkness.

He was a slave to it.

To the dark hand that well inventively come and take his heart in it's crushing grip once again.

Screaming and yelling silent sounds into the void, he tried to run.

He didn't want that hand to come for him.

"Man, that magic is scary!" Tivey hugged his sister tight while Petra watched with her eyes wide.

"Why is he…" Petra tried to ask.

"He's remembering that time with the Witch." Frederica hugged her little maid tightly.

"Barsus still fears the darkness of the jealous witch." Ram snorted and looked at the boy with a pity filled glare. (I don't know how the fuck to describe it. Just think, Tsundere and yet worried friend.)

"Course he does! She napped his heart! And crushed it!" Garfiel exclaimed.

Seeing the opportunity to be a good bro, Otto turned with a smirk on his fac-

*Smack *

"Owe! Why did you hit me?!" Otto asked as he rubbed the back of his head, while glaring at the beast boy.

Garfiel had an unimpressed look. "Ya were about to ask a stupid question, and the answer is no, I'm not scared of 'er."

"Okay, that's it."

Subaru opened his eyes and found himself in a different part of the garden as Puck stopped the spell.

"What'd you think? That was Shamac."

"Are you all right?" Emilia asked from behind him.

Subaru gulped nervously as he realized that nothing was coming to crush his heart.

He was safe.

Slowly, turning around and smiling at Emilia and Puck. "I-I'm fine!" Subaru assured nervously.

"Subaru… You've been dealing with so much since the beginning." Emilia whispered as the rest in her camp shared her thoughts.

"It's not too flashy, but it seems pretty effective! That means I can use this Shamac, too, right?"

"Well, that depends on your training. Want to try the beginners course?"

Subaru and Puck shook hands and paws in solidarity.

"Please, Master!"

Scene change…

Subaru and Puck were standing in the middle of the big garden infront of the estate.

"I'll act as a support and use the mana inside you, so the magic will come from your own gate. Lia, on the off chance that Subaru's magic goes out of control and explodes, you should step away so your clothes don't get messy."

Emilia stepped a couple of… hundred meters away from Subaru.

The boy began to panic.

"That only happens if I screw it up really bad, right?!"

"Were you joking with him?" Crusch chuckled as she asked Emilia.

The half-elf giggled and nodded her head.

Puck pulled his hair and made him face another direction. "If you're relaxed enough for lighthearted comments like that, you'll be fine."

Puck began his lesson.

"Now, visualize the flow of mana through your body, then expel a part of it out of your body through your gate."

"Visualizing, I can do. Fantasizing is what I do best."

Julius snorted softly.

Subaru smirked and closed his eyes. Putting his fingers on his forehead to focus. He began mewing like a cat to replicate the magic sounds he heard from Puck.

The screen showed a white ball and a mass of dark tentacles swarming into it.

Puck slowly looked up with a dismayed look on his face.

"Huh? That's not good. That gate just-"

"UGH!" Subaru shouted as his body exploded into a giant black cloud that spanned the entire estate. Mansion and gardens.

"Ewwwwww." Petra and Felt sounded in disgust.

"Is that why his gate was damaged?" Crusch asked.

Emilia nodded her head.

Scene change…

"Long story short, you don't have very good control over your gate, so you shouldn't try too hard."

Puck is shown flying over Subaru while the boy was laying on his back after he farted.

"You're the one who said I'd be fine."

"Tee-hee!" Puck giggled.

"That's not cute at all." Subaru said in a deadpanned tone.

"Well, for better or for worse, your gate isn't very well-used. That's why the mana inside ignored the user's will and burst its way out."

Subaru looked up with a distressed look. "What am I, a soy sauce bottle with a loose cap?"

The boy tried to get up from the bench he was laying on but his body refused to move.

"You shouldn't move. You used up all the mana in your body. You might not be able to work any more today… " Emilia looked up thoughtfully but she looked down startled as Subaru suddenly yelled out and began to force himself to stand.

"No! I have to!"

Emilia quickly ran to his side. "Don't try to over do it!"

Subaru ignored her and slowly got out. "This is exactly when I need to overdo it!"

Subaru gritted his teeth in frustration as he forced his muscles to move. "I can't waste a single day!"

"He needs to force himself through the fatigue." Anastasia noted with a sympathetic frown.

Rem and Emilia flinched as they watched how he forced himself up.

"I should've noticed his pain." Emilia softly frowned and lowered her head.

"You did though. You helped him." Rem pointed out to Emilia in a soft and broken tone.

Emilia just looked down at him with a confused expression.

"You really are hopeless… " Emilia sighed and stepped closer to him.


Subaru blushed as Emilia put something into his mouth and kept her palm on his lips to shut his mouth close.

"Chew." Emilia smiled and stepped back from him. "Chew and swallow it. Three, and… go!"

Subaru slowly swallowed whatever his mistress put in his mouth.

The burst of energy that filled him forced Subaru up on his once wobbly legs.

"W-What was that?" Subaru uttered spooked and amazed.

Emilia giggled and picked up a small purple grape like fruit. "A fruit called 'bocco fruit.' When you eat it, the mana in your body activates, and your gate regains a little of its strength." Emilia smiled happily at him.

Subaru looked at Emilia with a guilty expression. "Sorry… I guess I've caused you some trouble."

Emilia's face drops at this and she pouts at the ground. "You don't understand, Subaru."

Subaru looks up at her in surprise.

Emilia glares at him. "It's more satisfying to hear a single thank you than a lot of sorrys." Emilia's glare changes to a soft smile. "I did it because I wanted to help you, not because I wanted an apology." She shot him her cutest smile, beaming at her friend. "Okay?" she softly asked.

Subaru stared at her, his face bewildered.

"Awwee you two are so sweet together!" Mimi called from the back.

Emilia smiled at the screen. She was happy that she lived through moments like this.

Change scene…

The screen shows the L. Mathers estate at night.

We got to Roswaal as he sits in his office chair, looking out the window.

"So, Ram, given what you've seen so far, what do you think of him?" The clown wearing lord asked the pink haired girl sitting on his lap.

"In terms of abilities, he's completely incompetent, but he can be excessively quick-witted when it counts. I believe it may be necessary to keep an eye on him for a time."

"This is a problem we must handle with utmost care. Be sure to give the proper warnings. So that your sister doesn't act rashly."

"See! I caaaare about my Subaru-kun!" Roswaal excitedly called out.

Everyone grunted and turned away from the clown… except for two people.

"He's telling the truth." Crusch softly whispered to her self as she never noticed the wind of untruth coming anywhere near the clown.

Reinhard kept his eyes on the magi. Something wasn't right with this man. Why did his own camp not trust him? They down right hate him.

"What's going on?" Felt asked as she noticed how serious his face looked.

Reinhard smiled to his mistress. "Nothing, Felt-sama. It'll be revealed anyway."

The blonde girl shrugged and turned to the screen.

The scene changes to show Rem watching from a door's crack.

Watching Subaru as he cleaned the bathroom.

"He was already familiar with the mansion and the utilities, so I had to keep an eye on him. I never wanted to kill him." Rem explained in franc panic as Emilia coldly turned to face her.

The half-elf's violet eyes lingered on Rem's blue tearful ones.

She turned around and ruffled Subaru's hair to vent her frustration.

"You treat him as if he was a dog, infact." Beatrice glared at the silver haired lady.

"Oh, hush Beako." Emilia softly smiled at the little girl.

Scene change….

"I guess that's about all I can expect of the first day."

Subaru is laying on his bed wearing his track suit.

"I earned quite a bit of trust from Ram and Rem… I think. But the problem is that shaman's attack… How do I fight that?" Subaru looked at his door.

The scene changes to Beatrice glaring at Subaru in her library.

"You want to know more about shamans?"

"Yeah. How do you avoid curses?"

Beatrice turned away from him and looked at her book.

"There is no way."


"There is no way to undo a curse once it's been activated, I suppose. Once it's activated, that's it. That's what curses are."

"It's actually possible to nullify instant death resistances?" Subaru uttered, disturbed.

"However, before they're activated, curses are just simple spells, so I can easily undo them-"

Beatrice stopped talking and looked up in confusion. She scrunched her nose and sniffed the air a bit.

"The witch's scent… " She whispered in surprise.

"You know, Rem mentioned that, too. Who is this witch? Are witches related to shamans?" Subaru asked Beatrice in fake confusion.

Beatrice slowly looked away from him as she began explaining.

"In this world, the word Witch refers to only one person."

"The Witch of Envy?"

"Exactly. The Witch of Envy, Satella. Long ago, she devoured the six witches who bore the names of the deadly sins, and drained half the world dry. She's the worst of the worst, I suppose."

Beatrice closed her eyes in disgust at the story.

"It's said that she was starved for love. It's said that she doesn't understand human language. It's said that her body never withers, weakens, or dies. It's said that, though she was sealed by the powers of a dragon, a hero, and a sage, they were unable to destroy her flesh."

