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this is my first time writting fanfiction and its about my all time favorite couple from akatsuki no yona.

this story sets after the manga ends and everything is well again.

yona becomes the queen and finally reunited with Hak.

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"HAK!" she screams as she woke up from the nightmare.

She sweating and shaking so much as she remembered what her nightmare was. The day when she falls down the cliff with Hak. She's still remember that day like yesterday.

She remember the panic when they were surrounded by the army and how she had to cut her own hair in order to break free from the enemy. It's a miracle that they still alive considering they both fall down from a very high cliff. If its not for ik soo and yoon who found them, she's 100% sure they died.

Still can't focus. Her heart beating so fast that she can't breath. She needs to find Hak.


She needs to feel him. To make sure everything is real and its just a dream. She needs to listen to his heartbeat and feel his warmth again.

"Hak! Where are you Hak?" Yona screams and run around the coridor of the castle looking for Hak.

Hak hears her calling him in a distressed manner and quickly run to find her. Scared that some assassins is trying to hurt her, he vowed to protect his princess with his life and punished whoever it is that hurts her.

"Princess where are you?" Hak called.

Yona then bumped into him somewhere in one of the corner. Quickly realized that it was Hak, Yona throw herself into him giving him a very big hug. Still trembling and crying with relief knowing that its alright now and everything is just a dream.

"Whats wrong princess? Are you okay? Someone's trying to hurt you?" Hak asked. Holding his princess with love and care.

"No, im sorry hak. I just have a nightmare. Its not pretty and i just so scared that its real because it feel like its real" she said still crying and holding him tighter.

"Its okay princess, everythings okay now. We're save. Im here, everythings gonna be alright okay?" Hak said while giving kisses in her head. He draw circle in her back hoping it will calm her down. He combed her silky short red hair. She like it when he does that. Its gives her a sense of protection and comfort.

After a couple of minute holding each other. Her cry become sniffles. Hak realizing her calming down, hold her in arms length and look at her face. Her eyes puffy red with fresh tears. Her nose and cheeks so red looking so cute he cant help but smoothering her face with kisses. He loves her so so much.

"You okay?" concerned Hak asked his princess. "I am now. Im sorry hak" Yona replied still sniffling.

"Do you wanna go back to sleep? I can accompany you untill you fall asleep"

"Really? You're okay with that? I'm not bothering you right?" Yona asked with twinkling eyes but worried at the same time. Worried that she's bothering him with a nonsense nightmare after-effect crying. In fact, yes, she really want Hak to sleep with her. To just hold her and listening to his heartbeat while she falls asleep.

"Yona, everything about you is important to me. You wont bother me even with a silly nightmare. Your well being is my priority. So if you ever need me to do anything just ask... Or tell me if you're shy about it" Hak said smirking. Teasing her hoping for some smile to lift her mood up.

Its true though. He will do anything for his princess.

It's been a long journey to find all the dragons and finally everything is well again. The throne was given back to Yona and no war. Even though there's still somethings that they need to work on because the war after-effect but everythings okay. Even Hak Yona are able to meet again and of course, Hak is Yona's very personal guard now. He's there wherever Yona is, protecting the queen from any possible danger.

Their love grow into something no one can cut. They cant live without each other but also giving each other strenght to overcome any struggles they have to deal with. Everybody is giving them their blessings and waiting for the day of their marriage. But because of the current situations, its not appropriate for them to marry now. Maybe later after everything is settle down.

Yona's cheek become redder than it already has, contrased with her pale skin. "Hak dont tease me!" she pouts. But Hak can only think about how cute she was. He pick her up bridal style and starts walking to her chamber, putting her back to sleep. A shocked Yona immediately put her arms around his shoulder

"w-wait Hak i can walk by myself! No need to carry me, im heavyy" she said. Red face and hoping he wont feel or hear heart beating so fast.

"Youre not heavy princess, its okay. I'll hold you tonight so you'll have a good dream this time hehe" hak said still teasing her.

Finally arrived at her chamber. Hak put his princess down in bed gently and tucking her up with the blanket to keep her comfortable and warm. Then he laid beside her above the blanket facing her so she wont feel uncomfortable. He held her hand and the other hand is patting her back, combing her hair try to coax her to sleep again.

Yona flustered by his action. Hak is very gentle to her and always making sure shes comfortable. She was glad that hak finally here accompanying her to sleep. She then holds his face and stroking his cheek, feeling his warmth. Admiring his handsome face.

"Thank you Hak" she said while smiling.

"Anytime princess, try to sleep okay. I wont go anywhere" Hak said while hugging her feeling tired himself. Finally finding comfort holding his princess.

"Mm kay...nightnight Hak" a sleepy Yona mumble. Feeling calm and very very comfortble in Hak's arms.

"Gnight love"