Chapter 15: Magus' Castle

August 19, 600

Ozzie, Slash, and Flea stood at attention in the dark, candle-lit throne room. It was a somber atmosphere, though that could be said about the castle on any occasion.

Magus was seated on the throne, seeming calmer than he had been in days. He had been apprehensive about the possibility of something happening to him, ever since he had discovered Marle and, by extension, her companions.

"Tomorrow is the night," he began. "And I sense that our time traveling friends might try and stop me. Your jobs will be to make certain that they do not reach me while I am at the altar."

Ozzie, Slash, and Flea all nodded in unison.

"If they are foolish enough to enter the castle," Slash assured him, "they'll never make it inside the chapel."


Crono, Marle, Lucca, and Robo stood at the bottom of the latter that led into Frog's home.

"Tis thee again," Frog apathetically observed.

"Tis us," Crono reiterated, unsure of how he felt about their return. We have something for you." With that, he presented the Masamune.

Frog's eyes immediately widened.

"This sword!" he exclaimed. "Tis the Masamune?"

"Tis," Crono replied. "You'll never believe what we went through to get that."

"We fought horrible monsters," Marle added. "The kind you couldn't even imagine."

"And we spent a week repairing it," added Lucca.

"It's because we need you," Crono pleaded. "If Magus isn't stopped, he's going to create something horrible that will destroy the world. Not today, not tomorrow, but far into the future. All of our descendants will be doomed."

Frog scanned the sword. He had not seen it intact in a decade. He wanted to help, but he was unsure of whether he could.

"I must ponder this turn of events," he said. "Remain'eth here the night."

Lucca looked at Crono as if to say: "Are you serious?!"


June 3, 590

The noble knight stood before the king and queen as the chancellor, knight captain, and soldiers looked on.

"Cyrus!" began Queen Leene. "Are you leaving?"

"Yes," Cyrus replied, "it is time we took back the medal from the Frog King. And I'd like to see that mythical sword for myself."

"But Cyrus," added King Guardia XXI, "the kingdom needs you! And Leene and I need you. You must return to us!"

"As long as there is life in these bones," Cyrus assured them, "I shall return! By your leave."

He then nodded and turned to exit the castle. In the foyer stood twenty knights at attention.

"Sir Cyrus!" one of them announced. "We wish you a safe journey!"

"Listen well, my friends," Cyrus replied. "I now entrust the safety of the kingdom to you!

Cyrus then drew his attention to his twelve-year-old squire standing near the stairs.

"Pardon the delay," Cyrus apologized to the squire. "Shall we be off?"

Before the squire could answer, Queen Leene emerged from the throne room.

"Glenn," she said to the squire as she approached him, "you be careful, too."

"Be of sound health, your majesty!" Glenn replied politely.

Queen Leene kissed him and held him close.

"Please stay safe for me," she pleaded.

"I've protected him since he was three years old," Cyrus assured her. "That will never change."

"He's my late sister's only child," Queen Leene replied. "I can never thank you enough!"


June 6, 590

They encountered the Frog King three days later a few miles outside of Porre.

He was easily identifiable: he wore a crown, royal beads, and was a giant frog, weighing at least five hundred pounds.

"So!" taunted the Frog King. "You want the Badge of Courage, dear knight of the kingdom? Well come and take it…if you can!"

Cyrus confidently drew his sword.

"Prepare yourself, polywog!" he retorted. "En guarde! Nirvana Strike!"

Cyrus struck the Frog King, leaving a scar along his chest.

"How dare you pick on a helpless amphibian!" wailed the Frog King. "Filthy medal! I won't forget this!"

He then tossed Cyrus the medal.

"Too easy," Cyrus said to himself.

"There's worse than me out there!" the Frog King insisted. "I wasn't born a frog, you know. I used to be a human being. But that fiend Magus changed me into what you see before you!"

"Magus?" inquired Cyrus.

"He's some kind of sorcerer," the Frog King replied. "He's the real villain here! He has the power to turn people into animals! Defeat Magus, and that's when you'll really protect the kingdom!"

Cyrus turned to Glenn and began to lead him away.

