Chapter 23: One Good Reason

One hour and six Stimpaks later, Six was finally ready to begin. He was pleasantly surprised to find four faunus bandits still alive, albeit barely, scattered across Dawson's ruins. Even if he wasn't sure it was worth using the last of his healing supplies on a bunch of savages he wouldn't let live, he found some solace knowing he would be the one to end them should he gain nothing else from speaking with them. Only time would tell if his decision to extend their lives a few moments longer was truly worth his while, and that time was close at hand.

In addition to the four bandits he had tied up like the dead weight they currently were as they lay unconscious on the roof Six was now situated on, Julia was there with them. As tempting as it was to leave her to the first Beowolf that found her, and there were still plenty more prowling the streets below even now, for some reason he couldn't bring himself to let her die. Maybe it was out of some twisted sense of pity that convinced him to save her, his questionable code of honor that wouldn't allow him to let a former ally of his die until learning why they turned on him, or even seeing something in her that reminded him of what little of his past he could remember.

Then again perhaps it was yet another whimsical, addiction addled decision that had no proper reasoning behind it.

No one but Six could explain why he let his former companion live after she made multiple attempts on his life and, after injecting himself with a syringe full of Psycho and taking a final swig of whiskey he had prepared, he was in no position to do so. Right now, he had only enough presence of mind to focus on one problem at a time. Said problem was finding out why a quiet little village like Dawson would ever be massacred by the people who had tried to kill him. He knew they wouldn't reveal any information willingly, but he had all the tools he needed to get them to talk.

A large bottle of liquor, five faunus bound and gagged, a couple of rags he managed to scrounge up, and growing hatred for everything he saw: those were the tools he had to work with in his quest for answers. It wasn't much, but Six had worked with less in the past and was still able to get the results he wanted. He could only hope that the bandits he was dealing with now where a lot less suicidal than the chem addicts he usually dealt with back in the Mojave. It was a lot harder to threaten someone too high to care about answering him when he started hacking off limbs.

"Rise and shine, assholes!" He shouted as he drenched each one of his captives with the eye wateringly strong whiskey he had been drinking from moments earlier, smashing the empty bottle on the ground once he was finished and showering them in broken shards of glass in case the boozy bath hadn't stirred them out of unconsciousness.

A series of muffled curses and pained grunts came out from his victims, not that The Courier particularly cared about any of the insults or threats they threw at him. If anything, he was happy to hear how angry they were as each of the bandits fixed a murderous gaze on him as they stirred back to life. That was exactly what he wanted from them. The more alert and angry they were, the less he needed to do to hold their attention.

His partner, former partner, Julia, was the only exception. She gaped at him with something akin to terror when she woke up, her eyes wide and frantic as she tried to look for a way out of the rope that tightly bound her wrists and ankles together while struggling as best she could to break them. Her actions did not go unnoticed by Six. He lazily pointed Penetrator at her and fired off a shot just below her knees, blowing a fist sized hole through the stone floor for both her and the bandits to see.

"Go ahead. Make my goddamn day you fucking savages. I only need one of you alive anyways." Six goaded as he started to feel his mind clear up thanks to the chem he injected himself with, the more potent effects not kicking in quite yet.

His captives did not bother answering him, instead erasing all thoughts of escape out of their minds after his demonstration until their auras recovered.

"Now, I bet you all are wondering a couple things." He continued, taking one of the rags he set aside earlier and lighting it on fire with a handful of fire dust before setting it aside.

He lazily paced back and forth as he rambled on. "Why are we bound and gagged instead of enjoying ourselves after a successful raid? Where did all those Grimm come from? Who the hell is the guy with the gun and why hasn't he killed me yet? I'm also wondering all of that myself, but those aren't the questions either of us should really care about right now."

The Courier started to remove the gags from each one of his captives, except for Julia. He paused to look at the hand cannon in his free hand as she started to scream, her shouts muffled by the gag stuffed tightly in her mouth, before Six shook his head in disapproval and away from her and the others. None of his other captives dared to make a noise, as they did not want to be the one to earn his ire first.

"For most of you, this'll be your one and only chance to walk away from all this with all of you limbs attached. For the rest of you, all I have to say is that I hope our friend here isn't as messy an eater as the rest of its pack…" He trailed off, kicking a piece of debris by his feet past his prisoners and off of the roof.

