Chapter 1

It was funny how he remained normal and calm despite of having no memories of his past.

"Hey! That's my part of the meal, you idiot!" Said by a man with an annoyed voice.

Since he had opened his eyes, the only thing he could remember was his name. Other than that, he have nothing else. However— it did not bother him. It was a little bit weird though, he should have questions about himself and his past, or at least he should be curious about it but he didn't have those in him.

He thought about that as his hands worked on the dishes.

"Huh? It was cooked by him, and he is on the team. A team that I've created." It was the retaliation of the young man in the middle without sparing the one with the annoyed voice a look.

He wasn't even panicking after those— his blue eyes momentarily stayed on the people sitting around the small table— these people took him from somewhere. Since then, they became his guardian... but with him doing everything, it should be the other way around.

The blonde— the male one— adjusted his eyeglasses before looking at the silver-haired. "Technically, he is not." He gracefully sipped his tea before continuing, "We just picked him up from that place and forcing him to... do every household chores for us. Also, it could be classified as kidnapping."

That... for him it was frustrating. They kept on saying that place yet they always avoided to provide any explanations.

The man who seemed to be the leader of the group merely smirked. "Yeah, I thanked you for your cooperation, Arthur. You are an accomplice of ours. And without you, we wouldn't be having these kind of food and beverages."

The blonde groaned.

Among the five, the one named Arthur Pendragon was the most... neat and matured one. His outfit was like of a butler suit than a business one. Sometimes, he was the one taking charge whenever the silver-haired man and that man with weird outfit were fooling around. The blonde-haired man had 'professional air' around him.

It was the type that you would think twice before messing with him. He was sure the other two men found it in the hard way.

If Arthur was the most neat-looking guy on the group, the man who was laughing hard was the complete opposite. Bikou was the most vulgar among them as he didn't care the mess he was creating as he continued on laughing while smashing his fist onto the wooden table. A monkey... the man's mannerisms and personality, there was a resemblance.

But he wasn't the type to judge or care so for majority of time, he would just ignore the man.

And his attire could be considered ancient, maybe a chinese-type of armor? The black-haired man had an appearance almost the same with the characters of the book he was reading.

Tick marks had appeared on his forehead. Someone should stop that monkey from destroying the poor table! He had fixed that certain table for seven times! Because the money they had brought could not support the six of them!

"Bikou, if I were you, I would've stopped myself this instant," Arthur said as he glanced at the back of the young man who was doing the dishes. Bikou followed his line of sight and flinched. "So, Bikou, do you mind sharing the reason why you were laughing?"

"Well, Vali got you there, Arthur!" Bikou showed a toothy-grin.

Vali, the one with the silver hair. He had thought all the words that could be used to describe the leader of this group and if he was going to sum it all up it was; he was an annoying, charismatic, overconfident, and arrogant. But that impression of his was replaced when Vali saved him last month from those...

Well, he was still processing that people around him were not normal and supernatural beings such as Fallen Angels were existing.

It was the sole reason why they had needed to move from their former house. Pity, that was way more comfortable than what they have right now. Yet, he really couldn't voice his displeasure when Vali and Bikou had given him a pillow and thin bedsheets.

While there was an alternative choice, he just shuddered at the idea of sleeping with her.

He let out a soft sigh. Who knew that the world was not a simple and happy place to live in? Their conversation turned in a heated one as the three throw subtle insults at each other. Except for Bikou's. That guy did not know the word 'subtle' anyway.

Thankfully, he didn't need to stay any longer in the kitchen as he finished wiping the plates and glasses. This was the moment he didn't want to be in their presence, because even though he didn't want to join in their conversation— well, if someone can call it a conversation then so be it— they would still find a way to drag him in.

However, a certain woman with a pair of black cat ears and black cat tails found her way onto his back as he felt his back became heavier. Long, silky legs wrapped around his waist as his neck was in the same position as her arms hugged it.

His entire body stiffened.

The sudden action from one of the two women in the household didn't surprise him at all. He had gotten used to it. The beautiful black-haired woman was an open person when it came to affection-

His thoughts were interrupted after he registered the sudden softness that were pushed onto his back.

Luckily, she couldn't see his face right now. If she did, he knew teases would surely come next. It didn't help that she was wearing her black Kimono in a loose fashion as it only emphasized those huge mounds of hers. Should he mention that the woman wasn't fond of undergarments?

It was no other than Kuroka.

