Chapter 1 Batman the Silenced (P:1)

AN: A new story inspired by Tales From the Dark Multiverse: Batman Hush. Big thanks to my friends for helping me with this story and Sith'ari for editing the chapter.

Hope you all enjoy this story, now enjoy

In many worlds out there in the multiverse, we have a good number that is different or similar to the other. But what most don't know is if there's a light side of the multiverse, then dark worlds are around as well, the Dark Multiverse.

Some worlds in the Dark Multiverse have many heroes, villains, or people whose worst fears come true in one Dark Earth after another. Sometimes leading to a good outcome and others not so much, that has that world destroyed.

One Dark Earth had a different outcome that brought the attention of a certain Bat God, but rather than watch a void world destroy itself to fill his hunger and power, he did something else.

And thus, the Bat God picked a young boy to become the new Dark Knight in the world that needs a Bat, a world where Bruce Wayne died with his parents in Crime Alley.

Naruto Uzumaki was that boy who was now a young man. He left his world after stealing the scroll and met the Bat God, who offered him a way to leave his village for good, as many were corrupt and had lied to him. The corruption that led to them spitting on his parents' wish, the third Hokage pulling him back to his control, while not letting the clans who were friends of his parents raise him, and how his godfather took everything that belonged to his clan.

Naruto took the deal and the Bat God sent him away while smirking that his plans were taking place.

Naruto had arrived in a new world, where Bruce died with his parents in that alleyway. But was taken to Arkham, as many saw him insane from his story of coming from another world and that he was a ninja.

Naruto would have gone mad in the asylum, but he didn't due to his strong willpower and had help from other patients in Arkham, that took pity on the young boy. Who was sent here? Due to the injustice caused by the corruption in Gotham. They gave him the skills, knowledge, tools, and everything he needed to live in this new world.

Naruto was close to Doctor Amadeus Arkham, the founder of Arkham Asylum, who took pity on the blonde and helped him through his stay. And later prove he was cured and sane to be out, as he knew was crazy or not.

Dr. Arkham taught Naruto criminal psychology, how to read/write in a good number of languages, how to fake a worsening psychosis, and the tale of the Demon Bat in Arkham, known as the Arkham's Devil. That tale would be an inspiration for the blonde to have down the road.

Naruto having learned from other patients during his stay in Arkham, also.

Disgraced spy, Nick Mason, who taught Naruto disguise, lock-picking, and all things in spycraft.

Legendary martial artist-turned-murderer, Delores Maddigan, who showed Naruto everything she knew about unarmed combat and made sure he was given those hard lessons.

Mob assassin, Sal 'Buckets' Barrusco, who taught Naruto the methods of killing and how to leave a message, without leaving a trace back to him. The blonde knew that the life of a ninja meant to kill, not some black & white bullshit. The real world can be brutal, with Naruto knowing that he has to be ready for when the time comes.

Casey Callahan, who was a noted cat burglar and escape artist that escaped federal prison more than two hundred times. Those skills have been very useful for Naruto to learn and study.

Lastly, Gideon Crowe, the infamous Scotland yard detective turned serial killer, who taught Naruto the art of detection, surveillance, poison, and a lot of information. With the blonde paying close attention to Gideon's killing stories, to help him learn how to tell who lost their mind or not, as his teacher was close to both. And this would help with reading people on the field.

Now it was time to put those skills to the test, as something bad had happened. When workers from Arkham were captured and someone else very close to him was taken as a hostage as well.

While at Arkham, one of Naruto's regular doctors and psychiatrists, Harleen Quinzel, as she was in her early high school years and decided to work at Arkham as an internship. She was even present at the blonde's training at the asylum and was amazed by his will to push forward. Giving her a chance to pick up on some things, while watching and listening to the lessons. She then later became Naruto's first real friend, which he was very grateful and happy for.

Naruto was running through the hallways of Arkham, exiting the place and chasing around the bastard that attacked the asylum and captured Harleen.

Arkham was attacked by hitmen sent by Rupert Thorne, who wanted to get a hold of the asylum for his own personal uses and get rid of a few loose ends for a favor, to someone who was giving him a lot of money.

