The Tyrant

Summary: Issei Hyoudou was nothing in his family's eyes. He was a sinner, his sister a saint. He was nothing but scum to them, pushing him into a corner. No one thought about how far Issei would go to start pushing back. "You called me trash. You called me worthless. But here I stand, above you. With the spirits by my side, I shall rise and become a King. This is my Fated Ascension."

Warnings: Bashing, Non-Sacred Gear Issei, Twin Sister, Less Perverted Issei, Dark Issei, Human Issei, Rated M for Dark Themes

Inspired by various Servant Class Card Fanfictions and other FGO/DxD Crossovers

Crossovers: Fate (Primary), High School of the Dead (Minor, characters only), possibly more to come.

Pairing: Issei/?

I: The Deck

"H- Hello!" A blonde girl said as she stood in front of a married couple, a sheepish smile on the face of the light brunette girl standing beside her. "It's nice to meet you! I- I am Asia Argento, and I'll be living here starting today! Pleased to make your acquaintance!"

"Oh, a cute young foreigner!" The man laughed lightly. "She's so cute! A foreign exchange student from Italy, staying with us! It's like having a second daughter!"

"You're right, dear," the mother said with a smile. "Asia, do feel free to call me mother, okay?"

"Eh? I- I couldn't-!"

"Nonsense!" She dismissed it. "I insist, call me mother! I've always wanted another daughter, you're the closest thing I'll likely ever get to it!"

"Mom!" The daughter exclaimed. "Could you not embarrass Asia like that?"

"Ara, so protective," she grinned a little. "Is this girl important to you, Rei?"

"Eh?" The now named Rei blushed. "She- she's…"

"R- Rei-san is my first friend!" Asia said, making the occupants of the house look at her. "I- I never had any friends growing up. I was always alone… But then I met Rei-san! And she was so kind to me, she treated me like family! S- So I'm honoured to be staying in this house, and living with her!"

The blonde bowed. "Please take care of me! Mother, Father!"

"Oh!" The father cheered. "You're too sweet, Asia-Chan! You are more than welcome in this house, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, you hear!? A second daughter, I never thought the day would come!"

"Ara," the mother blushed, putting a hand on her cheek. "If you say something like that, how can we refuse? Of course, we'll take care of you Asia-Chan!"

"Thank you very much!" Asia said.

"Jeez, you two are so embarrassing," Rei mumbled, scratching her cheek with a light smile.

From an outside perspective, the Hyoudou Family was a happy one.

… Save for one dark spot.

My name is Issei Hyoudou, an outcast in my own family.

Am I a troubled kid?

Yeah, that's putting it lightly.

For a long time, I've been an outcast not just in my family, but in the town, I live in.

You see, my sister is everything I'm not. She's popular, she's smart, she's approachable, she's likeable and, loathe as I am to admit it, she's very attractive.

I, on the other hand, am not those things. I'm an open pervert, which means everyone hates me. I'm average in looks, average in knowledge, unapproachable due to my perverse nature…

Not that anyone approached me in the first place.

My sister, Rei, hated me. I didn't know why or what I'd done to deserve her hatred or ire. All I knew was that my sister detested me, loathed me with a fierce passion that couldn't be described. And so, she spread false rumours about me.

Rumours about how I peeked on girls in locker rooms, stole their clothes, rumours about how I was essentially a borderline rapist just waiting to happen.

At one point, the police got involved due to the spread of rumours, but there was such a lack of evidence- of course there was, I hadn't done anything bad- that they had to drop it. Of course, the damage was done and everything believed I was guilty and had gotten off on a technicality.

My parents believed everything my sister told them, and believed I was a good for nothing pervert in exchange. They preferred to dote on Rei and have nothing at all to do with me at all, taking their 'perfect' daughter's word as gospel.

Only I saw the truth of what she was.

A monster in human flesh, who made it her sole duty to turn my life to shit and make sure I never got to be happy, for reasons I'd never find out.

