BB: 'Before Bleach', or rather, the events of the first chapter of 'Bleach.'

25,000+ BB:

The first vasto lorde, Fenris Wolf (Coyote Stark), is recorded. After a century of slaughter throughout the realms, six of the most powerful shinigami clans succeed in capturing Fenris with the unbreakable chain Gleipnir and imprison him on the Moon. These clans then form the Six Great Noble Houses of Soul Society.

Sometime during this period, Soul Society is approached by Jigoku, an emissary of Hell, who requests their aid in tracking down an escapee. A deal is reached in which the shinigami agree to destroy the target. One of them is approved as the official Principal to conduct further negotiations with Hell.

18,000+ BB:

The Sokyoku halberd is created for the purpose of destroying Fenris. It fails, and is instead kept as a means of executing rebel shinigami.

4000+ BB:

Unohana Retsu abandons the court of the King of Soul Society in Nirvana so that she might tend to the sick and injured in both Soul Society and the mortal realm.

~2000 BB:

Unohana is approached by a young Yamamoto Genryusai-Shigekuni, who demands her assistance in forming an army of shinigami to combat Hollows. They fight, and Unohana is utterly defeated. Yamamoto spares her life. Together with Kyoraku Shunsui and Ukitake Jushiro, they form the first four of the future 13 Court Guard Squads. Unohana begins to plot her revenge, recruiting other shinigami to her cause.

~1300 BB:

Isane Kotetsu, eldest daughter of the Lord of the Kotetsu, is born.

~1150 BB:

Unohana fashions a near-sentient spell in the mountains of Peru designed to harvest and concentrate lost plus souls into a vasto lorde. In the guise of the goddess Itzpapalotl she visits the Mayan Empire, where human sacrifice is prevalent, to teach them a spell that will send the victims' souls to her mountain stronghold.

~750 BB:

Isane Kotetsu assumes the leadership of her family after both her father and elder brother die within a year of one another.

The presence of a possible vasto lorde in Mesoamerica causes Soul Society to dispatch the Kenpachi of that period along with the Kido Chief and half their divisions. None are ever heard from again as they are absorbed by the newborn Hollow, which is actually Ulquiorra Schiffer, born as a result of Unohana's ancient experiments.

~650 BB:

Unohana and Jushiro investigate Medieval Europe during the Black Death for signs of another vasto lorde, eventually concluding none is present.

~600 BB:

The Manor Wars, a bloody period of dynastic socio-political conflict among the 6 Great Houses of the Seireitei, begin.

~575 BB:

Sosuke Takuiyoku (Aizen) is born to Manami Takuiyoku (younger sister to Lord Katsurou Arashi) and Kaito Takuiyoku, the current Lord of that house.

The Manor Wars end when a Kuchiki/Shihoin alliance led by Ginrei Kuchiki exposes the Takuiyoku as the primary instigators of that conflict. Over 25% of all noble families have been lost. The King of Soul Society (also a Takuiyoku) orders all members of the clan besides himself to be exterminated.

Manami secretly entrusts Unohana Retsu with her infant son Sosuke. She and a golem disguised to resemble Sosuke are then executed by Yudai, the Lord of the Shiba. Unbeknownst to anyone but her brother, Manami was pregnant at the time. As a hidden witness to all this, Kyoraku Shunsui rescues a maidservant named Shirabe and accepts her into his household.

All other Takuiyoku are killed or commit suicide. Unohana takes this opportunity to endow the orphaned Sosuke with the combined soul power of his entire clan courtesy of the spell structure she developed to create vasto lorde. She leaves him in the mountains of Peru to be raised by obedient spirits who believe her to be an Incan goddess.

In protest, Lord Katsurou Arashi withdraws his house and its members from the Gotei 13 permanently. Katsurou challenges Yudai Shiba to a duel to avenge his sister and her children. The battle ends when Yudai cuts off Katsurou's arm. While recuperating from his injury, he is approached by Kyoraku Shunsui, who reveals he witnessed Manami's murder and offers to help destroy the House of Shiba as punishment for Yudai's crime. Katsurou accepts.

~380 BB:

During a purge of Christian rebels in the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan, an orphan child is killed by imperial forces. His lost soul eventually becomes a fearsome Hollow codenamed Rip Tease.

~350 BB:

After killing countless mortals and over 100 shinigami (including Soifon's grandmother and two of her brothers), Rip Tease is ultimately destroyed by Daichi Yamada, father of Hanataro, who dies in the attempt. The Hollow's soul, imperfectly purified, arrives in Soul Society as a child and adopts the name Gin Ichimaru.

227 BB:

Aizen Sosuke graduates from the Shinigami Academy.

