Wyatt's Undertaking

All his life, Wyatt had been told about the Great Alpha. The Great Alpha that was perfect with her white hair and intense beauty. The one discussed in the prophecy and mentioned almost constantly, but the least known of all the werewolves. The one who would lead them to the Moon Stone. Okay, so Wyatt might be a bit obsessed with the Great Alpha. Can you blame him, though? This is who he and his pack worship. And, then he met Addison. Almost immediately, she went from "Addison" to "Great Alpha" in his eyes. He was dead set that this white-haired, cheer-obsessed, beautiful girl was the Great Alpha he idolized. So, he made it his job to unlock the Great Alpha hiding deep down in Addison. And, while doing that, what seemed like flirting to others, was actually him praising this person that he firmly believed to be the Great Alpha. He believed with all his heart that Addison was the werewolf they had been waiting for and hoping on. He worshipped her and made it quite obvious.

But why? Why was Wyatt so obsessed with finding the Great Alpha? Stories are just stories unless you believe. And, sometimes, even that doesn't work. Suddenly, here was evidence of this majestic Great Alpha. Not to mention, once the Great Alpha was found, she could heal his pack. Wyatt- being the loyal wolf he is- had a duty to his pack and his family. Help his family by finding the Great Alpha to make them well and make their moonstones work properly again. But, also, why was Wyatt so dead set that the Great Alpha was Addison? Not only did she fit the description pretty well, but also his pack is sick. They are all trying to cling to any hope that their clan will not die out.

Only one thing doesn't really add up: Addison is not a werewolf. She's fully human. But, she actually did end up leading the wolf pack to the Moon Stone (with the help of her Zombie friends). So, as it turns out, the prophecy, this least known werewolf of all the werewolves, the one being Wyatt worshipped so much, is just a teenage girl, who loves cheer, has a Zombie boyfriend, roots for the underdog, and is a fierce friend. Crazy! And, when the prophecy was fulfilled, Wyatt "moved on", you could say.

Hey friends! A few weeks ago, this idea came to me as I was contemplating Zombies 2 and the characters in it. I definitely stand behind the idea and I hope you can stand behind it too. And, I cannot forget to give major thanks to Quietly Screaming for helping me by proofreading, editing a little, creating a title page, and just generally putting up with my craziness. I appreciate you, sister friend!