So this was inspired by my own teaching job (pre-k) along with how the school I used to work at did their specials on Fridays. The actual plot of the story will be introduced in the second chapter.

Freshly out of the shower, Eugene was sitting at the kitchen counter in their small apartment grading essays when he heard the front door open.

"Welcome home, Sunshine," he called out to his girlfriend, "How was your- whoa! Are you okay?"

As soon as he looked up, Eugene noticed that Rapunzel's short hair was all over the place, more than usual. Her eyes looked droopy and he noticed that they were red, possibly from crying. She was carrying one tote bag on each shoulder and he noticed that she had taken off her shoes and placed them in one of the totes. She looked absolutely exhausted.

"Rapunzel," Eugene got off his stool and took the bags from her, "What happened?"

"Just a long day," she simply said with a smile, "It's bad enough having one Pre-K and class in my art class, imagine having all ten classes at once!"

"By yourself?!" Eugene's eyes widened, "They're not allowed to do that, are they?"

As a high school teacher himself, Eugene knows how having all of his English classes at once is chaotic. He had needed at least two other staff members with him the last time he had his all classes together, and that was a nightmare. He could only imagine having TEN Pre-K classes.

"No no no," she backtracked, "On Fridays every class from each grade level goes to the gym along with the Coach, the Music teacher, and the French teacher. We just come up with Friday Funday activities. Of course this week was something artful, so they thought it was a good idea to have the students paint. Which also means, using my own supplies that I only use for the upper grades.

"Oh! And by the way," she continued her rambling as she pointed to the heavier tote bag, "I went out to purchase some more paint and brushes. But only because I have my fifth graders working on their self portraits all next week. Not to mention the last minute staff meeting we had to go to."

"Ah," Eugene nodded with a small smirk, "That explains the handprint."

"Handprint?" Rapunzel tilted her head, "What do you me-"

Before she could finish her thoughts, Eugene grabbed her by the shoulders and led her to the hallway mirror.

"For a moment," he said, "I thought you had some secret boyfriend with very small hands, but Pre-k makes more sense. You know, for my sake."

He faced her back towards the mirror and showed her where a small red hand print was on her butt.

"No," she groaned, "And this dress is new too! I can't believe no one told me anything."

"You could say I caught you 'red-handed.'" Eugene was met with a smack on his chest as he laughed. "I'm sorry Sunshine. It was right there, how could I not make that pun?"

Instead of answering him, Rapunzel simply laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes for a second while nuzzling his chest hairs. Eugene quickly wrapped her in his arms and planted a kiss on her forehead.

"Hey," he softly said, "What would you like to do tonight? Go grab a few drinks at Snuggly? Go to the movies? Maybe go to that school of yours and make out in the bushes? Okay, that last one was a joke. Maybe half a joke."

"No," she shook her head, "Let's just stay in tonight. If you don't mind. I'll just get started on dinner."

"Nope," he said, "I will start on dinner, you go take a shower and wash off this day. Then we can just relax on the couch with Netflix or Hulu."

Rapunzel smiled and pressed a kiss on his jaw.

"I love you," she whispered, "Have I told you that lately?"

"I have those texts from today that say so," he smirked, "Go and shower."

Rapunzel nodded and made her way towards their bedroom.

Rapunzel came out of the bedroom wearing one of Eugene's t-shirts, freshly out of the shower. She was brushing her hair as she made her way to the kitchen.

Something about the way Eugene was standing in front of the stove and using the spatula on the pan did something for Rapunzel. Very domestic, all he was missing was a ring band on his left finger.

Rapunzel quickly shook that last thought away. They've only been dating for almost two years and moved in together about four months ago. Sure, they have talked about marriage, but they both decided there was no hurry into getting married. So instead, they moved in together a few weeks before Rapunzel started her new teaching job.

She quietly made her way towards Eugene and carefully wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Ah, there you are," he said as he carefully took one of her hands and brought it to his lips, "Right on time too."

"Hi," she placed a kiss between his shoulder blades, "What are we having?"

"My specialty for my Princess," he said, "Garlic grilled cheese sandwiches! Oh and I didn't forget about the side salad this time."

"Yum!" She licked her lips, "Sounds perfect."

They made their way to the living room and placed their dinner on the coffee table. Eugene had already placed popcorn and candy on the table and had the tv ready to go.

They decided on a superhero movie that they both love to watch every now and then.

"Oh!" Rapunzel exclaimed after taking a first bite, "Eugene! This is amazing! Did you put something different in it?"

"Not really," Eugene replied, taking a sip of his beer, "Unless you count extra love."

"Well, it's delicious!" she took another bite.

"Thank you, Sunshine," he kissed her temple.

Eugene started the movie and both were immediately engrossed by it.

"She's such a badass," Rapuznel said sometime during the movie, "I mean, not only is she the only woman in the army, but she's also an agent! She does not take shit from anyone, especially men!"

"Plus, she can fight in heels," Eugene added and placed an arm around her, "I can see why he would fall for her."

"Don't forget that she believed in him," she said as she leaned against his shoulder, "Even before the serum. She already saw him as someone special."

Towards the end of the movie, the couple had managed to reposition themselves. Eugene laid on the couch and Rapunzel laid on top of him. While he was still watching the movie, Rapunzel had managed to fall asleep around halfway to it. He was beginning to fall asleep as he continued tracing circles on her back. Every now and then, she would silently snore into his chest. After the day she had, who could blame her.

When the movie was over, Eugene turned the tv off and carefully tried to sit up without waking her up. He had planned on carrying her into their bedroom, but of course she felt the movement and woke up with a gasp.

"Hey, hey," he held her, "It's just me."

"Oh, sorry," she said sheepishly, "I must've fallen asleep."

"I noticed," he chuckled, "You sound adorable when you snore by the way. Ready for bed?"

Instead of giving him a verbal response, Rapunzel began to place soft kisses on his neck and chest. Eugene sat them up and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Sunshine," he huskily said, "I thought you were tired. You were just sleeping."

"Hmmm," she hummed against his pulse, "Yeah, but you just took so much care of me tonight."

"Sugar," he growled as he pulled her hips towards his, "That doesn't mean you have to put out."

With a smirk, Rapunzel simply raised her arms and regardless of what he just told her, Eugene grabbed the hem of the shirt and took it off of her.

He gently kissed her, as if the world fell away. So slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be. Eugene gently stood up as Rapunzel wrapped her arms around his neck.

With that, they managed to go into their bedroom without breaking the kiss.

Originally I was just going to make it a one-shot, but realized it was going to be way too long. So instead I'm splitting it! The second chapter is in the works!

Until next time!