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Darkness, in the endless of the darkness of the void, there was a transparent figure of a human male is floating in the void, after a while then that figure began to wake up

"Aaahhh, my head... where am i" the man is wake up and hold his head while looking around trying to figure out where he is, then suddenly he heard the voice of someone talking

"Oh my, so you finally wake up human, you took longer than I think"

Hearing that than the man looks in the direction of the voice then he sees there is a person there, but himself not sure that the one he saw is can call a 'person' or not because this a 'person' would be stretch because this 'person' is an amalgamation of space, stars, and galaxy with an outline of a human and this 'being' doesn't look like anything a human or anything he knows. There are no eyes, no mouth no orifice to see and yet it feels like this 'universe person' is looking straight through him

"Who are you, why am I here," the man shaking in excitement and scared say since this is the first time he faces something belong to what is can call the supernatural and scared because right now he not sure what happened to himself but he can sure one thing that the current situation is not normal

"Why you here? Simple, you die, don't you remember about that huh, how about trying to remember what is the last memory you had before you were here," the person says

"My last memory? I remember that I was walking back home from the supermarket and while I walk passing the construction site then suddenly everything goes black, that is all I remember, did I was somehow dying while passing the construction site?" the man said after he tried to remember the last thing he knew before he was here

"Bingo, yes you did, you die because the steel bar falls to your head"

"Then this must be the afterlife, right?"

"Well, not exactly, yes, you're dead but you're lucky because I just wanted to do something so now you're here with me"

"What you mean? and who you are"

"Okay, let me introduce myself to you, I'm is a being that you mortals call God"

"So, you are a God? Like Odin, Zeus?"

"Well not exactly, you know you can call anyone that possesses slightly greater powers and vitality than you are a God, for example, your mortal can call the one like Odin and Zeus is a god but to me Odin and Zeus is just another mortal like you and everyone else"

"So, you kinda like the one is above the god?"

"Yes, you can think like that. But personally, I don't like to be called or see as a God or something like that, because to me, I am just a very powerful being, nothing more, nothing less, but being compared to those things is an insult to myself. So do not call me God cause I don't like when someone calls me like that cause it makes me feel like those things are on the same level with me is it, and that makes me feel disgusting to think that I was on the same level as those things"

"Really? So Mr. or Miss. Powerful being can I ask what you name and what you want to do with me?" the man asked in curiosity and surprise since from what he reading from the novel and many other things on the internet most being is kind like to be called god or something like that and it makes him kind of surprise when he knows that the one in front of him felt disgusting from being call god since it makes the one in front him think that makes those one is on the same level with him, that make him wonder is the one in front of him just arrogance or him/her just dislikes those gods

"Now that what I call the tricky question" the Powerful being is speaking in a playful tone

"Why is the tricky question?, which one?" the man was confused by the Powerful being's words

"About the name, let put it simply, that is because I don't have a name, because I don't need it. But if you want to know my name then how about you can call me Father"

"Father?" the man said in surprise as he hears what the one in front of him say

"Yes, that right you can just call me Father just fine, after all, I am the beginning of all things, so technically you can say that I am the father or mother of all things that existing"

"I can understand what you mean when you said that you are technically is the father of all things, but what do you mean by saying that you are the mother of all things?" the man asking in wonder and curious since he not sure what the one in front of him say when he said that he was the mother of all things too

"Well, now what you asked a tough question, but if you wish, you may think I like the Endless in a comic book you ever read because like the Endless, I can be male, female, both, or neither" the Father sitting in the space and answer

"Oh, if you say like that then I can understand what that means. So I guess I just call you Father then?" after hearing what the Father said then the man immediately understand what the Father said

"Yes that right, you just call me Father is fine, after all, like was I say I am technically is a father and mother of everything," the Father says

"if you say so, then I guess now is the time to reintroduce myself, Nice to meet you Father my name is Max, but I guess you already know my name is right" the man, now known as Max called the man in front of him Father without any hesitation, after all, since the time he was born he was called many man father as what his mom tells him to do and because he never know who was his father and he doesn't give a fuck about that anymore, so he does not have any hesitation when being told to call someone father since he already gets used to doing it and moreover, there is nothing wrong with calling the very powerful being a father at all

"Yes, I do Max, so now it the time I answer the other question what I want to do with you right, let put it simply, I was, let call it boring or maybe suddenly feel want to do something, so I decide to choose a mortal to do something and you are the lucky one been chose, but of course I will not force you to do this, so if you don't want to be my choice then I just let your soul go back to where it supposed to going when someone dies and choose another one in your place"

"Wait for a second, before I made the decision there is something I want to know first that is so did I died because you choose me or I was chosen after I died?" Max ask in wonder that if he dies because of Father or he just happen to come here after he dies