"I think it's time we get the Masamune," he whispered.

Glenn nodded.

"I'll return for the Badge!" the Frog King hissed. "Just you wait!"

June 29, 590

Cyrus discovered the Masamune in the Denadoro Mountains. He had faced the same trials as Crono would years later.

But the return journey would turn disastrous.

They were ambushed before they even left the mountains.

Glenn noticed Magus with barely enough time to dodge the fireball he had flicked in his direction.

"Beware Glenn!" warned Cyrus as he drew the Masamune.

Magus snapped his fingers. A few moments later, he flicked at bolt of lightning that directly struck the Masamune.

The pain from the shock was so intense that Cyrus flung the sword deep into the foliage.

"Cyrus!" cried Glenn. "The sword! The Masamune!"

Magus flicked another bolt of lightning, striking Glenn.

Glenn collapsed to the ground.

"Is that the best you can do?" taunted Ozzie. "Without your sword, you're nothing

"You haven't beaten me yet!" Cyrus declared as he took a step forward.

Glenn struggled to get up.

"Cyrus," he gasped. "I'm a goner."

Cyrus took one look at Glenn.

He remembered the promise he had made to Queen Leene.

He would keep it at all costs.

"Glenn," he began, "escape while I keep them at bay."

Glenn, who had begun to crawl away at this point, looked back in shock.

"If you stay, they'll get us both," Cyrus continued. "Go on, Glenn!"

"You'd better worry more about yourself, Cyrus!" Magus warned.

"Come on, Glenn!" called Cyrus. "Go!"

Glenn only managed to move a foot before Magus made his next move.

Another bolt of lightning struck Cyrus.

Cyrus collapsed.

"Cyrus!" cried Glenn as he continued to struggle.

"Run...Glenn!" pleaded Cyrus as Magus snapped his fingers again. "Take care...of Leene!"

Magus then raised his finger, and, a moment later, Cyrus was set ablaze.

Soon, he was reduced to a pile of ashes.

"Cyrus!" cried Glenn.

And then, he no longer moved.

His body was starting to give up on him.

"What's the matter?" taunted Magus. "Aren't you going to try your luck?"

Glenn was silent. Perhaps if he played dead...

"Cat got your tongue kid?" taunted Ozzie. "How about it, Magus? Can't you give him a more fitting form?"

Fitting form?! thought Glenn.

"All right, why not?" Magus agreed. "There's always time for a little fun."

Magus snapped his fingers again. This time, he raised his finger and struck Glenn with a strange, green bolt, knocking him off a nearby cliff.

Glenn, still glowing green, disappeared below.

"You spineless wimp!" Ozzie cackled.

August 19, 600

Frog opened his eyes. He looked at his hands, which were green with four digits.

"Ten years hath passed," Frog said to himself. "Can I do it? I've changed so much. Alas, poor Cyrus!"

He looked in one corner at the sleeping Crono. He looked in another and saw the sleeping Marle. He turned around and saw the sleeping Lucca.

They all depended on him.

August 20, 600

"Awake'th, Crono!" ordered Frog.

Crono slowly rose to his feet.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Though we may fail," Frog replied, "let us go to Magus's lair. Thou knowest his power?"

"I've heard stories," Crono said. "Which reminds me. I think we need to make a little stop.


The five of them arrived at the End of Time. The old man, as always, was standing by the street lamp.

"What a strange new guest!" he greeted. "Are you from the Middle Ages?"

"He is," Crono replied. "But four hundred years before us."

There was equal surprise in the next room.

"What a weird fellow," Spekkio observed. "Being a frog, let's give him water!"

Nobody was the least bit surprised with that.

Curiously, Spekkio no longer appeared as a chicken. Instead, he looked like a blue beast not unlike one found in the Denadoro Mountains.

"What?" he inquired.

"It's nothing," Crono lied.

"It's my appearance, isn't it?" Spekkio suggested, seeing right through him.

Crono sheepishly nodded.

"Remember what I said earlier," Spekkio reminded him. "I look as strong as you are." He paused. "It means you're getting stronger."

