After The War

Disclaimer: An idea that came to mind, ignores Maul being alive and Satine is alive and still ruling Mandalore despite Death Watch's actions. Set some time after 'The Wrong Jedi'.

In the days after the war had come to an abrupt end thanks to the rising up of many on both sides of the war whom were all effected in some way and wanted the war to end, the Republic teetered on the edge of collapse due to the heavy toll the war had inflicted on it in various ways. Including the loss of Chancellor Palpatine by means of an unknown assassin. The Confederacy wasn't having nearly the same issue as they were finally able to do things their own way without Republic interference while a great deal of Systems were starting to also prefer governing their own systems instead of being a part of a large whole. Though Dooku did have to end Grievous as the killer of Jedi wanted to continue his work despite the war no longer being continued. The Jedi themselves were also facing challenges as well due to the toll the war had taken on them. It hadn't helped that both Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi had both chosen to leave as well.

Anakin to be with Padme without nothing being in the way and even starting his own repair shop he affectionally named 'Skyguy's Repairs'. Obi-Wan had left for Mandalore to finally be with Satine and help her deal with Death Watch. Both had been greatly troubled in the aftermath of Ahsoka's being framed and how that whole mess had been handled to the point she left the Order entirely. Calls for change in the leadership of the Council and for change in how the Jedi did things had been done as well by those who saw the strong need for it as stagnation and the war had not done the Order any favors whatsoever. Those like Mace Windu weren't happy with the whole thing and because of that, change was slow in coming to the Order as it was being fought against. The Clones were also facing issues themselves now that they didn't have a war to fight anymore. Some saw them as property due to their origins and because of that, those like Padme fought for them to be recognized as people like they deserved to be.

Luckily, the Clones did have a few things they could focus on now that the war was over with and a few of those things was helping various planets re-build, combating against piracy, and doing what they could to help put an end to slavery. Something Anakin occasionally came out of retirement to help with and would sometimes be surprised when aide was given on the matter by the Confederacy. Though trouble certainly came the Clones' way thanks to the revelation of the chips in their heads that were designed to force them to go against the Jedi if a certain order was given. Leading to a lot of time being taken to remove the chips from their heads so no one could cause them to become a threat. Ahsoka, despite the apparent change in the galaxy, continued on her own path away from everything she knew. Making friends along the way in the lower levels of Coruscant and beyond the planet and thanks to no longer being restricted by the ways of the Jedi Code, was able to enter into a relationship with Lux Bonteri.

Whom now had a leading role in the Confederacy for that matter and had been instrumental in why various peoples on both sides of the war had come together to say 'No More' and were willing to fight for it to be a thing. Though it should be noted that fighting was an absolute last resort for them. Dooku himself was honestly relieved with the way things had gone as he had become troubled with himself given the way he'd been acting as the war had gone on. Suspecting that quite possibly his own Master had been influencing him in that regard and the fact said Master was Palpatine himself had been troubling to not only him but everyone else in the galaxy as well. Only time would tell how things would ultimately go for the galaxy in the aftermath of war with fear, uncertainty, and change being rampant.

Author's Notes: I know its unlikely this would happen but while getting back to watching the Clone Wars I noticed how little you see of the various peoples showing their viewpoints about the war. Only really seeing the Senators speak for them and this idea was born because of all that.