Another story on Tangled.

The story bellow. takes place a year after my previous story and once again, feature Eugene´s and Rapunzel/Cordelia´s daughter Flora.

Since the tittle and sumary had probably give away most of the story, i won´t going to say anything here, to avoid spoiler.

So, have a nice reading,

I hope you like it.


The kingdom of Corona was in glee, little princess Flora Cordelia Fitzhebert was turning 4-years old today and the kingdom decided to celebrate a huge celebration.

Inside the castle, the little princess was still asleep, when her father entered the nursery and woke her up with a kiss and a smile. ''Good morning sunshine, happy birthday!'' he said as she get out the bed and wrapped her arms around his neck.

''Papa!'' She exclaimed as he spun her around.

''My little princess, I wish you the happiest day ever!'' the father said ''How about we join your grandparents for breakfast and officially start this adventure?''

''Yay!'' Flora exclaimed and once the nurse came and help her dress her birthday dress, Eugene came again and the made their way to the Dinner Room, where The King and Queen were already waiting for them.

In the way to breakfast, lot of servants congratulated the princess for her birthday and Eugene for raise her so well, some of them makes comments of how she looks like a princess name Cordelia, but Flora didn't mind, she didn't even payed attention to the comment or complements, she just wanted to arrive at the dinner room, to meet Grandmama and Grandpapa, to spend time with them at her birthday.

As Eugene and Flora crossed the doors to the dining room, The King and Queen rush to their granddaughter and embrace her tight. The Queen give her a doll, saying it had belong to someone special, while The King, give her a small crown, his hands trembled a bit when he placed the crown in the girl´s head, but as the crown, too big, slipped to Flora´s face, the three adults couldn't help but laugh.

The breakfast was fun, with everything Flora liked to eat, pancakes, cakes, fruits, and everything else a child adores. The adults also talked about their own plans for the day and at the end of the breakfast, it was Eugene´s turn to present his daughter and he give her, her own princess bracelet and a large Teddy Bear. Once the breakfast finished, The King kneeled in front of the princes with an invitation.

''Princess Flora, would you join me in a horseback ride?'' The King ask with a smile and Flora clap her hand in excitement.

''Of course Grandpapa! Can we ride Max?'' she asked.

''Of course, my princess, lets go'' The King took her in his arms and left.

Upon seeing his daughter and Father-In-law left, Eugene took a deep breath, images start to flood his mind again and he absently, rubbed his wedding ring with his other fingers, when suddenly, a hand touch his arm and The Queen give him a light smile.

''it's a joyful day today, Eugene, just remember that'' she said quietly and although he knew The Queen was also heartbroken, she was also trying to smile for her granddaughter.

''Of course, Your Majesty'' agreed the former thief, now captain of the guards. ''Now if you excuse- me, Your Majesty, I have to go check if everything is alright around the yards, from when the guests arrive'' he said and with a bow, he left.


The day end up passing quite fast. Flora had a great time riding with her grandfather as they stroll through town, everything was perfect, people congratulate her for her birthday. When they come back, while The King and Queen gone to their duties, Eugene and Flora had lunch in his sitting room and they spend time playing, laughing and even taking a minute nap in each other´s arms in the carpet.

A few minutes later, someone had come announcing the guests arrival and both father and daughter join The King and Queen in the yards and a lot of people, even the Queen from Arendelle came to bring Flora gifts for her birthday. Then, while the little princess ran and play around with other children and The Queen herself, Eugene sit with the other adults, a few other people, who knew what had happened, congratulated him for the good job he was doing and twice, he felt his eyes watering. Suddenly, not noticing he was actually crying, he felt a hand on his shoulder, was The King who give him a sad smile and he wipe his eyes, when the little princess came and ask her father and grandfather to join her in the game.

After the 'Happy Birthday' the guests join The King and Queen, Eugene, and Flora, to release the lanterns, when something unexpected happened for the little princess.

As usual, The King and Queen release the first lantern, than, Eugene released the second one, following by all the citizens of Corona and in seconds, the sky was full of lanterns, illuminating the place, it was beautiful as always and Flora keep pointing and calling her father´s attention, when suddenly, she realized, his face was a bit wet.

''Papa, why you crying?'' she asked confuse and in response, Eugene just wrapped her in a hug and quick wipe his eyes.