"Mina-nya~" she let out a purr, right next to his left ear, "Are you done with the chores? I really wanna nap after eating that delicious grilled fish with my favorite body pillow."

Did she really call him her body pillow?

A sudden realization came to his mind as he found the source why he had always felt restricted whenever he was asleep. But it wasn't important. He needed to get away before she-

Her hands began to be handful after she decided to use them to molest him. Kuroka's hands were moving as if she was searching for something. Cat tails moved gently around his stomach.

After he was introduced into the world of supernatural, Kuroka decided to tell him what kind of a being she was. Since then she kept on using her cat features to him, like what she was doing right now.

Usually, he was a reserved person who rarely showed an emotion. But it seemed Kuroka had a natural talent to counteract his stoic personality. He could see his own face because of the reflection he was getting from the plate.

He wasn't going to lie and say it wasn't good. It was just that he didn't want to be in this position, especially when others were still around. And escaping was impossible. He didn't have those flashy moves they have. Heck, he remembered when Kuroka had thrown a huge boulder at Bikou.

She lifted it up only using one hand. While he... could only lift two wooden chairs using both of his hands. So, squirming or overpowering his way out from her tight bear hug was not an option. And his most useful move against them— which was *ignore*— would be not effective this time.

"Actually, Kuroka-san..." he paused when she blew gently directly to his ear, "I need to finish those books that Le Fay-san gave me to understand more about you."

Speaking of Le Fay... he didn't see the younger sister of Arthur since morning.

He glanced at her and wasn't sure if it was good for him to see her blushing or not. It was a gamble. Even though quite different, he had used that tactic against Vali, Arthur, and Bikou. Saying that he wanted to learn more about what really was happening led them to leave him alone.

"R-Really? Nyaaa~ Minato, if you really that interested I can provide some answers for you." Kuroka hugged him more tightly as she nuzzled his cheek with her own. "In much more intimate passion, if that is what you want," the black-haired woman spoke in seductive way that gave him the shivers.

He could only gulp as he saw the familiar glowing purple circle under his feet. 'It seems Kuroka-san is immune with my attack...' Minato Arisato sighed and regretting his decision.

Kuroka turned slight as she waved her hand, it perfectly caught the attention of the three as their bickering halted and looked at them. "We will be in my room~!" She said to them as her eyes narrowed, "So don't interrupt us, and whoever gonna do that... well, you don't want to find yourself in the middle of nowhere, right?"

The three nodded, Bikou didn't even bother teasing the young bluenette, seeing his already mortified look was well enough for him. But still... what a poor boy. It was no secret in the group that nekoshou was clingy as hell. And if she found out that you were a keeper, she will keep you for a long, long time.

The black-haired lady disappeared along with the young man.

"I do wonder," both Vali and Bikou looked at Arthur, "what did Kuroka see in him for her to be this affectionate."

Bikou shrugged his shoulders, "Maybe his looks?"

Arthur shook his head, "It can't be the only reason. We all know what really Kuroka wants and what kind of a woman she truly is."

"A strong and powerful mate that can breed her?" Bikou's statement came out like a question.

"That leads back to my question." Arthur brought the teacup on the table as his eyes slightly showed discomfort. "Minato is as normal as it can get. No inhumane traits. Normal strength. Normal body. While he has some magical properties inside of his body, it is not enough to make him special. Everyone has magical properties." Arthur stared at the green tea that was prepared by the bluenette, "He is already lucky if he could summon a small fireball with that amount of magic."

Vali nodded. The White Dragon Emperor was the subject of her annoying clingy, pushy, and perverted attitude in the past because of his bloodline and Sacred Gear, but it was all in the past. He was a man of culture so those annoying breasts of hers wouldn't be so effective against him. If the nekoshou had a little more of that junk, then they could talk. Hers were passable, but aside from that, her personality wasn't for him. He was more into a housewife material than a total slob. He could see the doubt in Arthur's eyes. The nekoshou— with her proficiency with the arts of Youkai could easily hide Minato's power through Senjutsu. And the woman would not be attracted with just someone's appearance... it just made sense.

Bikou rose an eyebrow. "Haven't Le Fay told that we were right to assume that Minato is just a normal human?"

"Bikou, don't you find it odd?" Arthur asked somewhat exhausted, "A normal human who didn't just enter the Dimensional Gap, but to survive inside of it was a huge reason why I am still doubting him. Especially the Great Red, it didn't even try to attack that boy despite floating towards that dragon."