I hated it.

I hated her.

I hated this house.

I hated my parents.

I hated this crappy situation I'd been put into just for existing.

But what could I do?

Nobody was willing to hire me, so I couldn't get the money to get a house of my own, or get a plane ticket to try and escape the country and build my life elsewhere!

I was trapped… Trapped in a hell from which I had no escape.

I glared at the scene of Asia being welcomed into the house with opens arms, Rei standing by her side, before I turned and made my way up the stairs, wanting to get as far away from the scene as I possibly could.

I closed the door to my room, and sat on the bed.

"What can I do…?" I muttered to myself bitterly.

I was seventeen years old, which meant I only had around a year until my parents could legally kick me out of the house without facing any consequences.

One year.

I had one year to try and do something to either turn my life around, or to somehow gather enough money for when I was inevitably thrown out of the house.

And if I couldn't do that…

I punched the bed. "Fuck…!" I cursed. "I'm running out of time… I can't get a job; nobody wants to deal with me… At this rate, my only hope is going to be the Underworld…"

The Underworld, Kuoh's criminal hotspot. A notorious place where criminals gathered in Kuoh. It was an unspoken rule that what happened in the Underworld stayed in the Underworld, even the police didn't dare go near that area.

It was an absolute last-case scenario. Once you joined the Underworld, the only escape was death. Even old age wouldn't let you escape the Underworld so easily, you would forever be part of it no matter where you went.

I didn't want to go there.

I did not want to get involved with them but, at the rate I was going, I was being left with little to no choice.

"What do I do…?"

I made my way to school in silence, headphones blaring music in my ears as I ignored the glares of everyone directed at me.

As I walked, I thought about how things had been changing… More specifically, how they'd seemed to be centred on Rei.

About a week or two ago, strange things started happening.

First, Rei came downstairs with- of all people- Rias Gremory, one of the two most popular girls in school. She had, somehow, stayed the night and my parents hadn't made a big deal about it at all.

That was the first thing that tipped me off.

The next thing that had changed was that Rei was now a member of the Occult Research Club- otherwise known as the ORC- a club run by Rias Gremory.

And now came this new girl, Asia, who was going to be living with us from now on… Who just so happened to show up a few days after Rei was out all night and wasn't back until the early hours of the morning, claiming she was out because she was doing special club activities?

I didn't buy it.

I didn't buy it for one god damned minute.

I lowered my headphones to try and clear my thoughts, but that was when the whispers began to fill my ears once again.

"It's him again…"

"Rapist Hyoudou…"

"He's nothing like Rei."

"How is such an angel related to such scum?"

"Why did they even let him come to this school?"

"I'd say he should commit Seppuku, but he has no honour."

"I heard he once almost raped his own sister!"

"Eh!? Are you serious!? What scum!"

"Why haven't the police arrested him!?"

"I heard they did once, but he got off on a technicality."

"Tch… It's always the worst ones who manage to escape…"

I put my headphones back on.


Why was I cursed to live such a life?


Why could I not be loved?

I was walking through town after school, staring at the ground dejectedly, headphones still on my head.

I hardly took my headphones off. It was one of the only ways to drown out the whispers, drown out the insults.

The only place I didn't wear them was in my room, otherwise they hardly ever left my side.

Asia joined the class, and brazenly announced she was living with Rei…

Of course, that led to whispers. Whispers about how Rei would need to do her best to protect Asia from my 'evil ways.'


The only evil one was Rei.

I was no saint, certainly, but Rei was the sinner.

So lost in my thoughts, I wasn't paying attention and ended up bumping into something, tripping and needing to stop my fall with my hands.

"Ow…" I cursed, getting up and looking at what I walked into.

I blinked at the sight of it.

A stand.

A very poorly made looking stand with a banner over it that said 'The Stand of Heroes.'