A furious roar immediately followed, to which The Courier's captives all turned to look over the edge of the roof and down to the streets below. A lone Beowolf stared up to them, one pawed hand covering an eye that leaked thick, black smoke. The Grimm stood there, doing… nothing, an unsettling act from a creature known for its eagerness to leap at their prey the moment they spotted it.

And yet, there it was, only a few feet out of its reach. Watching.


"Ah, I can see you found my little 'friend'. I honestly had half a mind to shoot the mangy bastard the second he spotted us, but then I realized that he really isn't all that bad once you get to know him." The Courier said, the soulless lenses of his gasmask boring deep into each of his captives as he paced in front of them, his once fanciful tone slowly draining of emotion as he continued. "No, he didn't come here because he was a bad dog. The mutt down there's just… hungry. Very, very hungry."

As if on cue, the Beowolf howled, seemingly in agreement to The Courier's assessment and unnerving his captives even further.

"And look at what I have right in front of me. Lots of fresh meat." Six said, walking over to his former partner and placing a boot on her chest.

He pushed her back towards the edge of the roof, slowly inching her closer and closer to the waiting Grimm below. Julia started to frantically struggle against The Courier, trying and failing to break free through her bindings and screaming out in desperation at what she was sure would happen to her. Her screams were still suppressed by the gag in her mouth, but the terror coursing through every inch of her was able to pierce through it without any issue. The four bandits watching the display grew pale as they watched the only one of them they knew nothing about as she was pushed closer and closer to her death, silently watching and wondering if they would be next.

It was only when Julia's feet had gone over the edge that The Courier stopped, his victim's frenzied pleas reaching a crescendo before leaning down and yanking her back in line with the others.

"Like I said before, I only need ONE of you alive. Now, as much as I don't want my new friend down there to go hungry, I'm also open to making myself a few new… acquaintances, if you will. Can't exactly call you my friends after trying to kill each other and all that, but acquaintances? I don't kill my acquaintances. Random fuckers that raid every town they come across and try to kill me afterwards? That's a different story."

"Get fucked!" One of his captives, a male faunus with a pair of curled horns, shouted. "We aren't going to tell you anything!"

"You aren't?" The Courier asked, not bothering to look in his direction as he pulled out his bowie knife and gave it a quick inspection.

"No, we aren't. You humans all think you're all better than us faunus, but you're not. What we've done here today just proves it! And now that Mantle isn't here to protect you and your kind, the rest of the world is going to learn the hard way." He said in defiance, his fellow captives nodding in agreement and quietly murmuring their assent.

The Courier, to his credit, didn't say anything in response to this obvious provocation. He simply continued inspecting his knife for a little while longer before walking up to the brave faunus, taking a knee in front of him, and digging out the coin he received from the leader of the Spirit of Vacuo from one of his pockets and brandished in front of his rebellious captive.

"Tell me, do you really think I give a shit about this whole 'human and faunus supremacy' shit?" Six said as the bandit's eyes gaped in recognition of what he was holding.

"T-that's… where did you-"

Six was quick to interrupt him. "I received my little sign of membership straight from the rabbit tailed asshole back in the city of Vacuo for killing Major Ironwood. ALONE. Oh, and before you start calling me a liar…"

The Courier proceeded to remove the same token from each of his captives, daring them all to accuse him of lying and stealing one of theirs. Feeling that some of them weren't entirely convinced by the evidence he provided, he once again walked over to his former partner and placed his boot against her, ready to shove her off the roof.

"You were there when it happened, Julia. You saw it all happen and didn't do a damn thing to help me out. No, I did NOT forget about that. You made me kill that bastard Ironwood all on my own while you watched me risk my life for your little organization." He reminded her, to which she hurriedly nodded in agreement.

"Wait, Julia. Isn't that the founder's sister?" One of the other bandits gasped in panic.

"Alex's girl?" Another muttered in confusion.

"I don't have a goddamn clue what you're talking about, but unless there is another antlered bitch Alexander keeps around for a quick fuck, then this is exactly who you think it is." Six told them, playing up this unexpected development for what it was worth.

If his captives weren't terrified of him before, then they were absolutely horrified to know who they were dealing with now. The one who was experiencing the most fear was the bandit who had spoken up to Six mere moments earlier, the very same one The Courier was impassionately staring at with his bowie knife in hand.