"Aside from him... being warm, as Kuroka had mentioned, no. I do not see anything special." Bikou just tilted his head, "But, maybe that is the reason why Kuroka is acting like this. A normal human surviving the Gap."

"You really are a scatterbrained fellow," Arthur massaged his temple, "There is no way a normal human could ever hope to survive the Gap without using any artifacts or magic. He might have supernatural stamina or strength but that leads to another question. You can't even open a way to the Gap and you are a descendant of Sun Wukong."

Bikou's cheek twitched, "Hey! Did you just insult me!?"

The blonde sighed tiredly as he looked at Vali. "What do you think?"

All of them had tried to find some information about the mysterious boy, but with his amnesia, it had proven fruitless. It led for them to investigate around the world, trying to find out who Minato Arisato was and what kind of being he was. Sadly, they had just wasted their time.

Not to mention those associates of theirs might target Minato if they find out they were harboring a normal, regular human in their team. Especially Cao Cao, that idiot would only harass them and accuse them for abducting a regular human… which was partially true. Nonetheless, a direct confrontation with the Hero Faction was something he would like to avoid for now.

But still, only true powerful beings could go unnoticed if they wanted in this age. And it was the thing that made him excited.

Vali closed his eyes before grinning widely, "You are overthinking, Arthur."

Bikou chuckled as Arthur merely snorted. Both of them knew Vali very well. Especially that grin. Even though it was his opinion about Arthur's doubt and suspicion, they both knew it was completely opposite of what he was thinking.

"By the way..." Vali and Bikou stared at Arthur as the blonde kept on looking around, "Where is my sister?"

Minato found himself again stuck at the bed of Kuroka but this time, said lady was totally in her birthday suit. What he could only do was to stare at the ceiling of room.

Any more of this, he might have actually turned into a Sage.

While many would say he was lucky to be in the clutch of a very beautiful woman— reluctantly, he agreed to them— he still find his situation annoying. So much time was wasted, and he could use them to familiarize himself to the 'Supernatural World' as they called it.

It had been months since Vali and his companions found him and yet he still only have a few knowledge about them. The group didn't stay in the house that much, he could only guess but it seemed the group was operating like a some sort of mercenary group. He used his free time reading some useful books that was given by Le Fay to him when he had asked about the things he should be aware.

But still, it was not enough. He needed to know who truly he was and go back to where he was belong. Something told him that it was truly important. Those unknown voices he had been hearing sometimes really troubling him.

His eyes settled on Kuroka as she tightened her hold to his body and pushed her face at the crook of his neck. At first, he was annoyed at the actions of Kuroka, it seemed he just learned to accept it. Letting her to do what she wanted was the best to avoid further headaches and problematic scenarios. While, indeed, he was annoyed, it was only because he already had a plan to use this time to search for some information.

He shook his head lightly. Couldn't believe that he was considering that the woman could do it as long it was free time. It couldn't be, right?

Sigh of exhaustion came out as he settled on her hug. Kuroka seemed felt his body became soft as she pulled him more.

"... You are aware that I know you are still awake, right?" He asked rhetorically.

The reply he got from her was just a soft giggle.

Well, he could use some sleep. That was the only thing they both have in common. They both liked their naps.

It was the most nicest sleep that he had ever gotten since he lived with Vali and the rest! It might be because he didn't need to cook for them for a whole day and without them, no one was going to create a mess!

He could handle Bikou and Kuroka, but not at the same time.

So in short, it was his rest day! After he had woken up from Kuroka's bed, he had expected for her to nag him to cook or grill some fish. But he was wrong. The black-haired woman left a note that was stating that they would be gone at least for two days. Without any household chores and the fact that he already have finished those mythology books, he found himself relaxing on the couch.

His couch. He had brought it with his own money after doing some part-time jobs whenever the group weren't around. The group had ordered him not to go out without them, and after that incident with the Fallen Angels, he could understand them.

But who could blame him? It was boring... too boring just to watch the ceiling fan entire day. He had books to occupy himself back then.

Minato sighed. He had always hoped for them to give him a rest, but it seemed he was slowly becoming more fond of them.

But still... why they don't have anything for entertainment here? No television. No manga. Nothing. The living room was so lifeless, he wondered if this apartment was only rented because of him.

He stood up. And walked to the door. A little walk to the park maybe what he needed to pass some time. He heard from their neighbors that the food stores near the park was something to die for.

Hmm... he should have listened to his housemates and not to their neighbors.