Slowly, Beatrice hatefully spoke the next words.

"It's said that her body is that of a half-elf with silver hair."

Emilia looked down and clenched her hands. Her eyes filled with sadness.

"Hmph! What a disgusting appearance."

"I would rather have you refrain from insulting our camp's leader for her appearance." Otto kept his eyes on the screen as he told Priscilla off.

Subaru stared at her with an understanding expression.

His mind flashed back to the moments during his very first loop in this world.

When Emilia was sitting on the ledge of that bridge.

"I'm… Satella."

Why Emilia used that name?

"What would it take to make someone steal the Witch of Envy's name? Oh, I guess steal makes the person sound bad… maybe I should say to make someone borrow the Witch of Envy's name."

"In either case, they must have no fear of death, I suppose. One who would steal her name can be called nothing but insane."

As Beatrice looked at her book in disinterest, Subaru's face fell as the memories of his first time meeting Emilia flashed before him.

"I see… so that's why… " Subaru smiled in understanding.

"Huh?" Beatrice looked up at him.

"If people just saw her as a crazy freak, she wouldn't have to be involved in this royal selection mess."

"Does he think that Emilia wants nothing with the election?" Anastasia asked.

All she got was shrugs.

"What are you talking about, I suppose?"

Beatrice stared at him.

"Nothing." Subaru smiled.

Scene change…

Subaru is yelling loudly outside of the mansion.

"Morning! It's another sunny day, perfect for drying laundry! Let's make this a day filled with happiness! Now… Victory!" Subaru finished his warm-ups with a huge smile.

Emilia and Puck are watching him from the side line.

"You're so energetic again this morning." Emilia smiled softly.

"Yep! Even as I'm ordered around and disciplined by the maid sisters, I'll enjoy servant life to the fullest again!" Subaru suddenly sits down beside Emilia and smiles at her. "But when that lifestyle wears me out, I'll come rest my head in your lap, so save it for me, okay?"

"I thought it was weird as well, but it's really nice and silly." Emilia told the skeptical looking Crusch and the wierded out looking Anastasia.

Before Emilia could respond, Subaru was already beside Puck, yelling at him frantically.

"You really do look like a cat when you wash your face like that! So do spirits get sleepy and stuff, too? Do they oversleep?"

Puck slowly flew towards Emilia and landed on her head.

"Don't you people get sleepy when you're fatigued, too? Spirits go through something similar when their mana, the source of energy, is depleted." Puck yawned cutely ontop of Emilia's head, making her yawn with him as well.

Subaru shook his head and smiled at the two.

"Did you two stay up all night or what? I bet you were up late talking about who you like right? Let me in on the fun!"

Subaru frantically wiggled in place while holding his red cheeks. "Who I like? It's embarrassing to say, but… "

"The one I like is Puck, and the one Puck likes is me." Emilia slowly closed her eyes and her palms together. "There. That conversation's over."


"Cap'ns been shot again!"

Although they felt for him, Otto and Garfiel had to follow their duty as implied by the code. That's why they were laughing at Subaru.

Through thick and thin, bros to the end.

"Your love is mutual?! Then where do I fit in?!" Subaru looked horrified.

"Nowhere." Puck looked down at Subaru with a smug smirk. "Lia's head-over-heels for my charms. You're not a bad guy, but compared to me, you've got nothing."

Subaru growled in anger.

"You should give up on Lia and-"

Suddenly, a half-elf girl stood between the two and held both of them by the ears.

"Don't get carried away, you two. I'm going to get mad if you keep this up!" Emilia sternly admonished while Subaru and Puck moaned in pain.

"Ow! Ow! You are mad! You are mad!" Both boys screamed.

"You're all buffoons, I suppose. Except for Bubby. Hmph!"

"Don't be jealous, Beatrice-sama. Subaru has told you all sorts of UUUUUSEFUUULLL stories and information." Otto was more than happy to tease the girl and vent a bit of his frustrations that she knew more about his brother.

Sure, she was his spirit, but he was Subaru's bro. He deserved to learn about video ganes or whatever they were called too!

Beatrice glared at the boy and looked ready to explode.

Leaving that library was a mistake!

Subaru suddenly looked at his… naked wrest and gasped in surprise.

"I should get going, or the maid sisters will be angry! Bye!"

Subaru hurried away as Emilia waved.

"What's wrong? You don't look happy."

Puck looked at Emilia in worry. The half-elf just closed her eyes and sighed.

"I just feel… sort of uneasy. I can't really explain it… " Emilia looked at the place where Subaru last stood.

"Well, I can't blame you for being confused. This has gotten to be a bit of a problem." Puck spoke as he looked at the same spot.

Scene change too- CRACK!

Rem looked at Subaru in startled surprise as he stood in the middle of the hallway with a broken vase at his feet.

"Don't worry! Don't worry! Forget about it! It's fine!"

Subaru rubbed his head frantically in sheepish embarrassment.

"What a pathetic worker. Barusu really out to have been punished for that." Ram siad as she looked at Rem.

"It was his first day, Sis and he confused me by knowing the storage room's exact location without a guide." Rem watched with understanding eyes.

She understood why he was so hard working that week.

It was because of her.

Scene change back to the worried Emilia as she spoke with Puck.

"A problem?" she asked.

The scene shows Subaru frantically and manically wiping the broken vase with a broom while speaking to Rem.

"I'll clean this up so fast, no one will get hurt!"

The scene goes back to Puck as he explained.

"Subaru's mind is really mixed up. The inside and outside are all confused."

Emilia's face dropped at her spirit's words.

"What a fool. All he needed was to leave the mansion and be free."

Anastasia nodded with Priscilla's opinion. "I do agree that he could've had L. Mathers' infinite funds build him his own house and he could've lived there instead."

"But he's in love with Emilia and he wants to save Rem so he put himself in a position that requires him to work harder than he ever has to gain their trust." Crusch sighed in sympathy and a little bit of fondness.

"If he fails, he gets killed." Felt muttered as she understood the full extent of the situation's consequence on her big bro.

"I wonder how he gets through all of this." Ricardo sounded as he sat at the edge of his seat in anticipation.

The scene changes to Rem as she spoke to Subaru while he cleaned the mess.

"I think that is an admirable attitude, but you were the one who knocked it over. I'll bring a replacement-"

Subaru ran infront of Rem's path and stopped her.

"No that's okay! I'll take care of the vase and flowers! You just do your own work, Senpai!"

'It was because of me he was so hard on himself.'

"If he keeps this up, he'll wear himself out before long." Puck said

The screen shows Subaru bringing a new vase from a dark room and putting flowers in it after placing it where he broke the old one.

Wiping his brow, Subaru sighed and spoke to Rem as she stood behind him.

"It feels great to finish a job, huh, Rem-rin?"

"It was work you created and took care of your own, though. When did you learn where the vases are kept?"

Subaru flinched as Rem's suspicious gaze fill on him.

'It was because of me that he was so scared and weary.'

"Oh no!" Petra yelled in fear of something wrong happening. She didn't now that this was the right loop. She still thought that Subaru was dead.

"Did my sister-"

"Yeah, that's right! Your sister told me! Since she knows me, she said, "You're bound to break a vase eventually. I'll tell you where the extra vases are, so you'll be prepared."" Subaru began laughing loudly and frantically as Rem's stare hardened.

'So scared so alone so afraid so tortured. Because of me me me me me me me me.'

Rem grabbed her skirt and slowly backed away from Subaru. She had no right to touch him. No right to look at him after what she caused him.

Rem didn't deserve his love. So she sat far away from him.

No one noticed her as everyone was watching at the edge of their seats.

Except a certain clown.


Subaru immediately looked at his… still naked fucking wrest and faked a surprised look.

"Whoops! I forgot about some work Ram-chi asked me to do! Would you excuse me for a bit? I'll take care of it quick. Later! I'll come find you soon!"

Rem stared silently as the boy Naruto ran away from her.

"What a weird way to run." Otto commented.

"Dont matter how ya ran away, but he was facing someone that kill'd 'em. So he escaped perfectly in my books." Garfiel spoke in a stern teacher like tone.

But Otto knew better.

Garfiel Tanzeil loved the Naruto run, his legs were jumping in place over and over again.

(I'm serious, he Naruto ran away! I love this otaku sonvabitch!)

Scene shows Subaru's face looking exhausted yet forcing a tired wide smile.

I feel sick…

Scene shows Ram turning around carrying a surprised expression as the boy perfectly cut his vegetables in the kitchen.

"Don't you think my knife technique has come a long way in just one day? I think my talent has awakened!" Subaru frantically swiped the knife while holding the same exhausted forced smiling face.

I feel sick. I feel sick. I feel sick!

Scene Change to Subaru sewing a Puck emblem on some cloth, holding it out to show Rem as he spoke manically.

