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"...This...is...not fun..."

Magnus Blackwood Hp: 128/350Hp Regen: 4 per minute (+4 per minute)
Mp: 250/1250 Mp Regen: 50 per minute

He had defeated all the Angels, as he knew he would, but he had sustained a good deal of injuries along the way, he just hoped he had enough to trigger a level up, as that would restored his Hp and Mp completely

You have defeated [Arc-Angel Flame] x 20. + 10,000Exp

You have leveled up several times


Name: Magnus Blackwood
Level: 12 - 17 Exp: 1000/2600
Title: []
Race: [Vampire]

Class: [Warlock] Level: 17/35 | Exp: 0/2600

Hp: 450/450 Hp Regen: 5 per minute (+5 per minute)
Mp: 1750/1750 Mp Regen: 70 per minute

Str: 35 - 45
Vit: 35 - 45
Mag: 50 - 60 - 70
Spd: 35 - 45
Wis: 50 - 60 - 70
Def: 35 - 45
Res: 50 - 60 - 70

Status Points: 32 - 2
Perk Points: 1


You have gained the following skills from your Warlock Class:

[Shatter] - Active - 750Mp
- Upon selecting a location, thunder will ring out, before all in range are struck by lightning
- Range: 1 mile
- Attack Power: Mag * 4

[Fly] - Active - 50Mp per minute
- A spell that grants the ability to fly using magic power

[Life Drain] - Active - 25Mp per second
- Drain Hp from a target and absorb it
- This spell deals double damage against [Holy] or [Angelic] beings
- Hp Drained per second: Mag


Continuing your journey among the Seven Deadly Sins, choose your next Sin:
[Lust] - Hint: Charm enemy
[Gluttony] - Hint: Damage absorption
[Sloth] - Hint: Damage increase
[Wrath] - Hint: Make enemies go berserk
[Envy] - Hint: Lower enemy stats
[Pride] - Hint: Increase stats


"Let's go with...Gluttony"


[Gluttony] - Active
- A skill of the Seven Deadly Sins that can be used 1 time a day
- This skill changes all damage into Hp, but the user will take double damage if Max Hp is exceeded
- Duration: 1 hour


"Wow...that'll actually be very useful, once my Hp gets high enough for me to be comfortable using it that is"

The skill itself was very powerful, but it was a double edged sword. It protected him from damage, but he could only absorb a fixed amount before it would harm him in an even deadlier fashion.

"As for the other things, the ability to fly will come in handy, and finally having a real AOE skill will be the most useful out of everything. Though it clearly traded power for range"


Emergency Quest Activated: [Birthplace of Infamy]
Vania village is aware there is a vampire in their midst, and they have suspicions it is you You have two options on how to proceed

Create a spectacle that immortalizes you in infamy: []


Gain temporary infamy by running away like a coward: []



"Heh, and I've got just the way"

His red eyes glowed menacingly as a fanged smile split his features


When he finally reappeared in his room, he found that the door was ajar, and the room was torn apart. Luckily for him, he kept all his important things in his inventory. It took him but a moment to figure out they'd done a fair bit more than just be suspicious of him. Hell, they were probably actively looking for him at this point

"Oh well, this oughta be interesting at least"

He looked out the window, seeing the sun going down, and in that moment, the plan was modified slightly. He jumped out the window, landing on the ground with only a slight stutter step. He raised a hand into the air

"[Eldritch Blast]"

A ball of crackling black lightning appeared on his hand, a single bolt shot forward and into the sky. It was an interesting sight, nearly a minute later the angry mob had approached, torches and pitchforks raised. Leading the charge was the old man from his first night here

Kazuya Coralie

Hp: 250/250
Mp: 0/0

Summary: An ex-adventurer of low-middle rank who only wants to die against a worthy opponent instead of from old age.

He raised his hands in the air, the smirk never leaving his face

"I surrender"

As expected, the mob beat him before putting him into cuffs, but not enough to concern him much

Magnus Blackwood

Hp: 390/450
Mp: 1725/1750


Weak humans wouldn't do much to him after all. It had certainly be a gamble that the old man didn't join in, an above average human could probably deal him some real damage, but nothing ventured, nothing gained


The cell they threw him in was rather dingy, all it had was a bench and a bed, but he had half thought he would be executed immediately. It was no matter, his plan would come to fruition whenever they decided to execute him. After determining that the guards, surprisingly, didn't watch him much at all, he spent the majority of the two days in the dungeon, using that time to gain as much power as he could. He expected a good sized audience for his village appointed death, with people of higher levels than the old man. If he was wrong, than it only served to prepare him for the future instead of the now


You have gained 35,000Exp You have leveled numerous times


Name: Magnus Blackwood
Level: 17 - 26 Exp: 3300/5100
Title: []
Race: [Vampire]

Class: [Warlock] Level: 26/35 | Exp: 2300/5100

Hp: 650/650 Hp Regen: 7 per minute (+7 per minute)
Mp: 2500/2500 Mp Regen: 100 per minute

Str: 45 - 63 - 65
Vit: 45 - 63 - 65
Mag: 70 - 88 - 100
Spd: 45 - 63 - 65
Wis: 70 - 88 - 100
Def: 45 - 63 - 65
Res: 70 - 88 - 100

Status Points: 47 - 3
Perk Points: 1 - 3


You have gained the following skills:

[Witch Bolt] - Active - 500Mp
- A beam of crackling blue energy shoots at a target
- Attack Power: Mag * 5

[Blight] - Active - 750Mp
- A wave of dark energy washes over a target or location
- If a location is selected, everything in a 3 mile radius withers and dies
- This spell deals double damage against [Holy] and [Angelic] beings
- Attack Power: Mag * 7

[Sickening Radiance] - Active - 750Mp
- A spell that unleashes a sickly green light filled with divine power
- This spell deals double damage against [Demonic] or [Undead] beings
- Attack Power: Mag * 7


Continuing your journey among the Seven Deadly Sins, you have chosen the following 2 Sins:

[Sloth] - Active
- A skill of the Seven Deadly Sins that can be used 1 time a day
- This skill cancels all current enemy support effects and doubles all damage
- Duration: 5 minutes

[Envy] - Active
- A skill of the Seven Deadly Sins that can be used 1 time a day
- This skill cancels all current enemy support effects and lowers enemies attack and defense by 75%
- Duration: 5 minutes


He still wished he had gotten farther, but, he had a feeling it would be quite a bit harder to level up once he hit level 50 anyway, so it behooved him to gain as much power as he could before any truly strong enemies appeared

"Maybe it's time for some new perks" He mused

He swiped his hand, revealing the perk list for the second time since his arrival in The New World

Perk Points: 3 Perks:
[Secondary Class] - 2 Perk Points
[Lesser Magic Immunity] - 2 Perk Points
- Nullifies all spells dealing less than 250 damage


"Magic immunity huh? Maybe not quite yet, but it'll certainly be one of my next purchases"


Perk Gained: [Secondary Class]

Upon maxing your [Warlock] class, you will be allowed to select 2 advanced classes


"Excellent, and until I get more options, I'm happy"

He closes the screens right as he hears footsteps coming towards him. He walks towards the bars of his cell, revealing the cold glare of his latest victim, and the hateful stare of the guard next to her. The guard eyed them for a minute, before nodding to Louise and closing the door, leaving the two alone

"Louise. You know, your the first person whose come to see me, apart from the guards that is"
"Your to be executed once the sun comes up, I came to look upon the man that killed my family...I thought you'd be more imposing"

He smiled, mental manipulation was a powerful art, it could cause effects like this, and it had the potential to lead to true brainwashing. He walked towards her, his words calming as he approached the bars

"Take a deep breath, Louise. Calm your mind..."

She started blinking rapidly, her face showing sheer confusion

"...You know what is best. What is best, is that you comply."

