Chapter 2

He had decided to stay here for the night, he had already cast his Magnificent Mansion, after all, so he should use it.

He was sitting gin his blue morning robes in front of the fireplace re-reading a book about golem creation. He had already created several ones, but the passage was detailing a change in certain magical formulas, making the conversion rate more efficient. He was completely absorbed in the book when he had suddenly heard frantic knocking on the door.

He wondered who it could be at this time and why they wouldn't stop knocking. Did the demons decide to invade again after all these centuries, he hoped not. They were a pain to deal with. And it would mean they'd have broken the carefully made magical treaty between Celestials, Fiends, and Devils, that ensured that none of those three would meddle on earth unless summoned. With the only wizards that were able to summon them, being people who knew not to, since they had all worked together for the treaty, and to be honest all three parties were much more troublesome than it was worth.

When he opened the door he saw a sight he had not expected. It was the little Weasley girl, her name was Ginny if he remembered correctly. But the whole campground was in a panic, tents were flying from one direction, many had been set ablaze.


"Please. Death Eaters are attacking."

"Are that the followers of that one Wizard who was killed by Harry?"


"Come in."

He stepped aside completely baffling the girl.

"Don't worry, they can't come in. I'll search for the others, if you need anything ask the spectral servants."

He let her step in and went outside himself. Already changed into a battle attire. An altered Cape of Mountebank, that allowed him to use its properties more than once, light clothes in shades of dark blue with protective enchantments, and a Rod of Absorption. The spells used by modern wizards might only charge the rod at an incredibly slow pace, it still absorbed the spells nonetheless, making it a formidable defensive item, it was also sturdy enough to whack someone over the head with it. Just to be sure he had also equipped a sturdy rapier made of mythril, although he doubted he would need it, it didn't hurt to be careful.

He turned around again.

"No one can enter unless I give them permission, so do not let ANYONE in. Understood?"

She nodded hesitantly, good enough for him. He closed the door and with a click of his boots he activated the flying spell imbued into them. Taking to the sky he chuckled to himself. It was just like in old times with his friends, if they had visited an event and enjoyed themselves something would happen. Another country would invade, a noble would be assassinated, some megalomaniac necromancer would try to overrun the city with hordes of undead. Something would always happen and if he was honest, it was reassuring that this one fact had not changed after all this time.

He quickly spotted a group of four people with fiery red hair. He shot towards them as fast as he could. It was Arthur, the Twins as well as the young man who had accompanied Crouch. Still about 30 feet above the ground he called out to them.


The man looked up, panic clearly visible on his face.

"Salarus. We lost Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and Harry."

"Ginny is safe. You go deal with the attackers I'll find the others."

Without waiting for a response he shot off towards the direction of the stadium since most of the people were heading there. With a wave of his hand, he quickly activated a Locate Creature spell targeting Harry. Since they were Death Eaters he surmised he was the most likely to be targeted by them. As expected he wasn't within range, but the spell would last an hour so that was not a problem.

He suddenly saw a sickly green bolt fly into the sky, only to transform into a skull.


The dwarven swear had left his lips before he could even think. He sped up and headed towards the location from where the spell had originated, only to see several flashes of red shortly afterward a bit to the right. Once he was within range of the location he could feel his Locate Spell reacting. Now having a location, he muttered the arcane words, being engulfed by light blue flames teleporting him right in front of the location his Spell had given him. The Teleport, fortunately, functioned properly, materializing him in a jet of blue flames.

He looked around, on the ground kneeled Harry, around him in a circle were Wizards all pointing their wands at the boy. Crouch was standing near him holding a second wand. It seems he had spoken when Salarus arrived as he let out a short gasp.

"Harry. Are you ok?"

He ignored all the others.

"Yes, they all missed me with their spells."

One of his eyebrows shot up.

"Why would they target you with their spells?"

"They think I sent the Dark Mark into the air."

"That's ridiculous. Where would you have even learned that, certainly not from a Death Eater."

"But it was his wand that was used."

He looked over to Crouch who had spoken up.

"And that proves what? It was his wand that was used, but can you prove that it was him that used it? This is ridiculous. You will give him his wand back and search for the real culprit."

