On a beautiful warm Summer day, the Pines family had decided to spend their time having fun on the beach. The sand was warm, the air was thick with the smell of salty sea water and the sun was blazing hot. While the kids enjoyed their time splashing around in the waves and building sand castles, Pacifica and Dipper were busy lounging together on their blankets under the shade of an umbrella.

"Ahhh. This is what summer time is all about," Dipper sighed blissfully.

"You said it, honey," his wife agreed. "Warm sun, cool breeze, nothing to do but relax with the whole family by your side."

"Yep. Just me, Zoe, Tyrone, Stanley and of course… you." Dipper poked a finger to his wife's exposed belly on that last word, eliciting a giggle from her. A giggle that he found irresistibly cute.

"Hey, don't do that," Pacifica said while playfully swatting his hand.

"Oh? Why not? Does that tickle?" The frisky man grew a devious and playful grin on his face as he continued to poke and tickle his wife's tummy, making her laugh like a hyena. "Does it? Huh? Does this tickle? How about this? Or this?"

Pacifica's squirming and spasming did nothing to stop the ticklish onslaught that her cheeky husband was delivering. "Hahaha! Seriously, cut it out! Dipper, stop it! I mean it! Hahaha!" she pleaded in between laughter.

Eventually, Dipper decided to take pity on Pacifica and finally stopped tickling her. At last, she was able to breathe normally again. Once they'd both stopped laughing, Dipper found his eyes drawn to Pacifica's large breasts held up by her purple bikini top. This gave him another devilish little idea.

"Say, um, I just had a thought," he said. "Would you mind maybe doing a little… something for me?"

"Depends. What kind of 'something' do you have in mind?"

Dipper silently whispered his request into Pacifica's ear and once she heard it, she was shocked and surprised by what it was. "What?! Are you for real right now, Pines?!" she asked.

"Just for a little while. An hour tops. I swear," Dipper begged.

"But out here in public? With the kids around?" Pacifica said as quietly as she could.

"They don't need to know. Pleeeeease, Pacifica?"

Dipper put on the cutest, most pitiful puppy dog expression he could muster. Pacifica tried to resist, but she couldn't. No matter how many times she saw him pull that sad puppy face, he still managed to get her with it every time. "Alright. Fine," she gave in with a sigh. "But only for an hour."

"Yes! Thank you! You are the greatest!" Dipper giddily thanked his wife with a passionate kiss on the cheek. She chuckled in light amusement and prepared to give him what he wanted.

"Alright. Now hold still," Pacifica instructed. Dipper did as he was told and did his best to contain his excitement. Pacifica did a quick survey to make sure nobody, especially not their kids, were watching. Then she blew him a kiss that sent a wisp of magic in his direction.

Dipper breathed in the magical wisp as it surrounded him, savoring its sweet scent. And then, there was a bright flash of light as the spell took effect.

Sometime later, Pacifica was standing on the edge of the beach, feeling the water rush over her feet and enjoying the ocean breeze, when suddenly, she was approached by her children. "Hey Mom! Check out what we found!" Tyrone said excitedly.

"It's a hermit crab!" said Stanley as he showed the tiny crustacean to his mother. "I found him living in my sandcastle."

"Wow, that's neat," said Pacifica. "You must be a really good builder for him to wanna live there."

"I wanna show Daddy, too. Where is he?" asked Stanley.

"Yeah. Where's Dad?" Zoe repeated.

"Oh, he's around. He… had to go to the bathroom," Pacifica answered. "You can show him when he comes out, okay?"

"Okay," Stanley replied.

"Come on, guys. Let's go play with the beach ball," Zoe suggested. Her brothers agreed and all the kids went off again to go play.

"Have fun!" Pacifica called to them.

As soon as they were far enough away, Pacifica decided to check on her husband. She turned around and discreetly opened the fold of the right cup of her top. Inside was a shrunken Dipper clinging very comfortably to his wife's colossal bosom like a newborn baby. She smiled as she had to admit, he was rather adorable at this size. Plus, it was always adorable seeing him so happy.

"Comfy in there, are you?" she mused.

"You have no idea," Dipper answered, making Pacifica chuckle somewhat sardonically.

"You really love my boobs, don't you?"

"Yeah, but not as much as the woman they're attached to."

Pacifica giggled, thinking about how if she decided to leave him this small, then he could move in to Stanley's sandcastle with that hermit crab.