~150 BB:

Ichimaru Gin discovers the infant Rukia after she is abandoned by her sister Hisana. With prodding from his zanpakuto, he takes the baby into his care and teaches her how to survive in the Rukongai. A year later he leaves the girl after determining for himself that she can make it on her own. Neither realize Rukia has inherited her sister's zanpakuto.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi uncovers the ancient bargain between Soul Society and Hell. Unable to understand it fully, he nonetheless manages to successfully nominate himself as the next official Principal once the current holder Yamamoto dies. For this he is sent to the Maggot's Nest.

~120 BB:

After centuries of attrition both militarily and socially, the Shiba Clan is facing complete collapse. To save his house from ruin, Yudai Shiba agrees to a secret wedding pact between the current heirs of the Shiba and Kotetsu which would make his eldest son Kaien a part of their house. Before this can take place, however, Kyoraku Shunsui covertly arranges with the maid Shirabe's help for Kaien and his best friend/lieutenant Miyako to have a drunken one-night-stand together. When Shirabe moves to dispose of the evidence she meets Lieutenant Aizen Sosuke and immediately recognizes him as her lord. Distraught, the maid breaks down and is found by Ukitake Jushiro. Both inadvertently sleep together thanks to an enchanted drink, and upon awaking the grief-stricken Shirabe flees into the Rukongai, with Jushiro having no recollection of what happened between them. Later on Shirabe realizes she is pregnant with Ukitake's child.

A resolute Kaien proposes to Miyako the next morning, which she accepts. News of their wedding causes the Kotetsu to denounce Yudai, and after installing Kaien as head of the family, he prepares to commit ritual suicide, only to be ambushed and murdered by Katsurou Arashi and Captain Kyoraku. Ukitake regretfully covers up any evidence of the crime.

Kyoraku is entrusted with the daughter of the abominable Akio Sakezuki by her mother, born prematurely as a result of her mistreatment at his hands. Momo's mother lies to her husband, claiming the baby died as the result of a miscarriage. Having long felt guilty about not preventing their unhappy marriage, Captain Kyoraku decides to leave the infant with Shirabe, who unbeknownst to him was pregnant at the time. She names the baby Momo Hinamori, and soon after gives birth to her own son, Toshiro Hitsugaya. Kyoraku then sets about plotting Sakezuki's murder.

Kaname Tosen joins the Shinigami Academy after the woman he loves is murdered by her husband, none other than Akio Sakezuki. Sometime following his graduation, Kaname kills Akio while Aizen makes it look like a suicide, unaware that Kyoraku Shunsui witnessed the whole thing through the power of his soul cutter, having planned to kill Sakezuki himself. Shunsui decides this was for the best and does not report the crime.

~110 BB:

Kisuke Urahara succeeds in mastering bankai in just three days. Offended by this, his zanpakuto Benihime curses him with an uncontrollable second release that nearly kills Yoruichi Shihoin, but she is saved by the sacrifice of Zhen Feng, Soifon's last remaining brother. Kisuke becomes the 12th Division captain a few years later.

Unohana discovers the young Gin and Rangiku Matsumoto squatting in the ruins of her old home. Without revealing her true identity, she encourages Ichimaru to join the Shinigami Academy, recognizing that he would make an ideal agent of chaos under Aizen. The two youths proceed to do so, and Gin graduates a year later.

~105 BB:

The lieutenant of Squad Six, Byakuya Kuchiki's mother, discovers proof that Aizen is conspiring with the Hollows. Before she can relay this information to anyone, she is killed by an Espada. Having long known Ginrei Kuchiki might suspect Aizen of wrongdoing, Unohana begins surreptitiously drugging him to diminish his faculties.

Lady Yoruichi Shihoin and her teenage student Byakuya Kuchiki become lovers.

98 BB:

When the Vaizard are created, Yoruichi flees with them and Urahara Kisuke into exile in the mortal realm, leaving her zanpakuto in Byakuya's care so she can always return. Sometime after this, Yoruichi realizes she is pregnant with Byakuya's child and gives birth to their son Noboru. She hides the boy from everyone in South America, periodically returning to oversee his growth and development as a shinigami.

~50 BB:

Newly installed captains Gin Ichimaru and Byakuya Kuchiki meet, and Byakuya introduces his adopted sister Rukia to him. Gin recognizes her as the baby he saved.

Rukia Kuchiki witnesses the ambush and removal of a disgraced shinigami officer by Soifon and Ichimaru. Gin takes this opportunity to torment her. Also covertly observing the attack, Aizen Sosuke speaks to Rukia and casts the 'Cloud Over Moon' spell on her so that she will remember nothing about the incident.