The mid-teen blonde soon found one of the cars, mostly from the thugs he took care of when the massacre started and took them down. He climbed in the car and was lucky that his mentors taught him how to drive a car, as some police officers would leave their cars parked with their keys nearby, which allowed the blonde to test drive them out.

Now was the time to test his driving skills and other skills to use on saving Harleen. But not before grabbing a few things, first.

Time Skip

Ace Chemicals

The leader of the hitmen, Jack Napier who was walking back and forth. Waiting for the good news on cracking the safe, as one of the workers of the asylum had information on how to open it. His boss, Thorne, had said that the money in the safe would make them rich, as it might have the last of the Wayne family's fortune.

Then the safe cracked open, getting Jack's attention but one problem.

"Uhh, boss? We got a problem," One of his men called out which, caused him to walk and see that there was no money, only playing cards inside.

"We've ratted out boys," Jack said, who had a frown on his face and would get Thorne back for this.

The workers and Harleen stayed quiet, in fear of their lives on the line, and didn't move against the hitmen.

Not far away, a whole police unit was coming in to stop some crooked cops from making a mistake, with one of them being the captain himself, Jim Gordon.

"What the hell's going on?!" Jim asked, or rather demanded to find answers, which spooked the crook cop who was in charge of the whole operation to get Jack.

"What are you trying to do, Jim-bo?" The crooked cop asked, making a joke, which was a mistake as he got a punch in the face and Gordon's men took him away.

"I'm in charge here, not Rupert Thorne," Jim said as he grabbed a microphone and shouted out his orders, "This is Captain Gordon. I want him taken alive. I repeat, any man who opens fire on Jack Napier will answer to me."

All the crooked cops heard that, and a good number of them agreed to those orders as they knew that Gordon was a big rising cop around in the GCPD. But a few didn't listen, as Thorne was paying them a great amount of cash to take out Jack.

The captain and his men moved out, not knowing that a shadow came into the building and got past the cops, on a mission of his own.

Jack had heard that, and he pointed at his men to get in position and shoot the cops down, as it was a fight for their lives now. They will have their revenge on the bastard that set them up.

The shootout started, while a shadow watched them, who just so happened to be Naruto himself. He had self-made equipment ready, with some being his old ninja tools, and would make great use of them, tonight. He wore a cloak as black as night, covering his whole body from head to toe with a black cape on his back, and a hood covering his face. The said hood had pointed ears on the top for some reason, but mostly because the blonde made it himself. Due to being inspired by an old tale that one of his mentors told him. But back to the story.

Naruto climbed on the catwalks before he got up behind a thug and pulled him down while putting a rope on his ankle to stop his fall. The thug would pass out in time as he screamed and moved around in the air, but couldn't do anything.

"Let me down!" The thug cried out, getting Jim and his men's attention down below to look up and see the Bat Demon above him.

"Oh, my God!" Jim said, which his men shared, as they watched the Bat disappear into the shadows like a ghost and were lost for words.

Naruto cursed himself on getting spotted, as it was too soon and wanted to stay in the shadows for the time being.

Nearby, we see Jack losing ground, but decided to use a hostage and grabbed Harleen, who tried to fight her way through his bonds. But to no luck, as she was helplessly pulled by the hitman to be used as a human shield.

Two cops opened fire on Jack's group, who dodged the bullets by walking upwards on the stairs. While one ran to the exit but got a backhanded fist as his reward by the Bat himself.

Naruto soon followed the other two men upstairs, sneaking behind them and grabbed their heads, before smashing them together to knock them out. He kept moving and stayed in the shadows while making a hand seal create Shadow Clones to save the hostages down below. He won't allow them to get caught in the crossfire in this war, not on his watch.

Jack with his hostage, Harleen, moved upstairs while dodging the cops, though most wouldn't dare to risk shooting them and harm the doctor.

Naruto narrowed his eyes as he saw Harleen being dragged against her will by Jack. To the upper levels and followed behind them, not going to let his friend in harm's way.

Down below, Jim ordered his men to go up on the catwalks and be careful, not noticing that he was in danger himself.