"Oh… oh shit…" He gasped, his earlier composure shattering like broken glass.

"Don't worry." The Courier said reassuringly, placing a hand on the bandit's shoulder.

"It will all be over soon."

Six moved his arm across the bandit's back and thrusted his knife into his victim's stomach until the guard was digging into the leather armor protecting the bandit's chest. The man let out a pained gasp as the cold metal tore its way into his gut, and looked into The Courier's eyes with a pained, pitiful look in his eyes.

The Courier met his gaze, not uttering a single word as the two stayed there unmoving for a brief moment. Then Six twisted his knife and slowly tore it across the bandit's stomach as he let out a twisted shriek of agony. Only once the onlookers around them finished crying out in terror did The Courier retrieve his knife and let the bandit fall to the ground, leaving him to bleed out.

At least, that is what they all thought he was going to do before he grabbed the still burning rag he had left behind and walked back over to the bleeding bandit.

The Courier kicked his victim upside the head and, upon hearing a small groan of pain escape from the dying man's lips, threw the fiery cloth on him and instantly lit up his alcohol soaked clothes. His cries for pain, while muted compared to the first few he uttered, were no less vigorous or bloodcurdling, as were his attempts to douse the flames eating away at his body.

The Courier remained indifferent as his other captives watched on, either silently staring as their ally died in shock or crying out for help from anyone who might hear them, until his victim finally fell still. The flames had not yet finished eating away at the smoldering body, but that did not stop Six from grabbing the corpse as the fire licked at his fingers and he dragged it to the edge of the roof. He made sure that the rest of his captives were watching him as he dropped the bandit's remains off the roof, and stayed there while the sounds of bones breaking and flesh tearing carried on behind him as the waiting Beowolf enjoyed the meal it had been thrown.

"So, would anyone else like to waste my time?" The Courier asked as he wiped off his bloody knife on his shoulder.

"I've got a hungry mutt and still need to get rid of three of you. If you've got a death wish, refuse to answer my questions, stop being useful, or otherwise piss me off…" He gestured down at the Beowolf happily devouring the corpse it had been so graciously given.

Upon seeing the terror struck expressions of his remaining captives, Six didn't even bother explaining any further. The bandits knew what would happen if they didn't play along now. For those who weren't too scared to move, they gave him a quick shake of their head in order to placate their executioner.

"Good. Now, let me see, who am I going to pick first?" The Courier muttered, gleefully smiling at his captives from underneath his mask.

He pointed at his remaining four captives with an almost childish innocence and began to sing as he pointed at them in time, "Eeny, meeny, miney…" His finger hovered over his former partner for a moment, before he stuck her with his foot, kicking her aside and wiping his foot on the ground afterwards as if the very act of touching her disgusted him.

"Nope, I'm saving you for something special." He laughed, further terrifying his remaining captives before his gaze focused on a woman with scales covering part of her face. She was scared, not nearly as much as the man beside her, but absolutely horrified of him nonetheless. She would be perfect to start with.

"Guess you'll have to do then." He shrugged, taking a knee in front of her and grabbing another piece of cloth he had stored away in his pockets and setting it alight in front of her.

"I-I'll tell you anything you want to know!" She pleaded.

"Oh, don't make any promises you aren't sure you can't keep, lass. I HATE people who can't keep their word." The Courier replied, waving the burning rag in front of her frantic eyes.

"Might as well start out easy since you're the first. I don't want to start killing off anymore of you too quickly now." As The Courier spoke, he grabbed another rag out of his pocket and ignited it right in front of his terrified captive's face. "So, does the reason you savages came here have anything to do with the Spirit of Vacuo?"

"W-we were just following orders…" His victim pleaded in terror.

"I asked you a simple yes or no question. Is it really that hard to give me a simple answer?" The Courier sighed as he brought the flaming rag closer to his victim. "You want to rethink your answer, or would you rather I just throw you to the Beowolf now and get it over with already?"

A lone, piercing howl answered Six, spurring his victim into action.

