P.O.W. Camp Delta

Cocoa Island Campaign Day 2

Alpha-Nine is seen disembarking from a pair of TD13-Hawk Dropships, and starting to make the hike to the Kukku POW camp. There's substantial banter among the squad, as there's little else during the walk. After about an hour of walking, and Allison filling in any gaps recon missed, the Helljumpers come up to a ridge overlooking the camp from afar.

Helljumper 3 - "Looks like this place is locked down tighter than GUN HQ after that wolf ripped it up. They probably suspect we're coming. If we're going to get in there, we need to strike fast, hard, and quiet."

Helljumper Leader - "Acknowledged, 10, can you identify any gaps in their patrols?"

Helljumper 10 - "Affirmative, there should be a 3 minute gap in the patrols near the prisoner cells, on the left side of the camp. That should give enough time to get in, but getting out might be a problem."

Helljumper Leader - "Copy that, 3, stay on the ridge to provide fire support if things get loud. Radio silence from here on out. Move out Helljumpers."

9 takes point, sliding down the cliff face and landing on the ground outside the perimeter. The approach is fast and silent, aside from a close call with a more observant Kukku rifleman going around the wall. As they enter, 4 instantly starts moving towards where the prisoners are held, with 5, 7, and 9 following. 9 splits off and takes a longer route to check for any contacts. As he flattens himself against one of the buildings, he hears repeated faint thudding from inside. Deciding to investigate, he flies himself to the roof of the building and finds a gap. Inside, there's a Kukku Spec Ops lining up a group of 5 prisoners.

Kukku Spec Ops - "Alright, we know one of you has been trying to plan an escape, we have explosives missing from an armoury, and multiple guards have reported suspicious activity. We know that one of you is responsible for these disturbances and we will find out who."

The Kukku unholsters a revolver and removes 4 of the 6 bullets and spins the chamber.

Kukku Spec Ops - "So let's do this the easy way first, would anyone like to confess and make it quick?"

The group stays silent, but only one keeps his head up and forward. The Spec Ops notices this, and walks up to the prisoner.

Kukku Spec Ops - "What is your name prisoner?"

Prisoner - "Gideon Berman, rifleman 2nd class, MAF garrison, sir."

Kukku Spec Ops - "You stay strong, keep your head forward, a defiant look in your eyes."

The Kukku puts his revolver to the prisoner's head and fires.


Kukku Spec Ops - "Lucky you. We have not received a confession from any of you yet, the clock is ticking."

Walking up to the next prisoner, who seems barely able to keep himself standing, the Kukku doesn't say anything, instead opting to put his revolver to his own head and firing.


Kukku Spec Ops - "Well, well, well, do you have anything to say? Well if you do, that's a damn shame isn't it."


The prisoner drops to the floor, now missing an eye and a life. The Spec Ops turns on his radio for a moment and checks in to camp command.

Kukku Spec Ops - "Command be advised, weapons fire is an interrogation in progress, advise security personnel to stop being so jumpy for a while."

Kukku Command - "Affirmative, security forces standing down, check in again once you're finished."

As the radio cuts off, the Kukku fully reloads the revolver, leaving a full chamber of rounds. Aiming at the next prisoner and firing, and doing it again, leaving two of the prisoners left standing.

Kukku Spec Ops - "We have no confession, and one of you is planning to defy us. Who, is, it."

The second prisoner seems to break, and kneels down with his hands in the air.

Prisoner - "If it will preserve his life, I confess, I thought that you might not notice and I would be able to make my way out."


Throwing the prisoner to the floor and putting a boot on his back, the spec ops takes aim at the prisoner's head and fires, letting the blood spill over the floor.

Kukku Spec Ops - "You're also a horrible liar. Well Prisoner Gideon, your silence has caused the deaths of your comrades, and will now result in yours, do you have any last words?"

Raising the revolver to Gideon's forehead, the bear refuses to even flinch, staring right into the spec ops the entire time.

Gideon - "You didn't give that poor innocent boy any last words, why should you give me?"

Kukku Spec Ops - "Fair point, I'll have to write those down for later use."


The Kukku instantly drops, and as one of the windows in the roof opens slightly, 9 slips in and walks over to Gideon.

Helljumper 9 - "Helljumper 9, MAF Expeditionary Force, you ready to take a leave? Sorry I couldn't help your friends, this place is about to get busted wide open and we had prep to do."

