Chapter 2 Feelings

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Devil Inside (Citizen Soldier)

Inside Poison Ivy's hideout, we can see the red-haired beauty wasn't very happy as her last encounter with the man known as Hush made her feel sickened by herself.

She allowed him to manipulate her, threaten her and her plants, using her as a tool against Batman, and even making her to hear his sickening plans for him.

Ivy wasn't an idiot. She knew that once Hush appeared in front of her, she was done and was added to his list of targets.

However, what trully made her see the bad turn that her actions created for her were actually her hidden feelings for Batman.

True, they were enemies, she was a villain after all, however, as time passed and they continued to fight, Ivy noticed that the Bat was a man showed respect to those that earn it. He was kind to those in need and always kept his promises. These being some of the best qualities that she could ever see in a man. And eventually, the villain known as Poison Ivy fell in love with the vigilante Batman.

As she looked at her puppet, Catwoman, who stood right next to her throne made of plants, Ivy decided to finally do the right thing, for everyone, including herself

"Alright Kitty, time to wake up," Poison Ivy said as she released her mind control over Catwoman, making the feline villain blink a few times before she finally woke up.

"What the-? Ivy? Why did you release me?" Catwoman asked with some anger in her voice as she jumped away from her former 'mistress', her claws being ready to cut off her neck.

"Because I am no one's toy. And I think that you will be able to help Batman with Hush and his plans," Ivy replied, her words shocking Catwoman to the core as she retracted her claws, but still being careful at Ivy's actions.

"Why would you even want to help Batman? Don't tell me that the famous Poison Ivy decided to get on the good guy's side?" Catwoman asked with a giggle

"Don't insult me, kitty. I have my own reasons for this, but the main one that I can tell you it would be the Bat himself," Ivy said, surprising Catwoman.

"Don't look at me like that, you aren't the only one whose heart was captured by the Bat, I myself find the moments when he stands in front of me and tries to make me redeem myself, very pleasant. I don't know what Hush is planning, but I know that Batman will need help to deal with him. I, unfortunately, cannot do it or Hush will make sure that I won't last long enough to finish what I started, but you can help Batman to deal with him," She explained as Catwoman looked at her with pure shock before she smiled at Ivy, in a way, and knowing the feelings that she had for Batman that was her reason to release her.

"I see. Well, I will say this, I don't forgive you and I will pay you back for every second you controlled me, but I will also make sure that Batman deals with this Hush before he could do something to you, that's my job," Catwoman said as Ivy smiled at her.

"I appreciate it, Kitty. Also, I am sorry for this and I know that you will add it to the things you will pay me back when all of this is over," Ivy said.

"What?" Catwoman asked a confused before Ivy unleashed a pink fog from her mouth.

The pink fog made the cat fall on the ground asleep as Ivy's roots began to move toward her.

Time Skip (Later)

Wayne Manor - Batcave

Below Wayne Manor that has a cave in which the entrance to is behind a grandfather clock and we see our Dark Knight at the main computer doing his work. Alex was typing on a few commands on the computer and search up a good number of people who could have placed their money in one of the mob's bank.

In the Batcave, we see a good number of things that the Dark Knight gain over the years from his rouges or that was already there. Like a giant penny, a green T-Rex, a giant joker playing card, a large tooth from a crocodile, a plant of a red rose, a case that has the original Red Hood costume lock up, a few machines or projects in works on work tables, training combat field to test combating skills or gadgets, medical wing, bat theme vehicles, a case of different suits over the years and lastly the main computer that Alex was working at.

However before he could work, the white-haired man sensed two people nearby and know who it was.

"You both can come out now. Ben, Cassandra," Alex called out, hearing sounds of the people he called landing on the floor who was hiding above him in the top part of the cave which has been used greatly over the years for wall climbing.

Cassandra who is the second Batgirl had short black hair that passes her chin and eye color was a mix of blue, green, & brown. She was in her mid close to late teens and had a body of a trained assassin which is a story for another time. She wore a grey shirt, black workout shorts, and combat shoes.