"Yes!" She exclaimed. "We were-"

The Courier glared at her from behind his mask, a faint red light seeping out from between the cracks of his broken lens, silencing her as she recalled his previous words. Seeing the faunus woman shut up without needing to do it himself, he turned his attention to his next captive who looked ready to faint at any moment. He was a faunus with large, floppy dog ears and a manic look in his eyes. Yes, he would definitely tell Six everything he wanted to know. Whether or not he knew anything worthwhile was another matter entirely.

The final captive in line was a man with a long, thin, furry tail that Six couldn't begin to guess as to what creature it should belong to. He looked panicked, but not nearly as much as his other two companions. The tailed man had an aura of confidence, not that same bullet resistant nonsense he had removed earlier, but one that belonged to plenty of leaders and sadists he had slain in the past. Although Six had no way of knowing for sure, he had a feeling this person had the answers he wanted. Getting those answers, that would be the difficult part.

The Courier decided to save the tailed faunus for last and turned to face the dog faunus, burning rag still clenched tightly. "Alright, why don't you be a good boy and tell me who sent you."

"Camile! Camile Jueza."

Okay… that didn't mean a goddamn thing to Six. Even worse, that wasn't a man's name, meaning that guy who nearly bashed his chest in wasn't the one leading the bandits. This was not the news Six was hoping to hear, but he was grateful to know a little more about what he was getting into. With some luck, he might be able to worm a little more out of his captives. Speaking of which…

He looked at his former companion hoping to see some reaction indicating the name was familiar, but saw nothing but pure terror radiating off her. Nice to see she was still being as useless as always. If she ever wanted to make it to Vale, she had better be able and willing to change that.

Six could focus on figuring out that much later though, as he had a much more pressing question to ask his tailed captive.

"Who the fuck is Camile?" The Courier asked him.

"Our boss. How the hell do you not even know that much?" The tailed faunus asked in scathing astonishment.

"No back sass." The Courier told him, dropping the rag in his hand in favor of his knife.

With one fluid motion, Six plunged the blade deep into the tailed faunus' shoulder and leveraged it up until he felt something pop, or rather tear, out of place. The bandit let out a howl of pain, which was quickly silenced by a strong back hand as The Courier ripped his knife free from his victim's bleeding, visibly dislocated shoulder.

"Brothers! What the hell!?" The man cried out as he fought to keep himself from falling on his injured shoulder.

"You pissed me off, that's what." The Courier answered. "Do it again and next time I'll go for your knees. Both of them."

The bandit let out a slew of curses as he became accustomed to the pain, and Six allowed these slights against him to go unanswered for the time being as he focused on the female faunus instead.

"Your boss, what does she look like?" He asked, wiping off his bloody knife on her face.

"W-w-wings…" She stuttered in terror.

Well, as far as information went that was mostly useless. If that was the best this bandit could offer him for information, then she wasn't going to be much use any longer. Not alive, at any rate. Six turned to face the dog faunus, picking up the burning piece of cloth he dropped with one hand as he lazily twirled his knife in between the fingers of his other.

"What about numbers? What kind of a fight would I be getting into if I were to hunt down this boss of yours?" The Courier asked the bandit.

"I-I don't k-know." He answered, to which Six stopped held his weapon still and stared down at the man. A large wet spot started to grow on his pants as the captive realized his mistake.

"Dozens! There's got to be dozens of us." He cried out.

"North or south of fifty?" Six inquired as he started to play with his knife again.

"What? What does that even mean?!"

"More or less than fifty, jackass." The Courier growled.

The dog faunus quickly answered, "More… I think?", wincing as he struggled to recall exactly how many of his allies were left after their attack on Dawson.

Six nodded, seemingly satisfied with the answer he was given, and turned to look at his final captive. The wounded bandit was glaring at him, but with far less intensity than the faunus had previously after experiencing one of Six's favored interrogation techniques.

"I'll come back to you since I have something special I want to ask you in particular." The Courier said, chuckling as he saw the defiant look on the man's face falter for a moment.

Six then again looked over his partner before looking over his remaining prisoners once more. He had already learned so much in so little time, but was running out of things to ask them. It was time he started whittling down their numbers so he could get the most competent amongst them in the right mood for his last few questions.

"Alright, between the three of you, who would you say is the most important?" Six asked. He already had an idea of who it was, but wanted to put on a show for said faunus.

"What?" The dog eared faunus murmured.