Act Two

August 19, 600

After having returned to the year 600, the five travelled through Truce Canyon, across the Zenan Bridge, and past Fiona's Villa. This time, they continued east past the Denadoro Mountains. The land soon became eerily quiet, with no travelers to be seen. The trees appeared to be dead, and there was brown dirt where the grass had been.

The whole area seemed devoid of life.

Eventually, they came to a mountain wall, and could go no further. It appeared to be a dead end.

"Great," sighed Crono. "Now what?"

Frog, meanwhile, gazed at the obstacle.

He remembered the last time he had been trapped.


April 3, 585

Four bullies were circling young Glenn, preventing any chance of escape. He wanted to run, but they were simply circling him too fast.

"Hey you!" called a familiar voice.

Through the bullies, Glenn could see an old friend here to save him.

"It's Cyrus!" one of the bullies exclaimed. "Run for your lives!"

The four of them ran off, and were gone in three seconds flat.

"Thanks, Cyrus," Glenn sobbed as he rose to his feet.

Cyrus looked at him, almost as if he appeared annoyed.

"Glenn," he began, "there're times when people simply have to grit their teeth!"

"But it hurts when I get hit," Glenn protested.

Cyrus sighed, and turned his back toward him.

"You're a marshmallow, Glenn," he muttered.

June 2, 588

Three years later, Cyrus stood on the Zenan bridge, gazing west toward the Atlantic.

Green stood not far behind him.

"Hey Glenn," Cyrus began. "I've been thinking about becoming a knight."

"I knew you were going to enlist!" Glenn replied. "You'll make a great warrior!"

"Why don't you join, too?" Cyrus suggested.

"I don't think I'd make the cut," Glenn dismissed.

"But, why?" questioned Cyrus. "You're better with a sword than I am!"

"I don't know," Glenn replied. "I think I'd really lose it if I had to hurt someone."

Cyrus sighed.

"Glenn," he informed him, "I'm afraid that's just the nature of the beast."


June 29, 590

Of course, we all know how Cyrus died, and what happened to Glenn.

As Glenn awoke in his new form at the bottom of the cliff, the first thing he perceived was a familiar object.

"The Medal," he whispered. "The Hero's Medal."


Frog turned toward Crono.

"Hand'eth over the Masamune!" he commanded.

Crono obeyed as commanded.

Frog grasped the Masamune. He had seen it before.

But he had never dreamed that it would be his.

"Mine name is Glenn!" Frog said to the Masamune. "Cyrus's hopes and dreams…"

Before finishing, he pointed the sword at the mountain wall.

Suddenly, a violet beam fired from the edge of the sword, striking the mountain wall and opening a pathway to a cave.

"And now the Masamune," Frog continued. "Forthwith I shall slay Magus and restore honor!"

The cave was dark, illuminated only by a flashlight that was attached to Robo.

A few yards in, a dead soldier lay face down.

Crono knelt to inspect the body when he spotted what was next to it.

"A note written in blood!" he exclaimed.

"What does it say?" asked Marle.

"The Juggler in Magus's castle strengthens his guard when attacked. Beware!" Crono replied.

"I don't like the sound of that," Marle said.

The other end of the cave was only a few yards away, and everyone was relieved to exit.

What they did not realize was that a bat had been following them throughout the cave.

Once outside, the five of them beheld an iron gate. Beyond the gate stood a castle, with a fearsome gargoyle at the top.

"This can only be Magus's castle," Frog announced.

He then stepped forward and opened the gate, which let out a loud creak as he did so.

Marle trembled nervously as she squeezed Crono's hand.

"This is it," he assured her. "Tonight, we save the world."

Frog opened the castle doors and led everyone (including the bat, which was still following them) inside.

There, the castle was dead silent, and seemed deserted. Frog inspected one side of the foyer and Crono the other, but only came across the candles that illuminated the castle.

"There's no one here," Crono said aloud.

And, in response, Frog heard a laugh that he had not heard in years.

He turned to see Ozzie, standing atop the scarlet-carpeted foyer stairs.