A mix-up sends Rukia on her first assignment to the living world, where she is rescued from Tia Halibel by Yoruichi Shihoin. Upon meeting the other outcasts of the Urahara Shoten, she agrees to keep their existence a secret.

Renji Abarai introduces Rukia to Yumichika Ayasegawa for the first time at a raucous party thrown by both their divisions. Due to heavy drinking, Rukia does not remember this encounter afterwards. The ingestion of kido-infused alcohol also damages the spell placed on her by Aizen, causing her to have vague memories of the prior event.

As punishment for damaging the 13th Division grounds, the party attendees are assigned to exterminate the denizens of Hollow's Bog. Then-Tercera Espada Natella Contracorriente is sent by Gin to assassinate Captain Ukitake during this mission. Yumichika and Rukia fight side-by-side against the Hollows, while Abarai and Ukitake work together to kill Natella. Before she dies, Renji is poisoned by the Espada, and after being treated by Unohana Retsu at Ukitake's insistence, he develops an Inner Hollow.

Rukia meets with Captain Aizen to ask if he will intervene on Renji's behalf. He notices that his spell has lost some of its effect on her. Intrigued and moved by her devotion to her comrade, he agrees to help.

New Tercera Espada Neliel tu Odelschvank discovers the vasto lorde Ulquiorra Schiffer living in Hueco Mundo's dead zone and convinces him to meet with Aizen.

Following the deaths of Kaien and Miyako Shiba, Yumichika offers to train Rukia in combat. He never admits that this is partly because he has developed feelings towards her, and the two of them begin a long and productive student-mentor relationship.

~40 BB:

With Unohana's help, Mayuri Kurotsuchi successfully engineers his own artificial lieutenant, naming her Nemu. The newborn is placed in Lieutenant Isane Kotetsu's care, and eventually a sisterly bond develops between the pair.

Aizen Sosuke meets with Barragan Luisenbarn to offer him information about the Quincy and size up his erstwhile rival. The Hollow King orders a coordinated attack on all Quincy, sending the Wild Hunt to dispatch the largest concentration in Japan.

Thanks to his previous status in the Hunt, Captain Saijin Komamura senses the incursion and goes to meet it accompanied by Captain Gin Ichimaru. Upon arrival, Saijin confronts Cernunnos alone while Gin and his company fight the Wild Hunt, surreptitiously slaying any Quincy they find alive at Yamamoto's urging. Saijin manages to rescue a young Ryuken Ishida and his father Soken. Together they destroy Cernunnos, and Saijin makes sure the two remaining Quincy escape alive.

At some point Neliel tu Odelschvank and Gin Ichimaru become lovers.

~35 BB:

Aizen assumes full control of the armies of Hueco Mundo. Forced to surrender, Barragan seals Cernunnos and the Wild Hunt in a secret location.

In a test of Soul Society's strength, Captain Byakuya Kuchiki confronts an invading force led by the Cuarta Espada of that period and kills it, avenging his mother.

0 BB:

Rukia is assigned to a post in Karakura Town, where she meets Ichigo Kurosaki. The events of 'Bleach' take place. Coyote Stark is freed by Aizen and joins his army. After a harrowing encounter with Stark in the mortal world, school bully Oushima Reichi is traumatized and sent to a monastery for spiritual protection.

The Autumn War is fought between Soul Society and Aizen's Hollow empire. All non-shinigami inhabitants of Soul Society are transferred to a sub-dimension for their own safety. Unohana Retsu reveals herself as a traitor, along with several shinigami whose memories had been kept sealed, including Rukia and the Vaizards Love and Rose. Love reconsiders his allegiance but Rose kills their comrade Hachigen Ushoda. Commander-General Yamamoto permanently loses his shinigami powers, as do Jushiro Ukitake, Kyoraku Shunsui, and Saijin Komamura. Rukia fights and defeats Gin. Kenpachi Zaraki learns his shikai.

Kisuke Urahara, Kukaku Shiba and Yoruichi Shihoin initiate a plan to trap Aizen and Unohana permanently in Nirvana along with their vasto lorde. Momo Hinamori, now serving Aizen, is turned to stone by Nanao Ise's shikai and her zanpakuto shattered, rendering her a regular plus. Ginrei Kuchiki sacrifices himself to rescue Yoruichi from a Hollowfied Unohana. Kaname Tosen attempts to use the hogyoku to make Unohana a Vaizard, but fails. Mayuri Kurotsuchi is imprisoned in a psychic realm of torment battling the ghost of Soken Ishida.