Ben is a young man in his late teens who had blonde hair and blue-grey eyes. He had the body of a trained Olympic runner who can take hits before dishing them to his opponents. He wore a white shirt, black pants, and climbing shoes.

"How did you know we were here?" Ben asked, wondering how his mentor who is like a father to him found them out.

"Your breathing needs work and I saw you both struck to pass the Batplane a few minutes ago," Alex explained.

"Damnit," Ben cursed on those rookie mistakes.

"Next time," Cassandra said as she patted on her friend's shoulder in comfort.

Alex shook his head with a hidden smirk as he got back to on his case while thinking back on how Ben got into this and who he is.

Well, at first, Ben was an orphan that bumped around and around to find a home but nobody would take him which caused him to live on the streets for most of his life but changed when one person took pity on him and showed him kindness. That person was Dinah Laurel Lance, a fellow hero that works alongside Batman from time to time and knows Alex as she trained along with him, and they spar together over the years.

When Dinah introduce her adopted son to Alex, Ben was speechless as he was meeting the Dark Knight himself and was in awe of everything he is. The young kid decided to work alongside the Dark Knight and become his next Robin after his last one left.

At first, Alex wasn't sure but Dinah talk him into it and told him that he won't be disappointed. And she was right. Ben had a rare potential and showed promise on taking the life he was entering in. And so the Fourth Robin was born, Ben Lance wore those colors proud and pass with flying colors as well.

Getting out of his thoughts and on the case, Alex got up from his chair and headed to get a change up for his patrol.

"I'm heading out," Alex said, undressing his workout clothes and changed into his suit for the night.

"Do you want help?" Ben asked in concern for his foster father figure.

Cassandra shared a look of concern for her father.

"I will be fine and would call for help if things can't out of hand. You and Cassandra can head out but only small cases and those you both can handle," Alex replied, knowing his kids' concerns for him.

"Will do sir. Anything else?" Ben asked.

"Drive safe and use the bike," Alex replied quickly, voicing his concern for them to drive the bike with the sidecar as Ben is starting to drive while Cassandra is learning how.

The pair nodded their heads as they watched Batman all suit and headed to the Batmobile to head out on patrol for the night.

Small Time Skip

We see Batman patrolling the city as he jumped from building to building, looking around for any sign of crime or criminals. Or maybe leads to the new case he was working on.

However, as he continued his patrol, the masked vigilante saw something that shocked him. In front of him was a sleeping Catwoman as she was placed against a wall from the building's entrance. He landed one nearby the building and walk up to the cat thief to wake her up.

"Catwoman, wake up," Batman said as he began to lightly shake her masked woman, thus making her slowly open her eyes and see the Bat himself in front of her.

"Hey, handsome, been a while," Catwoman said with a smile and in a cheerful manner.

"What happened to you?" Batman asked as Catwoman began to remember her talk with Ivy and what she told her, about Hush and also about her feelings for him.

"We might need to have a long, long talk Bats. Things will get pretty wield very soon," Catwoman said as Batman narrowed his eyes at her but also nodded, somehow feeling that he can trust the cat, now actually seeing her act like her normal self once again.

Batman stood quiet as he listens to Catwoman explain to him everything that has to happen to why she acted differently and to where they are. He listened and believed her as he could tell if someone lies to her and she didn't lie to him, nothing was missing and now the case opens more questions. Like who is Hush and what's his game for him as he could be the one that cut the Dark Knight's line to cause the fall. And why hired his rouges to fight him? More questions and answers need answering.

"I don't know who and what this Hush is but I can tell that he is dangerous if he scares Ivy," Catwoman warned.

"I will deal with him when the time comes. If he was able to recruit Poison Ivy to his cause then some of my other rouges could be involved in Hush's plot as well," Batman said.