Gideon - "Sure took your time didn't you? I hope you have an exit strategy, or this place will become your grave as well."

9 takes his helmet off, before picking up the Spec Ops' revolver and giving it to Gideon.

Miles - "By the sounds of it you already have one, and I'm fairly sure one of my squadmates already recovered those explosives, so you'll be glad to know we'll have most of the cages open by now and ready to evacuate. I believe the current plan is to detonate one of the buildings on the other side of the compound and use the distraction to escape."

Gideon - "Well that's just about what I was thinking, let's get out of here."

Allison - "Ideal target would be the garage, there are many places to stash the explosives and lots of materiel that would be easy to detonate."

Gideon - "Friend of yours? I thought you lot go radio silent during infiltration."

Miles - "We do, Allison is being housed in my armour so we don't even need a radio."

Allison - "Speaking of which, I recommend you put your brain box back on before a sniper removes said brain, Kukku security is beefing up with fresh reinforcements."

Miles - "Thanks for the concern, I'm sure I'll be fine."

Miles puts his helmet back on, before flying himself back to the window, and lifting Gideon up behind him. Once back on the roof, 9 takes a quick survey of the camp, before jumping from the roof and moving to regroup with the squad, Gideon following closely behind. They quickly notice all of the cages empty, and 9 tells Gideon to start heading to the wall, as he moves towards the courtyard in the center of the camp. The Kukku have really put out security in force, and some of the squad seem stuck on the other side of the camp. Before anyone can start anything though, flood lights illuminate the entirety of the camp, and alarms start blaring.

Allison - "Someone must have realised that spec ops never checked in."

Helljumper Leader (radio) - "Breaking radio silence, Helljumpers rally, weapons free!"

Rifle fire starts springing up around the camp, and those with sight lines on the courtyard open up on them. Kukku soldiers quickly disperse and some start to return fire, but their weaponry isn't all that effective against the Helljumpers' shields. As the Helljumpers on the other side of the courtyard, 1, 4, and 6, make their way over, some of the soldiers start throwing various grenades at the group. One sticky grenade managed to attach itself to 9's helmet and he starts to panic a little, before ripping his helmet off and throwing it back at the group, sending about 4 Kukku soldiers flying, and a machine gun to land at his feet. It is at the moment that the Kukku realise just who it is they're dealing with. Morale is simultaneously shattered and reinforced across the Kukku forces, as some flee, some focus fire, some just pull their triggers harder. One shoulders a rocket launcher and starts taking aim at Miles, and as the rocket flies out the tube, Stone shoves Miles out of the way, taking the hit square on the chest.

Miles - "STONE."

The world seems to slow to a crawl, as Stone's body falls. Her helmet seems to go flying off and her rifle is shattered. She tries lifting herself up, before falling down again, looking at Miles one last time, and staying down. Miles starts to feel a rage within him, rage at the Kukku for trying to invade his home again, rage for executing these innocent prisoners, rage, for killing one of his friends. Although he doesn't notice it, Allison reroutes some of his suits' power and overcharges his shielding. Grabbing a machine gun that had fallen at his feet, he checks the ammo, and steels himself. What comes next is like a demon unleashed, all that the Kukku soldiers can spot is this fox running at them, no amount of bullets slowing him, slowing it. Miles charges into their lines, not even aiming the machine gun, and still mowing them down. Even when it runs out of ammo, he starts beating Kukku to death with it, taking their rifles, one in each hand, and simply picking up another one when the clip runs out. There is nothing that can stop this monster of the battlefield. Even those in his own squad are simply looking on, as the Kukku soldiers are forced to route. Soon, the camp is left empty, aside from Miles, some of the Helljumpers behind him, and Bodies, most enemy, and one ally. Putting the rifles on the ground, Miles seems to recover from the adrenaline that came over him, and simply sits down and seems to start trying, and partially failing, to hold back tears. Oak puts a hand on Miles' shoulder, and Scorch picks up Stone's body.

Helljumper Leader - "All personnel be advised, Kukku security forces have been chased off, we have a, confirmed casualty. Stone is gone."

The radio stays silent for a moment, and as acknowledgement lights come though, Arthur checks in.

Helljumper 3 - "Affirmative, standby for extraction. MAF Command this is Helljumper 3, camp is clear, ready for POW evac. Helljumper 4 is down and out."

MAF Command - "Copy Helljumper 3, evac birds on route. We'll make sure 4 gets the respect she deserves, out."