"Rem-rin, check out my aptitude that makes such detailed crafting possible! There must be a miracle residing in my fingertips right now! Illusion!" Subaru cheerfully yelled while moving the cloth around, not noticing… or rather ignoring Rem's hardened stare.

I feel sick… I feel sick… I feel sick… I feel sick… I feel sick… I feel sick… I feel sick…

Subaru is wearing the same fake expression as he swiped and cleaned the entire hallway with his broom.

He stopped what he was doing and began talking in quick succession when he noticed Emilia watching him.

"Honestly, Emilia-tan! Every time we meet, you stir up my heart! You're such a sinful girl! You're guilty!"

Emilia just stared at him with a scared expression.

I should be able to laugh better.

Subaru is looking at a mirror, terrified.

I should be able to make them laugh better.

I can't fail this time. I can't waste a single second.

I have to throw all my strength into my work and produce results, or…

Subaru quickly changed his face into the same fake one and turned around to find Ram standing behind him.

"Oh, Ram-chi! I wasn't slacking! I'll finish all my work! You can just kick back in you room and take a siesta while I-"

Frantic, manic, quick, fast, fake, sick, mad, disturbing, horror filled.

That was the scene in Subaru's mind as he began throwing up in a sink. The tired butler boy breathed heavily as he looked into the mirror.

Rem and Ram looked down and tried to bury the feelings of guilt that where overwhelming them.

They were the cause of this trauma.

"He's not going to last." Frederica whispered as she watched the creepy mined set Subaru was in.


Petra was scared, honestly scared of this entire scene.

"He's not even gonna know if he's doing the right thing. He has nothing to go off of to know if Rem trusts him or not." Al noted in pity.

"It's so creepy!" Mimi voiced out while hiding behind her brother.

"This is all wrong!" Felt hated that scene she hated how alone and tired Subaru looked.

"This is so disturbing."

"I hear ya."

Garfiel and Otto genuinely shivered at the whole scene. Subaru was so haunted and creepy like this, it wasn't even funny.

"He's trying to do this by himself like there's no one else to help him." Otto clenched his fist in pure anger. He wanted to help his brother.

"But it's the residents of this mansion that're killing him. And Emilia is practically useless since she's busy all the time so there's no help there." Anastasia pointed out.

Emilia kept looking at the screen with…. An angry scowl on her face.

"I should have snapped him out of it sooner." She whispered and reprimanded herself.

Julius watched the screen with a look of pure shock as this was the same thing he was doing when he first wanted to become a knight. Train. Work. Harder. Harder. Impress. Defeat. Work. Work. Work. Work. Work.

But he never had to deal with death as a consequence if he failed.

"Natsuki…" Julius guiltily uttered as he once again saw himself in the rash unmannerly boy.

'Knight'. Julius corrected himself.

"Damn, I look so lame… I don't have time to spend whining." Subaru looked at his reflection. His tired beaten reflection.

"You idiot." He growled at himself.

Subaru slowly walked out of the bathroom and then out of the room that led to it while wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

The tired exhausted boy didn't notice a sliver haired girl standing right by the door way, waiting for him.

"Subaru… " Emilia called out.

His expression changed to the fake one as he turned around to meet his mistress.


"Subaru, come with me." Emilia looked into the room he just left.

"What's happening here?" Crusch asked as she leaned in.

Emilia just watched with her eyes tearing up. "This makes so much more sense now." She whispered as she played this same scene in her mind.

Subaru recoiled back, keeping his fake expression in-place. "Uh-oh! A personal request from Emilia-tan? How joyous! How embarrassing! How rare!"

"I hate him like this, I suppose." Beatrice looked away with a cringe and a sad glint in her eyes.

Emilia looked disturbed and worried for her butler as he did a pose with every word he spoke.

"Say anything! Tell me to do anything! For you, I'd dive into fire, water, the loot house, anywhere!"

"Subaru…" she softly spoke while staring at him.

Subaru seemed to become more desperate by the second.

"Hey, come on! The Emilia-tan I know would say… Wait! Are you a fake?! But is anyone else capable of looking so gorgeous that I just want to hug her?"

"What an annoying filth." Priscilla snorted and looked away from the pathetic sight.

Seeing his frantic behavior continue, Emilia nodded her head and sternly glared at him. "All right." She quickly took his hand and pulled him along with her into the room.

"Subaru, come here."


"Just come."

Emilia stood at the center of the room and pointed at the floor.


"Can't I sit on the bed or a chair? Why the floor?"

"Just sit!" Emilia sternly ordered.

"Yes ma'am!"

"Why does he look excited?" Al and Ricardo had to chuckle a bit.

"It seems like what I said was true. Barusu is a pervert." Ram huffed and glared at her sister. Honestly, why couldn't she have picked a trash-can instead? It would be leagues better than her choice now.

'A choice that saved Rem's life.'

Ram looked down with her eyes filled with… regret? Gratitude? The pink haired Oni was just happy for her sister's life being saved.

She was still going to appropriately torture the boy if he hurts her sister.

Subaru quickly obeyed and sat before her with a stupid smile.

Emilia smiled down at him and closed her eyes. The silver haired maiden slowly sat down beside him.

Subaru just looked confused as Emilia sat beside him in silence.

"Just this once, all right?"


"Don't tell me!"

"Emilia-sama.." Crusch called out slyly as the half-elf blushed beet red.

"I-It's embarrassing for you all to watch like this."

Subaru didn't have time to question what she meant as Emilia placed her hand on the side of his head and pulled him down until he laid on his side with his head on her thighs.

Emilia squirmed her naked thighs together as his hair was stuck between them.

"Your position is a little weird… and it tickles… "

"You're letting me rest on your lap?"

"Don't say it out loud! It's embarrassing! And no looking up here. Close your eyes."

Emilia pushed his face away from here and covered his eyes with her palm.

"You're adorable when you're embarrassed, too, but… What's this about? When did I do something worthy of this kind of reward?"

Emilia smiled down at him. "You don't have to put on that weird tough act now."

Emilia began ruffling his hair slowly and gently. "Didn't you tell me to lend you my lap when you were exhausted? I can't do this all the time, but today is special."

Subaru closed his eyes as he enjoyed the moment.

"Special? It's only my second day. If I'm already completely worn out, what kind of weakling am I?" Subaru asked exasperated.

"It's plain to see that you're overwhelmed. You won't tell me what's really going on, will you? I can't imagine this will make things any easier, but this is all I can do." Emilia softly whispered to the now trembling Subaru resting on her lap.

"Emilia-tan, come on, now… " Subaru leaned more on her thighs to hide his trembling face as he tried to keep the facade going.

Emilia just rubbed his head slowly and whispered to him. "Are you tired?"

"I'm totally fine."

"Are you troubled?"

"If you're this nice to me, I'm gonna fall in love with you… When you… I mean… like that… "

Subaru stopped and tried to hold it in…

Emilia leaned down and whispered into his ear… "It's been rough, hasn't it?"

Every flashing moment of death he's ever experienced played before him, covered him in this dark, empty void once again.

And with this beautiful girl's whisper… the void just shattered into nothing.

And that's… when Subaru stopped holding it in.

"It was rough."

Petra's heart was broken by how weak he sounded.

Tears fell down from his side turned eyes as he rested against Emilia's lap.

"It was so painful."

Rem looked down and gritted her teeth so hard they almost shattered.

Why did she do this to him?

"I was so scared."

Beatrice looked away from her contractor and tried to hold her tears in. "I swear, Betty well protect you."

"I was so sad."

Crusch and Anastasia watched with pitied gazes. They felt so bad for the boy…

"I almost want to hug him."

Crusch nodded at her statement.

"It hurt so much, I thought I'd die."

Otto and Garfiel watched with shock coursing through them.

To Garfiel, this was the true man that had saved him from the prison of his past.

To Otto, this was the boy that had saved him from unavoidable fates and horrors while taking everything on his shoulders as if he was some tragic hero.

Both understood a very important fact… He wasn't a hero. He was...

"uh-huh." Emilia nodded and smiled warmly at the boy crying in her lap.

"I tried so hard… " He sniffled "I tried so hard!"

Felt looked at the screen with anger roaming her entire soul. She should've been the one to take him in. She should've helped him somehow, but she was too busy being a slimy slum dwelling idiot that cared for herself.

She understood it now… that boy, her big bro, wasn't some tough guy that forced his way into any situation.

No, he was...

"I was so desperate… So desperate to make everything right!"

Roswaal's eyes widened as he watched something he wouldn't ever see again.

Subaru Natsuki, the boy that had burned his gospel and spat on his life's mission, the boy with an incredible nigh impossible will of steel.

He was...

"Its the truth. I've honestly never tried so hard at anything in my life!" Subaru yelled as he cried in her lap.