Barragan Luisenbarn and Ulquiorra Schiffer are killed, as is Yumichika Ayasegawa. Unohana leaves her zanpakuto Minazuki in Soul Society. Nirvana is sealed. The Hollows flee back to Hueco Mundo and the war ends. A wounded Gin Ichimaru escapes to the mortal realm in a gigai. At Rukia's request, she and the other traitors have their memories sealed again so they can live their lives without the shadow of Aizen's interference. Ichigo steals and hides the sword Minazuki. Thanks to a secret ability, Ulquiorra manages to resurrect himself in Hueco Mundo, but in a grievously depleted state.

AH: After 'Hammered Down', and everything that occurred in it.

+6 months AH:

With most of the Rukongai destroyed in the war, Soul Society fashions numerous Heavenly Relocation Oases (Halos) to house the displaced souls until they can devise new spiritual realms for them to live in. This effort is assisted by the Arashi, who contribute greatly to Soul Society's renewal. Acting on intel left by his grandfather Ginrei, Byakuya Kuchiki begins training Toshiro Hitsugaya.

With assistance from Nirvana, Rose Otoribashi locates and frees the Wild Hunt. He also uses his zanpakuto to allow Ichigo's Hollow to manifest outside him, but only in Hueco Mundo. Ulquiorra Schiffer is located and partially resurrected by members of Barragan's court in Hueco Mundo at the behest of a sending from Tia Halibel, who convinces them she is Barragan. To sustain Schiffer, they set about covertly extracting living essence from certain humans who encountered vasto lorde and survived, all of them from Karakura Town.

At some point following the Autumn War, the 7 Court Guard Squads are formed, with Renji, Neliel tu Odelschvank, and Kisuke Urahara as new captains. Nanao Ise resigns her post and goes to live in the human world working in the Kurosaki clinic. Rangiku Matsumoto tracks down and kills several shinigami loyal to Aizen, becoming a fugitive in the process. She goes into hiding with Gin at a Japanese amusement park that he owns. They eventually learn about Ulqiuiorra's renewal and begin investigating.

Lieutenant Rukia Kuchiki visits Karakura Town, where Kon convinces her to get him a personalized gigai from the Shinigami R&D Lab. He meets the imprisoned Mayuri Kurotsuchi, and briefly makes contact with him.

Noboru, son of Byakuya and Yoruichi, is approached by agents of the Shihoin including Soifon. He eludes them, but becomes the target of the Wild Hunt. Soifon kills the Hunt Master and convinces Noboru to return to Soul Society with them, where his mother introduces him to his paternal aunt Rukia. She agrees to look after her nephew without revealing their relationship to anyone, and Rukia returns to the living world full-time where she re-opens the Urahara Shoten as the Usagi Shoten. Rukia and Ichigo reunite. Experiencing trouble with his Inner Hollow, Ichigo turns to Nanao to teach him kido.

+11 months AH:

Ichigo continues training with Nanao. Kon and Ganju Shiba become employees at the Usagi Shoten. Rukia and Noboru grow closer as a family.

Ichigo's friends from Karakura High carrying vasto lorde essence are accidentally sent to Hueco Mundo, where they are captured by Barragan's cult. Siamese Company led by Renji and Neliel, with assistance from Noboru, are sent to rescue them. Cernunnos frees Ichigo's Hollow from Rose's restraints, who kills the Hunt Master and attempts to kill the students including Tatsuki Arisawa and Orihime Inoue, but is destroyed when Ulquiorra Schiffer is given a temporary power boost from Halibel. Toshiro Hitsugaya and Rukia are nearly killed by Halibel's shade, but her link is severed, and Ulquiorra flees. Kunieda Ryo reveals she has developed a spiritual power much like Chad and Orihime. Grimmjow recovers the stolen vasto lorde essence.

The teenagers are rescued. Barragan's cult is exterminated, and the only survivor, Berrinholtz, is possessed by Cernunnos to become the new leader of the Wild Hunt. Soul Society briefly captures Rangiku, but she is rescued by Gin after confronting Toshiro.

Back in Karakura Town, Tatsuki tracks down the weakened Ulquiorra and offers to let him survive off her essence in exchange for destroying Ichigo's Hollow permanently. Orihime resolves to negate Ichigo's Hollow with her power if it ever threatens her friends again.

+22 months AH:

Unohana Retsu recovers and begins assisting Aizen.

Byakuya Kuchiki and Yoruichi Shihoin are engaged to marry, as are Lady Isane Kotetsu and Jushiro Ukitake. Tatsuki continues to shelter Ulquiorra.

Yamamoto Genryusai-Shigekuni, an invalid since the Autumn War, finally passes away. At his funeral, an emissary from Hell named Jigoku appears. It is revealed that the only one capable of communicating with Jigoku is the new Principal, Mayuri Kurotsuchi. Urahara resolves to restore him to sanity.