And sitting at it was an old man. He had white hair, a fine beard and moustache, and a smile on his face…

What caught my gaze mostly were his red eyes.

I lowered my headphones slowly. "… Sorry about that."

"Hohoho!" The man only laughed. "No need to worry about it, sonny! It's not the first time! Why, just the other day I had a similar situation where a young blonde lad bumped into my stand!"

"Blonde lad…?" My first thought was Yuuto Kiba, from the ORC.

"Nobody you know, I'm sure," the man said. "But since you're here, please have a seat!"

"Hah?" I raised an eye at him. "Why would I-?"

"I've yet to insult you, haven't I?"

I froze.

The man… Made a strangely good point.

Everyone in this town knew me, famous in it for all the wrong reasons. Nobody hid their hatred for me.

But this man wasn't insulting me… In fact, he was being far too friendly.


If only to sate my curiosity about why, I took a seat on the chair opposite him.

"Hohoho, excellent!" He said with a grin. "Greetings first, shall we! My name is Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. You may call me Zelretch."

"… Issei Hyoudou, though I'm sure you probably know that."

"Indeed, indeed!" Zelretch grinned. "A young man in quite a poor situation, despite not having done anything wrong!"


"Hm? What?"

"You… Don't believe I did anything wrong?"

Zelretch only chuckled. "Boy, I've seen many things in this world. Good things, bad things, and some hilarious things. But one thing I've learned from it is to tell when someone is lying, and when they're being truthful. You don't have the black heart to rape someone. And, if you did, you would be filled with so much guilt over it that you would turn yourself in and accept whatever punishment the court gave you."

"Ah…" I stared at him.

I kept staring.

He gave me a bit of a weird look. "Into old people, are you boy? I'm afraid I don't swing that way-!"

"Oh, fuck you!" I snapped at him. "Here I was, feeling emotional, about to tear up and say how glad I was someone believed me, and you ruined the moment you damned old man! Learn to read the mood!


"Ah…" I looked down, realising I'd just lost my temper…

When was the last time I'd actually snapped like that?

More than that, when was the last time I felt such a huge weight being lifted off of my shoulders…?

Someone believed me.

Someone didn't think I was a rapist.


That made me feel at least a bit better.

"Hehehe… You look a lot better without such a gloomy look on your face, brat. Now then, why don't you look at my wares?"

"Did you say all that just to make me like you a bit so I'd buy your stuff?" I deadpanned.

"Depends, did it work?"

"… Just show me what you've got, shitty old man."

Zelretch only laughed again, reaching under the table and pulled out a box.

Opening the box, he pulled from it twelve golden cards, each depicting a different image.

"What I sell are these cards," Zelretch told me.

"… And what are they for exactly?"

"Why, I'm glad you asked! These cards are the ticket to power! What you do with it is all your choice, of course! Use the power to be a hero? Or use it to be a mad villain? The choice is up to you!"

I stared at him. "… Do you think I'm a kid who's gonna believe this shit?"

"Well you've come this far, why not listen until the end?"

I frowned… Before sighing. "I guess…"

He grinned. "Good choice! First…"

He gestured to the card furthest to the left. It depicted the image of a knight, holding a western sword with both hands. "The first card is Saber! The power of a warrior who cleaves through all with a mighty blade, tearing down all who stand in their path."

"Then why is the image that of a knight?" I asked him. "Don't they stand for justice and honour?"

"Those are subjective," Zelretch told me. "What is justice to one is injustice to another. What is honourable to one is dishonourable to another. The Saber wields the power of knights, kings, great warriors who fought for what they believed in, even to the bitter end."

I stared at the Saber card…

Fighting for what you believed in, huh…? When was the last time I'd fought for anything…?

I suppose if I could fight...

I would get revenge.

Revenge on Rei, revenge on my parents, revenge on anyone who ever looked down on me and wronged me.

Revenge on them all.

"Next," he said, tapping the card to the immediate right. This card depicted someone dressed in lighter clothing, clearly build more for speed, holding something behind them. A lance, or a spear.