She seemed to have realized what was happening, her voice grew weaker with each attempt to stop him

"Compliance will be rewarded, Louise. Are you ready to comply?"

Her face turned blank, before her consciousness returned and she smiled

"I'm happy to comply"
"Good, get me the keys to the cell"

For all this world's faults, it built a strong prison. There was no way for him to escape without causing a ruckus, and that result wouldn't be nearly as fun as what he planned

"Yes Master"

She walked to the door, knocking on it as the guard let her out. He listened for a few minutes, hearing her buttering up the guard. Soon enough, he heard the sound of metal against flesh and gurgling as she returned, carrying the keys and a bloody sword. She unlocked his cell and her patted her head

"You did well Louise"
"Happy to comply"
"Good, then here are your next orders..."


It took all of an hour before Magnus unleashed his [Incinerate] spell, igniting the oil and alcohol, and creating a barrier of black fire around the town. It was no [Flames of Gehenna], but it got the job done in a pinch. Turns out a lot of things in this world were flammable, and when combined with an undying flame, it created such a wonderful trap. The people took all of five minutes before they gathered in the center of town, waiting for an announcement from their chief

"Listen closely, I know not of what is happening, but there is no need to worry. I have everything under..."

"[Ray of Sickness]"

A dark purple magic circle appeared over his hand, a sickly green light shot forth, hitting the chief and causing him to fall over, dead

"I think you should actually be very concerned"

Magnus walked to the center of town, everyone giving him a wide berth as he strolls to the center of the crowd

"I'm sure your all wondering how and why you're trapped in the village, or how I escaped. Don't worry, you won't face those concerns much longer"

He raised his hand to the sky, and it seemed either there wasn't anyone powerful here, or they didn't have the balls to stand against him. Either way, it would all be over in a moment

"[Widen Maximize Boosted Magic: Shatter]"

A layered blue magic circle appeared over his hand. A single crack of thunder reverberated, then the world was consumed in a blinding white light



Drink and drain the blood of 100 people: 43/100


It was disappointing, but the lightning had destroyed a number of the bodies, to say nothing of the few buildings that remained standing or not on fire. He drained what he could, but it added up to less than half of what he needed

"Notes for next time, I guess" He mutters

He had taken what he could from the homes and fields, but most of those had caught fire as well. His attack definitely did the job, but it left almost nothing for him to scavenge

You have destroyed Vania Village. + 5000Exp

You have Completed Emergency Quest: [Birthplace of Infamy]. + 5000Exp

You have leveled up x 2

Name: Magnus Blackwood/Leviathan

Level: 26 - 28 Exp: 2800/5700
Title: []
Race: [Vampire]

Class: [Warlock] Level: 28/35 | Exp: 1800/5700

Hp: 700/700 Hp Regen: 7 per minute (+7 per minute)
Mp: 2625/2625 Mp Regen: 105 per minute

Str: 65 - 69 - 70
Vit: 65 - 69 - 70
Mag: 100 - 104 - 105
Spd: 65 - 69 - 70
Wis: 100 - 104 - 105
Def: 65 - 69 - 70
Res: 100 - 104 - 105

Status Points: 13 - 6
Perk Points: 1


[Leviathan] - Name/Alias
- He who has devoured an entire land, leaving nothing remaining
- Any who come upon The Leviathan will never be seen again


- When you are unknown, the people will make up a name for you
- As people love to tell stories, tale of your exploits will only grow
- Over time, an Alias may change into nothing or grow into a name whispered in terror


You have gained the following skills:
[Enervation] - Active - 500Mp per second
- A tendril of inky darkness siphons life force from a target to heal you for the same amount
- This spell deals double damage against [Holy] or [Angelic] beings
- Hp Drained per second: Mag * 5

[Far Step] - Active - 350Mp
- A basic spell of the teleportation series
- This spell allows teleportation as far as the eye can see


Magnus chuckled to himself, enjoying the name he had been immortalized with. It was rather fitting, considering he used magic of the Seven Deadly Sins. With the metaphorical bones of the town picked clean, he made his way to the road

"Inveria, here I come"

He had neither a carriage, nor a horse, so he estimated with the speed he possessed, and the new skill at his disposal, it shouldn't take more than a few days. While attempting to factor in the sunlight, he also had to assume he'd get lost at least once, as the map he possessed wasn't particularly detailed

"Still, a new world, a story to follow. This is turning out to be a great second life. [Far Step]"

So, with a smile on his face, the lone vampire teleported far down the road, aiming to begin the completion of his main quest


Even with teleportation magic, he found that the sun was the greatest deterrent from him arriving to Inveria any faster. He rested under the shade of the forest, the negative effects of sunlight lessened, but not gone.

"Suppose it's no issue one way or the other, it's not as though there's a time restriction"

He yawned, rubbing his eyes once. Due to [Gamer's Body] and his nature as a vampire, he didn't need to sleep, but the sun had the strange effect of making him want to anyway.

"Maybe just a few minutes"

He closed his eyes, letting the sounds of nature lull him into a dreamless sleep


It was the sound of a galloping horse that awoke him. He looked at the sky, noting that with the sun still out, he wasn't asleep for too long. He emerged from the forest, looking towards the road and seeing a cart moving towards the direction of the former Vania Village. He walked towards it, and as he approached it, the horse started to rile up. The cart stopped, and a person emerged from the back, wearing a green scarf and cape

"Hello there sir, this is a Merchant Cart. Would you like to take a look around?"

Notes: Merchant Cart Unlike the Kingdom or Village Merchant, a Merchant Cart will sell to anyone. This is used primarily by those with negative alignments and various monster races who need items but can't get into cities. An added benefit is that these merchants will typically sell information as well

Notes: Kingdom/Village Merchant Belonging to a specific location, tales of your exploits will determine if you are able to buy from them. It is advised to conceal your identity if it would prevent such a deal from occurring

"Good to know" He thinks

"I'll look around" He says with a shrug

The merchant showed him into the cart, and Magnus took a look at the wares inside the various chests and crates. After a while, he settles on a couple items

[Pitcher of Endless Water]
- An item that infinitely produces water -

[Mask of Envy]
- A mask in the style of a creature from another world
- It has no inherent value other than to cover the face

"That'll be all?"
"1 Gold, 10 Silver"

He handed over the coins and threw his new items into his inventory. He waved goodbye to the merchant who moved went along his way, as if he didn't just come face to face with a vampire. Magnus took the mask and placed it over his face, noting no difference in his breathing or vision

"Good. Now then, let's get going. [Fly]"

A light blue glow outlined Magnus, lifting him into the air and granting him a far better view

"Much better. Let's try this again, [Far Step]"

When he reappeared, he looked around, nodding his head proudly

"There we go, can't believe it took me a day to think of this...Screw the sun, we're getting to Inveria today"


He did not get to Inveria that day. He ran out of Mp after two or three uses of [Far Step], meaning he head to stick with flying. While flying was certainly faster than walking, he only glimpsed Inveria before he felt the desire to stop. He knew that going in with full Mp and a set sun was certainly better than going in blind and with his senses dulled

"Alright then, finally arrived"

Inveria was a kingdom, one that was clearly prosperous at one point. But now it was decayed, the large walls around it were cracked and broken, and the buildings were in disrepair. The castle in the center of the place seemed like the most held together part of the place, no doubt due to its stone construction. That didn't really explain the large hole on the right side, but he chose to ignore that for now

Magnus put up his hood, and walked through the front gate, looking around for any signs of life, or the undead he heard about that filled this city. It didn't take him long to find something, and he stayed out of it's sight


Hp: 150/150
Mp: 0/0

Summary: Once a resident of Inveria, he was turned into an undead through unknown means. [Undead Slave Sight] is currently being used so that another can see through his eyes


[Undead Slave Sight]
-A perk that allows one to see through the eyes of undead they control -Pre-requisite: [Undead Domination]