Nirvana learns of this and dispatches two forces led by Grimmjow and a disguised Rose to interfere. The R&D Bureau is breached with aid from an Arashi defector. Urahara uses his bankai to defeat Ichigo's Hollow, while Grimmjow is captured but escapes. Love covertly rescues Rose from an Arashi strike force led by Katsurou Arashi. In the meantime, Grimmjow's pack steals the remains of the Sokyoku halberd. As a reward for this success, he is given a key to safely enter Unohana's ancient mountain fastness, which he reactivates. An attempt to revive Mayuri instead awakens Momo Hinamori. She seeks the protection of Kyoraku Shunsui, and he agrees to hide her as a maid in his household.

Nemu reveals that she is a co-Principal to Hell, and establishes communication with Jigoku. The demon departs after confirming their ancient contract.

The weddings take place. Noboru is finally introduced to his father Byakuya, who accepts him as his heir. Arashi Katsurou approaches Byakuya with an offer to marry Rukia. During a party celebrating Karakura High's cultural festival, Rukia and Ichigo sleep together.

~22-30 months AH:

Rukia discovers she is pregnant and unable to leave her gigai. She asks Ryuken Ishida to be her primary caregiver. Her condition is discovered by Kon, and in a fit of rage, he tries to kill Ichigo but is stopped by Karin. Rukia and Ichigo discuss their futures, including her imminent marriage to Katsurou.

Grimmjow informs Ichigo that one of the Vaizard is a traitor, which he relates back to them. Yoruichi meets with Gin Ichimaru, who confirms the existence of a traitor and offers a plan to sniff them out. A suspicious Rukia contracts Rin Tsubokura to study the Arashi marriage proposal for signs of subterfuge. He eventually learns that the marriage will make the Kuchiki clan subsidiary to the Arashi. When confronted about this, Katsurou refuses to cancel the wedding, and Ichigo challenges him to a duel for Rukia's hand.

Soul Society attacks Grimmjow's pack and captures Rudobon Chereute, who can supposedly provide evidence about the traitor Vaizard. The pack escapes to their mountain hideout, but Grimmjow is trapped between dimensions and presumed destroyed by all sides. Upon learning of this, Love kills Rudobon to protect Rose, whom he knows to be the traitor, but is captured afterwards.

Fearing the birth of Ichigo's child, his Hollow employs the Wild Hunt to kill Rukia before she can give birth. The duel between Katsurou and Ichigo is interrupted when his Hollow drags him to Hueco Mundo. Kon arranges to be adopted by the Shiba and challenges Katsurou in Ichigo's place. During their battle Katsurou reveals the circumstances of his sister's death and Kon saves his life, winning the duel. Afterwards Katsurou confesses his crimes to Kukaku Shiba, who forgives him in her family's name.

Tatsuki convinces Ulquiorra to help her and Orihime rescue Ichigo. When he betrays her, she seemingly destroys him. Orihime attempts to negate Ichigo's Hollow, but is killed by it instead, allowing it to take control of a guilt-maddened Ichigo permanently. To prevent this, Orihime's Shun-shun Rikka spirits erase all trace of her memory and existence from the universe, causing Ichigo to forget his actions and return to normal.

The Wild Hunt attacks Karakura in search of Rukia. Saijin Komamura reveals that Ryuken Ishida and Noboru Kuchiki are the only ones who can safely fight the Hunt Master since they already escaped it in the past. Together they destroy Berrinholtz-Cernunnos. Nemu Kurotsuchi restores her father to full health, and he acknowledges Kon as his son. Rose's treachery is exposed; he and Love kill each other, only for Rose to resurrect as a full Hollow, who flees into Hueco Mundo's dead zone.

Ichigo and Rukia's son Kujaku is born. Upon witnessing this, Ichigo forgives himself for indirectly causing his mother's death, in doing so causing his Inner Hollow to disappear forever. Unbeknownst to them, Unohana Retsu has returned to Earth in a gigai. Kon leaves to find his own path.

~3 years AH:

Aizen Sosuke approaches Katsurou Arashi through a dream and reveals their relation. Lord Arashi publicly declares Sosuke as his heir, hindering any future military action against him. Katsurou begins courting a disinterested Kukaku Shiba. Aizen starts to visit the young Kujaku Kuchiki in dreams.

Unohana reveals herself to Rukia. She offers Soul Society plans for a peace treaty. When Michiru Ohgawa grows seriously ill, Unohana provides Rukia with a seemingly harmless spell that saves her friend's life. Upon learning of this, Byakuya strips Rukia of her status as a shinigami. She enters into an alliance with the Arashi, giving their mages access to Unohana's spell so that they can continue healing sick people around the world.