"You were being chosen after you died," Father said

"In that case then I agree to do what you want me to do, So what is something you want me to do?" After hearing the answer Max feels a bit of relief since at least he knows that he didn't die because of a god or mighty being bored because there was nothing better to do. Even when before Max said as like he will choose to go back where the death supposed to go, but the truth is that no matter is it he die because of Father or not he still chooses to do what Father ask him to do since he was bored and he not sure what will happen to himself if he chooses to go back to where he supposed to go back then, in that case, why not choose something more logic that is taking the offer of the powerful being, after all, since Father just said that he can choose to go back where the death supposed to go, then at that moment he can pretty damn sure that the hell is exist and if what he think if true then there will have 70% that is the place he will go to if he did not make this choose since there is no way he can be a good guy, maybe a neutral one with a bit of bad but he can certain that himself it not a good guy at all, since when he still alive he was lie a lot with no reason or reason to lie and he also stealing sometimes too, along with couple of another thing, but he never does anything too serious like do durg or smoking or killing or anything that get himself into deep shit, but even so he can at least have 70% that he will go to hell. So in that case he chooses to agree to do what Father offers him instead to go to where he can damn sure that maybe hell

"You did remember the novels that your human often write right?"

"Yes, why not, I read these a lot in my free time, so do you want me to do had anything related to those novels?"

"Yes and No, do you remember the Earth-Prime that Superboy-Prime lived in DC comics"

"Yes, I do" Max answer as Superboy-Prime is one of the characters he uses to read in the comic when he has nothing better to do

"Then you just think that your world is the same as Earth-Prime in DC comic and almost all the novel, manga, anime, game, film that you read or watch in your world is real and it tells a story about another world"

"WHAT DID YOU SAID, doesn't it mean the novel I wrote is also exists in another world too" Max screamed in surprise and excitement when he hears about that

"As I was said it almost, and not everything that your read is exists in another world, for example, that silly novel you write does not exist in other reality, and only a few handful people of your world can dream and write about another world, and you not one of them"

"So my OP character does not exist, that suck" Max sadly say

"Yep, your character doesn't exist, now let's get back to the topic we're talking about. Ahem!, as you know about that, so want to send you to another world to do whatever you want while I'm watching you when I'm bored.." Father was talking when suddenly Max interrupted

"Send me to another world?, but I just a normal person how the hell I can survive in another world," Max hesitantly said, although he was genuinely excited about the idea of becoming one of the characters he would often read online, he also knew clearly that himself didn't have any skills that can help himself survive in another world at all

"I know, that why I will give you two ability, and three wishes will help you live long enough, so basically that you have 3 wishes and 2 main ability that will help you survive, and so if you have any questions then it's time to ask me while you still can"

"I can understand about 3 wishes but what are 2 abilities you talk about?"

"One ability is simply that I will give you an ability to travel from world to world and as for another one, that I allow you to choose which character from the game that you used play or knows like the game online or offline to synchronize with and after you sync with that character then you will have all the power and item that character that has. Moreover, this ability is kind like the ability is called The Gamer that you often reading in webtoon too"

"So, basically that I become the gamer?" Max asking

"No, you will not ability like the main character in The Gamer. In fact, if I have to say I will say that ability I give you it has some of the function as the ability in The Gamer but it was a completely different thing and also if I have to name it I will call it The Player or The Server instead The Gamer"

"What did you mean when you say it was a completely different thing?" Max asking since he not sure what Father meant by that

"Thing is the ability The Gamer has basically turned the one life into the game-like character, while the one I give you is a little different like instead turned your life into the game is was give you the ability to open the gateway to the game world and when you can gain any skills that you can learn inside that game like if you choose the online game like World of Warcraft then you can get inside that one and create an avatar then go dong whatever you used to do when you played the game like you can learn how to do magic by creating a mage avatar or learn how to become a blacksmith by choosing a blacksmith professions job"

"So, instead, my life becomes a game in which I will enter the game and learn whatever the game has inside of it, like skills, and how to fight as the classes I chose to play as, from what you said I kind feel it like the Dungeon that being created by using the skill called ID Create from ability The Gamer," Max asked in confused since he not sure what is different of those two yet

"Yes, that right, you can also think this ability is let you play VR game by control the character or avatar body and feel whatever happen to the avatar with your own body instead control a character or avatar through computer screens with a keyboard and mouse"

"Then can you at least tell me what I can do and what I cannot do when I am inside the game is it, and I also want to know that will I have any restriction or conflict of the ability that come from the different game or not and can I use the ability inside the game when outside the game or not"

"Well, since each type of game has its own rule, so now I will use the game online World of Warcraft as an example. First, the ability I give you will give you a function like Inventory tab, Skill tab, Server tab, Pet tab, and many more tabs that will show up when you have received or reached an event condition that depends on what type of game you choose, also as for inventory tab it will separate into two kind tab, share inventory and the inventory which use inside the game, share inventory (SI) just like it name that you can use it as the bank or you can use it to move the item go and back between multiple characters or avatars that you play as, and as for another inventory (I) that is the one you use inside the game. Two, that when you get into the game world then you will see the different like how the fight happen, for example, normally when you play Wow on the computer that you can see the mob only die that when it hp reaches 0 even that you character hit multi-time on it vital point like the head or the heart, of course, there no way you can know when your character hit the vital point on the computer screen or able to aim to the vital point like in the FSP game, but this time is different that you can able to one-shot the mob if you able to hit it vital point like cutting it head or stab its heart, but that also depends on what kind mob you fighting too, for example, if you fight the undead mob then stab in it heart is kind useless since it was undead so the heart is no longer it's the vital point anymore or like when you fight the elements mob like the water element that it has no vital point, so you have to completely destroy it if you want to kill it" Father explain something that is Max need to understand

"I see, then what about NPC and thing like Batter pet, Hunter pet, Mounts, Racial trait, Languages of each race, and the specialization and talents of each class too," Max asks about other things like how the NPCs work, are they a living being or if they just like normal NPCs in the game with limited dialogue and limited functionality.