[Undead Domination]
- A perk that allows the controlling of Undead -Undead of a weaker level will completely obey you



If someone was controlling the undead, then they'd have to be here. A likely guess would be they would reside up in the castle, as it would allow plenty of time for detection of enemies

"On the other hand, this could be very bad for me"

Since Magnus was undead himself, a being with the capacity to control him bothered him quite a bit


Quest: Free and Clear
As an undead being, special skills such as [Undead Domination] have the capacity to control you, find a way to remedy this

Change Race: []


Find a [Ring of Anti-Control and Anti-Banishment]: []



"...Just about anything can make a quest can't it?" He mumbled

He used [Fly] to get on top of a house, hoping it would hide him from sight, and allow him a better vantage point. From what he could tell, there wasn't much sign of anything out of the ordinary, except for what appeared to be a barricade a good distance from where he was

"Is someone here? That certainly undermines the whole 'no one survives' thing"

He moved along the rooftops, keeping [Fly] active in case the roof wasn't sturdy enough to hold him. When he arrived at the eastern edge of the kingdom, he finally got a good look at the barricade. While it wasn't the best wall he'd ever seen, the fact that a stone wall encompassed four corners meant that someone was using it to keep out the zombie's

"...If they can't fly...then how do they get out?"

He looked around the wall for a hole or way to enter, and upon finding none, jumped into the walled off area, interested in who would live in such a place. The house was small, only two stories, and the roof was held together by various pieces of wood and what appeared to be blue crystal


He caught the curtain shifting out of the corner of his eye, and that was when he knew someone lived here



[?'s Hideout]
- A makeshift hideout belonging to [?] who only wants to [?] and hide from [?] and the zombie's it controls.
- [?] has lived here since the [Undead Disaster] that occurred in Inveria


And since the walls kept him from being noticed by whoever control's the zombie's, he decided to wait it out until the person inside comes to him. He sat against the wall, pulling out the [Nameless Book of Spells] and turning to the front page. He uses a sharpened nail to cut his arm and let a few drops of blood fall onto it. He watches as they are absorbed into the book, which proceeds to close itself before opening again

This book is property of Magnus Blackwood, as such, this World Item will bypass all restrictions for its owner in regards to learning spells

"Nice. Show me...Negative Energy"

He opens the center of the book and the words rearrange themselves, showing him a list of what he desires


[Ray of Negative Energy]

[Negative Burst]

[Negative Energy Enhancement]

"Maybe another time...show me...Holy Magic"


[Holy Light]

[Holy Aura]
[Holy Ray]
[Holy Smite]

[Brilliant Radiance]

He flipped through the pages, having found a spell that caught his interest

[Brilliant Radiance]
A holy spell of the 9th tier, it calls forth a pillar of light to rise up and engulf a target


Alert: Would you like to learn the spell: [Brilliant Radiance]?


...Spell Desired: [Brilliant Radiance]...
...Checking against class...
...Checking against spell list...
...Checking against race...
...[Nameless Book of Spells] is bypassing racial restrictions against Holy Magic...
...Spell acquired...

[Brilliant Radiance] - Active - 950Mp
- A spell that purifies the target with holy light
- This skill deals double damage against [Demonic] or [Undead] beings -Attack Power: Mag * 9

"An actual Holy Spell...unlike [Sickening Radiance], this book truly is a miracle maker. Let's go with lightning magic next"


[Lightning] - Active - 350Mp
- Fires a bolt of lightning at a target
- Attack Power: Mag * 3


"The rest are cool, but I think just this one should be good for now. Can always come back later after all"

His Mp pool wasn't the biggest yet, and from what the book was telling him, spells of the higher 'Tiers' were the ones that drained his Mp the fastest. Though what confused him was that there were ten tiers, yet the Mp cost of his spells didn't quite add up to a complete pattern. The attack power on the other hand, if all else was ignored, gave a very clear pattern, though he had a feeling there were spells that would deal more damage than [Brilliant Radiance]

"Something to consider, I guess..."

He put away the grimoire, laying his back against the ground as he stared up at the sky, removing his mask and placing it in his inventory as well

"This world...is certainly getting interesting"

He closed his eyes, feeling safe enough to lower his guard a bit, even if it was a bad idea


He opened his eyes, and after swiping away the screen telling him his bars were restored, he stared into the curious blood red eyes of a girl standing above him. She looked a bit younger than Louise was, with long blonde hair bunched into a hood. She backed away from him as he sat up, examining him curiously as he smiled

"I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever come out" He said, staying seated to avoid scaring her

She said nothing, just tilting her head as she looked him over

"My name's Magnus Blackwood. What's yours?"
"...sris...vern..." She spoke, her voice weak and soft from lack of use

He reached into his inventory, pulling out the [Pitcher of Endless Water] and a cup. After several cups of water, she smiles, seemingly content and a bit more inclined to talk with him

"One more time please?" He asks
"My name...is Keno Fasris Invern" She says, pulling down her hood

It was only through a great amount of willpower that his face betrayed none of his internal thoughts. Something seemed to click in place, old memories resurfacing about the girl before him


"I was once the cursed being known as Landfall. Don't look down on me..."

"I think Evileye is an elementalist...an arcane caster who specializes in a specific type of energy and then specializes even further"

"...There's an earth type that specializes in gems! Limiting herself to crystals probably made her even stronger"

"I am Evileye. I am a woman of legend. No matter how powerful my enemy is...I must fight!"


It seemed The Game kept some memories of his, either for fun or to create tension, he couldn't say. He held out his hand unsure, and a few moments later, she walked forward and placed her smaller hand in his

"Nice to...meet you?"
"I assure you, Keno, the pleasure is mine"

He slowly turned over her hand, and pressed a kiss to her knuckles, causing her to tilt her head and blink several times. An awkward moment passed by, before Magnus broke the silence

"So...what was it that caused you to finally come out? Was it the book? Or just that I was asleep?"
"...The book...what is it?"
"My Grimoire. Its a particularly special one"

He pulled the book out and held it out in front of him

"Would you like to see? Ask it, and it'll show you any magic that currently exists. Doesn't that sound interesting?"

He had barely finished trying to entice her before the book was already in her hands


She thumbed through the pages, skimming as fast as possible before moving to the next one

"Undead...soul magic?"

He slowly made his way over to her, and before long, he had managed to look over her shoulder at what she was seeing


Unknown, closest result: Wild Magic


"Wild Magic...undead"

[Wild Magic: True Resurrection]
- A powerful [Wild Magic] spell that resurrects any creature that has died
- Restores targeted being with full Hp and removes any status conditions

[Wild Magic: Soul Taker]
- Especially vicious magic used by [?]
- This magic consumes the souls of anything within range, stored by the caster to fuel [Wild Magic] spells
- Those consumed are turned into mindless undead under the caster's control
- Range: 250 Kilometers

[Wild Magic: Soulbreaker Breath]
- The Trump Card of [?]
- A black beam of light that consumes the soul of anything it touches
- Any killed with this spell cannot be brought back through any means

[Wild Magic: Reality Manipulation]
- The ultimate [Wild Magic] that allows manipulation of reality on a large scale
- The cost increases as the effect on the world increases


"No, no, no! It has to be here, show me what your hiding!"

He had to stop her from throwing the book, and that was when she realized he was right behind her

"Would you like to tell me what that was about?"