Ichigo starts working as a part-time kendo instructor and advisor to Karakura High's kendo club. He discovers the old woman acting as a babysitter to Kujaku is Unohana in another gigai. A disguised Gin and Rangiku recruit more allies.

~5 years AH:

Kon, now an Olympic running champion, returns to find that Rukia has recently given birth to a baby girl, Hiruko. Kujaku has a nightmare in which he meets Cernunnos and Coyote Stark.

Unohana confronts Ichigo during a kendo match and cripples him. Sado Yasutora and Kunieda Ryo are confirmed to be using her family's influence to locate and destroy Unohana's gigai around the world.

With Noboru's aid, Kiyone Kotetsu discovers evidence of Unohana's ancient vasto lorde experiments in the mortal realm. She and Sentaro Kotsubaki lead an expedition there, only to be captured by Grimmjow's old crew, who are trapped within the mountain. With the help of confederates sent by Ichimaru, one of whom proves to be Ulquiorra Schiffer enslaved to Tatsuki Arisawa, the nest is eradicated, but in the process Grimmjow is released. He consumes the vasto lorde-infused essence and escapes to Hueco Mundo.

Rukia and Ichigo become concerned over their son's seeming ability to contact spirits through dreams and seek Isane's help.

~7-8 years AH:

Hiruko Kuchiki crosses into Nirvana through dreams, where she briefly meets Unohana Retsu.

Frustrated with his lack of progress, Hitsugaya Toshiro begins to investigate more deeply into Momo's background in hopes of finding her. He speaks with his Granny, who informs him Momo was left in her care without any indication of where she came from. He then seeks out Ichigo Kurosaki to request they become sparring partners. This leads to him asking both the Vaizard and Kenpachi Zaraki for further combat practice.

Karin Kurosaki begins to make hesitant advances towards Kon, whom she has secretly developed a crush on. At her high school graduation party, her attempt at a confession does not go over well. Upon learning of this Ichigo angrily confronts Kon, only to be repelled by a disguised Tatsuki. Together he and Toshiro fight her without success. After this Toshiro decides he needs even more training and contacts Matsumoto to ask for her help. Kon and Karin make amends with one another before she and her sister Yuzu head off to college.

Katsuro Arashi and Kukaku Shiba are wed. Acting on data received from Unohana, Kisuke Urahara fashions a working King's Key. He and Yoruichi discuss the possibly that Cernunnos and the Wild Hunt are related to Coyote Stark, as well as potential candidates for the Escapee from Hell.

Tatsuki begins training Hiruko Kuchiki in karate. Ichigo and Rukia tell their children about Soul Society and the enemies they must face. The family realizes that Aizen has been visiting Kujaku in his dreams disguised as the Moon Rabbit, Usagi Yue. On the next visit, Kujaku confronts Aizen, who admits to the deception. At the same time, Hiruko finds herself also possessed of a dream playmate who identifies himself as Kuchiki.

Rangiku and Gin challenge Toshiro to pass through a gauntlet of difficult opponents ranging from human to Hollow and something in-between. He accepts, and over the course of a year, proceeds to defeat Kon, Chad and Ryo, Enfain Tezima, Tatsuki and Ulquiorra, and finally Rangiku herself before doing battle with Gin.

After a vicious duel, Rangiku intervenes to protect both fighters, but an enraged Gin proceeds to stab Toshiro through the heart, killing him. The dying youth meets Hyorinmaru in his inner world, who calls upon Sogyo no Kotowari, the former zanpakuto of Jushiro Ukitake, to bond with him and grant Toshiro new power. The lingering spirit of a woman within Hyorinmaru then bestows a second life on Toshiro. He returns to the world of the living ready to kill Gin, but is stopped by Rangiku. Later on, Hitsugaya confronts his Granny to learn more about who he is. She admits to having been a former servant of the Takuiyoku and reveals his true heritage, begging Toshiro to save Aizen.

Hiruko Kurosaki gets into a fight at her preschool, and as a result Ichigo forbids her to practice karate with Tatsuki anymore. Despondent, she is comforted by her family and Kuchiki about not being spiritually sensitive. Soon after Gin visits Rukia unexpectedly following his battle with Toshiro. Despite being wary of one another, they converse honestly and Gin leaves her hinting at a possible alliance. At the same time, a determined Kujaku seeks to understand more about his power so he can protect his family. A shared dream he experiences reveals that Cernunnos was formed as a discard of Coyote Stark following his failed execution with the Sokyoku halberd ages ago.