"Lancer. Agile, excellent in close combat, and masters of hit-and-run tactics, using their range and speed to their advantage. Those who hold the power of Lancer are monsters on the battlefield, using their speed to be untouched."

"Is that all?" I asked.

Zelretch only grinned. "Lancers tend to have terrible luck in life, often needing to claw their way through a lot of nasty situations. Sounds familiar, no?"

I stayed silent.

Shitty luck, huh?

Yes, that was me. A man who experienced shitty luck almost from the day of my birth… But I was here. I was alive, and not in jail. Somehow, I'd survived this far… And I would survive further into the future.

I watched as that old man's grin stretched a centimetre wider.

"Third," he tapped once again, drawing my attention to the next card.

This one depicted another knight, wearing heavy looking armour on their upper body and aiming with a bow into the distance.

"The Archer Class," Zelretch looked amused as he said it, looking at the card with barely restrained laughter. "Admittedly very powerful, often possessing high resistance to magical attacks, and also able to act Independently. Archers hate being caged, preferring to act when and how they pleased. More than that, they often possess a large number of powerful weapons, boasting more than any other class."

"Powerful weapons…"


Able to act how you wanted, free of all cages and able to do as you pleased.

Ah… How envious…

What I wouldn't give for something like that…

"What's next?" I asked.

Zelretch smirked, tapping on the next card. "Rider. The Warrior with a Mount. Living beasts or human constructs, they will ride mighty steeds into battle. In some instances, they even merged together with their mounts to become a single, powerful warrior. They usually have lower attributes compared to the first three classes, but the abilities of their mounts compensate with powerful abilities. They almost always possess a high level of Riding Skill, letting them skilfully use any mount. Car, plane, even a tank. At the highest rank, they can even command powerful divine beasts like a Pegasus."

"What about a dragon?"

Zelretch only laughed. "Only a fool would try to ride a dragon. The riding skill does not extend to dragons, it manifests in a different skill… Though some rare exceptions do exist, such as Saint Martha."

"Saint Martha…?" I raked my brain for information on her, but I was blanking.

"No matter, no matter," Zelretch waved. "Many Riders are often Kings or Ship Captains. Those who led the charge into battle, laughed the loudest, drank the most eagerly. The supreme ruler of their people."

Ruler of their people, huh…?

I wondered; would such a thing make me happy? To rule over others? To be able to command them as I pleased, and enjoy whatever I wanted whenever I wanted?

"Oi, boy!" I snapped my gaze to Zelretch. "Pay attention, we don't have all day here you know!"

"Ah, sorry…"

He only huffed. "Next is Caster, one who wields great magical abilities. To qualify as a caster, you must have master of sorceries of the highest calibre. Generally, they have low combat abilities, and are often bad pairings as most others possess some form of magic resistance, among all of these it is thought to be the weakest…"

"But…?" I prodded.

Zelretch grinned widely. "They make up for it by using powers beyond your wildest dreams, possessing many different strategies to use against enemies. They can create their own territory, altering the surrounding lands around them, and can create magical items and tools. More than that, they often follow their own set of morals. They decide what is right and wrong, they decide what is just and what is sin."

"Deciding what is just and what is sin, huh…?"

"We've no time for you to have an internal monolog again, boy," Zelretch said impatiently. "We're moving on now! Assassin is the next class!"

"Assassin?" I blinked. "Wait, you said these were ticket to power, and you used hero as the first example. How is an assassin a hero?"

"What about the one who kills the tyrant?" Zelretch asked. "The one who ends a corrupt politician, the one who brings down a child abuser? Not all assassins are evil, sometimes they are the only solution."

"I… I see…" I hadn't thought of that…

"Now, Assassins obviously specialise in just that: assassination," Zelretch said. "They lack more glamorous stories like the other classes, so they often possess poor abilities…" He grinned. "But they make up for it with their Presence Concealment, some able to conceal themselves so well that they could be walking down the street towards you and you'd never know!"

