Introduction: the Call to Arms

Tails is walking, alone, down a street in Sunset Heights, rebuilt after Eggman's last invasion. He pauses for a moment, before recalling an argument he got into with Sonic that morning. He was concerned that Sonic was trying to push him away from being able to help as much as he used to, which was mostly waved off with the usual smirk you can find on that hedgehog's face. He's starting to get sick and tired of getting rebuffed all the time. His train of thought is interrupted by a news report on a TV in a shop window.

News Reporter: "In other news, a resurgent Kukku armada has surfaced and made track towards Cocoa Island once again. The Mobian Armed Forces are calling for new recruits to assist in the conflict, recruitment stations are being set up in all urban areas. More on this as it develops. And now, the weather."

Tails - "The Kukku are back and after Cocoa Island again? It's been a while since I've been there, but if they think they can have it, they've got another thing coming."

Tails puts one fist in the other and starts looking for a recruitment station in the area. It isn't long before he finds one, and the tired looking cat inside quickly got him signed up for the expedition.

Recruiter - "The task force is being led from the carrier M.C.B. Indomitable, show the air force personnel at the airport your paperwork and they can get you transport to the fleet. Good luck out there."