~14-16 YEARS AH

Kujaku continues to be drawn into the dreams of those around him, which increasingly concerns Ichigo. When Rukia does not share his anxiety he resolves to seek outside assistance. Unbeknownst to either of them, Hiruko is visiting spiritual planes in her own dreams, including Hueco Mundo and even Nirvana. Tatsuki Arisawa manages to coax Ulquiorra into grudgingly revealing more of his history, being the result of Unohana's ancient vasto lorde experiments in Central and South America. She and Kunieda speculate that Gin intends to use her Hollow absorption power to capture Grimmjow once he becomes a vasto lorde just as she did Ulquiorra. Within Nirvana, Kaname Tosen is increasingly plagued by doubts about his role in Aizen and Unohana's schemes as well as the persistent torment of his Inner Hollow.

At the same time, Soul Society prepares for a massive offensive against the lingering remnants of Aizen's forces in Hueco Mundo. Noboru Shihoin confesses that he has grown attracted to Soifon, who encourages him to focus on their professional relationship above all else. Renji Abarai is shocked to learn that Neliel tu Odelschvank is pregnant, though whether the father is himself, Komamura, or another altogether cannot be determined. He seeks out Ichigo's advice on parenthood, who encourages him to look upon it as a life-changing improvement. Now more hopeful, Renji oversees the establishment of a warning system in Hueco Mundo's dead zone meant to help pinpoint the locations of Grimmjow and Rose, both of whom continue to elude detection. During the procedure, Noboru is drawn by a sporadic song only he can hear deeper into the depths of the dead zone, where he is attacked by a Huge Hollow but rescued by both Soifon and Mayuri Kurotsuchi, who expresses interest in learning more.

Toshiro Hitsugaya grieves to learn that his mother Shirabe is dying. He seeks out Kyoraku Shunsui in the hopes that her old master will see that she is taken care of in her final days. In doing so he meets his father, who remains unaware of their kinship, and is surprised to learn that Ukitake and Isane are expecting their first child. Kyoraku agrees to accept Shirabe back into his household. With that resolved, Toshiro is motivated to learn more about how he survived Gin's assassination attempt and gained Sogyo no Kotowari. He turns to the Arashi clan since they have the most comprehensive information on zanpakuto. Katsuro and Kukaku, who is also pregnant, allow him to search the archives. While there he learns that the spirit who restored him to life was Katsuro's sister Manami Takuiyoku, the mother of Aizen Sosuke. Upon death her soul was sheltered within Sogyo no Kotowari along with that of her unborn child, which was the second life granted to Toshiro, although it is revealed that since this life was not intended for him it will not last much longer. Hyorinmaru also confesses that he initially belonged to the infant Aizen, but was forced out when Kyoka Suigetsu came to be. This is the source of their connected fate.

When Rukia goes to oversee the relocation of her assigned Halo's last remaining inhabitants, Ichigo takes the opportunity to seek out Oushima Reichi, now a television star. He asks for help from Oushima's Arashi Masho companions in examining his children, hoping that their unique form of kido will prove more effective in spotting any potential problems. On the way home from school, Kujaku and Hiruko meet Kon, who at Ichigo's request has reluctantly agreed to oversee the procedure owing to his connections with the Arashi. Rukia completes her duties but is approached by Saijin Komamura. He asks to speak with her about Nel's pregnancy. While this is taking place, Tosen is horrified to learn that Aizen intends for him to be overtaken by his Hollow so that Halibel can devour part of his soul and transport the rest to Hueco Mundo through her blood pools, where he can then rally their remaining forces for a final assault. The procedure is a success, but during the transfer a maddened Tosen reaches out desperately to Komamura for aid, who is also traveling between dimensions at the time. Kujaku is drawn into the conflict as well, which calls up the lost spirit of Cernunnos from the depths of his and Komamura's dreams. The Hunt Master possesses Tosen, reappearing in Hueco Mundo as Kaname Cernunnos, and immediately resurrects the Wild Hunt. Rukia arrives at the Usagi Shoten in time to catch the Arashi studying her children and is distraught. During all this Hiruko briefly uses her mother's zanpakuto in a moment of panic. Back in Soul Society, the dying Shirabe is met by Momo Hinamori. Some time after this, Hitsugaya watches over his mother in her final moments.