I gulped. "That's… A bit terrifying to think about."


"So… Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Assassin. Who's next?"



"Those who fell into madness," Zelretch said, without a smile this time. "Often due to the loss of a loved one or due to betrayal, they lose themselves to their madness and can only focus on destroying the object of their revenge. A mindless machine that can only kill…"

I stared at the card…

Betrayal, huh…? I guess Rei's sudden attitude change towards me would be a betrayal, wouldn't it…?

Yes… She betrayed me, and I-!

"Oi!" I held my head in pain as Zelretch hit me. "I just said we don't have time for your internal monologs! Also don't look so angry, you don't want to be an edge lord, do you?"

I straightened my back and shook my head.

"Then lighten up a bit!" He said. "Sure, life's shit for you right now, but there's no reason it can't be turned around someday. Just do your best to look on the bright side."

"… Right."

"Now then!" Zelretch pushed the first seven cards to the side. "Those are the seven main classes. We now move onto the five extra classes," he spread the other five across the table, each of them having a different motif to the first seven.

"We'll begin with the Ruler Class," he said, gesturing to the card with a woman dressed in robes, holding a set of scales. "Rulers are protectors, those who uphold the rules and make sure there are no breaches. They are neutral in conflicts, taking no sides, only acting in the interest of those they serve, and assure the laws surrounding these powers are not breached. The criteria to be a Ruler, however, is very strict."

"Huh?" I blinked. "What kind of criteria is that?"

"A huge majority of those who fit into these classes all have a desire they want to fulfil, a wish they want to have fulfilled. To be a Ruler, you must lack that desire, that wish, in order to assure you remain impartial. Most often, those who become Rulers are Saints. Jeanne d'Arc or Saint Martha are good examples."

"I… See."

A wish to have fulfilled…? What would I wish for…?

"Brat, do you want me to hit you again?"

"Ah, sorry! Continue!" Jeez, could this old man read my mind!?

"Hmph," Zelretch eyed me before moving on. "Avenger is the next class." His eyes drifted to the card, showing someone with long hair held in chains. "Based on vengeance, powerful resentment that didn't even fade with death, that lingered and festered for years and years. They only seek revenge, they often desire nothing more than to destroy the object of their hatred- brat, if you start another internal monolog I swear-!"

"I'll be good!" I said. "I get it, want revenge, I want revenge, we're alike moving on!"

"Good," he nodded. "Next, we have Moon Cancer!"

"… 'Scuse you?"

"Moon Cancer," he said with amusement, holding up the card with what looked like a girl in some kind of uniform playing with… Was that a yoyo? "Originally one who was meant to be a Ruler, but she decided that was too mainstream and wanted something else. So, she created her own class to be in. Of course, one or two others managed to sneak their way into the class, but there you are!"

"… Y- you're fucking with me, right?"

"Nope, completely serious."

"… What kind of game are you running here?"

"Do you want me to hit you again?"

"… So, that was number three, what's four?"

He smirked at me, knowing he won that round, tapping another card. This one depicted the image of someone dressed in a jester outfit, a darkened version of them behind them and upside down. "Alter Ego. Alter Egos are exactly how they sound, often another side or part to one of the other classes that manifests in this unique class, becoming a separate personality and gaining independence as a different entity."

"… Huh?"

"Hm, it's hard to explain, you'll see in due time."

… Why did I not like how he said that?"

"And, finally we reach the end with Foreigner," he said, gesturing to the final card. This card was very different to the rest depicting a cloaked figure with energy coming out of them. The lower half of their body didn't even look human, seeming to be more like some kind of extra-terrestrial.

"… So, what's the deal with this one?" I asked him.

He grinned. "Foreigners are those who have descended from superstition, kept their purity in the heart of madness, or are those who are swallowed by madness and then turn around and consume it instead. Unlike the other classes, they are foreign beings from other worlds, typically bonding with Outer Gods. Though some have no connection to outer gods at all."