"Which one of you fuckers should I be 'thanking' for burning down this whole town the most?" Six clarified, tearing his burning rag in two as he did so.

Rather than give him a name, the eyes of his two nervous captives both darted to the man whose shoulder he had ripped out of place. As for the man in question, he finally looked as terrified as the others once he knew they had sold him out.

"Great, thanks for making my job easier for me." The Courier said as he threw one half of his flaming rag on each of the other two captives.

He savored their tortured screams for a moment before grabbing each one of them by the collar and dragging them to the edge of the roof as they fought to put out the flames that engulfed them. Neither bandit knew what was happening until it was too late to struggle against The Courier and they were already falling towards the waiting Beowolf below.

"Well, since your little buddies didn't have anything useful to tell me, I guess it's just you and me." The Courier said as he approached the tailed faunus, sparing a glance towards his bound partner.

"For now." He added, laughing as the gag in the mouth muffled whatever curses or pleas she tried to utter towards him.

"W-why the hell would I tell you anything? You're just going to kill me anyways." The final bandit said in an admission of defeat.

"Don't think of it like that." The Courier said, not even bothering to put up a front anymore. "Think of it this way: The quicker you give me what I want, the quicker I fuck off to murder the people that were all to happy to leave you behind. Whether or not I remember to kill you or leave you a knife or a bullet when I start hunting the rest of you savages down… well, I suppose we'll just have to wait and see, now won't we? I did say I was in need of some new friends, and I can not bear to see anything happen to my friends."

"So, how do you feel like doing this… friend?" Six asked his captive. "Slow and painful or quick and easy?"

"You're really going to try and hunt the others down? What the hell was this place to you!?" The bandit asked in disbelief.

"Nothing if I'm being honest. I just really hate people like you." The Courier told him honestly.

"You're a fucking psycho." The bandit grumbled, knowing no matter what he did, nothing was likely to change for him in the end.

The Courier simply shrugged at the accusation. He couldn't quite tell whether or not the bandit knew he was on Psycho or if it was a random insult like the one his partner had regularly thrown at him. Either way, it didn't bother him. Not when he still had a little while longer before his chem addled system purged the last of this particular chem out of his system.

"And you're the guy trying to piss off the psycho with a knife and no one else around for miles around." Six reminded him. "Now, let's get this shit over with. I've got places to go, people to kill, and I'm getting bored of slaughtering savages that can't even fight back."

The bandit smirked and said, "Why don't you cut me loose and then we'll see how bored you-"

Six cut off the challenge by kicking the man onto his back and stomping down on one of his captive's knees with a sickening crack, earning a howl of pain from the man.

"That's one knee. And this-" He said as he lifted up his leg and stomped on the other, a loud crunch echoing out alongside the wet, meaty sounds coming from the street below as the Beowolf feasted on the two additional bodies it had been so graciously gifted, "-is the other."

"I warned you about being a smart ass." Six sighed as he pulled the man back onto his ruined legs to an assortment of curses. "Now, unless you want me to look for a pair of pliers so I can start working on your fingers and toes, I suggest you shut up and speak only when spoken to."

The Courier waited a moment for his captive to stop whimpering before continuing. "Good. Now, I'll take it you savages have a base set up around here to bring back your hauls after a good raid, right?"

The bandit nodded, and as much as Six wanted to make good on his promise, he decided to play nicely for the time being as he wasn't sure how long it would take for him to find a pair of pliers thick enough to crush bone.

"I'll take it that you can show me where I can find these friends of yours?" The Courier asked.

"I can do you better than that. I've got a map in my back pocket." The bandit answered.

"Really? You're awfully cooperative all of a sudden."

"Yeah, and those assholes left me alone with you." The bandit fired back. "The higher ups are all preachy about how we faunus are attacking settlements out here in the Wasteland because the humans have had it coming for a long time, but you and I both know that's a load of bullshit. They're only burning towns like this down because now that they don't have anyone stopping them from taking what they want-"

"-they're gonna steal whatever isn't nailed down, burn what is, and kill anyone that gets in their way." The Courier finished for him as he fished out the map from the bandit's pocket. "I've seen this shit happen more times than I can count."