"Welcome, Glenn!" he greeted. "Or should I say, Sir Froggy! Say, looks like you got some replacements for Cyrus! Magus is a tad busy right now. You'll have to take up your business with me, the swordsman, Slash, and Flea, the magician. And..."

Suddenly, two giant bats and four armored mystics approached the intruders.

"You'll have to defeat all hundred of the beasts in Magus' castle!" Ozzie finished before darting off.

The foul creatures began to bear down on the intruders.

Wasting no time, Frog killed three of the armored mystics with one swipe of the Masamune. Crono killed the remaining one. Meanwhile, Marle shot the two bats dead with her crossbow.

"Six down," announced Crono. "Ninety-four to go.

Act Three

"Well," Marle said, "we can't stay here."

"Magus is here," Crono added. "We don't know what time he creates Lavos. We need to hurry."

In the next room, Marle gasped in shock.

Four skeletons were circling in a strange ritual at the command of a mace-wielding omnicrone.

"Dance! Dance!" commanded the omnicrone. "For tonight our leader is to be born!"

"Please, put a stop to this!" moaned one of the skeletons.

"Put me out of my misery," pleaded another.

"Please let me go," begged a third.

Suddenly, the omnicrone turned to see Crono and company.

"Ah!" he announced. "Here comes the sacrifice!"

Lucca pulled out her ray gun and zapped the omnicrone. Crono and Frog then dispatched of the skeletons with their swords.

"That's ten," Robo pointed out.

"I guess we're making progress," Crono said.

After climbing a flight of stairs, they could see four more skeletons commanded by another omnicrone. Only this time, they were fighting each other.

Lucca drew her laser blaster.

Marle, meanwhile, drew her crossbow and destroyed one of the skeletons.

"Only a moron would try to kill something that's already dead!" observed the omnicrone.

Lucca quickly zapped the omnicrone.

"Thanks for sticking up for me!" Marle giggled.

Crono and Frog put the three remaining skeletons out of their misery.

In the next room, there stood five children, all between the ages of ten and twelve, with their backs turned toward the visitors.

Frog slowly aimed the Masamune.

Lucca looked at Frog as if to say: "What is wrong with you?!"

Frog looked at Lucca as if to say: "Thou canst be too careful!"

"Please help," the girl in the middle pleaded. She then turned to face Frog. Her eyes were red, and tears were streaming down her face.

Suddenly, all of the children morphed into skeletons.

"Relieve us of this misery!"

Frog took care of two of the skeletons with the Masamune. Lucca blasted two more. Marle finished the last one off with her crossbow.

"How did you get past my cadaver pals?" called a voice from the southern entrance to the chamber.

The intruders turned to see Slash standing a few yards behind them.

"It's been ages, Sir Slush!" Frog taunted.

"That's Slash, you slimy dolt!" Slash retorted. "Still playing the comedian, eh Glenn? You'd be singing a different tune if Cyrus hadn't been there with you last time! You'd have fit right in with those boney fellows you just busted up!"

Slash then immediately charged for Crono, grabbing his neck and beginning to strangle him.

Crono, gasping for breath, grabbed Slash and hurled him over his shoulder, causing him to fall hard on the ground.

Slash quickly eyed the sword on the wall.

"Now, let's get to business," he announced as he grabbed the sword. "This is going to do me a world of good! And with no Cyrus to protect you, you're mine! You dare to oppose me?"

"I dareth!"

Slash charged Frog with the sword.

Frog took one swipe with the Masamune, knocking Slash's sword out of his hand with such force that it became embedded in the wall.

"Unbelievable!" the surprised Slash exclaimed. "But falling in the line of duty for Magus leaves me with few regrets!"

He then turned and ran off.

"What a wimp," Lucca sighed.

"There be more," Frog warned as he began to lead his companions deeper into the castle.

Unknown to the five, the bat continued to follow them.

Act Four

In the next room stood four children who were no more than five or six. They were all surrounding a treasure box.

"Do you want our treasure?" one of the children offered.

"Sure," Crono replied.

"In that case," the child continued, "will you play with us? Please? Pretty please?"

The children suddenly morphed into purple shadows.

Lucca immediately fired her laser blaster, but it seemed to have no effect.