I blinked. "… So, like… Cthulhu or something?"

"Excellent example," he beamed at me. "Yes, Cthulhu is bonded to one who qualifies as a foreigner. Though they are dangerous, almost always residing as threats to humanity itself… However, that does not mean that they are bad. Sometimes, they are merely misunderstood."

I stared at the card, and let my gaze drift across the rest of them, contemplating.

"So!" Zelretch clapped. "Which one do you want?"

"All of them."

"… Pardon?"

"All of them," I told him. "I'll play what I have to…"

"Why?" He asked me. "You believe this is a simple game, yes? You don't believe any of this is real. So why?"

"… Because I want to."

He stared at me… And then laughed. "Hahaha! What a human response, but so wonderful! Because you want to! Very well, all twelve are yours-!"


He stopped and looked at me with confusion. "No?"

"I said all of them," I told him. "I mean all of them."

He stared at me… And then his eyes widened, gaze snapping to the box, before snapping back to me. "You can't possibly mean…?"

"If I didn't, would we be having this conversation?"

He continued to stare at me, as if he'd never seen me before…

And then he laughed, but it wasn't the same as the times before.

It was inherently different, sending chills down my spine, making me feel like I'd just agreed to something awful.

"All of them… The whole deck…!" He laughed merrily. "Surprised! Me, surprised! Nobody has had the audacity, in all the times I've done this, to ever want the whole deck! To ever ask me for the entire thing! HAHAHA! Brilliant! Truly brilliant, I knew I made the right choice!"

He scooped up the cards on the table, plopping them into the box, before setting it in front of me with a huge grin on his face. "It's yours! Free of charge!"

"Eh?" I stared at him. "Why? And… What do you mean right choice?"

"Oh, you will learn in due time, Issei Hyoudou!" He cackled. "The cards are yours now! They've already bonded to you! Never will they leave your side, this I can assure you! Now then, shouldn't you hurry home? It is rather late."

I blinked and looked at my phone. "Ah, fuck!" I exclaimed as I got up. "Shit, if I'm late, I won't get dinner…!"

"Don't forget the deck!"

"Yeah, yeah!" I picked up the box. "See you around, shitty old man!"

I turned and ran from him before he could respond…

But I could practically feel those crimson eyes staring at my retreating back, and the wide grin that threatened to split his face open.

I barely made it in time for dinner.

With how my family looked at me, part of me wished I was late. Then I could have just retreated to my room and away from their judgemental looks.

"… I'm home," I grunted, setting my bag down as I sat at the far end of the table, away from the others.

"Tch, why did you have to come home…" I heard Rei mumble under her breath.

I didn't dare respond.

"A- Ano…" Asia looked at me. "You're… Issei-san, yes? It's nice to meet you! I'm Asia Argento! I, um, didn't get to meet you yesterday, but I'll be living with you from now on! Please take care of me!" She bowed her head.

"Oi, Asia, you don't have to be nice to him," Rei told her.

"Indeed, my good for nothing son isn't worth your kindness," my mother said, and I clenched my fist under the table.

"Eh? W- Why?" Asia looked confused.

"He's practically a serial rapist," Rei said without care.

"Eh!?" She exclaimed as she looked at me. "W- What? W- Why does he live here then?"

Ah, it's here again… The fearful look… The shock, and minor anger…

"W- Well, he hasn't actually raped anyone," Rei told her. "But he's just one shove away from doing so, it's better you don't associate with him, Asia. Trust me."

She looked at Rei…

Wait? What was that look?

Why was she looking at Rei like the girl was her saviour? Why was she hanging onto her every word?

"… Mu… I still believe in the bible's teachings but… If Rei-san says so…"

I clenched my fist hard under the table, grabbing my bag and standing up, snatching up my plate. "I'll just go eat in my room," I told them, making my way upstairs.

