Just another piece from the movie City Of Angels.

The story bellow, its a version from Maggie (Meg Ryan) death, but in her perspective, diffenerently from the film, where we watch the scene, by Seth (Nicolas Cage) point of view.

Hope you like it.


Death doesn't hurt much, at least not anymore. When the truck had hit her, Maggie thought her body would explode, but now, after almost half an hour after the collision, she couldn't feel anything anymore, not even Seth´s voice, she could register correctly anymore, it seems like her was very far away from her.

Seth, the poor man, angel had give up so much to stay with her, he had give up his own mortality to stay with her, she couldn't leave him, but sadly, she didn't have a choice, she could feel like been drained away from her and she was scared.

Suddenly, another man appeared behind Seth, looking directly at Maggie. Despite of having worn black robes, the man had very comforting and understanding glare, which makes Maggie assume he was one of those angels Seth had been before, as her fear start to fade away.

''Its time Maggie'' the angel said and before she could ever register what she said to Seth, the former doctor was suddenly seeing herself in the floor, as Seth cried and rock her back and forth.

Somewhat Maggie felt like the remain of her heart had broken, so she looked at the other angel and plead for a second chance of living.

''Its not how it happens Maggie'' the angel said.

''Please, its not his fault, Seth had a free will, don´t punish him, he came all the way…''

''Nah, don´t worry, its not a punishment, He never punish those who prefer to became human, Seth didn't do nothing wrong, its life, he understand that and one day he will join you.'' he said and in response, Maggie couldn't help but nod.

''I will miss him'' she said looking directly at Seth, who was sobbing over her body.

''And he will miss you too, but don´t worry, from up there, you will be able to see him whenever you want.'' The angel said quietly ''Now, Maggie, I will ask you, what do you liked best?''

''For everything I have done in life, what I liked best was Seth, to meet him and spend only one night in his arms.'' She said and with that, they left for Heaven, where Maggie waited patiently, for the day she would join Seth for eternity.