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Magnus had always known that the general consensus about divorces was that they were messy, but he later found out that was the understatement of the century. Five years ago today, Magnus and Camille had finally signed their divorce papers, after being separated for some time. Their relationship hadn't always been as volatile as it was during the last few months, but, in retrospect, their relationship had been doomed from the start.

Camille had come to New York from London when she was a teenager. Her family was wealthy and didn't pay enough attention to her, but she didn't seem to mind much. She was always living her life in a hurry, looking forward to her eighteenth birthday, when she would have full access to her huge trust fund. She always said she was going to use it to buy an abandoned hotel near the school, she would remodel it and turn it into the best hotel in the city.

Magnus had met her the first day of high school. Both of them had been late to class, so they were forced to sit at the only two empty desks at the very back of the class. Later, Magnus found out that she had been late because she was in the principal's office, waiting for her parents to send a copy of her immigration papers to complete her enrollment. She was half English and half French, but she was careful to always speak in an American accent around her classmates. She had wanted badly to fit in, and making friends with Magnus –who was always given derogatory nicknames on account of wearing makeup and colorful clothing- on the first day was probably not the way to become popular, but she seemed to enjoy his company.

He had been late simply because he overslept, but he had told Camille some ridiculous story about getting lost in the ugly side of town to make her laugh. They became friends, and eventually got together, until she broke up with him senior year, just a couple days before graduation. The day after graduation, she eloped with some guy named Ralf, who Magnus had never even heard of, and he didn't hear from her in a long time. After she left him, he stuck to the company of men for a while. He changed his number, desperate lo leave high school behind and hoping never to hear from her again.

The next time Magnus heard from her, he was on his second year of university, and she had become a widow at twenty. He reluctantly invited her to his apartment to talk, not knowing what else to do. They sat on his couch for hours, while she told him the story, crying her eyes out. After getting married, Camille and Ralf had gone back to her parent's old house in London, and they lived happily for a while until Ralf was shot and killed by De Quincey, a known criminal and leader of a drug gang. Magnus learned that Camille had stayed in London alone for months, being a police informant, until they caught De Quincey hands-on committing a crime. He was tried and given a life sentence, so Camille had been satisfied with her revenge. Apparently, he had murdered Ralf because of an old feud with her family. She was still afraid of his influence in London, so she moved back to New York and settled for the comfort of her ex-boyfriend's arms.

Six months later, they were already married. Magnus had never given much thought to marriage, but it felt like the right choice at the time, given that he and Camille were together for three years previously, and he figured it was best to get married young. To him, it meant he had his life in order from a young age, and if they ever decided to have kids, they could do so at a young age. He had never understood why society looked down on young marriages. If anything, getting married at thirty-five seemed ridiculous and pointless to him. He had never stopped to consider that maybe, with the passing of time, he would decide he didn't want to be with Camille anymore, or vice-versa.

In the end, after a couple years of ups and downs, despite all their short comings, it had been Camille who crumbled their marriage. She had gone on a business trip to Russia, and when Magnus went to the airport to pick her up two weeks later, she wasn't there. At first, he was afraid something had happened to her. Her phone went straight to voicemail and his emails bounced back, He was considering filing a police report, but after a while she called from a Russian payphone and asked him to give her space.

She came back three months later and wanted to move on with their lives as if nothing had happened. Eventually, she admitted to Magnus that she had been with another man, until she got bored of him and decided to come back to her husband. She was convinced he could never leave her, so she told him that he could either put up with her sporadic affairs or divorce her. Magnus packed his bags that same day, leaving her the apartment he had owned for years.

The following months were a blur to him, at first, they were full of begging phone calls from Camille, then lawyers and legal fights over money and assets. Camille admitted to the infidelity, so Magnus got a good settlement and bought himself a loft in Brooklyn. He got a cat for the sole reason that Camille was highly allergic to them. If she ever found out where he lived, she wouldn't dare step inside his apartment out of fear of developing an ugly rash.

When he graduated university as a chemist, he started his own business making men's personal care items such as shampoo and soap. After his divorce, his business picked up significantly and he was able to live more than comfortably, although he established a peculiar side business. Mostly, he did it to keep himself entertained and to feel less lonely. Honestly, he quite enjoyed making natural remedies for clients with stomach problems, it was amusing, but the highlights of his week were always middle-aged ladies asking for some sort of remedy to make their husbands love them again. He always gave them a bottle of regular floral perfume, and two out of three came back for more, claiming it had worked.

Even though he liked to make fun of them, these ladies built his reputation up, until people started calling him "The High Warlock of Brooklyn", because some of them believed that he did magic. When he got bored with both his businesses, he decided to open a nightclub. He named it Pandemonium and hired managers to run it so he wouldn't have to. He only made an appearance the last Saturday of every month, when he threw themed parties. He planned this parties himself and outdid himself every time. If somebody ever asked what the occasion was, he said it was his cat's birthday.

After a couple months, he ran out of themes for his party, so he decided to make them regular nightclub parties instead, and besides, the regular guests didn't always like to get dressed up. He had to admit that his heart wasn't in the party this time. It was not just because today was the fifth anniversary of his divorce and he felt rather gloomy about it, but also because today the guest list was open and it was more crowded than usual, which was a little overwhelming, even for him. He had been thinking about going home early when he saw a group of people enter. Initially, he noticed them because one of them was a girl, her hair red like fire, and she was hard to miss.

Besides, he knew this girl. She and her mom were some of his two most sensible clients –they didn't ask for any miracle remedies or love potions (his dumber clients believed he actually sold that), they just bought some burn cream he made at home with natural ingredients, since they were both gingers and their skin burned easily. The mother had even gifted him a painting once in thanks, even though she had already paid for the cream. He remembered the girl's name was Claire or Chlöe, or something with a C.

She was accompanied by two men. One of them was too blonde for Magnus's taste. Besides, he was obviously her boyfriend, as she was dragging him by the hand. The other man had very black hair. His skin was pale and his eyes were the clearest blue. He couldn't see him very well from afar, but Magnus noticed that he seemed uncomfortable at the club, and he was clearly not dressed for the occasion. While most of the other guests were well dressed for a party, he was wearing jeans and a black t-shirt, and as he got closer Magnus noticed he was wearing two dog tags around his neck. A lot of people wore dog tags for no reason at all, but as Magnus studied this man, careful not to catch his eye, he could tell that he was probably a real soldier. He was ripped, and he stood perfectly straight, even when he was clearly uneasy. His hair was way too long for a soldier, though.

Magnus was thinking about talking to him just out of curiosity, but someone else made that decision for him.

"Magnus!" He heard his name being called by the redheaded girl, who had spotted him. As her little group walked toward him, he could see the blue-eyed man more clearly now. He was very handsome, and his overall seriousness made him appear interesting to Magnus. He had been looking down as they walked, Candy (or Christy or whatever her name was) was leading the way, and when they stopped in front of him, the blue-eyed man looked up and noticed him. He looked Magnus straight in the eye, and he felt some sort of electrical impulse. It was something he had only read about until now, something he had never felt in the entire time he was married to Camille.

"This is Alec." He heard the girl say, gesturing towards the blue-eyed man. So that was his name.


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