Catwoman agreed to that but something else was on her mind which her talk with Ivy had brought it and feelings for their Dark Knight. She might as well talk to him about now, better now or never.

"How many times have we done our dance?" Catwoman asked.

Batman looked at Catwoman, knowing what she meant and would admit to that.

"A good number of times which brings me to question about and our current relationship," Batman honestly replied.

Catwoman felt her heart skip a beat on that and could tell that the Bat was telling the truth which she agree to that. Their chase and dance over the years have caused both of them to question their current relationship. Like what could happen between them and outcomes if they enter the next step? Maybe partners into something else? Good questions with answers coming soon.

"I will admit that I wonder where it goes and maybe we can make it work," Batman said, feeling much better and heart light as he had feelings for the Cat over the years and some others which a story for another time.

Catwoman smiled as she walks up close to Batman and said, "Maybe it can if you are willing to take that leap?"

"I think I can, but it could be dangerous," Batman pointed out as the Cat reached up to grab the edge of his mask which she lowered the lower part of his mask, allowing his lower part of his face free. He allowed that and felt his heart beating a little bit faster now.

"Then it would be great for us. You seem to like danger and I like it too. So why not give it a try, Bats?"

"I willing to admit it and my feelings for you."

"Then here."

The pair's lips touched and started a heated kiss between the Bat & Cat. Batman had his hands on her hips while Catwoman had her arms wrap around his neck, both not stopping as they continued their heated passion kiss. The Bat's cape blow in the wind, forming around them like a cloak in darkness.

Breaking the heated kiss for the need of air, the pair stayed in each other's arms and things were very quiet which they like.

"I guess that seals the deal on our partnership entering up," Catwoman commented with a seductive smirk on her face as her hands come down which she used her fingers to feel the chest muscle and hummed in favor as she liked what the Bat's training had paid off.

"Indeed, very much so," Batman agreed, being the only thing on his mind and how his feelings were out now.

This was the start of something great for the pair and the night wasn't over yet.

However, Catwoman started to think about Poison Ivy and her feelings for Batman which is somehow similar to her own. She will have to tell the Dark Knight of nature villainess feelings for him but not now and maybe later as they are going to start on their first official patrol together.

Time Skip

Gotham's Sewers

In the sewers, we hear a roar echoing through the sewers as a fight was taking place to save the hostage who was the daughter of a proud senator. The Bat and Cat talked to the senator who told them that a guy had threatened the life of his family if he didn't do what he was told which was to get one million dollars in cash to him. He didn't it and was paying the price as a human crocodile broke in and stole his daughter as a hostage to make him work through force.

Batman and Catwoman agreed to take the case which leads them to the sewers and dodging the attacks of a wild animal who is the human killer crocodile. This villain has a crocodile-like appearance with an elongated snout (albeit not as long as an actual crocodile's), webbed hands and feet, three eyelids, and a tail. This was Killer Croc (Killer Croc, The Batman).

"You know something Bats? I'm getting really tired of you flying into my work," Killer Croc said, having an Australian accent.

Killer Croc hissed at the Bats who dodged another swung of his claws and fist which left him open to a whip attack from the Cat that scratched his back and caused him to grunt in pain.

"Don't leave me out of the party boys," Catwoman said as she brought her whip back around her waist.

Croc roared in anger and was about to charge at the Cat but was blindside by Batman who throws a flashbang in his eyes and blinded him. The human crocodile rubbed his eyes to clear his vision and used his nose to find his prey that dares come to his lair.

Batman looks up and saw the senator's daughter chained up on the pipes above them which left little options but one plan.

"You free the girl, I will deal with Croc," Batman said as he dashed at Killer Croc who recovered from the blind but was given a dropkick to the face and the fight started.

Catwoman did as she was told and climbed on the wall to the hostage which she started to use her claws to cut the robe on her arms and cloth from her mouth free. Once the little girl was free, she hugged the Cat and was happy that she was safe. The cat thief had saved some kids over the years and was happy to save another one as she climbs down with the little girl in hand.