Priscilla watched the scene with disgust… she was absolutely grossed out by such a display of total shame.

How could someone with such a power be…


Emilia nodded. "Uh-huh, I know."

"Because I loved this place… Because it was so important to me… I was so desperate to get it back…"

Frederica didn't understand why so many people believed in him, trusted him, loved and cared for him.

But now that she saw him like this…

When he was so….

"I was scared… I was so scared!"

Ricardo and Wilhelm watched with solemn eyes. Whatever respect they had for the boy had now been justifiably amplified.

How could they not respect him more after this?

After he appeared so…

"I didn't want those eyes looking at me like that again… "

Reinhard's face aimed down as his heart hanged on to every single word.

He wouldn't ever doubt Subaru's heart again.

"And I hated myself so much for feeling that way!" Subaru screamed as Emilia gently patted his head.

Felix and Julius simply stared at the screen with shock.

The boy they had thought was a monster.

Was a witch cultist.

Was a fraud cheating the election from them.

He was a human.

A simple human boy. No power, talent, wealth, motive.

He was only a kid that had tasted death and could never speak about such horrid memories.

No relief and no one to help him.

Felix felt ashamed at his words now. His heart burned with the guilt and shame of his own spitefulness.

Julius felt so much more worse than that. He could never call Subaru a friend after this. He wasn't a friend.

"A true friend stands by his friend's side. I failed." Julius grimly looked down as he whispered those finale words.

The words that ended his friendship with Subaru the half-elf's knight.

A friendship ended by nothing more than his own incompetence.

Scene change…

It was now dark time and Emilia was still sitting on the floor of the room. She was smiling down at the sleeping boy.

"Subaru-kun…" Rem suddenly entered through the door and stopped with a surprised look on her face.

"Shhh." Emilia shushed the maid as she rubbed the boy's head resting on her lap.

"Is Subaru-kun just asleep?"


Rem stepped closer to look at the sleeping boy.

"He looks like a child, doesn't he?" Emilia smiled down at him.

"He looks so at peace." Petra cooed while feeling the same relief as he did, it was odd. As if just watching Subaru gain some relief was therapeutic for her and the rest of the cast as well.

Crusch nodded her head while watching with a small smile.

"It doesn't look like Subaru-kun can do any more work today." Rem said as she looked at him.

Emilia giggled softly. "Yes, he's done for today. What a bad boy, taking a day off on just his second day of work." Emilia softly pinched his cheek. "When he feels better, you can punish him."

"When I see him like this, I almost don't want to." Rem whispered softly as she stared at the unguarded boy.

"So you stopped your cruelty toward him just because you saw him asleep? What happened to the witch's scent?" Anastasia sternly and curiously asked the maid.

Rem had slowly calmed down and felt the relief that had swarmed the theater after Subaru's break down.

The maid allowed a small smile.

"How could a deranged lunatic from that cult ever look at peace when he sleeps?"

Anastasia turned away from Rem.

She had a small smile as well.

Emilia chuckled and nodded her head. "Yeah."

Rem continued to stare at the boy some more, her expression softening. She then turned around and began walking out.

"I'll go inform my sister that Subaru-kun will be useless for today."


The maid stopped and looked back.

"Subaru is a good boy." Emilia smiled in earnest.

Rem's eyes widened for a second before she sealed her expression and bowed down to her superior in the house hold.

As she walked out, Emilia continued to smile happily as she played with his hair.

"He really is a good boy." Frederica muttered as she wiped some tears from her eyes.

Almost everyone had their shocked widened eyes glued to the screen. Unbelieving at such a raw emotional impact being delivered by a mere lap pillow session.

Emilia nodded her head at the maid's words and played with her own Subaru's hair as she looked at him.

"You really are a good boy. You're the best."

Emilia understood why Subaru broke down like that.

"It's not because you were tired of work. You needed someone to vent out to." Emilia smiled wide and happy for the first time.

She actually felt elated that she helped.

Scene change…

Subaru is seen walking around an uninterested Beatrice as he held his blushing cheeks in embarrassment.

"Did I really just bawl all over the girl I love and fall asleep with tears and snot all over my face?! What kind of shame play is that?! I'm totally hopeless!" Subaru whined as he circled around the spirit girl.

"And then he comes to Betty to whine and moan about how helpless he is. Betty's Subaru is so selfish! Hmph!" As the spirit girl turned away from the screen,, huffing in jealous anger, many giggled and chuckled around her.

"Beako's job is sooooo hard." Emilia giggled and teased the spirit.

This was fun! She understood why so many people did this to her.

"I will show you Subaru." Emilia growled in pouting frustration as she realized how much fun he's been having teasing her like this.

She will take revenge!

"I hope you wake up soon." she whispered softly as she took his hand in hers and watched the window with a smile.

"You burst in here late at night, and that's what you say, I suppose?" Beatrice growled in annoyance.

"Don't say that, Beako! We're tight, aren't we?"

"What kind of relationship do you think we-" Beatrice jerked her head up suddenly and looked at Subaru with a surprised stare. "Wait, what did you just call me?!"

Subaru stopped walking in circles and smiled at the girl. "Oh, Beako? I think pet names are indispensable in showing affection. So I'm gonna call you Beako. That's the best proof of my affection that I can give."

Beatrice glared at the pleased looking Subaru.

"What sort of obtrusive display of goodwill is that? That's not just disgusting, it's revolting! Hmph!"

"Same reaction!" Al laughed out loud as the Twins and Petra began imitating Beatrice's huff.

"Mine is better, look! Hmph!" Mimi turned her head away from the laughing Ricardo.

"No no! Mine is better! Hmph!" Felt joined in making Reinhard blow out a chuckle at his lady's adorableness.

"Stop this foolishness at once, I suppose. Hmph!" Beatrice did the thing and everyone was laughing they're ass off even Roswaal had to lean on Ram as he held his stomach.

"Commoners and their simple monkey minds. Hmph!" Priscilla did the thing which stopped everyone's laughter immediately, even Roswaal was staring at her in complete surprise.

"What are you fools looking at?" The princess asked, unbothered by the stares.


"What is Aldebaran you useless knight?"

"H-How are you so good?"





Priscilla looked at the screen and ignored the retards around her.

She was a god! Of course they wouldn't be better than her. Hmph!

"Don't be so cold, Beako." Subaru's face turned serious as did Beatrice once she noticed it.

"Truth is…" Subaru bowed to the girl with a pleading look on his face. "I'm backed into a corner here. To be honest, I want your help with the curses I asked about."

"I told you that curses can't be undone once they're activated, I suppose."

"Yeah, you did. So can you detect curses before they're activated instead?"

"I am capable of discovering curses before they're activated." Beatrice explained.

Subaru's face brightened with a smile. He knelt down infront of the girl and asked in excitement.

"How are curses placed?"

"There is one rule of casting curses that cannot be broken, I suppose."

"A rule that can't be broken?"

"Physical contact with the target of the curse. That is the prerequisite." Beatrice answered.

Subaru began thinking. "The only people I've touched other than the ones in this mansion are the villagers at the base of the mountain. I was cursed in the village, it activated in the mansion that night, and then I died?"

"That would explain why the shaman got Rem last time. I didn't go to the village, so she ended up being the target."

"It fits… It all fits now! I've finally found a lead!" Subaru banged a bookshelf and looked relieved. "Damn it!" he smiled excitedly.

"So that's how he came to the conclusion?" Otto asked in excitement as he watched his brother at work.

"Now he can deal with the shaman and work on Rem's trust." Ricardo mused out loud.

"It was all thanks to Beatrice-sama's knowledge. Barusu would never be able to do this on his own." Ram huffed and looked away.

"Not as good."

"No not good at all."

Al and Ricardo nodded at each other as they both agreed that Ram can't do the thing.

The Hmph! Wasn't in the Oni blood.

"Pathetic." Ram snorted at the two.

"Is that any attitude to take toward someone you asked for help, I suppose?" Beatrice sounded from her corner, annoyed at the boy's lack of consideration.

"If it was helpful to you, I think there's something you should say."

Subaru looked dumbfounded until he got what she was implying.

"Yeah, that's right!" Subaru suddenly picked up Beatrice, making the little girl shriek in embarrassment.

"You saved me! Thanks to you, I can see the light!" Subaru began spinning around with Beako. "I love you!"

"Put me down, I suppose!" Beatrice ordered and sent the boy flying with a magic spell.

"Dorowazu!" Subaru fell on his face.

Julius and Reinhard had to let out the laughter bubbling in them since the beginning of the scene.

How can this cute girl be a great spirit? She was too cute!

Scene change…

"And so a lot has happened, but today is a fresh start! I'm a new me!" Subaru did his pose as he stood at the mansion's entrance with a wide fresh smile on his face.

"The lap pillow, right?" Rem asked from behind the boy.

"It was the lap pillow." Ram confirmed.