Her lips formed into a thin line as her eyes narrowed. For several minutes, the two stood there staring at each other. Keno was the first to break the silence this time, walking towards the house and gesturing for him to follow

"And another question, if you don't mind. How does no one notice that you've walled in a little hideaway?"
"Truthfully? I don't think it's noticed yet. It only looks through the eyes of the zombies, and with the location of this place, it's very hard for the zombies to get in, even if they tried"
"Did you barricade around the wall?"
"I did, for several blocks. They'll never get this far, I made sure of it. Did the same for a few others as well so it wouldn't be out of place"

She nods her head, and before long, they are in one of the upstairs rooms, which seems to have been made into a library. The two sit down and another couple minutes pass before Keno finally speaks again

"About 40 or so years ago, this was the kingdom of Inveria. A thriving kingdom, filled with powerful elementalists, they called us rainbow eyes, for obvious reasons. When I became...this, my eyes took on the color you see now, much like yours, I assume. The day started like any other, nothing was really out of the ordinary, then it was all gone...in a fraction of a second"

Her arms wrapped around her, and she lowered her head as she continued

"...Everyone was undead, and I found myself alone...I don't know how much time passed before I moved around again, after everything that had happened, I started looking for ways to turn them all back...Then a few years ago, I felt a presence...strong...hateful...I don't think I ever used magic as well as in that moment. Made this little hideaway, and I got lucky that it was never discovered, until you came along that is"

Her body was shaking, and as he moved closer, he saw such a sad look on her face. As undead, they couldn't cry, he knew that instinctually, but she was sobbing as if she could. Slowly, he sat next to her, pulled her into a hug, rubbing her back in what he believed to be a soothing manner. She latched onto him, and he had to wonder just how starved she was for contact that a stranger seemed like a good shoulder to cry on, not that he was complaining too much.

"...I'm here...if it's any comfort, I'll be right here"

Her holding onto him tighter told him that it did help somewhat. Without realizing it, he had started rocking back and forth, while Keno had ended up in his lap. After a while, he looked down, hearing her soft snores, and smiled. He laid her on the couch, sitting across from her in a chair as he closed his eyes, finally able to rest in a closer to safe place



You have slept Hp and Mp have been restored


Sub-quest Completed: A Forgotten Face

[Companion: Keno Fasris Invern], [2000Exp], [Partial Completion of Quest: An Undead Dragon Lord I]


Story Quest Updated: An Undead Dragon Lord I
- Is there any truth to the mythical 'Undead Dragon Lord'? Find out and it may lead to a great adventure

Visit Inveria for any clues on the 'Undead Disaster': [X]
Complete Sub-Quest: [A Forgotten Face]: [X]
Complete Sub-Quest: [The First Boss]: []

[Quest Continuation], [? Exp], [?]


Sub-Quest: The First Boss
- Keno is going to ask for your help, so help her, 'Hero'. Let's see if you have it in you

Reach level 40: []
Have Keno reach level 30: []
Kill the being taking residence in Inveria Castle: []



Magnus Blackwood
Level: 28 Exp: 4800/5700
Class: [Warlock] Level: 28/35 | Exp: 3800/5700


"...That's a shit ton of info to take in...I wonder...if I do have it in me..."

What he did in Vania Village was fun, for a moment, but it wasn't particularly fulfilling to him. Taking this quest allowed him to see if the other side had any benefit. He looked over, seeing Keno still sleeping, her chest rising and falling as if she was still alive. He supposed he did it as well, those human traits were certainly hard to break. His new companion took another hour before she stirred, he equated that to the sun setting then over anything else. She sat up, stretching her limbs until her eyes landed on him

"Good morning, sleep well?"

Turned out vampire's could blush, and Keno was certainly cute when she did

"Good, you fell asleep after we talked last night. Didn't know if you had a bed, so I laid you out there"
"Thank you"

She sat up, popping her neck as she woke up fully

"Would you be willing to help me?"
"With what?"
"The undead, in the castle, I want it dead. Before we kill it though, I want to know what it knows. About the zombies, about everything"

In that moment, her gaze was hard and her voice was cold, and for the first time in this world, Magnus felt an attraction to the woman before him

"[Observe]" He intoned


Name: Keno Fasris Invern
Level: 5
Title: [Vampire Princess]
Race: [Vampire]

Class: [Elementalist: Earth] Level: 1/25

Hp: 100/100 Hp Regen: 1 per minute (+1 per minute)
Mp: 625/625 Mp Regen: 25 per minute


- You are a Vampire, a creature of the night
- Gain an extra 100% Hp Regen
+ 2 to all stats per level up

[Rainbow Eye Genes]
- You are one of the [Rainbow Eyes], gaining a large affinity for one of the four elements
- Elemental Affinity: [Earth]

+ 3 Mag per level
+ 3 Wis per level
+ 3 Res per level

[Magic Library]
- The Talent of Keno Fasris Invern, it allow her to store any magic she has seen
- In addition, she can only cast the magic stored one time
- Spell Currently in use: [Wild Magic: Soul Taker]
- If this skill is turned off, Keno will change into a mindless zombie unless extraordinary measures are taken -

Summary: The Former Princess of Inveria, her city is now destroyed and she is a [Vampire]. She has been alone for 40 years since the destruction of her city and her rebirth. She loves learning new magic and it is her hobby to research and even develop magic. She wants to restore the people in her city to their original form. She is 52 years old and happy to have a friend


"Yeah, Keno, I'll help you. But I think we need to get a fair bit stronger first"

She smiled, jumping a few times in the air

"Great, but, how are we to get stronger? I'm not sure we can get in and out without being noticed a second time"
"Do you trust me?"

He held out his hand, letting a smirk cross his features

"Do you trust me?"

As unusual as the answer was, she took his hand, showing that 'yes', she did trust him

"Get ready then. [ID Create: Clerics]"

While he was used to the world shifting, Keno was not, and fell to the grass below them


He helped her up and she looked around, seeing the red sky and the grass beneath her feet

"..Wha...did you do?"
"Its a skill I have, nothing in here is real, per se. Enemies spawn and we can get some good experience. That reminds me, invite Keno Fasris Invern to party"

He saw the blue screen appear in front of her, and as she hesitantly tapped yes, he saw her freeze for a minute, likely getting implanted with all the information she would need to use the system. She looked up to him, a beautiful smile on her features

"Controlling your growth...acquiring perks...quests...I have everything?"
"For now yes"
"And you just...gave this power to me?"
"Sure, you seem like the sort I can trust"

Keno hugged him, gripping him tightly as he hesitantly returned the gesture

"Thank you"

He was unused to affection, while Keno seemed very adamant about giving it, to him at least. It was a strange new thing, one that he didn't hate

"Now then, you should be aware, this is a Cleric Dungeon. Meaning, people using holy magic will be here. I'll protect you as best I can, but you can fight, right?"
"I'm level 5"
"And I'm level 28, that wasn't what I asked you"
"...I can fight"
"There you go. Stay behind me, once your sufficiently strong, I want you fighting beside me"

She did as he asked, though he could see it in her face that she wasn't particularly happy about it. He looked to the forest, noting her following his gaze a moment later. From the mass of trees emerged people in white, helmets and baggy robes preventing them from discerning gender



Cleric x 20
Level 15

Hp: 350/350
Mp: 1500/1500

Defense: 20
Resistance: 25

[Turn Undead] - Active - 25Mp
- Repels or Exorcises undead beings that are of a weaker level than the caster
[Anti-Evil Protection] - Active - 30Mp
- Decreases the attack power of [Demonic] or [Undead] beings by 40%
[Holy Ray] - Active - 75Mp
- A piercing ray of holy light -Deals double damage against [Demonic] or [Undead] beings
- Damage: Mag
[Summon Angel: 2nd Tier] - Active - 250Mp
- Summon an [Angel Guardian] to fight for you
- Angels can be summoned or dismissed at will
[Summon Angel: 3rd Tier] - Active - 350Mp
- Summon an [Arc-Angel Flame] to fight for you
- Angels can be summoned or dismissed at will
[Summon Angel: 4th Tier] - Active - 400Mp
- Summon a [Principality Observation] or a [Principality Peace] to fight for you
- Angels can be summoned or dismissed at will

Summary: Humans that have gained favor with their gods, granting them even more power


""[Summon Angel: 3rd Tier]""

Ten angels appeared behind the clerics, while the other ten appeared to be ready to cast spells