The man wanted to protest but was silenced with a glare. It may have been some time, but Salarus was still a fierce warrior who had fought many battles.

Crouch hesitated before giving Harry his wand back. He ignored the heated debate that came after.

"Harry, do you know where the other two are?"

"No, I lost them."

With another quick cast of Locate Creature, he felt their location nearby, approaching them at a fast pace. He put a hand on Harry's shoulder and activated his Cape. They appeared about ten feet in front of the teenagers.

"Great. Now we know where everyone is. One second."

He formed the sigils in front of him and started to speak.

"Ukris Arthur Weasley I found them. Come to my door, we will wait inside."

He heard the man's response in his head.

"Salarus is that you? What is this spell?"

He didn't waste another spell explaining something he could say later in person. Instead, he walked towards the three teenagers who were hugging each other, glad all of them were alright.

"Listen, I'll cast a teleportation spell, do not resist or you'll be left behind."

With that, he pulled on some of the energy on his rod and teleported them in front of his Magnificent Mansion. At least that was the plan unfortunately the spell dropped them off a few yards away, but it was close enough.

"Inside with you. The others will arrive in time. I have informed them that we will wait for them here."

Inside they met a concerned Ginny who immediately threw herself at her brother, exclaiming how worried she had been before he ushered them all inside.

"Do you want to drink something?"

"A tea if you have some, please."


The servants had already heard them and delivered a tray with freshly brewed tea.

"Wow. That was like instantly."

"It is one of the benefits of the spell, it can make just about anything you want. But when you take it outside it dissipates into smoke. Mordenkainen was truly a genius."


"The man who created this spell, he called it Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion."

"He named it after himself? Isn't that a bit narcissistic?"

"If you create such a versatile and useful Conjuration Spell of the 7th tier you are entitled to a little narcissism. And not like he was the only one that did it."

They heard a knock at the door. Expecting it to be Arthur he opened only to come face to face with Crouch. He just stared at the man waiting for what he wanted.

"We need to take Potter with us."

He looked at the boy, who shook his head.


"You are defying a Ministry Official. You will hand him over."

"I am defying a Ministry official that has no authority to arrest someone. And even if you had that authority, officially he is in my home and I'm providing sanctuary so you have no jurisdiction here. So you can leave now."

"I will take Potter with me. I work for the Ministry. You will hand him over."

He straightened his back, standing his full height glaring down at the man.

"And I am an Archmage of Old." Electricity crackled around his hands. "Now which one us holds the power her. Bartemius Crouch. You will not take Potter. You will leave him alone. NOW."

He shouted the last part. Making sure the man understood he had no more patience. He may have been an elf, but he had been adventuring most of his youth, losing most of his elven grace. And he had never made an effort to regain it, it merely made interaction with people who weren't High Elves quite awkward. To make utterly sure the man understood he let an ice-cold breeze flow out of the door.

This was enough to send the man running for his life. Not like he would have actually hurt the man, he would have just closed the door and sent the Children to his home in the Astral Sea before waiting for the rest and sending them there as well.

From behind the door came the voice of Arthur.

"What in Merlins Name did you do?"

He leaned around the doorframe to see the four Weasleys. The probable assistance of Crouch was pale as a ghost.

"I just told him that he could not arrest Mr. Potter on false charges while he was in my home. First, because they are false charges. Second, because he doesn't have the authority to arrest him. And third, because my home is far outside his jurisdiction."

"What did he accuse Harry off?"

"Sending up the Dark Mark."

"That's ridiculous."

"I know." He turned his gaze to the two twins. "Do you have the scrolls with you?"

"Yeah, we were trying to figure them out when everything happened."

"Great. Come in, the others are already here."

After everyone was inside he closed the door.

"Mr. Salarus, you said this is your home? So are we back in that Astral Sea?"

He chuckled. The girl was the textbook example of a wizard, always trying to get new information on something they were interested in, even if it was inappropriate at times.

"No, Ms. Granger. While the Mansion is inside its own pocket Dimension, it is not really within the Astral Sea. Maybe home wasn't the right word, consider it my Holiday Home."