"It was definitely the lap pillow~" Emilia smiled wide even when the other candidates giggled at her Subaru.

She was able to help him!

"Eh?" Subaru blushed at the twins' remarks. "Wait, you guys knew?!" Subaru looked at the twins as his face turned beet red in embarrassment.

"Good morning Subaru!"

"Emilia-tan?" Subaru quickly turned around, surprised that the beautiful half-elf stood so close beside him.

Emilia slowly stepped back and looked down as she smiled warmly. "Um, this is kind of embarrassing… "

She smiled and turned around with a red hue on her cheeks. "Are you feeling okay?" she asked kindly.

"I wasn't so sure until I heard your voice just now, but… " Subaru took a deep breath and smiled… a true smile this time. "I'm okay now."

He turned to Emilia and steeled his face to face her without blushing.

"So, um, I… I'm sorr-" the boy stopped and smiled brightly. "I mean, thanks for everything."

Emilia smirked proudly. "You're welcome."

The two remained smiling at each other with rosy cheeks.

Scene change to Rem and Ram entering the kitchen with a blushing Subaru behind them.

"Well, shall we get started on this morning's work, Subaru-kun?" Rem asked while walking towards a counter.

"We need to begin our morning duties." Ram said as she followed her sister.

Subaru slapped his cheeks and quickly focused his mind on the task. "Before that, I have a favor to ask… "

"A lap pillow right?"

"It's a lap pillow."

"I'm not that unscrupulous!" The boy defended his honor from the mischievous maids.

"It's so fun seeing him get teased!" Otto and Garfiel laughed while Beatrice and Emilia giggled.

Rem had to let out a few chuckles as well. She was slowly healing her heart.

"Actually, I want to go to the village. It's not far away, right? Do we have any plans to shop for anything?"

"If I recall, we are low on seasonings, so I was thinking of going to the village tomorrow." Rem told the two.

"Then why don't we go today instead? If we're running low, it never hurts to restock sooner!" Subaru asked excitedly.

Rem looked a little apprehensive. Ram noticed this and smiled at her sister. "I don't see a problem with that."

"Sister… " Rem looked at her twin in confusion.

"You do need to go shopping, and we have no urgent duties. And you have Barusu to carry your packages."

"If you say so, sister." Rem bowed to her sister, making the boy jump in place.

"All right!"

"But I'm going with you. You'll have a pretty flower on each arm, Barusu."

"Huh?" Subaru looked uncertain at the twins. "Uh, I just hope those flowers aren't poisonous… " he muttered as he stared at the two girls.

Title card:

I Cried, Cried My Lungs Out, and Stopped Crying

"That's a clever plan he made on a whim." Felix honestly felt compelled to compliment him.

Julius and Crusch nodded their heads as they also thought it was best to take this route.

Scene change…

"And now for the final exercise! Swing your arms out wide, then cross them in front of you as you take slow, deep breaths. In… and out…"

Rem and Ram stood at the side of the town's center, watching as the black haired boy did his warm-ups and taught them to the people of the village. He somehow coerced all the villager's kids and even most of the adults themselves into doing his radio cathilisics with him.

"Whoa, he convinced all of these people to go along with his games from the get go?" Ricardo asked as he was honestly impressed.

"hmmhm, Subaru-sama was always popular in the village! Everyone loves him!" Petra announced proudly.

"Even you?" Al had to tease the maid and he also had to laugh at how red she turned.

"I came to check on you since break time's almost over." Ram said to her sister as they both watched Subaru teaching the village how to do warm ups.

"Things are quite lively." Rem told her sister as she kept her eyes on the boy.

"Alright… one more time! Victory!" Subaru stretched his arms wide, making the villagers follow his lead and shout while doing the same pose.


"Why don't Cap'n do that when he's with us?" Garfiel asked as he looked at the people on the screen with jealousy

"Jealous little brother?" Frederica cooed making Garfiel flip her the bird.

The since of excitement and happiness was flowing through the air as Subaru's warm up routine filled the villagers with energy. Every one was laughing and congratulating one another with wide smiles of endearment and happiness present. From the old to the young, to every woman and man. Happiness was flowing through everyone's hearts because of Subaru's warm up routine.

"All right!" Subaru laughed while high-fiveing a man.

An old looking lady slowly trotted behind Subaru and… smacked his butt.



"Hands off the merchandise!"

Everyone was laughing at the look on Subaru's face and they completely fell out of their seats at Emilia's yell.

Subaru looked at the lady in flabbergast at the sexual assault against his bum bum that she had just committed.

"I feel so much younger." The lady said as she walked away from the traumatized boy.

Subaru's attention was on an older man that tapped his shoulder. The old man nodded at the boy with a happy smile and walked away.

Subaru smiled back and thought inside his head.

Okay, everyone has touched me now.


Subaru's thought was interrupted as he looked at the twins that were standing beside him.

"What sort of game is this?" Ram asked.

"Radio calisthenics. I think the fact that everyone, young and old, can enjoy it is the secret to its many long years of success!" Subaru smiled while holding a finger up… trying to hide his trauma from the sexual assault he was subjugated to moments before.

"Who cares?" Ram asked, bored.

"Ram-chi, that was cold."

"Ram-chi, you're scary."

"Ram-chi, that was mean."

"Ram-chi, that wasn't nice."

"Ram-chi, you're nasty."

"Ram-chi, you're-"

"One more and I will make you all eat soap to clean the filth out of you."

Petra and the twins quickly looked away with their mouths shut. They wished their comrades on the screen luck. Ram-chi was indeed, scary.

Ram looked at the three kids that were smiling at her innocently.

"Did you teach these children to call me that?" Ram slowly looked at the boy before her.

"Well, it was more like… I wanted to spread some friendliness around?" Subaru looked smug.

Ram just sighed. "I don't mind, but what about Rem?" She asked knowing that this troll had something prepared for everyone…




Rem looked at the three kids with a horrified look, her honor debased.

Ram shrugged. "And? Did you enjoy the village trip you wanted so much?"

"Nothing to worry about there. When Muraosa patted my shoulder at the end, my trip was complete." Subaru slowly looked back and saw… (sigh) the blue haired girl with green emerald eyes pulling on his coat.

"That's the assassin?" Julius asked in disbelief.

"I don't see how she could be… does she have a divine blessing of some kind?" Crusch asked.

"Yes, she's the mabeast user that attacked the mansion." Otto sighed as he remembered the last time he saw the girl in the new estate prison.

Subaru lowered himself to face her. "What's up? If you wanna say something, out with it."

"U-Um… " the girl looked up and pointed at the edge of the village. "There."

Subaru looked at the twins, questioning.

Ram looked exasperated. "Have your way a bit longer."

"If you say so sister." Rem nodded at him.

Subaru got up and smiled wide. "All right! I owe you both, Senpai!"

Subaru and the grouped up kids all waited for the blue haired girl as she stood at the fence of the outlines.

A small familiar black pup was running towards her, she quickly picked it up and showed it to Subaru and the kids.

"How did you both not think it suspicious that a dog was conveniently running in and out of the barrier at this girl's will, infact?" Beatrice asked the maids.

"We don't go to the village unless supplies were needed. Barusu is the reason why we got so intimate with the Irlam villager community."

Rem nodded at her sister's words.

"That's right, there was an event like this, too." Subaru said to himself.

He moved his hand to touch the little puppy but it growled at him.

"And this still happens?" Subaru looked sad at this.

"She's usually so tame." Petra said

"She only gets mad at Subaru." another kid told.

"What'd you do to her, Subaru?" some kid asked.

"That's what I'd like to know. If it happened three times I guess we're just incompatible… Oh, now's my chance!" Subaru quickly noticed the growling pup close its eyes and sleep in the girl's grasp.

"If you'll excuse me…" Subaru began rubbing the pups little paw and the underside of it's jaw while smiling in content. "Hehe. There's the sensation I've longed to feel! Nice! For a stray, this is great! Hey, you've got a bald spot on the top of your head." Subaru noticed and began touching the spot. "Is it a scar? What did you walk int-"

The pup growled and instantly bit the boy.

"Yow!" Subaru pulled back and looked at his hand. "You even bit me in nearly the same spot… are you a time traveler?"

"What a moron." Priscilla snorted and shook her head at the brain dead boy.

"You got carried away!"

"It's what you get for touching her so much."

"She is a girl, after all." Petra said with the two village kids.

"I don't think that's quite the problem here. Also, no one is worried about me? I'm gonna cry!"

The kids laughed at the despaired Subaru.

Scene change…

Subaru slowly lowered a huge barrel to the ground, looking tired out.

"I made it… I made it! Well done, me! Good job! Seriously good job!"

"Yes, yes, well done."

"Yes, yes, good work."

"Ah, I see the three of you are togeeeether. That will saaaave me some time."

The twins bowed to their lord as he walked out of the mansion wearing a black outfit.