Six had seen it, stopped it, and even raided a few places that certainly deserved to have their shit pushed in. Nelson, Cottonwood Cove, Camp Forlorn Hope, Hidden Valley, Black Mountain, Hoover Dam, The Fort, Helios One, and the Crimson Caravan were just a few of the places Six had personally seen destroyed. It was only a matter of time until someone burnt each one of those places to ashes and dumped a whole ton of radioactive waste on them afterwards. The only thing that anyone was surprised by was that each one of them were brought down by a single person, or just a handful, but people hardly remembered his companions were ever there to help the massacres go along a little quicker when he was doing most of the killing. No wonder everyone in the Mojave hated him.

Maybe he should finish the job when he finally got back home and saw if the Divide really did have all the 'goodies' it was rumored to have…

or maybe he should stop thinking about the future until the psycho wore off, he thought in a rare moment of clarity. There was a reason he avoided using the stuff, outside of how it barely had an effect on him unlike with most people.

Shrugging aside that thought, Six opened up the map and tried to make sense of what he was looking at as instead of being marked with any semblance of order like those maintained by his Pipboy, the rough sheet of paper in his hands was hard to make out. There weren't any names he could go off of, although there were plenty of landmarks dotted across the map in addition to a myriad of symbols that held no meaning to him yet. With that said, he could at least take a guess as to what most of them meant.

"Let's see here, we've got towns and other settlements dotted around the place, the ones that are crossed out are probably looking just as good as Dawson right about now, and the star is your guys' base. Do I have it about right?" The Courier asked his captive as he scanned the map with his Pipboy so he would have one less thing to carry with him.

"Pretty much." The bandit said. "So, what happens now?"

"Oh, don't worry. I'll let you figure that out." Six said as he kicked the faunus in the face, knocking him out in a single blow.

From there, he cut the man's legs and arms free and dropped one of the 11mm pistols he had carried with him beside the unconscious bandit. Six made sure to empty the magazine but not the chamber, leaving his captive with one final 'fuck you'. Whether or not the bandit would know what he was supposed to do when he regained consciousness or try to crawl his way back to safety with two broken legs, The Courier neither knew nor cared. The bandit served his purpose and he had someone else to worry about.

"And then there was one." The Courier said as he strode over to Julia, who stared back at him with a dead look in her eyes.

"You know, I have half a mind to just shoot you now and be done with you since that's what you tried doing to me a while ago." The Courier said, pulling out Penetrator and leveling the barrel towards her head. "Then again, most everyone I've called a friend has tried that shit with me too."

His aim wavered for a moment, but it was enough to light up a spark of hope in his captive's eyes, exactly what Six was aiming for. "Tell you what, I've got a couple of questions I wanna ask you so that way I know whether or not I need to watch my back around you. Be honest with me and I'll not only be honest with you, but maybe give you a second chance. All depends on whether or not I feel like you'll blow my brains out… or try to set me on fire with your magical fuckery again."

Julia only looked alarmed when The Courier mentioned this last part, but he paid little mind to her reaction and instead waited for her answer. A long, uncomfortably minute passed before Six saw the realized the reason for silence and removed the gag from her mouth. "That'll probably help." He muttered.

"Alright, first things first, did you know any of this shit was going on or did this happen behind your back?" Six asked his antlered captive.

"I… I didn't know." She told him, still unable to believe the organization she had been with since the beginning or its recruits could fall so far.

"I had a feeling that was the case. How about that magic you were doing earlier, you know, the fireballs and icicles and shit? Is that your semblance or something?"

"Yes, yes it is." Julia said, clinging onto the explanation Six had given her.

"Alright, I've got one last thing to ask you before I decide what to do with you next… well two things actually, but we can save your explanation for 'why the fuck didn't you use your magic semblance brahminshit to save our asses earlier' for later." Six continued on, either believing her or not particularly caring she was lying as aura and semblances were no different than magic to him regardless.

"Knowing that these shithead bandits are still a part of your little group of 'rebels' from Vacuo, what are you going to do about it?" He asked her, clutching onto his head for a brief moment as the effects from the Psycho he had taken earlier finally wore off.

"What am I going to do about it?" She repeated, uncertain of what he was getting at.

"Yeah, that's what I said. Are you deaf or just dumb?" Six mocked. "Are you just going to let these fuckers kill some other poor sons of bitches who didn't do a damn thing to deserve it, or are you going to get off your sorry ass and do something about it instead of letting me do all the work again?"