"Keno, a wall would be good right now"
"That's...kinda a problem"

As the sickly yellow light engulfed Magnus, everyone ceased to move. He turned to Keno, a slightly annoyed expression on his face

"Attack them, hurry"

Keno stepped out in front of him, holding out her hands

"[Triple Magic: Acid Splash]"
"[Widen Magic: Incinerate]"

Three purple magic circles manifested around her, firing balls of acid at their enemies. A single crimson magic circle appeared over Magnus's hand, a torrent of black flame to shoot forward. Between the two of them, everyone was hit, the summons included. Magnus took Keno by the hand and his gaze shot to the opposite side of the field

"[Far Step]"

Quickly teleporting as far as he was willing to go, they watched the subdued approach of their enemies. With the damage per minute effects, and the lack of [Gamer's Body], they were too slow to get to them before they fell to the ground, dead. They faded into particles, while Magnus grabbed onto Keno again

"[ID Escape]"

The world shattered around them as Magnus sat down, sighing in relief as screens appeared in front of them


Patch Notes: Level ups will only take place once an ID has been left


You have defeated 20 [Cleric]. + 10,000Exp
You have defeated 10 [Arc-Angel Flame]. + 5000Exp
You have leveled up


Name: Magnus Blackwood/Leviathan
Level: 28 - 31 Exp: 1600/7000
Title: []
Race: [Vampire]

Class: [Warlock] Level: 31/35 | Exp: 600/7000

Hp: 760/760 Hp Regen: 8 per minute (+8 per minute)
Mp: 2875/2875 Mp Regen: 115 per minute

Str: 70 - 76
Vit: 70 - 76
Mag: 105 - 111 - 115
Spd: 70 - 76
Wis: 105 - 111 - 115
Def: 70 - 76
Res: 105 - 111 - 115

Status Points: 21 - 9
Perk Points: 1 - 2


[Negative Energy Flood] - Active - 1000Mp
- Waves of negative energy spread out, dealing damage to everything in sight
- Any who die from this spell will instantly rise up as undead
- This spell deals double damage against [Holy] and [Angelic] beings
- Attack Power: Mag * 10


Choose 1 Spell to acquire:

[Feelbemind] - Active - 1500Mp
- A powerful psychic attack that shatters the minds of the weak
- The target of this spell will remain comatose for a month
- Attack Power: Mag * 8

[Psychic Scream] - Active - 1200Mp
- A powerful psychic attack that shatters the minds of all weak willed people in range
- Any hit by this spell are stunned for several minutes
- Range: 150 feet
- Attack Power: Mag * 6


"Psychic Scream"


Spell gained: [Psychic Scream]

"So, Keno, we need to have a talk; first though, how'd you do?"

She smiled, sliding over her screen with excitement

Name: Keno Fasris Invern
Level: 5 - 17
Title: [Vampire Princess]
Race: [Vampire]

Class: [Elementalist: Earth] Level: 13/25

Hp: 340/340 Hp Regen: 3 per minute (+3 per minute)
Mp: 2125/2125 Mp Regen: 85 per minute

"Your rainbow eye genes are bullshit Keno. You have almost as much magic as I do and your barely more than half my level"

She giggled and laid down on the bed, covering her eyes with her arm

"Keno, why didn't you have any other spells?"

She looked up, a twinge of embarrassment on her face

"I...gave up the ability to manifest earth, I was young and stupid...majority of my gravity magic as well, now I'm just above average with it"
"What did you give it up for?"
"Crystal, I have two spells, but until now, I didn't have the mana to use it. With your...system...I have a fair amount of spells now, and over three times the magic power as before"
"Good, then next time you could stand next to me as we fight...And talking about that..."

He pulled out the [Nameless Book of Spells], opening the table of contents before shifting to another page

[Spell Modifiers]

"You've got one down, see if you can remember the others next time we're out there"

He handed her the book while he sat in the chair, opening his perk list, determined to increase his power by any means


Perk Points: 2

[Lesser Magic Immunity] - 2 Perk Points
[True Sorcerer] - 2 Perk Points
- A [Talent] granted to Magnus Blackwood by the [Nameless Book of Spells]
- This unique talent removes all restrictions when choosing a magic related class
+ 5 Mag per level
+ 5 Wis per level
+ 5 Res per level


He looked up briefly, seeing the book shimmer for a fraction of a second, and he smiled, mentally thanking his sentient World Item


Perk Gained: [True Sorcerer]


While this was a welcome turn of events, he couldn't help but wonder what the stats of the higher ranked beings of this world looked like, and if how much more he would need to compete with them

"So, what was the screen you had up?" Keno asked, looking up from the grimoire
"My perk list, now I can gain magic just as fast as you, wish I had gotten it earlier though"
"There's only so much you can do Magnus, especially if you consider beings like the Dragon Lords"
"...Can you tell me about them?"

She sat up, scratching her head as she racked her brain to remember what she could

"The Dragon Lords are the most powerful beings in this world, what's left of them anyway. The Eight Greed Kings wiped out a good number before their deaths. The ones that remain are mostly hidden away...I know they use Wild Magic, which uses souls as a fuel source, but that's about it"
"Have you ever heard of an Undead Dragon Lord?"
"It...shouldn't be possible, even if a Dragon Lord could turn himself and remain sane, he should be unable to use Wild Magic...I suppose anything's possible..."

She started muttering towards the end and only his vampiric hearing allowed him to catch it

"Chin up Keno, we've got plenty of time to figure it out"
"Mmm, maybe. Alright Magnus, I'm ready to go back"
"Can't, that's a once a day skill. I ended it early because you used up all your Mp"
"But we leveled up and it restored itself right?"
"Only after we left"

Keno pouted, and Magnus got the impression she enjoyed the fighting, or that the change of scenery had made her a bit eager to go back and escape the little house they were in


"So, entire day before we can go back, and half a day until we can reasonably get a full night of sleep, what do you want to do?"
"Tell me about your life, what was it like before you became a vampire?"

Magnus expected this question at some point, and had thought long and hard about what to tell those he trusted

"I...was normal, for the most part, kept my head down...lived an okay life...then I died. I wasn't turned like normal, I woke up in a forest, no idea where I was, or what had happened to me. My 'abilities' told me enough to figure things out. Took a bit, but I leveled up and found my way to civilization...I'm going to be real with you, I found a village, and went a bit overboard"
"You lost control"
"Not really, I won't make that excuse. I don't regret what I did, I killed them all, they were quick, probably painless, but I did it. I'll likely do it again, a vampire has to eat after all, but you'll be with me, and I refuse to do anything that would make you hate me"
"Just the ones that deserve it?"
"Exactly, people no one will miss, the scum of the earth. Now doesn't that sound appealing"

Their conversation had caused many emotions to play out on Keno's face. She didn't seem too bothered that he had destroyed an entire village, honestly, if he was reading her right, she seemed impressed, yet cautious

"Just the bad ones, humans will start sending out extermination squads if you don't" She said
"They've already given me a name. What about you? If we ever leave Inveria you'll probably get one too. A name means they know of us, that they'll fear us"
"I suppose I've not thought much about it...What name did they give you"
"Leviathan. It's the name of a being that'll devour the world. Fits, doesn't it?"

She giggled, and he felt like it was definitely the right decision to tell her everything

"I wonder what name they'll give me?"
"Something like me I bet, you'll be said to have destroyed this nation, as distasteful as that is"

Keno's face scrunched, and he patted her head until she smiles again

"It'll be alright, you and I know the truth, nothing else matters"
"Yeah, maybe"


A few hours had passed, and Magnus and Keno were reading from the Grimoire together, sitting shoulder to shoulder as the book sat between them. He had shown her more crystal magic, which she had quickly learned. He debated learning it himself, but resolved that he could always learn later if he so desired.

"What do you think Keno? Is there anything else you wanna take a look at?"