"Roswaal-sama." the twins uttered bowing.

"Formal clothes?" Subaru asked.

"Well spotted. I'm seeing sooomeone who's a haaaaassle to deal with in normal attire, so I had no choice but to wear dress cloooothes."

Rem looked up at her employer in alarm.

"A visitor?"

"You're going out?"

"Ram is cooorrect. I'm going out." Roswaal pointed at the pink haired maid. "I received a message that was a tad troublesome… " He quickly placed his hat on and smiled at the three servants. "So I'm off to make the rounds outside."

Roswaal set his sights on the butler of the three. Surprising Subaru.

"I don't expect to be hoooome tonight, so Ram and Rem, take caaaare of things."

"Yes, sir. As you command."

"Yes, sir. Even if it costs our lives."

As the magician began walking, Subaru stared at him surprised.

Roswaal didn't leave the mansion before…

"Why?" Julius kept his question short and simple as he stared the clown down.

Many looked at Roswaal with suspicious gazes.

"Do you know something we don't?" Felt asked as she glared at the weird smiling man.

Roswaal noticed the tension, the aggression, the hostility, the impending question storm.

And he did one thing.

He bravely and slowly raised his arms up in the air as everyone prepared to jump him.

And he did something so shocking and unbelievable to many who were staring him down.

Roswaal of the Mathers family line… shrugged his shoulders and said. "Pfft! I don't know!"

The boy was again surprised as Roswaal stopped to put a hand on Subaru's shoulder. As the butler looked up, he was faced with Roswaal's face mysteriously smiling down at him.

"I'm counting on you, too, Subaru-kun.Take good care of Emilia-sama." He said without an accent.

Subaru looked up at his employer. "Sure. You can definitely count on me for that!"

Roswaal stopped and sighed.

"Then look after things while I'm away." With that, the lord of L. Mathers estate began hovering to the clouds, stopping for a second and then rocketing at an insane speed over the terrain until he was no longer visible.

"He can fly?! Magic is incredible… " Subaru uttered as he searched the sky.

The boy shook his head and looked back towards the mansion, focused.

The difference in circumstances must have been triggered by my visit to the village.

That means my strategy of acting as a decoy is working as planned.

"You're still very suspect!" Ricardo said as he and the rest of the knights backed down.

Roswaal just sighed… will he be safe from them when they get to the sanctuary stuff?

(No. I have very special shit prepared for you.)

Subaru smirked.

Scene change…

"And that's why I'm here for my long-awaited Beako time!" Subaru said while smiling at the increasingly annoyed Beatrice as he stood at the door to her library.

"Your face looks quite different than it did half a day ago. You've been busy, I suppose." Beatrice narrowed her butterfly shaped eyes.

"I'd love to take it easy for a change, you know…but there's something I want you to check for me."

Subaru closed his eyes in concentration and looked at Beatrice donning a serious expression.

"I think I've been cursed. Could you find out for sure?"

Beatrice looked at the boy miffed out of her mind at his antics and jokes.

"What are you talking about?"

"I think I've been curse. Could you find out for sure?" Subaru repeated.

"No one asked you to repeat yourself, I suppose!" Beatrice angrily stepped off her stool and glared up at the butler. "It's been half a day since I told you about shamans. You're fat too impressionabl-"

Beatrice stopped in place with a look of disbelief. "Traces of a curse…" she whispered in bewilderment.

"You really have been cursed, I suppose?!" Beatrice looked up at Subaru surprised.

"So the shaman was one of the villagers, after all. Can you tell what kind of curse it is?"

"I can't say just from looking at the curse. But as I told you, once it's activated, chances are you'll die, I suppose."


Beatrice narrowed her eyes as Subaru showed no hint of a reaction at her words.

"You don't seem to be afraid of dying at all."

"That's kind of hard to deny now…"


Julius and Reinhard grimaced.

Beatrice simply looked at Subaru with pity.

Subaru had degenerate look on his face as if what he heard was the dumbest thing that could be said in the world.

"Huh? Are you nuts? I'm insanely scared of dying! There's nothing in the world that scares me more than dying! I wish people who say "I'd rather die" would actually die before they say it!"

Subaru covered his face to hide his eyes. His tearfilled eyes.

"That's why, this time, I'll find a way out…"

He removed his hand and glared at nothing, determined.

"...Of this fate."

The butler smiled down at the spirit girl. "Okay, so get rid of this curse for me, would you? I don't have much time."

Beatrice humphed and looked away from him. "Why should I have to save your life, I suppose?"

"I expected an unlovable response like that, so I came prepared to convince you. If I die, Puck is bound to be sad."

"Huh?" Beatrice thought of a little cat crying his eyes out.

"Bubby wouldn't be all that disturbed if you died." Beatrice said in a bored tone.

Subaru had a crazed grin as he began explaining.

"Oh, no. If I were to die, Emilia would be at least a little shocked. When Emilia feels shock, Puck takes damage, too. And if you could have stopped it, but didn't, what would he think of you?"

"Man! Cap'n's seriously someth'n scary bro!"

"He does seem to know how to push peoples right buttons to suit his advantage." Anastasia honestly felt a bit proud that this boy finally showed some wit and wordplay.

Beatrice stomped her foot in frustration. "I'll go along with your smooth talk this time, I suppose!" Beatrice growled out and looked away from the cunning bastard. "But after this, I'll have nothing more to do with you again."

"Sure!But I'll always come to ask for your help when I'm in trouble!" Subaru smiled brightly.

Beatrice simply ignored that part and activated a spell that made her hand glow.

"I'll destroy the spell used in the curse now, I suppose. The spell is burned into you on the spot that shaman touched, so that's our reference."

"I prepared for this. Don't worry."

The young men's leader with the crew cut… The old lady who felt so much younger that she brutally sexually assaulted my butt… and Muraosa, the fake village head. I made sure all the suspects touched different parts of me.

"That's some really good execution." Reinhard nodded his head with a proud smile.

"He managed to make the entire village touch him just to find out who the killer was, using himself as bait." Julius was surprised by how tacky the plan was.

Subaru's eyes widened as the spot that was cursed started emitting black smoke.

He slowly looked down at his hand as the mist was rising from it.

It was the hand that had a bite mark on it.

"A black mist?"

"How abhorrent, I suppose." Beatrice whined in annoyance and clenched the black mist in her hand, making it disappear. "All done. You'll be fine now, I suppose." Beatrice waved her hand in disgust.

Subaru started shaking in place as he held his hand. "So the place that the black mist came from is where the shaman touched me, right?"

Beatrice nodded.

Subaru had a manic look of fear and dismay as he reached the conclusion.

"Could that puppy actually be… I have to get to the village. They just keep messing with me!" Subaru yelled and ran out the door.

Scene change…

"The village? What for?" Ram asked as she stood with her sister infront of Subaru.

"Beatrice said the one who gave me this wound is responsible for cursing me." Subaru held his hand infront of him. "It was the dog that the kids were playing with!"

Rem and Ram widened their eyes in shock.

"That dog-looking thing cursed everyone it bit! If I don't do something, they'll be in danger. If you don't trust me, you can come along. But we can't leave Emilia alone here. Only one of you can come!"

"You're making up your own rules… and if we are to obey Roswaal-sama's orders, there's no reason for either of us to go with you." Rem sternly reminded.

"No there's not. But was that the only order Roswaal gave me?" He retorted while looking at both of them with conviction.

"Very well, Barusu.I'll allow you to act on your judgment."

"Sister…" Rem looked at Ram, startled.

"Rem will accompany you." Ram declared while looking at Subaru.

"Just what I wanted to hear!" Subaru held his fist in excitement.

"He wants to go with the girl that killed him?" Mimi asked, oblivious at how hurt Rem was hearing such a sentence.

"Good grief." Ricardo sighed.

"Rem, that's my decision, so please go. I'll confirm with Beatrice-sama and protect Emilia-sama. I'll keep an eye on that, too."

"Sister, you shouldn't… " Rem tried to argue with her sister.

"Subaru, are you going somewhere?"

Everyone looked back to see Emilia running down the stairs while holding her night gown.

"I heard loud voices, so I came down to see what was going on… what happened?"

"Something might be happening. But you don't need to worry."

"You look like you're going to do something dangerous again!" Emilia ran towards the smiling Subaru with a worried look on her face.

"We were just wrapping up a dispute on that particular topic."

"I can't stop you, can I?" Emilia smiled tiredly.

"I guess not, no." Subaru rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"In fact, if you do, it'd be a hindrance in several ways… " Subaru looked apologetic.

"Fine, fine, I get it." Emilia sighed and smirked at him. "I won't stop you. It's probably no use telling you not to be rash or reckless, too, right?"

"Depending on what happens… I mean, it's not like I want to do any of that." Subaru smiled at her.

Emilia quickly extended her hand and touched Subaru's chest while looking down and whispering.