"I won't shoot you if I say no, but you best believe I will blow your brains out if I ever see you again afterwards." He threatened, gripping his hand cannon just a little tighter as he spoke. "If you say yes, I'd be willing to forgive and forget about how you tried to kill me if you'd be doing the same for me."

Julia looked over to the mangled, unconscious faunus only a few feet away from her as she considered his offer. She made it painfully clear how genuine she felt his offer was.

"I don't care whether or not you trust me. In fact, given how I could've killed you at any point until now for the shit you've pulled, I'd say you have every reason to turn tail and run the second I let you go." The Courier explained.

"Then again, that'd make you just about as bad as the rest of the bandits that attacked this place and your little bunch of rebels back in Vacuo if you did bail on me now." He continued.

"I… we are nothing like these criminals!" His former partner shouted in defiance.

"Really? Maybe that's what it looks like from where you're standing, but from where I'm at? You're just another random faunus I couldn't care less about who hates humans with every bone of her body, didn't do a damn thing to save this town or anyone in it from getting attacked, and turned tail the moment you realized you fucked up after trying to kill me for no goddamn reason." Six explained to her.

"That is not what happened." She growled back at him.

"Then prove it." Six said, drawing his knife and cutting his partner's arms free. She didn't dare back away from him and allowed him to remove the bindings that tied her legs together.

"You're the second in command to the Spirit of Vacuo if I'm understanding things right, the same organization these savages are a part of, can throw fucking fireballs with your barehands, and are crazy enough to try and backstab the guy that scared off an entire army." He reminded her, pointing at himself for emphasis at the end.

Julia looked her former partner over, waiting for him to try and attack her, but found herself waiting for nothing. Only when she was certain he would lash out against her did she respond. "These bandits have nothing to do with the faunus in Vacuo, I… I can't just go using my powers whenever I want, and I am not crazy!" She shouted at him.

"...I'll have to argue against you on at least two of those points." The Courier remarked. "You're damn well crazy for sticking with me for as long as you have and not running for the hills the moment I let you go. As for these people having nothing to do with ol' Bunny Boy's bunch of butt buddies, I'm all ears if you have an explanation for how those bandits knew who you were the moment I told them a little bit about you and all had the same little membership coin Alex gave me."


Julia wanted to say something, anything to refute Six, but couldn't. Not without him throwing her words right back at her, unable to support what she and the people she had known for years were doing to a madman of all people. Not unless she had proof, but there was only one way to get it.

"I'll prove you wrong." She told him, her voice barely a whisper when she finally found the courage to speak.

"And how are you going to do that?" Six said, already knowing the answer. "Cause if you think talking to me will change my mind, then let me tell you that you're doing a shit job of it so far, Antlers."

"We're going to find these bandits and kill them." Julia said.

Six waited a moment to see if she would retract her declaration, but seeing the conviction in her eyes, he holstered his gun and walked past her. "Alright then, let's get a move on. The quicker we put these fuckers down, the quicker we can get outta this hellhole of a kingdom." He said dismissively.

"Wait… that's it?" She asked incredulously, glancing at the weapon hanging from his hip and turning back towards the bandit he had knocked out. "You're not going to do anything… else?"

"Nope. I left that shithead a better way out than I showed his friends." Six said with a laugh. "As for you, I already knocked you out cold once when you were using your magic-"

"It's not magic, it's my semblance."

"Yeah, whatever. Call it whatever you feel like, it's all the same to me." The Courier shrugged. "The point is I beat your ass once, twice actually, but if I can do it once then I can damn well do it again. And that's with or without your magical semblance fuckery."

A chilling thought, but one that Julia felt reasonably confident wouldn't happen a third time. Not that she would ever let the opportunity present itself again.

"Now, let's get a move on before any more Grimm show up. I don't know where the hell that mutt ran off too after feeding it, but apparently he ain't hungry anymore. Best we head out before any others from its pack show up looking for scraps." Six said as he peered over the edge of the room at the shredded chunks of meat and bone below.

He checked his Pipboy and set a waypoint for his next destination as he started brainstorming ideas for how to deal with the bandits if the numbers he were given were anywhere close to accurate. Hopefully he could think of a few methods that sadistic toaster wouldn't be proud of before arriving at his destination.

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