November 13th, 2020

As odd as it seemed, there indeed was some small part of him that regretted what he'd done. The names he'd written down, nine in total since he'd gotten ahold of the book, were all but dead by now. By this time next week, they'll all be gone- and he would remain anonymous, simply shading their deaths under the guise of accidents and natural causes. He had no intention of revealing his hand in this, not now or ever. He planned to continue working from behind the scenes. As Harrison sat at his desk, his left hand hard at work on a design for his upcoming Art project, he sighed and looked up.

"Can you please not breathe on my neck? It's very distracting-not to mention warm." He complained, much to Toothless' dismay. The Shinigami sighed softly as he floated over him.

"I'm hungry." He complained, causing Harrison to turn around with a confused look upon his face.

"You eat?" He asked in a somewhat shocked tone. Toothless seemed to take offense to that and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Yes. I don't rely on it for survival, but I do like a nice snack from time to time." He explained, his eyes panning over to the plate Hiccup had on his desk.

"What's that?" He asked, poking at the pinkish food.

"Baked salmon. Dad loves it, but I get no pleasure from it. All I get is an upset stomach and a call to the pizza parlor." Harrison said as he went back to his desk, not paying any mind to Toothless, who'd begun to sniff at the food.

"It smells you mind?"

"Have at it." Was the young man's response as he opened up a new tab on his computer, searching for recent murders in Japan. As he did this, he tried his hardest to ignore the animal like sounds of Toothless eating behind him.

"I'm not an expert on this world, but isn't Japan pretty far from here?" Toothless asked as he wiped his mouth with his arm, getting a nod in response.

"Well I can't limit all the deaths to just American criminals. That'd be unfair. And , if things did start to get suspicious, it'd be stupid to leave them all to one country." (A.N.: yeah I said it. Real smart, Yagami)

Toothless chuckled whilst crossing his arms. "So you're going to use the note again soon huh?" He asked, Hiccup not even moving his eyes from the screen as he continued his research.

"Possibly. Might save some of these for later, might not." He replied with a shrug of his shoulders. He closed the tab and exited the search engine, opening up a gaming app in its place.

"Shouldn't you be worried? What if someone tracks your searches?" Toothless asked as he laid a hand upon the top of the desktop.

"They can't. I programmed my own VPN to avoid anything like that."

Toothless' intrigue was peaked by this information. "When'd ya do that?"

"About a year and a half ago. It started off as a project for my Programming class, then I improved upon it over time. Now, it's used everyday on my PC."

Toothless chuckled at that. "You're a smart kid Hiccup. This game of ours is going to be more fun than I thought."

"I'm sure it is. Now can you keep quiet? Tuff and Fish wanna do a DND game, and I've been working on my rogue for the past two weeks now. Not gonna mess up anything because of a voice in my ear." He exclaimed as he turned to face Toothless, but was shocked to see the Shinigami was gone.

"Huh...that works…" he muttered before turning back to face his screen.

November 14th, 2020

Hiccup pulled to a slow stop as they neared their destination- a vacant area facing the lake not too far from their school. As he got out of his far, he made sure to grab his towel from the backseat and watched as Fishlegs and Tuffnut rushed to the trunk.

As it popped open, their eyes lit up at the sight of the blue cooler. "There had better not be any water in my trunk, guys." Hiccup said as he joined the two.

"Of course not." Tuff responded as he rather LT reached into the cooler to pull an unopened bottle of beer from inside. He popped the top off with gusto and began to chug down the substance, much to Hiccup's detest.

He didn't drink very often, only socially. Even then he limited himself to one drink and one drink alone. He'd always been the designated driver for their group. Tuffnut was...Tuffnut. His drunkenness as well as drunken antics were to be expected. Fishlegs drank himself, despite what others might believe. He did it socially, only to a further extent than that of Hiccup.

"I swear, I'd better not have to haul your drunk asses up the trail." He said in reference to the trail they'd have to take to reach the lake front. It winded down from the hill and lead to the base of the lake, though he could swear he heard something from down there. He ignored it for now

"Pffft, we'll be fine." Tuffnut said while moving aside to allow Fishlegs to pick up the cooler.

"I will be drinking once we're actually down there." He said, causing Tuffnut to roll his eyes as the trio began to head down the trail. After a few minutes of walking and chattering, they stopped. Hearing loud conversation going on nearby, the trio looked to the lake and saw something that annoyed them.

An entire lake party, full of teenagers and college students. Hiccup wondered how they hadn't noticed them, their vehicles should've been parked near the trail, right? He was wrong.

"Let's just keep moving." Hiccup said as he looked to his friends. While he himself was heralded in some strange form of glory by many of the popular s, his friends weren't. People saw Tuffnut as being an overly-excited and destructive weirdo, and they saw Fishlegs as an overweight geek (which he wasn't.)