"May the blessing of the spirits be with you."

"Huh? Say what?" Subaru asked in bewilderment.

The half-elf princess smiled up at the boy. "It's a prayer to send you off. It means come back safely."

Subaru nodded. "Got it, Emilia-tan."

"Why didn't I go with him?" Emilia sighed in regret.

"You're not the only one who regrets it I suppose." Emilia smiled at the frustrated looking Beako. At least she wasn't alone.

Rem looked at them with a bit of hurt showing in her eyes. Did they mistrust her too?

Scene change…

"Okay, I'm off."

"Take care."

Emilia remained standing at the front of the mansion, looking at the boy as he ran with Rem towards the village.

Scene change to Subaru and Rem running inside of the village. The two looked around as the villagers were running around frantically with torches to see in the darkness of the night.

"Has something happened?" Rem asked a boy that was running around.

"Y-Yeah… several of the village children have gone missing. All the adults are looking for them." The young man explained.

"Was I too late?" Subaru scowled as he thought back to the last place he saw the kids.

The fence at the edge of the village.



Rem and the young man ran after Subaru as he sped towards the fence.

Rem looked around and noticed a green stone that wasn't glowing on a tree.

"The barrier is broken." she pointed at the deactivated stone.

"What happens when the barrier's broken?"

"Mabeasts can cross the boundary."

"Mabeasts?" Subaru looked to Rem for an explanation.

"Mabeasts are creatures of the witch's creation. They're enemies of humanity that have magic powers." The scene showed the dense forest. "They live gregariously in the forest."

"Gregariously? You mean tons more dogs like that one are out there?"

Subaru looked down and noticed multiple footsteps implanted on the mud, leading into the forest.

"The kids are in there." Subaru turned to the young man. "Tell everyone!"

"Right!" the boy ran to spread the words.

Subaru turned towards the fence and stepped closer to it.

"Subaru-kun, what are you doing?"

Subaru leaned on the fence and looked into the darkness of the forest.

"I have to go save those kids!"

"Of course he would do that!"

"Cap'n is the best!"

"He's an idiot!"

Petra smiled as she heard Otto, Garf and that nasty cat boy shout support for her hero. This was the moment she fell for him.

"Wait! You can't make that decision on your own. With Roswaal-sama away from home, can you be sure that this isn't a ruse to divert attention from the mansion?" Rem asked in suspicion.

"What do we do, then? Ignore the kids who are in trouble right now, go back to the mansion, and tighten security? If you won't care when all the villagers are dead tomorrow, I guess that's an option." Subaru calmly retorted.

Rem tried to argue but her throat tightened.

"Rem, let's go. We're the only ones who can do something about this."

"Why go so far? Why should this village matter to you?" Rem asked Subaru still not trusting him.

"You know, Petra… she wants to make clothes in the capital when she grows up."


"Lucas wants to succeed the village's best woodcutter."

"Mildo wants to make a crown from flowers in the fields, and give it to his mother."

"Meina is going to have a baby sister soon."

"And the brothers, Dyne and Cain, are always fighting over who'll marry Petra."

Subaru shook his head and looked down with a smile.

"They do matter to me. I know their names, their faces, and what they want to do in the future. And I promised them we'd do radio calisthenics again tomorrow."

Rem looked down and found his hand shaking with fear.

"So cool." Otto uttered as he too thought the same when he saw how shaken he was. But he never gave up.

Julius smiled at the kid he saw on the screen. It's like another version of himself.

"Even though he's scared he still wants to help the kids?" Felix felt the amounts of hatred for Subaru slowly diminish.

"That's who this boy is." Crusch affirmed as she rubbed her knight's head.

"I keep my promises and I make sure others keep there's too."

Emilia looked away from the screen with a small scowl.

"I'm going to do radio calisthenics with those kids again. So I'm going in there." Subaru gulped and looked into the forest.

Rem smiled for the first time in his presence. (in this loop)

"Very well. My orders were to keep an eye on you."

"Yeah, that's right. Make sure I don't do anything shady!"

"I will." Rem looked into the forest while standing beside him.

Subaru smiled and looked into the forest beside her.

*Sound of chains *

Subaru looked at the maid beside him and found her carrying the same mace as the one she used to kill him.

"Um, Rem-san, is that…"

"It's for protection."

"But that's… "

"It's for protection."

Rem simply replied and jumped over the fence.

Subaru followed.

Scene change…

"We're close. I smell something alive."

Subaru stopped walking through some bushes and looked at the blue haired maid as she sniffed the air.

"The kids?"

"I'm not sure, but it doesn't smell like animals." Rem started running through the bushes and trees.

Subaru followed her into a wide clearing that had no trees and something in the middle could be seen in the middle.

"The kids!" Subaru quickly ran towards them and reached to see if they were breathing or not.

"They're alive!"

"No, they're still breathing now, but they are very weak. If left alone… "

"Weak… The curse?" Subaru's eyes widened and looked at the kids.

Each one of them had a bite mark somewhere and they were all struggling and sweating.

"And we finally found them… Rem, can't you undo it?"

"I lack the skill for this. If only my sister were here to see them…but I will cast a healing spell to comfort them. When they're calm, we'll carry them back."

"Okay, I'll… Damn, I'm so useless." Subaru growled and looked around. "I'll keep watch-"


The boy looked down to see who called his name.

"You're awake Petra? All right, good. You're a tough girl. Don't overdo it, though. I'll take you home where you can say goodbye to the pain. Just rest for-"

"One is… still… in the… " Petra fell unconscious.

"Hey, what'd you say? Petra!" Subaru looked at all the kids that were present.

He remembered. The blue haired, emerald eyed girl.

"Damn it, she's right. I don't see the little girl with the braid!" Subaru suddenly stood up.

"Nasty little shit!" Garfiel growled as he understood the girl's plan.

"She made that plan to lure Subaru?" Reinhard asked in anger at how cunning and dirty that small child was.

"No, I think she just wanted the rest of the villagers to come instead." Crusch noted.

"How so?" Anastasia asked while keeping her eyes at the screen.

"How do you think the children left footsteps when they were unconscious from the curse this whole time?"

Anastasia clapped her hands in surprise. "That's really clever!"

"Crusch-sama is the smartest nyan!" Felix happily bragged.

"P-Please, wait! It's too dangerous. And if the mabeasts took her, it's already… "

"I get what you're saying! I do! But Rem… Petra says another girl was taken away. She showed concern for her friend before asking for my help. She put her friend before herself!" Subaru looked at the maid.

"I wish I could take it back." Petra muttered as she watched with her heart clenched.

She stared at him with a surprised expression.

"I want to respect Petra's feelings. If you take something on, you should make the effort to take it all on." Subaru slowly walked towards the forest.

"If you get too greedy, you might take on more than you can carry back." Rem mused as she healed the kids.

"That's why you're with me, isn't it?" Subaru smiled back.

"What's that got to do with me?"

"Those kids need you now. When the villagers show up, leave the kids with them and follow me." He smiled and began walking…

he stopped when Rem held his hand.

"We don't know the threat our opponent presents, or when the villagers will arrive. And at worst there is a chance I won't be able to find you."

"It'll be fine. You won't lose me."

"What makes you so sure?"

"Even if no one else does, you can pick up my scent. The foul odor that hangs on me… The witch's scent. Right?"

Subaru smiled at Rem.

"Subaru-kun, how much do you know about… "

"No idea… There's a ton I don't understand. So much that no matter how many times I start over, I can't find the answer."

Subaru moved his hand away from the confused maid's and placed his pinky finger around hers.

"Just like there are things you want to ask me, there are tons of things I want to ask you. So when this is all taken care of, let's talk. Until our voices are hoarse! Promise?" Subaru smiled and shook her hand with his wrapped pinky.

Rem looked up at him, dumbfounded.

"I trust you, Rem.So I want to act in a way that makes you trust me. I'll make that promise right now!"

"Very well. Then that promise is made.I'll ask you many questions, so be ready."


Subaru got up and smiled at Rem as she continued to heal the kids.

"Once the villagers come for the kids, I'll come join you."

"Don't do anything reckless."

"Don't worry! I'm demonically inspired today!"

Rem looked up at the boy with an expression of interest.


"It's the demon version of divine inspiration. It's my favorite phrase lately!" Subaru smiled and shot off into a sprint.

"Please be careful."

"GODDAMN!" Al shouted.

"Not baaaad!" Ricardo howled with an impressed grin.

"Cap'n is a ladies man!" Garfiel clutched his chest as he watched Subaru with wide open eyes. He was astounded at his Cap'n's abilities to smooth talk a woman.

"How is he so smooth?!" Otto shouted in frustration.

"Is that how he earned your trust and love?" Crusch asked the girl with a smile.

Surprisingly, Rem shook her head as she watched the scene with a breathtaking smile.

