Hi again! I noticed that not all people would get my little joke in my last fanfic. "...I got good". So I made a different fanfic so everyone would understand the last fanfic. Also, I just wanted to do a Kirby fanfic. Who doesn't like Bandanadee?

RANDOM PERSON: Bandanadee sucks!

SHUT UP. Don't listen to him. Enjoy my fanfic instead! :)

"BREAKING NEWS! This ordinary waddledee has suddenly become the ultimate spear wielder! It appears that he has mastered this weapon overnight! On top of that, he looks astonishingly adorable in that bandana of his All the other waddledees are amazed! He can fly with it, he can attack enemies with it, and he can jab more times than you can count in two seconds. Tell us Waddledee-" "Um, it's Bandanadee sir." "Oh! Right, right. Bandanadee! How on planet Popstar did you get to be this amazing, good-looking, spear-throwing master that we see here?" Bandanadee flipped down his shades-"Huh, those weren't there before," said the news reporter. Then he said, "I got good." Everyone gasped. "H-h-how do you do that?" asked a waddledee timidly. "U-uh…" Suddenly, everyone wanted to know how Bandanadee had gotten so good. Everyone's questions started to go all around him, surrounding him, closing in on him, when- " AUGH!" Bandanadee cried, waking up with a start. Phew, he thought. It was just a dream…Or so he thought. He walked out the door and then- "BANDANADEE!" They screamed. Who were "they" exactly? FANGIRLS. SO. MANY. FANGIRLS.




So it wasn't a dream, he thought. Poor Bandanadee. He ran from his house as fast as his non-existent legs could carry him.



Bandanadee was sitting alone in the cafeteria, enjoying his favorite breakfast. He had come early as always, so he could properly enjoy his meal. A croissant, a meta-mato, a breakfast a parfait, and some coffee. A young waddledee walked up to him. He looked about five years old. "Is that how you got so good?" He asked dreamily. "You eat that every day?"

"U-uh, no, this is just what I like to eat for breakfast…" Soon enough, aaaaaaaaaaall the waddledees had walked into the cafeteria, with the same platter as his. On top of that…. "OH MY GOSH, YOU GUYS IT'S BANDANADEE!" They all decided to sit next to him. They tried to make conversation with him, and he tried to do his best to respond properly. He was no good at social interaction.



Bandanadee was very tired. He had been chased around by his fans all day. He just wanted some rest…

"Hey," said a voice. "You awake?" "I am now," said Bandanadee. Oh, he thought. It's Kirby. He would be safe with Kirby. Kirby simply treated him like a friend. "Hey Kirby."

"You okay? You look really worn out."

I was being chased around by my fans all day! I miss just being a normal waddledee. "

"Yeah, I know how you feel," said Kirby. "I used to get chased around by fans all the time too. It took some time, but soon everyone realized they just need to treat me like a friend." Bandanadee blushed. After all, he used to be one of them: one of the fans. "Say, you wanna go on an adventure with me? It'll help you get away from those fans of yours for sure!"

"Um, s-sure!"

"Great, let's go!'

And thus was the beginning of a new friendship.

I know, I know, the ending was super sappy, and this fanfic was even shorter than the last one, but I'm getting there! Just give me some time. My brother actually had the "I got good" idea, and someone else might have had it before and I just don't know, but what I'm trying to say is that idea wasn't mine. I borrowed it. The rest was mine though! I hope you enjoyed it. :)