After a moment with no response, he turned and saw her asleep on his shoulder

"You sleep a lot, don't you?" He said with a chuckle

He supposed with nothing better to do, her time would be spent either sleeping of researching. Seemed it would take her a while to get used to him being there. With Keno asleep, her turned several pages, stopping at a section that had interested him


Wild Magic

Usable only by those with Dragon Blood or those with a Talent enabling them to do so. Wild Magic is some of the most powerful magic there is, yet it's costs make it the hardest to use, since souls are often a non-renewable resource

[Wild Magic: Reality Manipulation]
If one has enough souls to power this spell, than they may truly manipulate the world in any way, causing a myriad of phenomenon from the subtle to the truly awe inspiring

Wild Magic Classes:
[Primal Magic Caster]
[World Connector]
[Soul Adorer]
[Soul Desecrator]


"Wild Magic huh? Wonder what I'd be able to do with it"
"...Did you...say something Magnus?"

She was starting to stir, and he looked out the window, seeing the sun beginning to rise

"Nothing Keno, I think It's time for bed"

He puts away the book and starts to move, only for Keno to wrap her arms around him, preventing him from moving

"Don't move...too comfy"

She nuzzled her head into his shoulder, and he resolved himself to being a pillow. He lied back, and soon enough, she had moved her head onto his chest, and cautiously, he wrapped his arms around her and brought her closer. He rested his head on hers and took a deep breath, settling himself in


He took one more deep breath, and closed his eyes, letting her soft snores lead him into sleep


Keno's rustling woke him up, and he looked down, seeing her awake, and snuggling closer to him. He watched her slowly raise her head, meeting his amused gaze

"Morning, cutie"

He saw her face all the way to her ears turn bright red, and it was only his arms around her that prevented her from jumping away

"Relax, Keno. You were tired, I was tired, we fell asleep. It was nice"

She stopped struggling, proceeding to hide her face in his chest

"...It was nice"
"There you go. No need to be shy, despite how adorable you look when you are"

She looked up once more, smiling softly at him before lying back down

"Just a while longer?"
"Heh, anything you want Keno...anything you want"

As the two fall back asleep, he curiously uses [Observe] again


Name: Keno Fasris Invern
Level: 17
Title: [Vampire Princess]
Race: [Vampire]

Class: [Elementalist: Earth] Level: 13/25

Hp: 340/340 Hp Regen: 3 per minute (+3 per minute)
Mp: 2125/2125 Mp Regen: 85 per minute

Summary: The Former Princess of Inveria, her city is now destroyed and she is a [Vampire]. She has been alone for 40 years since the destruction of her city and her rebirth. She loves learning new magic and it is her hobby to research and even develop magic. She wants to restore the people in her city to their original form. She is 52 years old and developing a crush on her friend, [Magnus Blackwood]


"Well...isn't that something?" He thought, closing his eyes


"Ready to head back into the dungeon?"
"Yeah, I wanna try out my new spells"

He holds out her hand and she was quick to take it, interlocking their arms

"[ID Create: Clerics]"

The world shifted and the two found themselves in the Cleric Dungeon again. Soon enough, their enemies emerged, with the usual army of [Arc-Angel Flame], but this time there was one new one. This angel had a second pair of wings and appeared to be larger than the others


Cleric x 20

Hp: 350/350 (420/420)
Mp: 1500/1500 (1800/1800)

Defense: 20 (24)
Resistance: 25 (30)


[Principality Observation]

Hp: 750/750
Mp: 1500/1500

Attack Power: 35

Magical Defense: 15

[Angelic Enhancement] - Passive
- All allies stats are increased by 20% and stacks with additional use
- This ability remains active as long as the user remains stationary
[Summon Angel: 3rd Tier] - Active - 150Mp
- Summon an [Arc-Angel Flame] to fight for you
- Angels can be summoned or dismissed at will

Summary: A 4th Tier summon, cannot be harmed through normal physical means, only magic can harm it


[Arc-Angel Flame] x 10

Hp: 300/300 (360/360)

Attack Power: 25 (30)
Magical Defense: 5 (6)

Summary: A 3rd Tier summon, cannot be harmed through normal physical means, only magic can harm it


The large angel's eyes glowed, and soon, another [Arc-Angel Flame] appeared before them, light sword in hand


He looked to Keno, who smiled and stepped forward, holding out a hand

"[Maximize Magic: Shard Buck Shots]"

A wave of black flames trailed after the crystal bullets, and when it made contact, everything was completely destroyed. While the two admired the damage, a new screen appeared before them

Having one shot killed so many clerics and angels, [Clerics] will be replaced with the stronger variant: [Paladins]

"That's a shame, it was a lot of free Exp until now"


Simulating Paladin Stats


Level 35

Hp: 1000/1000
Mp: 3500/3500

Attack Power: 100
Defense: 300
Resistance: 300

[Slashing Strike] - Active - 50Mp
- A basic slashing attack
- Attack Power: Weapon Power
[Void Cutter] - Active - 200Mp
- A Martial Art that fires a slash of air at a target
- Attack Power: Weapon Power * 2
[Holy Ray] - Active - 75Mp
[Protection from Evil] - Active - 500Mp
- Decreases all damage from [Evil] beings by 50%
[Summon Angel: 4th Tier] - Active - 400Mp
- Summon a [Principality Observation] or a [Principality Peace] to fight for you
- Angels can be summoned or dismissed at will

Summary: The pinnacle of what humanity could become. These are humans that have reached the realm of heroes


"Well...that could be a problem"

Keno tilts her head, moving to look at the screen, before rubbing her chin in thought

"It's...not impossible, just hard"
""[Protection from Evil]""

The two turned, seeing 5 men wearing white armor and carrying great swords. They all glowed and before Magnus and Keno could even respond, another spell was cast

"[Summon Angel: 4th Tier]"

5 [Principality Observation] appeared in a mass of gold particles, instantly summoning 5 [Arc-Angel Flame]

"Well Keno, what do you think? Run?"
"We can take them...I think. [Acid Rain]"
"Alright then. [Avarice]"

As their enemies were frozen in place, clouds overhead started raining down a dark purple substance. Magnus grimaced when it hit him as well, making a light grunt every time one hit him. He turned to Keno, who had the decency to look apologetic

"My bad. [Crystal Wall]"

A single wall shot up from the ground at a tilted angle, when she went to make another, nothing happened. He heard movement ahead of them, and he figured out his skill wore off

"Run out of mana?" He grimaced

He grabbed her hand and started running, seeing them following him

"[Far Step]"

He teleported them, and sighed in relief when he could no longer feel the rain on him

"What were you trying to do with the crystal walls?"
"Make a tent"
"Huh...that would have been helpful"
"But I didn't have enough mana"
"We'll get there Keno, it'll just take some time"
""[Holy Ray]""
"Get down!"

