Authors notes

I really don't have anything to put here, I just put something here because it seemed like I should. XD Anyway, please enjoy. :)

It was a completely normal day for Astrid. She never saw it coming. She was simply acting like her cool/tough self, when she saw it… "OH MY GOSH, IT'S ANORA THE DRAGON BEANIE BOO!" Astrid shrieked. It was SOOOOO CUUUUTE. SHE NEEDED IT. However, after she was done squealing over this adorable new discovery, she found that Hiccup was staring at her with giant saucer eyes. His entire expression said, "?". "W-what are you looking at?" Astrid said.

"I am looking at the fact that you just squealed over a tiny stuffed dragon."

"N-no I wasn't..."

"I think you're lying, because one, you're stuttering, and two, I bet people could hear you squealing all the way from the other side of the island!"

"Okay fine, so I like little cute stuffed animals, "SO WHAT?!"


"What?" Astrid asked. "I won't tell anyone…" Hiccup told her. Meanwhile, Toothless was laughing at this hilarious little scene. Humans could be so weird sometimes.



It was late at night. Hiccup needed to act quickly. He needed to be…..SPONTANEOUS.

"Hello," said a voice behind him. "Are you…?" Hiccup asked.

"Yes," said the voice, which, when he turned around, belonged to a tiny cute brown thing with a blue bandana. "I am Bandanadee Waddledee, but you can simply call me Bandanadee. I have…the newest beanie boo…Katy Koala. You said you needed it?" said Bandanadee. "Yes," said Hiccup. I did. Oh, and PLEASE don't tell anyone I was here. ESPECIALLY that someone happens to be a she, and DEFINITELY NOT if that she has blonde hair and blue eyes-" (Cue stifled dragon giggles from Toothless)

"By any chance does this happen to do with that girl named Astrid who was squealing uncontrollably over the Anora Dragon Beanie Boo?"

Uuhhhh… Yeah, how did you know…?"

That was when Bandanadee flipped down some shades that weren't there before and said… "I got good." Again Hiccup responded with, "?". W-what are those…?" Hiccup asked, pointing at Bandanadee's shades. "Uuhhhh…Nothing, never mind…" said Bandandee, slowly pulling down his shades. "S-so did you want it or not?"

"Uuhhh…Yeah…" Said Hiccup, still trying to make sense of the scene he just saw while Toothless simply laughed his head off.

The next day

Astrid was sitting contentedly in a chair with her new Anora Dragon Beanie Boo. She decided to go into her room for awhile, but when she got in, she saw something….. Something….adorable…She couldn't take her eyes off of it… It was staring at her…."Oh my gosh…" Astrid said, half whispering, half squealing. It was the newest beanie boo…. KATY KOALA. "AAAaaaaAAAAaaaaAAAaaaaAaAaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…"

Then she noticed something else. It was a note…

Don't think I forgot about yesterday. Actually, yesterday was pretty hard to forget… Anyway, I looked in every store for this, but everywhere I went they were out of stock. Luckily, a friend had gotten ahold of one, and held on to it for me. He already knew about the… incident, so that doesn't count as TELLING him, does it? Please don't kill me.


Astrid couldn't hold it back any longer. She squealed as loud as humanly possible.


"Oh my gosh…" Hiccup said. If he didn't know better, he would have thought that Astrid was in pain. However, he knew it was because his plan had worked. "Hey," said a voice from behind him. "AUGH," Hiccup screamed. "What's wrong?" said Bandanadee. "I hope you didn't get in trouble with your lady friend, 'cause that is NOT GOOD."

SSSSSHHHHHH," Hiccup hissed. "If you don't be quiet, then I just might."

"Hiccup? What are you doing here?" asked Astrid. NOOOOOOOOOO I'm DEAD, Hiccup thought. Luckily, Bandanadee stepped in. "Hello," he said in that adorable voice of his. "Awwwww, who's this?" asked Astrid. "My name's Bandandee Waddledee, but you can just call me Bandanadee. Are you Hiccup's lady friend?" Astrid faltered for a moment. " Ummm… you could say that…did Hiccup tell you that?" Bandanadee looked at Hiccup, who gave him a frantic headshake, then Bandanadee looked at Toothless, who simply gave a suspiciously cheeky smile, and nodded his head. "Yes," Said Bandanadee. Now, I won't share too many details, but we'll just say that there were two crimson red humans, and a very mischievous looking dragon and waddledee.

Authors notes

I know it was just a one-shot and it was kind of short, but give me a break, I'm new at fanfic writing. I don't want to do any thing big until I've done at least a few fanfictions. By the way, did you like the the way I made Bandanadee? Did yooooooooooou? No one ever did a Kirby-httyd crossover, AND IT NEEDED TO HAPPEN. So that's what I did...somewhat. Bandanadee was there purely out of nessesity. I was originally going to put trader Johann, but (SPOILER ALERT) Johann had apperently betrayed the dragon riders at some point, so I decided to put in Bandanadee.

I hope you enjoyed it! :)