"Allow me," Crono announced as he cast lightning on the purple shadows one by one, destroying them instantly.

"Next time," Lucca sighed, "if they offer you treasure, say no!"

In the next room, there were five doors on the side wall.

The bat, which was still following them, perched itself on the chandelier.

Suddenly, the doors opened, and five familiar faces emerged from behind them.

One of them was King Guardia XXXIII. The second was Gina. The third was Queen Leene. The fourth was Taban. The fifth was...Lucca.

And that last fact warned the intruders right away that it was a deception.

"Princess Nadia!" began King Guardia the XXXIII. "I was wrong! Please return to the castle...dead as your mother, my dear!"

"Crono!" began Gina. "So this is where you've been since the festival! You had me worried sick! Children this naughty deserve to be punished!"

"Frog, you're safe!" added Queen Leene. "I guess we'd better do something about that!"

"Robo, don't waste your strength!" said the false Lucca. "No matter what you do, I'll break you!"

"Well, if it isn't Lucca!" taunted Taban. "You're still alive, my dear?"

All five impersonators quickly morphed into mystic troops.

"I knew it!" shouted the real Lucca.

She quickly killed all five of them with her laser blaster within three seconds.

"D-dear me!" Frog stammered.

"Nothing can beat science!" Lucca proudly exclaimed.

In the next room, the five intruders beheld a floating yellow creature wearing a cape.

"The magician, Flea, I presume?" Frog suggested.

The floating creature made a noise that was far from human.

"Wait! That isn't Flea," Frog corrected.

He drew the Masamune.

Suddenly, the creature emitted a light, as if to protect itself.

"It's the Juggler!" Marle exclaimed. "Remember the note in blood?"

She then cast ice.

The Juggler was immediately encased. It then fell to the ground, shattering to pieces.

"Told you I was the wrong girl to mess with!" Marle announced triumphantly.

"Where's the real Flea?" Frog asked aloud.

"Here, over here!" called a voice. "Giving up, little tadpole?"

The bat, which had remained silent while pursuing them, suddenly flew to where the juggler had been and morphed into a human.

"Hey!" Lucca exclaimed. "Who are you?!"

"Keep your guard up!" warned Frog. "This is no ordinary woman! Meet Flea, the magician!"

"Hey," snapped Flea. "I'm a guy!"

"But its exterior is that of a female," Robo pointed out.

"Male, female, what's the difference?" Flea sighed. "Power is beautiful, and I've got the power!" He then turned to Frog. "Poor little Froggie! You must be lonely now that Cyrus is gone. And to be turned into something so hideous! Dreadful! But since you've brought your new friends over to play, I'll show you all a good time!"

Suddenly, the castle surroundings disappeared. Instead, stars were visible in all directions.

"Take this!" shouted Flea as he raised his finger.

Moments later, lightning stuck at Lucca. She barely dodged it in time.

Suddenly, Robo began to launch a middle in Flea's direction.

"How can this be?" exclaimed Flea. "Sir Magus!"

He then turned and ran off. The castle setting then returned.

"I thought you said you couldn't harm a human being!" Lucca exclaimed.

"He'll live," Robo assured her. "Not a scratch. I deliberately missed. The actual law is that is can't harm a human being, nor allow a human being to be harmed. I had to protect you."

Marle sighed.

"This is getting way too complicated," she said.

Act Five

The next room seemed to be a long hallway, with more dark carpet on the floor passing through several sets of statues, with endless candles illuminating the room.

Two mystic troops immediately attacked, appearing from behind the first set of statues.

Lucca immediately drew her laser blaster and took out the troopers.

Further up, they were attacked by two more mystic troops, along with two purple shadows.

Lucca again zapped the troopers, while Crono destroyed the shadows with lightning.

Two more mystic troops and two blue creatures lay ahead, again popping out from behind the statues.

Lucca once again eliminated the foes with her laser blaster. She then turned to Frog.

"You might as well put that sword away," she suggested. "This is from the twenty-fourth century!"

"We shall see," Frog dismissed.