He tackles Keno, getting hit by two of the beams as several more pass overhead


Magnus Blackwood

Hp: 225/760 Hp Regen: 8 per minute (+8 per minute)
Mp: 2175/2875 Mp Regen: 115 per minute

"Alright Keno, we've gotta go..."
"Come on Magnus, we're so close"

He weighted the options, quickly turning to [Observe] their enemies


Paladin x 5
Level 35

Hp: 520/1000 (1520/2000)
Mp: 2525/3500 (6025/7000)

Attack Power: 100 (200)
Defense: 300 (600)
Resistance: 300 (600)

[Slashing Strike] - Active - 50Mp
[Void Cutter] - Active - 200Mp
[Holy Ray] - Active - 75Mp
[Protection from Evil] - Active - 500Mp
[Summon Angel: 4th Tier] - Active - 400Mp
[Summon Angel: 7th Tier] - Active - 1500Mp

Summary: The pinnacle of what humanity could become. These are humans that have reached the realm of heroes


[Principality Observation] x 5

Hp: 270/750 (1020/1500)
Mp: 0/1500 (1500/3000)

Attack Power: 35 (70)
Magical Defense: 15 (30)

[Angelic Enhancement] - Passive
- All allies stats are increased by 20% and stacks with additional use
- This ability remains active as long as the user remains stationary
[Summon Angel: 3rd Tier] - Active - 150Mp

Summary: A 4th Tier summon, cannot be harmed through normal physical means, only magic can harm it


[Arc-Angel Flame] x 50

Hp: 0/300 (120/600)

Attack Power: 25 (50)
Magical Defense: 5 (10)

Summary: A 3rd Tier summon, cannot be harmed through normal physical means, only magic can harm it


He turned to her, ready to get then out of there, before he saw the look on her face. Determination, and hope, he didn't know how or why she believed in him in such a way, but it made him want to try

"Damnit, your lucky your cute Keno"

He stood up, ignoring her shocked look as he stepped forward, steeling himself


Using his skill for the second time, his enemies froze as he glowed with an sickly yellow light

"Now then, [Sloth], [Envy], [Gluttony]"

Three more colors outlined him: light blue, green, and orange. The [Arc-Angel Flame] had disintegrated, and he realized they were only still there because of the support effects of the higher ranked Principality angel

"Huh. Now, with the damage doubled, this should work"

He raised his hand in the air, hoping a single shot can end it

"[Penetrate Maximize Boosted Magic: Negative Energy Flood]"

From his hand, a layered black magic circle appeared, and from it, sludge emerged, spreading out like a wave until it encompassed everything in sight. When it dissipated, Magnus felt refreshed, as if the spell had restored him


Magnus Blackwood
Hp: 760/760 Hp Regen: 8 per minute (+8 per minute)

Mp: 475/2875 Mp Regen: 115 per minute

And it seemed, that the spell had done just that, but he was still lucky that no one else emerged. He was especially strong for his level, but he would do terribly in a drawn out fight. He walks back to Keno triumphant, as she looks at him with affection in her eyes

"I knew you could do it"
"We're getting out of here. If anyone else shows up, we're sitting ducks"

He took her hand, and moments later, they were back in their library, and a mountain of screens had assaulted them


You have defeated [Clerics] x 20. + 4000Exp
You have defeated [Arc-Angel Flame] x 60. + 30,000Exp
You have defeated [Principality Observation] x 6. + 6000Exp
You have defeated [Paladin] x 5. + 8000Exp
You have leveled up x 6
Title has been acquired due to maxing out class


Name: Magnus Blackwood/Leviathan
Level: 31 - 37 Exp: 100/10,000
Title: [The Seven Deadly Sins]
Race: [Vampire]

Class: [Warlock] Level: 35/35 | Exp: 9000/9000

Hp: 880/880 Hp Regen: 9 per minute (+9 per minute)
Mp: 4250/4250 Mp Regen: 170 per minute

Str: 76 - 88
Vit: 76 - 88
Mag: 115 - 157 - 170
Spd: 76 - 88
Wis: 115 - 157 - 170
Def: 76 - 88
Res: 115 - 157 - 170

Status Points: 39 - 0
Perk Points: 1


[Lust] - Active
- A skill of the Seven Deadly Sins that can be used 3 times a day
- This skill has a 50% chance to charm all enemies
- Duration: 2 minutes
[Wrath] - Active
- A skill of the Seven Deadly Sins that can be used 3 times a day
- This skill has a 75% chance to make all enemies go berserk
- Duration: 5 minutes
[Pride] - Active
- A skill of the Seven Deadly Sins that can be used 1 time a day
- This skill cancels all current enemy support effects and increases user's stats by 50%
- Duration: 1 hour
[The Seven Deadly Sins] - Title
- A title granted to one possessing abilities of the deadliest demons
- All relevant skills of [The Seven Deadly Sins] have their power increased by 35%


[Immolation] - Active - 750Mp
- A spell that engulfs a target in flames
- Attack Power: Mag * 7
- Damage per minute: Mag


Skill gained due to mastery of [The Seven Deadly Sins]:

[Disguise] - Active
- A skill of the Seven Deadly Sins that can be used 3 times a day
- Assume the appearance of a target, gaining all their abilities and powers
- The user can dispel this skill at any time


"I did amazing, maxed out my class, how about you Keno?"
"Same here, maxed out my Elementalist Class, and gained a lot of levels"

She slid over her screen and he was surprised

Name: Keno Fasris Invern
Level: 17 - 28
Title: [Vampire Princess]
Race: [Vampire]

Class: [Elementalist: Earth] Level: 25/25

Hp: 560/560 Hp Regen: 6 per minute (+6 per minute)
Mp: 3500/3500 Mp Regen: 140 per minute

"Huh, that's pretty good. Have you given it any thought on what class you would get next?"
"Dunno, my options are pretty limited"

She goes through a few screens and slides another one towards him

You have maxed out your [Elementalist: Earth] class, please choose another:

"I know my talent removed the restrictions for me. I wonder if the book could do the same for you?"

He pulled out the book, weighing the options in his head before he opened the front cover

"Bleed on it"

She looked at him like he was crazy for even suggesting it, before sighing and running her hand along her pointed teeth. She bled onto the book and the words changed and disappeared. When the introduction reappeared, it had changed slightly

This book belongs to Magnus Blackwood, who was granted a talent to remove all class restrictions
This book belongs to Keno Fasris Invern, who's talent has been restored and enhanced by this book
This World Item grants protection to it's two bearers from other World Items as well as Wild Magic

"M-my talent?"

She quickly pulled up a screen, before gasping. He looked at her, seeing a shaky smile and he knew she'd be crying if she could. She gestured him to come closer and when he did, he saw the reasons for her happiness

[True Magic Library]
- The Talent of Keno Fasris Invern, it allow her to cast any magic she has seen
- In addition, once she has cast the spell, she may choose to learn it permanently
- Once a spell from the library has been used, the class it belongs to may be acquired

"It's back Magnus, and it's better than ever. And it's all because of you"

She lunged at him, wrapping her arms around him as she nuzzled her head against his chest

"Thank you, thank you, thank you"

She leaned up and peppered kisses on his cheeks, a beaming smile on her face. It took her a moment to realize what she had done, and when realization showed on her face, she shot away, blushing and refusing to look at him, all the while, he smiled at her

"Your very welcome Keno. May I make a suggestion?" He asks, as she nods her head slowly
"Your already specialized in crystal magic, why not stick with stuff that'll help enhance that? The book can show you how to imbue negative energy into them if you like. Maybe that'll help you figure out a class?"

She was still embarrassed, but met his eyes and slowly nodded her head. She took the book and sat on the opposite end of the room, while he sat down and pulled up his own class screen

[Nameless Book of Spells] has removed all magical class restrictions
[Secondary Class] has activated
You have maxed out your [Warlock] class. Please choose another 2:

[World Connector]

He didn't know how long he stared at the screens and pulled up descriptions, but eventually, he settled on the two classes he desired


[Occultist] - Class - 1/20
- A mage who delves into the darkest and most forbidden magics
- This class is filled with unusual and powerful magic

[Primal Magic Caster] - Class - 1/10
- A caster who uses the Magic of Dragons
- A wielder of this class can manipulate the world as they see fit


Skills Gained:
[Curse of Solomon] - Active - 50Hp per second
- Sacrifice your health for Magic Power
- Gain 200Mp per second

[Wild Magic: Hp Restore] - Active - 1 Soul
- By consuming a soul, you can restore your health to full

Perk Gained:

[Wild Magic Caster] - Perk
- A user of the Primal Magic of The New World
- This magic of the [Dragon Lords] can grant many miracles
+ 10 Mag per level
+ 10 Wis per level
+ 10 Res per level


You have selected a [Wild Magic] class, which levels up as you accumulate souls


Note: Using souls for [Wild Magic] does not lower this special Exp bar
Due to not having any way to collect souls currently, [Wild Magic] is unusable