That was the only thing in his mind as he remained on the ground, staring at the supposedly peaceful blue sky and white clouds. Except that it was totally the opposite.

It was totally impossible for it to be like that, wait... did it mean that the ocean and sea turned into red too? It should be horrifying. It should be scary for him. Something told him that a sea made of blood was nothing special. But he felt indifferent.

Well, maybe... he pitied the one who got killed by a woman— who was wearing a really, really revealing clothes— with black wings.

What's up with these women with a questionable fashion sense? Kuroka was wearing only a loose kimono, Le Fay was wearing a cape and witch hat, and this woman had a BDSM outfit.

"I am not going to ask you how you were able to enter the barrier," she said gently as she slowly crouched down besides him.

Barrier? Enter? Before everything changed, he was sitting in the bench, just enjoying the food he had brought. He was just ignoring them before the woman turned into something else and murdered the boy she was with. Technically, he didn't enter-

His train of thoughts were halted when her hand, that was holding a glowing spear, slowly pushed it into his already wounded thigh before she twisted it slowly. "But did you really think you can just run and escape away from me?"

Actually, he did but he was trying to not to give in the pain to even retort back. He really did try to take the pain. But it was not just a normal pain as he could feel it slowly burning his flesh. The scream of agony seemed just fueled the woman as she decided to bury it more deeply.

"Aww~ what a manly voice," she squealed. "Pity, Issei-kun fell down immediately. I would've loved to play with him more," she paused as she twisted the spear again, "just like this."

Now he understand why she was wearing that outfit, she was truly a sadist. But sadly for her, he wasn't a masochist. Damn it, why he was thinking about it when he was currently dying? Was he really dying? Why despite of the pain, his eyes were feel so heavy?

When he had opened his eyes, he had expected that he would see Heaven, Hell, or some kind of place like that. He had never expected that he would find himself in a dark place where tiny blue spheres were floating around the area.

No matter how much he had tried to move, his body kept on denying. He was forced to stand in the middle of nowhere, and now he was getting nervous.

Did that winged woman kill him so fast that he hadn't seen or feel it? Or did he die due of blood loss?

"Honesty, I really don't know how someone could be so unlucky. Always finding yourself in a problematic situation"

It surprised him.

But who would not? Someone just appeared in front of him without him actually noticing it. The newcomer have sprouted out of nowhere.

The most disturbing was that he couldn't describe its appearance as it was only a silhouette. It was like just a moving shadow, and he was sure if wasn't for the light that was provided by the spheres, he would never have seen or noticed it.

"Who are you?"

"Who am I?" The being cloaked in shadow chuckled, "It pains me that you completely forgotten about me... well, I really can't blame you. I am the one who did that to you anyway. Not that I wanted to do that to you, but she convinced me to."

Its voice shifted from being playful into a more of regret and acceptance. The tone it was letting out was quite distorted as he started to recognize how the place became erratic. The spheres were moving horizontally while some were vertically. He thought it would hurt him when it came contact to his skin when several of them just went through his body.

"As much as I want to talk with you, it would be undesirable for you to stay here any longer. You'll find that laws and rules are absolute, especially when you are not from there to begin with."

The unknown entity was conversing with him so casually. He couldn't find anything in its voice as it completely became unrecognizable as it shifted into different kinds of voices. It was like as if the silhouette's voice was a mixture of a child, a man, and a woman.

Still, it didn't stop him as he reached for the silhouette. He knew that this being was the only one who could answer his questions.

But why? And what is it?

It was frustrating. The answers were already standing in front of him. Only just a few feet. A few steps and his questions would have its answers. If only life was easy and simple, he would have laughed if only he could move his lips.

He heard it chuckled. It seemed the silhouette could detect his confusion through his tone.

"Why? And what do you mean by what?" Minato deadpanned at the shadow-like being as it continued on being playful. But still, how did it find out about his thoughts? "You are still so blatant with how you speak... just like in the past. Like what I've said earlier— we could not stay here any longer. But leaving you with that kind of woman who showed a bad habit of taking pleasure with poking you with a spear embedded with light energy would make me a bad friend." Somehow, the bluenette felt like the creature would never take him seriously. He almost have taken a step away from it when the shadow suddenly roared. "It should be the other way around! I would have left you if only she have used your spear to feel the real pleasure."

Wait… what? Was he a… pervert?

Before he could react with its perverted innuendo, the entire place shook tremendously. The forced was enough to make him fall on his rear after he lost his balance.