Byakuya informs his sister that she must leave the mortal realm in the near future and resume the duties of a shinigami in Soul Society. Both her children are upset to learn of this. Upon falling asleep, their spirits travel to Soul Society together, with Kujaku appearing in Kotetsu Manor and Hiruko popping up in Mayuri Kurotuschi's inner sanctum. Mayuri quickly realizes who she is and reveals that he is dying but remains unconcerned because he has a grandchild. He then warns Hiruko about the threat represented by Unohana and advises she locate the purloined zanpakuto Minazuki as protection before sending the girl off. Elsewhere, Kujaku comes upon a sleeping Isane and enters her dream, where he witnesses a chilling scene from the past: when Isane's brother fell ill centuries prior, she desperately sought to locate Unohana for help. Upon tracking her down, Kujaku is shocked to find Unohana giving birth. She appears to commit infanticide, but before he can learn more, the dream is interrupted by Nemu Kurotsuchi, who came to inform Isane that she was also pregnant. Hiruko arrives and uses Isane's zanpakuto to free her brother. They awake back home and begin to plan a means by which they might use what they have learned to help their family. In dreams, Kujaku continues to secretly meet with Aizen and exchange information. He relates witnessing an event that contains details about Coyote Stark's past.

Ichigo goes to inform Ishida Uryu that the assault on Hueco Mundo will take place soon. The Quincy reveals that he intends to retire and wants no part in this escapade. Uryu becomes concerned when the pregnant Misato informs him that she could not see or hear Ichigo at all. This prompts him to call his father, himself consulting with a pregnant Rangiku Matsumoto at the time. Tatsuki and Ulquiorra continue to commiserate; he informs her that he survived his death in the Autumn War thanks to an ability that permits him to hide the core of his being in a separate location. Rose and Enfain Tezima are summoned by the new Hunt Master, who demands their assistance initiating the war with Soul Society.

Kaname Cernunnos infiltrates Soul Society along with his new soldiers in order to assassinate Kyoraku Shunsui and Jushiro Ukitake. The two retirees become aware of this assault but resolve to meet it head on rather than escape. The battle begins, and through skill and strategy the legends manage to wound the overconfident Hunt Master. This causes him to lose control and slaughter everyone he can find whether Hollow or plus before retreating. When the battle ends, a frightened Momo emerges from hiding, revealing that she has been under Kyoraku's protection ever since being freed from Nanao's spell. She comes upon the dead Jushiro and dying Shunsui, who bids her to run before reinforcements from the Gotei 7 can arrive. At the same time he gives her one of Katen Kyokutsu's old swords for protection before finally passing away. Momo flees and Soul Society goes into mourning for their fallen heroes. Upon learning of this, Grimmjow informs Enfain Tezima of a sure-fire way to start the war.

Kukaku Arashi gives birth to twin children. Her husband Katsuro meets with Aizen in dreams and denounces him for keeping hidden the fact that the healing spell from Unohana actually steals all spiritual power from any mortal it saves. Despite this, Katsurou refuses to abandon him and instead vows to destroy whatever Aizen had used the spell to create. Gin Ichimaru, now estranged from Matsumoto, has a revelation concerning the means by which Coyote Stark can finally be killed.

Acting on Grimmjow's orders, Enfain Tezima retrieves the poison she harvested from Loly and Menoly's corpse after it has been strengthened by Unohana's sorcery. She gives it to Kaname Cernunnos. With permission from Isane, Rangiku Matsumoto attends a memorial service held by the Shinigami Women's Association to honor Kyoraku and Jushiro. Cernunnos attacks the event in an attempt to target the ladies of Soul Society and their unborn children. He succeeds in poisoning a pregnant Matsumoto, but is driven off by the unexpected intervention of Momo Hinamori using Katen Kyokutsu's Blind Man's Bluff ability. While the ladies are recuperating afterwards, Enfain Tezima seizes the opportunity to infiltrate and manages to poison Yoruichi and Nemu. A furious Ichimaru captures her, but she uses a caja negaccion to trap herself forever in another dimension. Isane realizes she is immune to the venom and engages in a ritual that will hopefully save her friends. At the same time, Rose leads a force of Hollows who kidnap regular souls from the new heavenly planes. The Gotei 7 mobilize to quickly take revenge for these assaults.

In the living world, Unohana attempts to break Orihime's enchantment and bring Ichigo's Hollow back to life, but fails. Hiruko and Shotoku Kurosaki plan to confront her and Aizen in Nirvana. Their plans are disrupted when their aunts come home for the holidays and decide to treat the kids with a visit to Don Kanonji while their parents are away. With the help of her spirit friend Kuchiki, Hiruko discovers Unohana's zanpakuto Minazuki hidden in Kanonji's mansion and retrieves it. Together she and her brother flee to their hideout where they are caught by Kon, but a terrible threat from Hiruko forces him to let them complete their designs. The Kurosaki siblings successfully reach Nirvana in dreams, only to find Aizen was expecting them and they are now trapped there.