"Keep it down up there, we don't want to listen to your stupid porn!" Rei yelled after me.

I dutifully ignored her as I slammed the door to my room, sitting on my bed and beginning to eat my dinner angrily.

It was bad enough that I was hated, but now Rei had people looking at her like she was some sort of messiah!


Why does she get everything!?

Why am I the one left with nothing to my name!? Why am I the one who has to suffer, who has to endure this humiliation, this hatred!?

Why… Why don't I have the power to fight back against her…?

I set my food on the bedside table, pulling out the box from my bag and opening it, staring at the cards blankly.

A ticket to power huh…

I tossed the box onto the bed, the cards scattering across it.

What a joke…

I stared down at my hands, clenching them and unclenching them repeatedly.

I'm nothing. Compared to her, I'm nothing.

I'm not smart. Not strong. Not charismatic. Not approachable. Not… Anything.

Why, god? Why did you bless her, and not me? Why did you curse me, and bless her with everything!?

Why does she have all the power!?

My fists began to clench so hard, that my nails dug into my palms and began to bleed…

I didn't even feel the pain.

Power… I need power…!

I felt tears filling my eyes as my anger grew.

I was usually much better at holding back my emotions… But that meeting with Zelretch left unshed tears that were now pouring from a frenzy, my usually tight grasp on my emotions loosening as they all came out.

Fuck that bitch! Fuck her, fuck her friends, fuck my parents, fuck everyone who's ever looked down on me!

They judge me based on the words of others, never bothering to listen to my side of the story! Nobody gives a fuck about me!


Well, fuck them! I don't care what it takes!


I don't care what I have to do!


I don't care what atrocities I have to commit!

Hum…! Whoosh!

I just want power!


Power to get my revenge!

Whoosh! Hum!

Enough power… To change this twisted world into my own image!

And what would you give for such power?



A violent burst of air and a flash of light obscured my vision and hearing as I fall off the bed, onto the floor.

I heard the compression of springs, the sign of something on the bed.

I turned around, still laying on the ground, and my eyes widened at the figure standing before me.


Eyes of sky blue.

Hair was white as snow.

Skin that spoke of time in the sun.

What was stood before me was not just a woman, but a warrior.

Clad in white clothing with matching armour, a spear and shield in her hands, a pair of what seemed to be animal ears sitting atop her head.

I was so mesmerised; I didn't even feel the burning sensation on the back of my left hand.

"Divine Spirit, Caenis," she said, her voice a bit rough as she gave me a grin. "Manifesting under the class of Lancer, I have answered your call!"

She stared down at me with those beautiful blue eyes. "I ask you: are you my master?"

"… I am."

"Then the contract is forged!" She declared, resting her spear on her shoulder. "Together, master, we shall trample our enemies underfoot, and claim whatever it is we desire!"

It was at that moment… That my mundane life, my life of being hated and despised… Would begin to change.

Guess who's back?

Back again.

Yeah I'm back!

Tell a friend!

Sorry that I haven't been posting lately, but I've been dry on motivation. With Volume 8 rolling up, and some other stuff, I felt the need to distance myself from RWBY and Gamer fics for now, a lot of work goes into those. Especially the gamer fics, where I have to make sure I very carefully measure all the levelling correctly for the sake of accuracy.

For now, I'm going to try and focus on this fic. I've been wanting to do an Issei Class Card fic for a long time, but never really found a plot I liked. But, as you can see, I've now found something and I'm going to be rolling with it!

Hope you guys enjoy this fic. I'll try and update when I can, but my writing motivation hasn't been great, so you'll need to bare with me.

And for those curious, I'm not planning any updates for Stacking the Deck, Ephemeral Dream, or Gaming Alone at the moment. They are basically on Hiatus atm, at least until I find the motivation to write them again.

Anyway, this is Ezras Hargrave signing off, hoping to see you all next time!