Then, two of everything-mystic troops, blue creatures, and purple shadows-attacked.

Crono again destroyed the shadows with lightning. Lucca, predictably, zapped the remaining enemies.

"I rest my case," Lucca insisted.

A few yards further stood Ozzie in a defensive stance. He seemed nervous, and was constantly looking beyond the intruders, as if he was awaiting a rescue.

"I grow tired of this!" he exclaimed as he continued to scan the room. "Slash! Flea!"

"Sorry, Ozzie," Frog replied, "but they can't help you now."

Ozzie growled.

"You fly eating, tongue flicking..."

He stopped.

He flaunted a nervous look.

And then, he turned and disappeared up the stairs behind him.

"Ozzie's in a jam!" Marle giggled.

Frog was less than humored by the situation.

"After him!" he commanded as he darted up the stairs. "Thou can'st not run!"

The other four duly followed him.

At the top of the stairs, there were what appeared to be mechanical belts with blades hanging above them.

"I don't like the look of this," Marle pointed out.

Suddenly, the blade on the first belt came crashing down.

"Welcome!" taunted Ozzie. "How's this?"

"This technology should not be in the seventh century!" Robo observed.

"Should sorcery?" asked Crono.

"No," Robo dismissed.

"Sir Knight!" Frog began as he turned to Robo. "Why hast thou not fought?"

"Because he's not a knight," Crono replied. "He's a robot. And a robot can't harm a human being."

Robo, in response, took a look at the chain that held the blade above the belt.

"That chain is not a human being," he announced.

And then, he suddenly fired a laser out of his shoulder, melting the chain and causing the blade to fall onto the belt.

"D-dear me!" Frog exclaimed.

The five of them safely crossed the belt. Then, they turned the corner to find another belt with a blade, which Robo neutralized in the same manner. After turning several more corners, and after Robo destroyed three more blades, Ozzie was in view once more.

"Impossible!" he exclaimed before turning and running up another flight of stairs.

The five pursued him. On this flight of stairs, there were bats that would attack the group, which Marle easily shot dead with her crossbow.

At the top, they could see Ozzie standing helplessly. He did not seem to have anywhere to run.

"This is it," Crono announced.

"Uh, Crono..." Lucca began.

Suddenly, Marle grabbed his arm.

Crono then saw the room rising.

Finally, the five or them fell through the trap door below.

When they hit the ground below, six skeletons suddenly came to life and began to close in on the group; Crono and Frog took out three each with one swipe.

The five then climbed the nearest flight of stairs.

At the top, there were four chains that disappeared into holes in the floor. As soon as the five of them noticed this, mystic troopers began to climb the chains from below. Marle quickly dispatched two of them with her crossbow. Lucca took care of the other two with her laser blaster.

"This Ozzie is not the brightest," Robo observed.

In the next room, they spotted Ozzie by a flight of stairs. There was a treasure chest halfway through the room. A blade was dead above it.

Frog led everyone around the treasure chest and towards the other end of the room.

"Don't you want the treasure?" Ozzie taunted. "Probably filled with goodies!"

"Nary a creatures that lives who would fall for such an idiocy!" Frog declared.

And, almost as if on cue, an imp entered the room.

"I found the treasure!" he victoriously announced as he ran to the treasure box.

Predictably, the blade came down on the imp, killing him instantly.

Ozzie used that time to run up the next flight of stairs.

That flight of stairs led to the throne room.

Ozzie stood there.

Only the throne was behind him.

"Thy time hath cometh, Ozzie!" Frog announced as he drew the Masamune.

Ozzie simply grinned.

"I'm sure Sir Magus has already called for reinforcements!" he cackled. "Wait until Lavos arrives!"

"You won't live to see that happen!" Crono announced.

"I shan't be defeated!" Ozzie insisted. "No form of attack will break my barrier!"

Ozzie then snapped his fingers, and a barrier of ice encased his body.

Frog gribbed the Masamune and charged, striking the barrier with all of his might.

It only bounded off and produced a clanking sound.

"Watch where you're aiming!" Ozzie taunted.

"Mine blade and skill may rust!" Frog exclaimed.