"A great addition, yet I can't use it quite yet. Shame, at least the Occultist class will work"


Name: Magnus Blackwood/Leviathan

Level: 37 Exp: 100/10,000
Title: [The Seven Deadly Sins]
Race: [Vampire]

Class: [Primal Magic Caster] Level: 1/10 | Soul: 0/100
Sub-Class: [Occultist]Level: 1/20 | Exp: 0/1000
Sub-Class: [Warlock] Level: 35/35

Hp: 880/880 Hp Regen: 9 per minute (+9 per minute)
Mp: 4250/4250 Mp Regen: 170 per minute

Str: 88
Vit: 88
Mag: 170
Spd: 88
Wis: 170
Def: 88
Res: 170

Status Points: 0
Perk Points: 1

He looks over to Keno, who is tearing through the grimoire, clearly looking for something

"Hey, Magnus?"
"This...negative energy enhancement thing, what do you think of it?"
"Its certainly a good skill, but its really only for short bursts or those who have a ton of Mp to burn through"
"So...I should get it?"
"Either way, I like it, I think you would"

He shrugs and she nods her head, a moment later a screen appears and he assumes she acquired the skill. He laid his head back, staring at the ceiling of the library as he thought about what to do for the rest of the day

"Now I can see why you slept so much" He muttered, bored

He pushed himself off the couch, moving towards the shelves as he looks through her library, seeing what The New World had to offer as reading material. He thumbed through several books as he heard Keno turning pages of the grimoire. After a while he sat back down, having found nothing he couldn't get from his World Item. Keno seemed to notice his boredom, and came to sit next to him, pushing the [Nameless Book of Spells] in between them

"So, I was looking in the book, and I think Sorcerer is the best class for me to take next"
"Any specific reason?"
"This part right here"

The Sorcerer class tree is dedicated to increasing the skills/ability of the caster bearing it
The Sorcerer class tree has two forms, the base [Sorcerer] class, and its upgraded form, the [High Sorcerer]

Spell list of the Sorcerer Class Tree:
[Utility Magic]
[Time Stop]
[Lightning Series(Partly)]
[Gravity Series(Partly)]

"What is...Utility Magic?"
"Spells for flight and teleportation...a few appraisal spells...I think there's a few cleanliness spells?"

She seemed unsure, and while they could just ask the book, she seemed happy enough with her decision

"Alright Keno, it does seem good for you. Have you spent your perk points?"
"I had to get the negative energy manipulation before I could acquire negative energy enhancement"
"And the other 2?"
"I decided to take this one called secondary class. It allows..."
"I know Keno, that was all but the first perk I got"
"What secondary class did you get?"
"Primal Magic Caster, I'm going to try and learn Wild Magic. The other one I got was Occultist, and it should provide some interesting spells"

He pulled up his sheet and showed her the perk and skill he had gotten when choosing the classes

"A plus ten, really? That's almost cheating"
"Think about how strong the Dragon Lords are Keno"
"...It's still cheating"
"Look closely through the book and see if it'll show you and perks that'll increase your magic"

Keno nodded her head, and started searching the book. It took a while before she found the right set of words, but the book, as always, provided

Classes with Magic increasing perks:
[Primal Magic Caster]
[High Sorcerer]
[Soul Desecrator]


Classes with Magic increasing abilities:
[Master of Death]
[Dark Paladin]
[Shadow Mage]

"Tricky one right there, none of those particularly enhance your crystal magic, gravity magic or...what about poison?"

At Keno's confused look, he elaborates as best he can

"Alright, correct me if I'm wrong, but...acid is just a sub-section of poison magic right?" He asks
"So it would make sense for you to have an easier time learning that right?"
"Maybe, but is that the best option?"
"What's on your mind?" He asked
"I was thinking about taking both tiers of the Sorcerer class, that way I can level both of them and get the magic enhancing perk as well"

Magnus mulled it over in his head. It wasn't a bad idea, per se, and it wouldn't drastically change anything for her style overall

"That...might be a good idea. We don't really know what to do from here, so a simple solution like that might be best"

She smiled, and it seemed that was what she wanted all along, she just preferred for him to agree. He watched her swipe her screens and accept her second class, before showing it to him

Name: Keno Fasris Invern
Level: 28
Title: [Vampire Princess]

Race: [Vampire]

Class: [High Sorcerer] Level: 1/5
Sub-Class: [Sorcerer] Level: 1/20
Sub-Class: [Elementalist: Earth] Level: 25/25

Hp: 560/560 Hp Regen: 6 per minute (+6 per minute)
Mp: 3500/3500 Mp Regen: 140 per minute

[High Sorcerer] - Perk
- A Sorcerer who has attained a higher tier of magical power
+ 10 Mag per level
+ 10 Wis per level
+ 10 Res per level

"Just like mine" he muttered

Keno seemed to have the strange tendency to keep up with him in regards to magical growth, and it was starting to become a rather creepy pattern the longer it continued

"Specialization seems to work out for you Keno"
"It would appear so. Wild Magic looks good on you"
"Can't use it yet, but damn, will it be fun once I can. I've got big plans for it"
"Oh? Do tell"
"Not yet, not until I'm sure it'll work"

His determined gaze made Keno smile softly at him. After a moment, she stood up, stretching her arms over her head

"Well, we're done for the day. What do you wanna do now?"
"I...dunno Keno, but I don't like being cooped up in here"
"It didn't used to bother me, but since we go into that dungeon of yours, I've been getting stir crazy in here"
"We could...try and go out?"

He knew the suggestion was a bit crazy, but it was better than sitting inside for the rest of the day. Keno seemed to seriously consider his idea for a moment, before shaking her head

"We'd be seen, and as much as I'd enjoy getting out, we really shouldn't"
"Yeah, I get it"

Keno sat down next to him, laying her head against the back of the couch

"That doesn't mean we can't have any fun"

Magnus turned to look at her, puppy dog eyes in full effect. He handed her the [Nameless Book of Spells] and she beamed

"Come on Magnus, learning new spells is fun"
"For you. For me, it's practical"

Despite his words, he scooted closer to Keno as she listed off the criteria of today's reading

"Fire Magic"


List of Fire Spells:
[Crimson Javelin]
[Drifting Mine]
[Incendiary Cloud]
[Vermillion Nova]

While Keno was looking for the stronger Fire Magics, Magnus took one and was content to watch her

Spell Gained:
[Vermilion Nova] - Active - 950Mp
- A spell that attacks the target with a pillar of flame
- This skill deals double damage against [Undead] beings
- Attack Power: Mag * 9

It was a spell he remembered well, as more and more of his memories of this world came back to him. While spells didn't seem quite the same as he remembered, he enjoyed acquiring his favorite spells from the most iconic battles. As his mind finally pieced things together, he figured out where he was, to a degree. He was clearly a long time before Nazarick arrived in the new world, a good 200 or so years from what he could tell. The few people he met seemed somewhat stronger than Canon, probably due to a new Advent of the Gods readying to start

"Or...was I part of the Advent of the Gods?" He thought

He shook his head, ignoring that stray thought as he turned back to Keno. It may have started as finding a loyal companion who would help him, but it was turning into a real attraction. He knew she would be strong, one of the strongest in the world. She was intelligent, beautiful, and she didn't seem too bothered by the fact he killed people because he felt like it, and that wasn't even getting into her hobby of magic. While he claimed learning magic was practical, he couldn't deny there was an appeal to possibly creating new magic.

"What are you thinking about Magnus? You have this smile on your face"

Her voice snapped him out of his daze, and he looked at her, chuckling slightly as he smirked a bit

"I'm thinking about magic, maybe your hobby's rubbed off on me, if only a bit"

It seemed that made her happy, if her smiling and hugging him was any indication. She somehow managed to scoot closer, making sure he could see the book as they read together

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