"That, and mother will surely punish me for letting you die because it will affect her too. Sorry for taking a lot of time. I already have broken so many laws by giving you this another shot with life, so do not waste it." He could swear he heard it let out an annoyed sigh. "You weren't supposed to be in that kind world… a poor miscalculation in my part to leave you in the Gap… I guess. But, it is not entirely my fault just so you know. It was outside of my influence if a bunch of people were there. To rectify my mistakes, I will give you a small parting Gift before I finally take my well-deserved rest."

Strings of shadows hurled at his body. The sharp ends of the black appendages pierced through his skin and flesh. Moments passed by, it changed colors to white with tinge of gold. Despite of the gruesome state of his body, he felt nothing as his blood began to pour out of the small holes in his entire body.

"Don't worry, it might be a…" the being paused, it seemed in deep thought, "little bit brutal but it is necessary." Despite of it being a complete shadow, Minato could see the little smile to its face. "I did nothing special, I just gave you a little push."

Like what had happened earlier in the park, he felt tired and sleepy. Both of his eyes slowly closed and he couldn't do anything to stop it.

"See you again, Minato-kun. Say hi to her for me, okay?"


Unbeknownst to him, the silhouette was still there and slowly disintegrating. "Hm, I do wonder if mother's idea to erase his memory because she fears he would have killed her at first sight was a great idea… She really did steal the place of that counterpart of hers."

The shadow-like creature snorted, "How can a guy steal a Goddess' heart? In fact, how could he get so many women? Was it because of the rumored Bishie Sparkles? I couldn't even get a date back then with Fuuka-chan, Yukari-chan, Mitsuru-chan, and Ai-chan."

Raynare thought her job in this backwater town was over when she killed that pervert Sacred Gear user but luck seemed not on her side. No one had said that there would be an eavesdropper, the boy was just a poor person in a wrong place and time. She needed to prevent any information about the Supernatural World from leaking out.

Because if she let any unfortunate witness, it will come back to bite her ass. Azazel, no matter how lackadaisical he was, would still investigate everything if he found out that Hyoudou Issei was dead, but if everything went according to plan then Azazel and the Grigori can not punish her from disobeying their orders.

She turned around and walked towards where she left Issei's corpse when she was forced to capture this blue-haired boy. The wound she inflected to that pervert was life-threatening but still, failure was not an option. Or else, Kokabiel will get her head instead.

However— Fate had another plan for her when her movements were restricted by an unknown force. She had tried to fight back but what she could only do was to glance over the source of said force.

Impossible. She made sure the boy was dead by stabbing him directly in his chest. Her eyes widened when a burst of white light came out from the boy's body. She couldn't put the right words at what she currently feeling right now. It was clear there was something in that boy, but why she couldn't detect it?

Her eyes widened. It was familiar, but at the same time it was not. Something inside her wanted to acknowledge the presence and she was still clueless how the boy could inflict such feeling from her.

There was some differences in the boy's appearance. She could see some specks of white hair in some areas when earlier it was pure blue.

And since when? Since when the boy moved near her and grabbed her throat as he kept looking at her as if she was nothing? Why did her power betrayed her call? She had tried to manifest light spears in order to escape from his grasp but before she could even repeat trying, she found herself on the ground, more specifically, in the middle of a crater that have formed after the boy slammed her straight into the solid surface.

Despite of the rough treatment she had received, she felt no pain. After glancing over her side, it had given her a visual how big the dent was.

'You gotta be kidding me,' Raynare couldn't believe how huge the damage was, if wasn't for the barrier she was sure that they both will attract the attention of all humans in the area.

"Oh," the boy withdrew his hold from her neck and checked his palm, "I should have think twice before doing that," before shrugging his shoulders.

She flinched when the boy stared at her blankly.

"You will the one whose going to fix this."

Raynare could not do anything but to nod when she found he was staring at her with his crimson eyes.

"Hmm… the boy that died earlier suddenly disappeared…" Minato muttered as he watched the girl started to fix the damaged ground.

A/N: Ah yeah, this one was just sitting around so I've decided to share it. I don't know if this is gonna get another chapter, who knows? I was just writing around because I was bored and suddenly I've created this story. I already have finished the plot but yeah, I will write them once again if I am bored. Majority of the story was just shenanigans and how Minato cope in crazy universe of DxD. I mean, he'll soon meet a loli dragon with another questionable clothing, another Goddess who had stolen the place of her counterpart in order to avoid paradox, a punk who is one of the strongest beings in the DxD universe, et cetera.

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