''Papa is just incredibly happy that you are here with me'' he said, hoping she understand.


After such an exciting day, it was obviously that the little girl was exhausted, or so Eugene hoped. Once the guests left and the party ended, the captain escort his little princess to the nursery and kissed her good night.

''Good night sweetie, you are the best thing that happened to me, I love you so, so much'' he nuzzled her, making her laugh, before left the room, with tears in his eyes.

On the other hand, curious and sleepless as she was, Flora jump out of the bed and follow her Papa where he was going. Despite of her 4 years old, she knew she couldn't be seeing, so, she maintains distance, just following her father, till they reach the library.

Once there, not knowing he was followed, Eugene start to cry, The King and Queen who also were there, tried to comfort him through their own sadness.

"I can´t believe four years had passed already'' he sobbed ''I wish she was here with us!''

''You have done a wonderful job, son, Flora is the sweetest girl, we couldn't have asked for a better person to raise our granddaughter''

''Cordelia would be proud of you, I am sure…'' The Queen said, when suddenly, the three of they was startled by a noise. It happened that, Flora, who was hiding behind a shelf, sneezed and this way, make herself discovered.

''Little one, why are you off the bed?'' The King asked amiably.

''I couldn't sleep'' she said ''Grandpapa, why is everyone sad?'' she asked, and Eugene paled.

''Its nothing, sunshine'' he said wiping his face again. ''Come on, lets take you to bed'' he smiled picking her up, when The King spoke again.

''How about, a bedtime story?'' he asked ''Maybe a bedtime story will this little princess sleep after this long day of parties''

''Yay, can you teel me a bedtime story, Papa?''

''Sure sweetie'' Eugene agreed and look back at his In-Laws

''You can do it son.'' The King and Queen nodded to him.

''Right then, what about you sleep in my room, sweetie? Lets go.'' Eugene asked and Flora agreed, as she loved to sleep in her father´s room.

Once they got there, after passing by the portraits wall, Eugene tuck her under covers of his bed and set at the edge, looking at his daughter, while trying to imagine a better way to start telling that story.

''Papa, tell the story of the lost princess?'' she asked.

''Maybe this time honey, its time for another story…'' Eugene took a deep breath ''Right, I told you about the lady in the portrait, right? Princess Cordelia…'' he said and the girl nodded, not quite understand ''Well, Princess Cordelia was… is your Mama, she just couldn't be here anymore.''

''Oh… like Pascal?'' Flora asked. Pascal was her pet chameleon, who nice belonged to her mother, but Flora didn't knew that, the only thing she knew was that he was pretty old and one day, according to her grandmother, he had left, to leave in the stars, where he could take care of all chameleons around Corona. ''But why she left? She didn't liked you and me?''

Eugene had once laugh at the story The Queen had told his daughter, so with that question, he got an idea of how to start telling Flora the story.

''Well my darling, once upon a time, just before you were born, your Mama asked the stars for a little girl, we both asked and asked for years, then one day, the stars decided to greet our wish, they would give us a little princess…''


''Yes, you…'' Eugene smiled; not quite sure she was understanding. ''But for us to have the little girl we ever wanted, the stars asked your mama to go with them, of course your grandparents and I tried to convince her otherwise, but your mama wanted to have her little princess so much, that she agreed to let you with me and go with them. That´s why she isn't with us now'' he finished, hoping she had understood.

''Oh… but she managed to see me?''

''Sure'' Eugene agreed ''When the stars brought you, she looked at your face, said how beautiful you are and how much she love you, before she left.''

''Oh…'' Flora seemed to understand ''Maybe then one day we can rescue her, like the thief rescued the lost princess from the story!'' Flora exclaimed and Eugene jumped.

''That would be a good idea sweetie'' Eugene said with sadness. ''But now, its time to go to sleep, after all, you had a great day today, bow its time to rest. Good night Flora, you are the sunshine of my life, you know?''

''Good night Papa'' the girl replied getting cozy within the pillows ''And don't be sad, if mama is with the stars, we can see her every night'' she said getting sleep.

Laughing at the child´s logic, Eugene kissed her good night and left to his dressing room to change into his pajamas, once he get back, he lied down next to his daughter and embraced her tightly, protecting the little girl from all the evils in the world.