"Stand back!" Lucca ordered as she aimed her laser blaster.

She fired, but even the laser blaster could not penetrate the ice.

Ozzie continued to cackle.

Marle, meanwhile, aimed and fired her crossbow, but did no damage to the barrier.

"Never!" shouted Ozzie. "You will never defeat me!"

And then, suddenly, everyone in the throne room heard a piercing meow.

Everyone turned to see a stray cat enter the room. The feline walked right past Ozzie to the wall behind him. It stood on its hind legs, and rubbed a switch on the wall with its front paws.

"No!" cried Ozzie. "Not that switch!"

A trap door opened in the floor.

Moments later, Ozzie was gone.

The stray cat casually strutted out of the room.

"That guy was totally bent," Lucca giggled.

"What was that guy's problem?" added Robo. "That Ozzie."

Frog was in no mood to celebrate.

"We must hurry to Magus's place!" he announced.

Then, Frog approached the throne, and pushed it to the side. A flight of stairs lay beyond.

Marle turned to Crono.

"This is it, then?" she asked.

Crono nodded.

Marle gathered her courage and smiled at him.

"Kiss me for luck?" she requested.

Smiling, Crono wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his lips against hers.

Act Six

The stairs led downward, and disappeared to the right.

Frog gripped the Masamune tightly; he knew his enemy was close now. He took a deep breath, gathering his confidence, and praying that Cyrus was watching over him. Realizing that there was no turning back, he began to descend the stairs.

Bats began to descend upon the intruders, which Marle quickly shot dead with her crossbow. Frog couldn't care less; his mind was solely on what lay ahead.

One step, then another. The door was now only a few feet in front of Frog.

He opened the door and stepped through.

His eyes were greeted by pitch black.

Suddenly, two light-blue flames appeared on each of his sides. As he stepped forward, two more flames appeared. Looking forward, he could see a shadowy figure that stood over six feet tall. Long, wavy hair was visible.

"Neuga, ziena, zieber, zom," chanted a voice that Frog recognized all too well.

Frog stepped forward, causing two more flames to appear.

A dark purple cape became visible.

"Now the chosen time has come," the voice continued.

Frog stepped ahead again, lighting two more flames.

Blue hair could now be seen.

"Exchange this world for…" the voice chanted.

Frog took one final step forward.

More flames appeared. They progressed on their own, until they surrounded the being ahead of them, fully illuminating him.

Marle immediately recognized him. She grabbed Crono's arm and began to tremble.

It was exactly whom Frog had expected.

"Magus!" he shouted.

"No problem!" announced Lucca confidently.

She pulled out her laser blaster.

She aimed it at Magus.

She pulled the trigger.

Her ears were greeted by a clicking sound.

She pulled the trigger again.

She still heard the clicking sound.

She was out of power.

Magus, meanwhile, turned to acknowledge his uninvited guests.

"It's that stupid frog!" he hissed. "Kissed any princesses lately?!"

"I rather enjoy this form," Frog retorted. "And I oweth it all to you!" He then flaunted the Masamune. "I have something for you!"

"The Masamune!" Magus acknowledged. "I bet you're just dying to use it!"

With that he turned around again.

Frog slightly lowered the Masamune but kept it aimed at Magus.

"The black wind begins to blow," Magus said, aloud, but to himself.

He then turned around again.

"Okay," Magus taunted, "give me your best shot if you're prepared for the void!"

Marle immediately pointed her crossbow at Magus and fired.

A red, magical barrier protected Magus from any damage.

"Surely you couldn't have thought it was that easy!" Magus scoffed as he raised his finger. "You turned out to be useless to me after all!"

With that, a stream of fire shot in Marle's direction.

Marle shrieked as Crono pushed her out of the way, just in time to avoid the fire himself.

Crono then turned toward Magus.

"Looks like need to fight magic with magic!" he observed.

Crono quickly raised his finger and cast lightning.

The lightning bolt struck Magus, but it apparently had no effect on him.

Magus raised his finger and shot another streams of flame, this time aiming for Crono, but Robo stood in front of him and absorbed it.

