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"It doesn't bother me at all Brick. They were horrific- those pink eyes of mine, odd and unnatural, truly a disgusting sight to behold. Townsville wasn't at fault. They were scared." Blossom said with a smile, ignorant of Brick's heartbreak and fury coming to the surface as she continued, "Bubbles has been sweet, called them the shade the sky takes when the sun says goodbye to the moon every night. Even Buttercup said its as pink as rose quartz one time after a particularly bad day," She chuckled, "she looked so furious, but they were kids. Kids say hurtful words every now and again as any children would."

"It was jealousy," Brick blurted out before he could stop himself.

"You're a very beautiful woman Blossom, coupled with those Cherry Blossom eyes of yours that sparkled like stars in the night sky, you're devastatingly gorgeous," Blossom's face exploded in a furious blush, her mouth hanging open in surprise and embarrassment.

Brick continued, a man desperate to let his love know how beautiful she is despite what the town think, despite what she was told by malicious peers growing up, despite what was probably drilled in her head when she was young and she now believed whole heartedly as an adult.

"You're very beautiful Blossom," he repeated, "I was born to hate you, my very purpose was to fight you and find you repulsive but even then I was aware that you were beautiful and I hated you because of it. I think I was in love with you even then and the fact that you were really really pretty filled me with incomprehensible rage because then, I'd have competition and it was stupid because why would I ever have competition I'll destroy you anyway, but you were so stupidly beautiful and we were 5 but I already knew what a calamity you'd become in the future and I hated you for being ignorant of it," he was blabbing, he knew it. But Brick was a desperate man, he wanted his world to know that she was perfect, beautiful in every sense if the word, the walking definition of it, "Your brilliance in mind and your grace and your kindness and patience and everything that made you who you are is a testament to that. This blasted town knows that and they shied in shame because they know they don't deserve you, they predictably retaliated as characteristically as they could- foolishly."

His love is a smart woman, she's brilliant, surely she understands him, but the way she smiled at him reassuringly as if to placate him, as if what he said was a beautiful lie irritated Brick and broke something inside of him. Instead of the unfiltered joy he expected, he was given a practiced smile. She didn't believe him.

Surprised her yes, but believed him? Not in the slightest.