Catwoman then noticed that Batman and Killer Croc were nowhere to be found but bubbles started to rise up in the water and showed the victor coming out. The Dark Knight throws the human crocodile onto the ground and stood tall as the victor of their fight. He had taunted Croc to come out in the deep water which he did and lost his breath as soon the Dark Knight trapped him in.

"Hmm, who or whatever Hush is? He seems to have a lot of sources and information to hire someone like Croc to kidnap the senator's daughter for going along with his plans," Batman said as he ties up the human crocodile for the cops to pick up, not before giving an air mask to get his breath back and recover.

"Yeah, and how did you know he would run out of breath underwater?" Catwoman asked as she held the girl in her arms who hugged her close and was calming down from the horrific events she went through.

"Crocodiles may like water but they are not fishes and need a dry place to catch their breath before diving back down," Batman explained.

"I see. Well, I guess we should get this little girl back home to her parents," Catwoman said as she brought the little girl upper to wrap around her little hands around her neck and held on.

"I guess we should," Batman agreed.

The little girl looked at the Dark Knight and spoke, "Could you carry me, sir?"

"Sure," Batman said with a small smile as he took the little girl from Cat and brought her to his arms which Catwoman smiled at his kindness and how much he shows to children.

Soon enough the Bat and Cat took the kid back to her parents but the night wasn't over yet as we see the pair on a rooftop watching the kid hugging her parents who were very worried about their little girl's life. Now they were happy.

"You seem to be good with kids, despite wearing nightmare suit," Catwoman commented.

"I do my best," Batman honestly said as he has that effect on kids and had helped a good number of them over the years.

"Well, it was a fun night, and I look foward to our next meeting handsome. Enjoy the view as it might be the last one," Catwoman teased as she starts to walk away with a sway of her hips, sending a show for the Bat to enjoy as she blew one last kiss to him and disappeared.

Batman smiled, feeling his heart light all the sudden and know what he was feeling as a good number have the same feelings to him like he is feeling now.

"That was soo sweet," A voice spoke, like a blade cutting the attention off and brought the Dark Knight's attention.

Batman didn't trun around as he had a guess who was here and stay quiet as he reached for a Batarang in his belt, in case a fight breaks out.

"Thisn't over Batman as the game is not over. I will hurt you, everyone closest to you. I will make you suffer for what you have done and in the end game, I will stand out and be heard by all," Hush said, his voice being a faint cold voice in the night.

Batman's eyes shoot out as he trun around and pulled out a batarang to strike but Hush was nowhere to seen and looks like to be ground like the wind.

A lot of thoughts were going in the Dark Knight's mind but came out and knows what he must do but it could be a risk and we will have to find out.

Time Skip

Selina's House

As she landed on the balcony of the building, we can see Catwoman sneaking inside the luxurious house with a more relaxed expression on her face as she continued to walk inside her own home.

However, her once relaxed face turned into shock as she noticed that someone was facing her. That someone being none other than Batman as the masked vigilante looked at her without moving.

"Batman!" A shocked Catwoman said as the Bat walked toward her, stopping a few feet from her.

"I'm not stealing anything...just...looking around," Catwoman said as Batman continued to look at her, unfazed by her words.

"Old habits," Catwoman finished, trying to make him believe her.

"I know this is your home, Selina," Batman said as a more small smirk appeared on his face, making Selina look at him with a shocked face.

"I have for a long time," Batman said as he had known about Selina was Catwoman since they meet a number of times and to where we are now.

Selina sighed, taking off her goggles and cat-themed mask.

"Right. World's Greatest Detective, I think I should be the one to feel bad for not expecting this," Selina said as she walked toward her bar and began to drink a glass of whisky.

"So? Why are you here?" Selina asked as Batman looked at her for a few seconds, his hands turning into fists for a second.

