Chapter 4 No Gain

Black Gate

We see in the command tower, Amanda Waller watching her men load up the newest member of the Task Force group that she is creating for deep Black-ups. And using rouges/villains can work best as if things go wrong then they will get the fall, not her or anyone. If they complete their mission, fewer years off their sentences.

Sounds reasonable, maybe, but moving on.

Within the shadows, Batman appeared which Amanda know he was in the room as she is one of the few that knows the Bat well enough to come to her.

"I need to have a word with Bane," Batman requested or rather demanded.

"That won't happen as Bane is being transported to a new location as we speak," Amanda replied.

"And more recruits for your black-ups group?" Batman questioned or rather knows which made Waller's eyes widen in shock that he know but shouldn't be surprised as this was Batman we are talking about.

Batman had information as he keeps an eye on Waller and her actions with her new Black-ups group their actions of late. He knows that she has big plans for her new Task Force and will make sure no civilian damage comes, not in Gotham.

"What do you want?" Amanda asked.

"I want to talk with Bane. He may have a lead on a case I'm working on," Batman replied, not giving the full information as there's no point.

However, before a word could be shared, gunfire and screaming can be heard as one of the monitors showed Bane breaking free from his chains and going on his captures with a new boost. His muscle was bigger and green was pulsing in his veins. This reminded the Dark Knight of the Titan transformation he fought against all those years ago.

"What the hell is going on!? You should he was knock out," Amanda said, wanting to get the answer to this screwup.

"We did, Waller. We knock him out but he seems to be immune to the gas-AHHHH!" The soldier said before being crushed by the massive brute and throw into a wall.

"I will handle him. Bane seems to have gotten ahold of a new version of Venom, mirroring the Titian Formula I came across years ago. This is just a small version of the T-1. I will deal with Bane and clean up your mess, Waller," Batman said as he leaves the room with Waller in a bit of rage of this mess but calm down and allowed the Dark Knight to clean up.

The Dark Knight was soon out and saw the destruction that Bane was causing, heading back to Gotham and it could lead to Hush himself. It was a long shot but one that the Bat was going to take.

Batman headed to the Batmobile and entered to power up for the ride.

"So much for the talk," Catwoman commented as she saw the destruction as the car drives off and headed towards where Bane was going.

"Maybe but we haven't talk yet. Bane might even lead us to Hush, a long shot but it might work," Batman said as he drives towards where Bane was going as he typed a few buttons on his dashboard which open the computer for him to use. The computer screen then showed the red light, tracking Bane as Waller's men had tagged him during his captured and have hacked their equipment.

"Neat," Catwoman said, seeing that Alex has taken a lot of time on putting work to his equipment.

"Thanks," Batman said as he drives faster and beat the location to where Bane was heading before he shows up in order to set up the trap.

Batman's red eyes widen for a second on knowing where the location was at and Catwoman shared his concerns. They were at Gotham's Gardens, Ivy's known location and Bane was heading this way.

The Dark Knight then exited out of the car before turning his DV on and scan the whole building. DV aka Detective Vision is one of Batman's most useful gadgets and allows him to speed up his detective skills, his most unique ability.

Batman's eyes glowed blue before returning to normal after scanning the whole building and found nothing to his relief.

"She's not here. No one is here. Ivy must have moved out to a new location," Batman informed as his lover comes out of the car and join him.

"I should have known. Poison Ivy must have moved out due to what Hush or Bane could have done to her," Catwoman said.

"Either way, it's the same. We deal with Ivy when the time comes but first Bane as he should be here very soon," Batman said as he reached for his belt and checked his equipment to outsmart Bane as strength and fighting skills won't be enough to overpower the man that broke the Bat.

Then low rumble can be heard until the massive muscle figure smashes through the wall and caused the masked heroes to jump out of the way.

Bane became stronger and stronger, mutating due to the new form of venom that was given to him but his rage was building and becoming uncountable now.

Bane roared as throw a punch at Batman who dodged the right fist which left a powerful impact on the ground, breaking the ground and showed his strength was almost rivaling/matching a certain Man of Steel.

Batman hummed in thought, taking note that he should avoid punches from the now mutated brute.

Catwoman noticed it too and can tell that this won't be an easy one.

Batman then pulls out a handful of batarangs before launching with great + aim and precision at his target, the tubes pumping the new venom into Bane.

The Masked Man saw this coming and uses his arms to block the batarangs that bounced off him like they were nothing and left behind no scratches on him.

Batman then ducked down from a punch coming at him before using his grapple gun to head to the rooftops.

"Get to high ground," Batman ordered which Catwoman followed suit by using her whip to grapple with the Dark Knight to the rooftop.

"He doesn't seem to take in pain," Catwoman pointed from earlier.

"The T-1, while is not the one Bane used years ago but shares some similarities to it and mutated Bane to an improve level," Batman said as he jumped to the next rooftop with his lover coming with him.

"So we are running to tiered him out?" Catwoman asked as she looks back to see Bane who jumped on the rooftop and sprinted at full speed to them.

"No, we are leading him to a better place, even the odds," Batman replied as he saw an old warehouse to use and get the jump on Bane much better as stealth will have to be the better option against their foe.

"Well that's a start but what's the full plan, handsome?" Catwoman asked.