"It comes later." She hoarsely whispered as she continued watching with a look of pure adoration in her eyes.

Scene change…

The boy was walking through some bushes on his own.

"If the one that cursed those kids really was that dog from today, there's no way I can lose, right?" Subaru asked himself, trying to convince himself to push on.

The boy smelled something in the air and glared forward. "I smell animals."

Subaru looked through some bushes and found the girls legs as the rest of her body was hidden behind a tree trunk.

"Is it a trap?" Subaru stared at the girl's body.

Emilia wouldn't hesitate!

"He's really fond of you, I suppose." Beatrice jealously muttered to the worried elf girl.

Emilia was a little happy that he was thinking about her in such a dangerous situation.

"How selfish can I be?" She asked herself as she clenched his hand.

Subaru moved out of the bushes and knelt beside the girl, relieved as he saw her breathing.

"Thank goodness… "

"So she's acting here?" Felt growled as many in the camp nodded.

The other camps looked at the girl on the screen with detested glares.


Subaru quickly looked back as he heard growling noises all around him in the dark forest.

Out of the bushes, came a fierce looking dog like Mabeast with red shining eyes glaring towards Subaru as the dog growled hatefully.

"This is not what we discussed! Why is it so huge? And was it waiting for me to come for her?"

Subaru looked around frantically but kept his stare on the dog.

"Nowhere to run… "

The beast got ready in a stance to bounce on Subaru.

The butler of the Mathers estate quickly stood up and removed his coat.

"Damn it! If you wanna fight, bring it on!"

The boy wrapped the jacket around his arm and glared at the dog, keeping the little girl behind him.

Subaru was shocked however… as the dog's form, the great mabeast's body, disappeared into the shadows of the forest.

Subaru looked all around him as the hidden beast growled and taunted from the darkness.

He could attack from any angel.

Subaru looked around for where it will attack him.


Subaru quickly turned around and placed his jacked covered arm into the beast's mouth.

"That… doesn't hurt!"

Subaru glared at the dog as it bit on his protected arm.

"You just bit me, didn't you, you moron?!"

Subaru quickly lifted his arm up, forcing the dog to fly through the air as it was still biting on it, and then quickly pushed the dog and implanting it on the tree trunk behind him, forcing a trunk of wood to impale the dog through the heart.

Subaru breathed heavily as he watched the dog's limping leg stop as it died.

Subaru sighed, tired. "I won… "

"Oh shit!"

"He actually did it!"

Garf and Otto cheered him on as they saw how cool a powerless cornered Subaru was. Emilia was at awe at how cool her knight looked.

Julius and Reinhard shook their heads and watched with worried glints.

They knew what a mabeast breeding ground meant.

More than one.


Subaru's eyes widened as he turned around slowly.

"You've gotta be kidding me…"

The entire dark forest… was filled with red shining eyes. Staring at him.

He stepped back from fear.

He looked at the sleeping girl.

Subaru glared at the horde of mabeasts.

"If you wanna fight, bring it on!" he declared as he put himself between the monsters and the girl.

"I'm going to punish Meili once we get out of here." Emilia growled in anger.

Frederica and Petra nodded their heads furious.

Five angry dogs charged towards Subaru, one dog jumped and almost bit the boy's face off…



Subaru looked beside him. At the person that just shot the dog's head off.

"The children have been safely returned to the village. Thank you for buying time."

Rem stood there with her mace in hand.

Subaru's face contorted in worry. "Rem watch ou-"

Before he could warn her, Rem quickly swung her mace behind her… killing the two oncoming beasts attacking her from behind.

Subaru looked at the headless carcass of the dog beside him and then up at the girl before him.

"Y-You're strong!"

"I'm not sure if that's a nice thing to say to a girl, Subaru-kun." Rem quickly shot her mace towards a dog, blowing it's body into shreds.

Subaru quickly stood up with the girl in his arms. "I have no other words to describe you! You're seriously incredible!"

As he stood beside her, the hordes of mabeasts surrounded them.

"So, Rem, would you be able to take them all out in one shot, by chance?"

"We are out numbered. With this many our situation is dire."

"Yeah, I guess it would be. In that case… There!" Subaru pointed at a horde closer to the forests opening.

Rem quickly rammed her mace into the ground, forcing dust and mud to fill the air.

Subaru quickly ran through the blinded dogs with the girl in his hands.

Rem killed all the dogs that Subaru left behind.

She then shot off into another direction as the dogs began trailing her.

"Rem I don't know the way!" Subaru called out into the forest.

"Straight ahead! Once we cross the barrier the battle will end.Run toward the village bonfire!"

"Got it!"

Subaru and Rem ran in a straight line and stopped once the fire lights were visible.

"I see the light! We're almost to the barrier!"

Subaru gasped in shock as he took the maid's form in.

Rem was… bleeding all over.

"Rem!" Petra yelled horrified at the morbid look of the maid.

"She's tough!" Al mused loudly.

Before he could say anything, the mabeast's leader quickly forced an earth attack where chunks of mud and rocks started flying at the butler, maid, and girl.

Rem quickly pushed Subaru out of the way.

And her body was hit by the earth attack.

And her body was sent flying.

Subaru stared at Rem's body as it fell with a shocked expression. With a horrified look.

Emilia and Ram had their hands on their mouths as they watched the brutality of the scene.

He instantly looked back where the attack was sent from.

Hordes of dogs where standing all around him. And in the middle…

Was that same small pup.

"Damn it…"

Subaru looked at the dogs and then to Rem's body in despair as he tried to think of a way out.

Everyone was at the edge of their seats as they watched what might happen next.

"This is supposed to be the one!" Beatrice growled in frustration.

And suddenly…

He looked back and was utterly amazed as Rem's body began standing up…

Rem had turned…

Into a gay zombi-

(I'm so sorry. I had to keep this in. It's funny to me.)

* Take two*

Rem's bleeding body was slowly standing up as a glowing horn shot out of her forehead.

Subaru stared… as Rem's crazed laugh filled the forest and muffled the beasts' growls, her eyes filled with crazed glints of madness as her lips emitted laughter that was on par with the joker.

Her horn, the one that suddenly materialized on her forehead, was glowing brightly a shade of pink and white.

"Oni magic?" Reinhard whispered in surprise as he watched with great interest.

"I thought they were wiped out…" Anastasia commented as she thought about what she knew about the extinct clan.

Petra and the twins just stared at Rem on the screen and at the Rem beside them.

"One is scary and the other is cute." Tivey yelled loudly, confused as the other two children nodded.

Rem looked at the screen with a grimace as she was seeing how scared Subaru was of her.

Subaru's eyes shook with terror at the grazing image before him.

Rem slowly trotted and stood infront of the monster horde.

A smirk on her face, she instantly shot her mace toward them, blowing each of their heads off.

"Mabeast! Mabeast! Mabeast! Mabeast! Mabeast! Witch!"

Rem was killing five of the dogs with each and every single word.

She was slaughtering them.

"Mabeast! Mabeast! Mabeast! Mabeast!Mabeast!"

"Disgusting!" Priscilla scowled at the scene.

"This is very unsettling." Wilhelm spoke in a battle hardned tone as he remembered some soldiers that fought like that, manic and insane.

"Such is the poooooower of an Oni's hoooorn." Roswaal said as he watched with emotionless eyes.

"Is that why you integrated them into your household?" Anastasia asked.

Roswaal simply nodded his head and looked at the screen with a thin lip and a darkened eye.

Subaru stared as Rem massacred the horde of monsters and cut each and every dog in half. The masses and piles of blood and humid monster flesh all around her as red droplets sputtered and covered her form. Laughing manically all the time while smiling her insane crazed out smile with wide eyes.

"She's a demon… " He uttered.

"That's not nice…" Otto slowly looked at Rem and found her deeply hurt by his comment.

He felt pity for her.

Rem had finished off most of the horde and looked at the last remaining three dogs.

Two big dogs… and the small pup.

The pup growled at the maid as she smirked at him.

Subaru's eyes widened as he noticed an oncoming second horde of dogs jumping from the sky at the unfocused Rem.

Quickly dropping the girl to the side, Subaru ran to the grinning Rem and pushed her out of the way.

As she fell… Rem's horn disappeared and her crazy smile morphed into a shocked expression as she returned into her old self.

She watched as Subaru took the attack that was meant for her. The dogs that were about to bite her surrounded the boy and bit him all over his body, fighting for chunks of his meat.

As his screams filled the air, Rem instantly got a hold of her mace and attacked the mabeasts that were eating him.


"This is supposed to be the one!" Emilia repeated Beatrice's words in anger and fear for her knight.

Rem quickly knelt beside his unconscious form.

"Don't die… Don't die! Don't die!" Rem begged as she held his head in her arms.

Subaru's eyes rolled into the back of his head.


"Don't die!"

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The Meaning of Courage

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