He wasn't going to bother with the students today- for his friends' sake. They'd been together since kindergarten, and he's had his fair share of conflict defending them.

He didn't mind it. In fact, he stood by it. No one would mistreat his friends , especially not in his presence. They deserve just as much recognition as he did. He never truly understood it either. Was he not a dork too? Sure, puberty had done a good bit of help for him. Growing him from 5'8 to 6' even was the main thing. And sure, he worked out a good bit. But that somehow made him acceptable to more recognizable crowds? Bullshit.

"Hey Hiccup! Why don't you ditch those dorks and come join us!?"

Too late

He turned to watch as Snotlout and his crew approached them. Hiccup didn't detest his cousin, but he hated his lack of manners.

"I'm good Snot, my friends and I were just heading here to chill." He responded, much to his cousin's distaste. He watched as the stocky teenager gave Tuff and Fish a once-over, his face shriveling in disgust.

"Eh, your choice cuz. Let me know when you drop em." He said, turning and walking away while drinking from a beer bottle.

Hiccup shook his head and kept walking, his friends following suit.

They soon found a more secluded area, setting up there with a few chairs and their cooler. They made a habit out of this, coming to the lake as their hangout spot. Sometimes they'd swim, most times they'd simply wait for the sunset to approach and watch in awe.

As they say and chatted about the release of the PlayStation 5, Hiccup found himself having an internal debate. Should I tell them about the book? He wondered. He spared a glance and watched them chatting happily, then smiled softly. this will be my burden...and my sin.

He took a swig from the bottle of beer he'd taken, only opting to drink one since he'd be driving back. As he looked around to find the suns placement, he noticed a head of blonde hair on the hill overhead. It was Astrid, along with Heather and Cami. They were sitting on the trunk of Astrid's Jeep, looking for the sunset as well.

Hiccup smirked as he locked eyes with the blonde and lifted his bottle as a gesture of acknowledgement. She did the same in return, chuckling to herself.

Finally, the time came for the sunset. As the boys talked about their plans for Thanksgiving break, Hiccup bit back the bitter taste that reared its head at the thought.

Thanksgiving...that's right…

November 14th, 2020

He watched with a keen interest as his father scrambled around the kitchen, making phone calls and various arrangements. Hiccup scratched at his chin as his bowl of apple slices rested it upon his chest, both of them laid out upon the couch. The TV had become all but background noise at this point, as hefound more interest in his father's Thanksgiving preparation.

Toothless loomed over him, completely unseen by Stoick. Hiccup had become accustomed to acting as if the Shinigami wasn't even present. He looked back towards the kitchen once more, a look to see what his father was doing now.

He wanted to check on him, to ensure everything was going good. And yet, something seemed to stop him. He finally made a decision "Hey dad, everything alright?" He asked.

Stoick turned to him with a rather frantic look, a feeling of calm sweeping over as he looked to his pride and joy.

"Aye, everythin's alright son." He said, looking to the floor to escape his son's gaze. This caused Hiccup to sit up- he knew this look well.

"No.." he muttered, not even willing himself to say the words needed.

"I…" Stoick began, breaking to release a sigh. "There's ah new case, and the department wants meh tah investigate….I'm afraid ah will nah be ere for Thanksgiving…"

And there it was...the one thing he didn't want to hear. He groaned in frustration before moving towards the staircase, heading his father clambering towards the doorway of the kitchen to call after him.

As he made it halfway up the stairs, he turned back. "What's the case?" He asked.

Stoick reeled slightly. "Ah murder case- we know tha man but he's been evadin us…"

Hiccup's eyes narrowed ever so slightly, and he heard as Toothless chuckled beside the stairwell.

"What's his name?"

November 15th, 2020

"In other news today, the evasive killer Grimmel S. Grimaldi was found dead in a hotel room just this morning. It was told that he had been showing signs of erratic behavior beforehand, promotion hotel staff to alert the authorities. Grimmel was found with a self inflicted stab wound to the neck, and a bloodied sheet of paper beside his body. According to sources, the note read "Beware"."

Hiccup turned the tv off then, launching the remote across his bedroom to the wall. As it crashed against the wall and landed onto his bed, he felt himself beginning to retch.

You had to do had to…

He began to hyperventilate slightly, gripping the edge of his desk to regain his composure.

"You're awful turned over about this." Toothless said, leading Hiccup to shoot him a glare.

"I just killed someone else...I-I told myself I wouldn't. I broke my own code...I swore..swore I wouldn't do it for atleast another week but-"

"But your time with your father was at stake. And you made a hasty decision." Toothless said with a laugh as he placed a hand onto the young man's shoulder. "Look at me kid…"

Hiccup hesitated, not willing to meet the green eyed gaze. Slowly, he lifted his head to look at Toothless. He was met with a sinister smile.

"You did good...why not do some more?"