"Cut the tubes from his head and break his connection with the new venom formal, then Bane won't be a problem. He has a drug addiction to venom and needs it to survive, he will go into a coma-like state," Batman informed, sharing a piece of great information and plan to take part in.

The Bat and Cat then get the speed up and head to the abandoned warehouse for them to fight the Masked Man.

Unknow to the three, we see Batgirl following Bane as she saw the destruction created by and went after him to face as she too saw the weakness to sever the connection. She waited for the right time and saw what her father figured was trying to do which she follows them to the warehouse to help.

Batgirl then found the Bat and Cat working together in their fight against Bane was who gets angry and quick to his rage than ever now. She waited for the time strike and took off.

Before Bane could bring his fists down together to hit Batman, he was blindsided with a powerful kick to the back of his head and caused damage, throwing his balance off and struggled to cover which allowed the Dark Knight to strike at his motor motion in his arms with a powerful strike.

Batman saw Batgirl landing on the ground and asked, "Am I late?"

"No, on time but where's Robin?" Batman asked as he didn't see the Boy Wonder anyone as he helps Batgirl on patrols.

"Held up with school," Batgirl replied.

"I see," Batman said, seeing no harm in that.

"Hate to break up the reunion but we still have a muscle head to fight," Catwoman reminded.

"Right," Batman agreed.

However before the trio could continue the fight with Bane, something happened...


With a clean-cut, Bane started to feel a massive wave of pain rushing through his body and grunted in pain through his mask before falling forward into the ground. The back of his head showed the tubes of venom being severed and his connection with Venom ended which resulted in his knockout, thus saving the three masked heroes.

Then out of shadows came a certain figured that Batman and Batgirl know all too well. She was a tall yet slender beautiful woman who appeared to be rather young with a notable large bust and a pale complexion. She has short raven-colored hair and light brown eyes. She was wearing a dark orange bodysuit with black lines around it that was tight enough to show her well-toned body, a diamond-shaped opening in the middle of her chest area, showing her well-developed forms, fingerless gloves with the same colors as her suit. The said suit that left her tights bare, showing her gorgeous pale skin, with a pair of black and orange combat boots on her legs and around her waist we can also see a black belt that had attached to it a black piece of cloth along with a blade that was used. This was Lady Shiva, the mother of Cassandra Cain and someone that Alex knows very well.

There was a moment of tension in the air, mostly between Selina and Shiva which was unnoticed by Alex who can tell why. How so, well let's start.

Alex and Shiva meet years ago during the earlier years and were counted as lovers, getting closer to be in a relationship but their separate duties made them separated, for now.

"Why are you here, Shiva?" Batman asked, breaking the tension and quietness.

"I have come here to inform you that a thief has stolen important information from the League of Shadows and used the pits," Shiva informed which shocked the Dark Knight to the core of this information and wasn't good.

Batman hummed in thought on that and should be added to the case as this was no coincidence.

Batgirl was struggling with what to say or do as she was seeing her mother after so long and didn't know what to do. Her father figured noticed and place a calm hand on her shoulder to calm her down which she did and relaxed.

"I see you have taken my daughter, good," Shiva said, noting how close they are and was happy for that.

"David made a bad move and pay the piece for that," Batman said, recalling the beatdown he gave to the assassin for what he had done to Cassandra and tried to get her back through force but learn the hard way.

"Good," Shiva said before noticing Catwoman again and how close she was to Alex now, in more ways than one now.

"I see you have gotten the Cat to be lover now," Shiva teased with a smirk.

"What of it?" Catwoman asked with her eyes narrowed at the assassin.

"Easy," Batman whispered to Selina which she calms down.

"She mainly teasing me which doesn't work as it did back then," Batman admitted.

"Indeed and I don't mind. I don't mind you having her as your lover as I will show you both why I am more ways than one," Shiva said as she starts to leave and shared one look back to the group.

"I look forward to that," Catwoman replied, taking it as an interesting challage and will prove to the assassin that she is the alpha, not her.

Shiva smirked at that before disappearing into the shadows and leave the trio of masked warriors to themselves.

"You and mother have a history," Batgirl pointed out, seeing a spark between them.

"We use to, maybe," Batman said.

"She seems to not know what's is not hers of lately," Catwoman said, flexing her fingers a bit for her claws to come.

"Shiva has been known for that too but is very deadly and was the one that helped me during my recovery after Knightfall," Batman said as he walks over to Bane started to handcuff him for the police to pick up, very strong handcuffs made for metahumans or superpower beings like himself.

"I will add that to the books," Catwoman commented, having a feeling that the assassin will fight her for the right of being the alpha which she won't back down that challage, even if Shiva is one of the best fighters in the world.

"Let's head up," Batman said as he pushed the button on his gauntlet which summoned the Batmobile to their location and head back to the cave for updates to the case as this wasn't over.


Pairings (Final Update):

Alex's Harem: Catwoman, Powergirl, Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Artemis, Hippolyta, Blackfire, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Cheetah, Talia al Ghul, Zatanna, Barbara Gordon, Huntress, and Lady Shiva

Dick (Nightwing) x Starfire

Jason (Red Hood) x Supergirl

Tim (Red Robin) x Wonder Girl (Cassie)

Ben (OC who be the fourth Robin) x Cassandra (Batgirl) x Small Harem (Open for ideas)

Damian x Gaia (Clone of Terra)