"Don't worry about me!" Robo assured him. "I can stand temperatures up to 5,000 degrees!"

Meanwhile, Marle cast ice on Magus, but it left him unharmed as well.

Magus suddenly snapped his fingers. A moment later, he cast lightening.

Marle jumped out of the way before the bolt struck her.

Magus then cast lighting on Crono.

Crono, being less agile, was struck.

He fell to the ground.

"Crono!" Marle cried as she ran to him.

"I'm okay," Crono, whose hair was now puffed, said weakly as he sat up.

"I thought that was it!" Marle said as she helped him to his feet.

"How dare you shock my cousin!" shouted Lucca. "Pig!"

She cast fire, but Magus seemed immune to that as well.

"Fire doesn't work!" Lucca sighed. "Water doesn't work. Lightning doesn't work. What does work?!"

"He's invincible!" Marle lamented.

"Nobody's invincible!" Crono insisted.

Magus, meanwhile, snapped his fingers again. A moment later, he raised his finger, and from his index finger shot a stream of water so powerful it knocked Lucca down.

Lucca staggered to her feet and dried her glasses.

"This is hopeless!" she muttered.

"Unhand thy damsel!" Frog angrily shouted as he raised his finger and cast a water spell on Magus.

And, to everyone's surprise, it knocked him to the ground.

Everyone was stunned.

And then, one of them figured out his weak point.

"I get it now," Marle realized aloud.

Frog cast another water spell, causing Magus to be thrown to the other side of the chamber.

"The magic that you're using..." Marle continued as she raised her finger.

Frog cast water a third time, knocking him harder against the wall.

"...will be the end..." Marle said as her index finger began to glow.

Magus set himself of one knee, preparing to stand and change his barrier.

"...of you!" Marle shouted as the ice left her finger.

Ice began to accumulate on the drenched Magus, leaving frost on his cape, hair, and all over his body. He began to shiver, and completely lacked the will to move.

He was beaten.

"Frog!" called Crono. "Finish him!"

Frog cautiously approached the shivering Magus, ready to administer the final strike.

"W-what have you done to the Masamune?" he stammered through his chatters.

And then, the chamber suddenly began to tremble.

"What's happening?!" Lucca exclaimed.

Magus, despite his extreme discomfort, forced himself to his feet. He turned around.

"It's Lavos," Crono stated.

"Bad timing!" Magus uttered. "Don't wake up on me now!"

"Wake up?!" Marle inquired.

"What do you mean?!" exclaimed Lucca. "Didn't you create him?!"

"You fools!" retorted Magus. "I only summoned him!
He lives in the inner earth, absorbing the land's power and growing ever stronger!"

"So, he wasn't born in this period," Lucca said to herself.

"We were wrong all this time!" Crono lamented.

And then, a Gate began to open. But it was not a regular Gate; it was five times as large.

"A Gate?!" Lucca exclaimed. "It's huge!"

"Impossible!" Robo added. "A Gate this large should not exist!"

And then, each person began to feel themselves being drawn into the Gate.

"You!" shouted Magus as he slid toward the Gate. "If you hadn't shown up!"

"Crono!" cried Marle as she grabbed his arm.

Crono reached around for something to grab onto, but to no avail.

"We're being drawn in!" shouted Lucca.

"It's an enormous gravity well!" Robo added.

And then, the vortex grew so powerful it sucked everyone in within less than a second.

Frog had only enough time to shout "whoa!" before disappearing head-first into the vortex.

The Gate closed again.

Crono, Marle, Lucca, Frog, Robo, and Magus were gone.

The room was now empty.

And then, what appeared to be a natural disaster occurred. The ground began to rumble again, only more strongly than before. The first things to fall were the candles, causing the rugs to catch on fire. Then, the bricks began to fall. Finally, the floors collapsed from the top down. Within less than a minute, Magus' castle had be reduced to a pile of rubble.

Ozzie, Slash, and Flea stood outside in shock as they gazed at what had been the castle.

The stray cat had made it out safely as well.

And now, we'll have a prolonged intermission.


The extra dialogue in this chapter establishes Frog as Queen Leene's nephew.