Jack then threw Harleen to the ground, who groaned in pain and caused the catwalks to loosen a little, not too badly. With the hitman taking his pistol and aimed it at Captain Gordon, to end a good cop's life.

Naruto saw this and grabbed a grapple rope, which he threw on a pipe. After checking if it was good, the cloaked man swung down towards the hitman with his legs out and hit his target.

Jack was sent flying onto the catwalks as he was hit very hard on the side and caused his gun to fly out of his hands. While causing the catwalks to loosen again and were close to breaking apart, which Harleen noticed as her eyes widened at the sudden danger she was in.

The Bat Demon grabbed Jack's by his coat and lifted him up, thanks to his charka strength. With Jack being scared and in disbelief at what he saw grabbing him up, with monstrous strength.

The Bat Demon, a tale he heard about in Arkham from one of his men, in real-life and in the flesh.

"Jesus!" Jack yelled in shock.

Jim looked up and saw the Bat grabbing Jack, which he was a little glad. But would have to take him in too, given how vigilantism was against the law. But his thoughts were cut when he heard a pistol being loaded and press against the back of his head.

"Let him go...or I'll do Gordon in!" The thug shouted out, which got the Bat Demon's attention to look at the problem he was in.

Naruto grunted at this as he had no Shadow Clones nearby to help the good cop, he heard some much about, in the asylum. All of his clones were busy, helping the workers get out of here and somewhere safe. He had no choice, as he couldn't also risk Harleen's life as well. So he put the hitman down on the ground.

"Nice outfit," Jack commented as he reached down and picked up his pistol, but found out that the Bat was gone, much to his shock, and couldn't figure out how he did it.

Unknown to everyone, the catwalk was close, very close to breaking apart as Jack walked back onto the said catwalk and Harleen's eyes widened, even more, the danger she was in. As she looked down below them and saw the steaming chemicals.

Up above, Naruto grabbed a ninja star and aimed at the thug down below, before throwing it with great speed and aim to his target.

The thug screamed in pain as a sharp object hit his hand and allowed Jim to disarm the thug, and take him out.

Jack heard the screaming and aimed his pistol at the cop. But didn't have the chance, as he heard someone landing on the catwalk and saw that the Bat Demon was back.

In action, Jack shot at the Bat, who brought out a metal sheet to block the bullets. However, the bullets bounced backward, hitting the hitman. Who screamed in pain as the two bullets hit the side of his face and the last one hit the catwalk below them, causing the whole thing to fall apart.

Naruto rushed to grab Harleen and Jack, which was a mistake on his part as the weight was too much for him, but managed to get a hold of them. With the catwalk gone and green chemicals steaming hot, below them.

Unfortunately, the weight eventually became too much and the rest of the catwalk fell apart, with Harleen and Jack falling into the vat of chemicals below them. The intern hitting the left one, which had a hatch to open it. While the hitman landed in the right one, which had a pip system to flush out the waste.

Naruto's eyes widened in his hood, as he jumped down to the ground and rushed over to the opening vault hatch, which he pushed the button to clean out the chemicals and allowed Harleen to be safe as he opened the vat to pick her up. However, he soon becomes shocked by what he saw and the damage done to his friend.

Harleen's skin was ghostly white, blonde hair becoming paler than its normal shade of color, and a smile trying to form on her face, due to the effects that the chemicals had on her.

Naruto reached down to pick his friend up in his arms, but not before throwing five smoke bombs on the ground to cover his escape out of Ace's and headed out the nearest exit.

"Harleen? Harleen?" Naruto asked, starting to panic, but did his best and remembered his training to calm himself down.

Harleen heard a familiar voice, which became the spark of hope to burn the insanity and madness away in her mind, as her friend had saved her.

"N-n-n-Naru-ruto," Harleen tried to speak but was having a hard time.

"Yes, it's me. Don't worry. We are getting out of here, and somewhere safe. We will be at your place very soon," Naruto said as he picked his friend up, and rushed over to his parked car to escape the crime scene before anyone noticed him.

Unknown to everyone, outside Ace by the drumming system, we see a hand reaching up. Which was ghostly white and clenched into a fist.

It wasn't over, as three things were born on this day.