"I want you to leave town," Batman answered as Selina looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"I don't know what you think we have but you don't get to tell me what to do," Selina said as Batman walked right in front of her, making her look a little confused at him. Somehow, she felt that something wasn't right.

"I wouldn't be here if things weren't serious. Hush told me that he will hurt those closest to me, to make me suffer. He will especially go after those that I care the most," Batman said, shocking Catwoman.

"Alright, I wasn't expecting that," Selina said as she took another sip from her glass.

"Somehow and from what I gather so far, Hush has been ahead of me with every step, no matter what I do, he shows to be prepared for anything. I have no doubt that he knows that we are involved, that you have a place in my heart. He wants to use that, to use you as a way to reach me, destroy me from the inside," Batman said as Selina looked at him with a sad face.

"Huh, I lost too many people in my life over the years. Family, Friends. I don't want to lose anyone else. lose you from my life, I cannot accept that," The Dark Knight said, honestly and felt something left his shoulder.

"From your life? Isn't that a bit much?" Selina asked with a smile

"Maybe, the time to finally see what would happen has come," Batman replied as he was slowly reaching for his mask, ready to take it off.

However, his hands were stopped by Selina, who looked at him with a face that showed nothing but pure love and affection.

"Wait, are you sure?" Selina asked.

" I am," responded Batman without a second of doubt.

" Then, let me do it," said Selina as she reached for his mask.

Without wasting even a second, Selina took off the bandages before the final his mask, revealing his white hair, his golden eyes, and his very familiar face. Now, unmasked, in front of her stood Alex Arkham himself.

"Alex? Alex Arkham is Batman?" A shocked Selina asked which Alex smiled at her with a kind look in his eyes.

"Yeah. So? What now?" Alex asked as Selina smiled at him, placing her hands around his neck.

"Oh, I can think of a few things," Selina replied as the two of them captured each other's lips into a heated make-out session, filled with love as Alex wasted no time to place his hands around her, keeping her as close as possible.

Later (No lemon, sorry. Maybe for another time)

After a night of heated and passionate actions happening, we see Alex and Selina in bed after their heated moment, relaxing in each other's arms. Their costume was on the floor in different piles and underwear as their passion moment reached their climax.

"You know I hate waiting, but that was worth it. Meow," Selina said, feeling very relax and purred like a cat in pure pleasure at what happened.

Alex chuckled at that and said, "I feel the same way."

Alex then moves up a bit which during that he heard Selina gasped when she saw some old scars on his back. One of them was from an old enemy of his that broke his back years ago.

"Some battle scars, it comes with the job," Alex said.

"I know it does but this one seems the worse than the others," Selina said as she traced the big scar with her finger.

"Yeah, a certain masked friend of mine broke my back years ago around the time you left for Paris I believe," Alex said as he rolls back to face her which showed another scar on his chest, three claw marks that matched one person.

"It seems I left my mark on you, more ways than one," Selina commented as she saw the claw marks she gave to Alex some time ago.

"Yeah, it was thanks to that, I improve the body armor around the chest area withstand knives to dogs and cats," Alex commented which caused Selina to giggled at that remark.

"Indeed and I had to change my claws because of that as your old armor broke those claws. Cost me a small fortune," Selina said, remembering how much it cost to buy and create better claws like the ones she has now as they are far better than one she had over the years.

"Yeah and I think after tonight I show you home," Alex said, having his mind made up and what he wanted to do next.

"Wayne manor?" Selina guessed.

"Yes but better," Alex replied.

"Well handsome, I look foward to that but let's rest," Selina said as brought Alex back down to bed with her to enjoy some more before heading out.

Alex agreed to that and held Selina close to him which he smiled and was happy. Sure some bad might come down the road but he was hoping that they can withstand it and good outcomes could between them. The white-haired man closed his eyes before kissing his lover's top of her head which smiled in her sleep and moved closer to her lover, enjoying the warmth of the night from their relationship entering to a great level for them to be happy and enjoy.



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