The girl had taken a notebook from somewhere scribbling down the information. Her mannerisms just continued to remind him of the Wizards of Old.

"The Mansion should last about nine more hours before it vanishes. If you need anything tell the spectral servants, they can get pretty much anything. I think you have a lot to discuss. I have my own matters to deal with. I'll be back in about six hours."

He went to the wall laying a hand on it carefully incanting the immensely powerful words.

"Ossalur ari Okarthel"

Under his hands, a shadowy portal started to expand until it was large enough for him to pass through.


"Yes, Harry?"

"Thank you."

"Don't worry about it, even without me here Crouch couldn't have done anything. It would have just taken a bit longer to get him off your back."

With that, he went through the portal back into his home. Immediately getting to work.

He had gotten done what he wanted to do in a bit less than five and a half hours. Including his four hour trance so he would have his complete magical arsenal at his disposal again.

When he returned to the mansion no one was around the entrance, after a few minutes he found Harry sitting in front of the Fireplace.

"The others asleep?"

Harry jumped up a bit, at his sudden voice.

"Yeah. I couldn't sleep."




He threw the small mythril bracelet he had been working on, into Harry's lap.

"Here, you see that rune on the outside? You press that and it will activate an abjuration spell called Mage Armor. It will protect you against both physical and magical stuff. Lasts for eight hours. Afterward, it'll need 8 hours to recharge, don't try to activate it earlier, the results can either be nothing or something no one wants to see when the spell is activated with not enough energy."

"Ehm. Thanks?"

"Don't mention it, you're a nice kid. Only took me about an hour to finish it."

"So what level is that Mage Armor spell?"

"Eh, just first, still quite effective. Anyone come by while I was gone?"

"No, I don't think so."

"So, what will you do now?"

"I will stay with the Weasleys for the rest of the summer and then return to Hogwarts."

"I'm still surprised that school hasn't been closed yet. Although it came close two years ago. What exactly happened there? There wasn't much info circulated."

"The beast of Slytherin was an ancient basilisk. It was actually a piece of Voldemort's soul stuck in a book, that manipulated Ginny into opening the chamber."

"A piece of his soul? Not his whole soul?"

"No, Dumbledore said it was just a piece."

"I know the theory of how to put someone's soul into a jar, maybe a different thing. But splitting someone's soul, he will regret that."


"When he dies or a part of his soul dies it will travel to the afterlife, probably the nine hells, but every part of his soul will be individually... cared for, by the devils and he will feel every part simultaneously, the devils will make sure of that."

"Wait, I thought there was only one devil and tons of demons in hell."

"Common misconception. Devils rule over the Nine Hells and demons are from the Abyss. Never call a demon a devil or otherwise, for eons they have been fighting a war."

"So Hell is real?"

"Not the one you think of."

"So my parents..."

"Unless they made a deal with a devil, demon, old god, or any other evil deity, I'm confident in saying that they are not suffering."

"Is it...possible to..."

He could see the tears welling up in the boy's eyes.

"To see them? In theory, possible. But it won't happen I'm sorry."

Tears now flowing freely from the boy's eyes.

"There are too many hurdles. You need to locate their souls and then get to the plane they are located. Those I could do for you in theory. But the real problem is that you need the permission of whatever Deity is governing that realm, or has claimed their souls."

He knew exactly how the boy was feeling. He had only once managed to get the permission of any of the gods to meet one of his old comrades, at even that short meeting had cost him very much.

"I am sorry Harry."

The boy needed his time, so he gave it to him. He had seen enough people who had learned the truth, everyone reacted differently and he had gotten used to guessing what someone needed during this time.

On his way out of the room he met Arthur, the man stood there a glass of water in hand, concern for the boy written all over his face. He merely put a hand on his shoulder and shook his head.

Hey, the second part is here.

Why is Salarus helping Harry and interfering? He is an ancient somewhat bored elven wizard, he has nothing better to do and it is based on DnD so it isn't so far off that he just drops what he is doing opening up a whole new Questline.

Hope you enjoyed it.