"About NPC, they are is a normal NPC with AI better than they were in the game with some different like they can answer any of you questions about anything that relates to they are like you can ask anything about blacksmith to a blacksmith or about their factions but they will not know much about the rival factions or thing like alchemy, so you cannot go ask someone from an Alliance about what is the technology that the goblin in the Horde used because they don't know much about the rival factions, since they are not their faction, also as long your has enough reputation with that factions then you can ask almost about anything you want to know like where to buy or how thing recently but beware they will not answer anything like what is the color of their panties was or something stupid. Moreover that the NPC inside the game is like a replica of the original, so they are do have the self-thinking like the original person but they do not care if they are is an NPC of not. So I advise you are should not care much about those things, just act like they are is a normal person is fine, since no matter what you say, they will not able to understand that they are just an NPC inside the game. And also they are can answer or teach you anything you want to know or learn as long your reputation is high enough, so keep that in your mind since you may able to learn things like a spell or a skill that limiter to an NPC character only that normal a player cannot able learn it in the game" Father explains to Max about NPC then he pauses a bit then continue

"Next is about pet and mount, as for those two is still the same in the game and each time you are gaining a new pet or a new mount then those will be an automatic move and store them to a pet tab because pets and mounts are basically the same things. As for Racial trait that is you will get a trait that belongs to the character you play as, for example, if you choose the human race then you will a Racial trait one active skill and two passion skills that is [Every Man for Himself], [Diplomacy],[The Human Spirit], also just in case if you wonder that is you will able to get a Racial trait from every character you create or not, then let me tell you that as long that character reaches the level 30 in World of Warcraft and then the skill from Racial trait is permanent being add to you skill tree, also just to remind you that this rule was set by me to avoid you overusing to create characters from all races just to get the racial trait skills. Now as for the language from the game, that is you will automatically learn the language from the race that you create and learn more from the game as you play, and as for the last question that is about the specialization and talents of each class, that is your level cap will be removed from the game so as long you have enough exp to level up then you can learn all the specialization and talents from your class. And that is all the thing is being changed from World of Warcraft and as for other game I will tell you when you unlock those or when you are asking me, so any more questions?" Father finally finished explaining and then he asked Max if there were any more questions him needed to ask

"Yes I do, I want to know about the primary resources and the secondary resources like Combo Points, Chi, Runes, Energy, Focus is it, did those things still working like in the original, or that being changed and do I need it to use the skills while outside the game or not" Max asking about a thing like Combat Points or Runes that needing to activate certain in-game skills because he wants to know if he needs those to use the skills while inside the game and outside the game or not

"About those things, some of them still work the same as the original while inside the game with little different, as for outside the game then some of it may have changed like Combo Points, Chi, Runes, Energy, Focus will be combined into one thing is Energy or Stamina for a thing like close combat skill, as for thing like Holy Power, Arcane Charge, Rage, Mana, Fel Energy, Runic Power will be combined into Mana to use those abilities the need to use the thing like spells, the only exception is the Soul Shards because the Soul Shards is mainly using to containing or trapped the souls to use for other things later. That is all, so there anything else you want to ask me?"

"Yes, I want to know another thing about in-game resurrection and I also want to know if I can come back to life outside of the game or not, besides I also want to know the difference between offline games and online games including the online FPS games and the function inside the game like gathering or the act of Skinning anime skin, will it just like the game that all you need just bend down nearby the corpses of certain creatures then you will automatically get the hides, leather, and scales without getting yourself dirty or you will have to go through all the process like inserting your knife under the skin on the body of the animal and begin to skin the animal like the real-life" Max continue asking

"Yes you will able to resurrection in the game like normal and you will able to resurrection outside the game too, as long you set up the location as 'home' then you will able to resurrect to that location as long you still have a resurrect chance, resurrect chance also can call revive time or live in some game, as while inside the game then you will able to revive much as you can. But outside then you will get only max 3 live as the limit of resurrection and each time you somehow die then you will lose 1 live and each live you used to revive will need waiting for 1 month or 30 days in Earth time to cool down and this is simply known as the 'Resurrection Cooldown', for example, if you die and revive 2 times then you will only have 1 live left, then you are will have to wait 2 months or 60 days to get back an live that you use and also for every 30 days that pass after you die, then you will get back 1 live and after 60 days you will get back to have 3 live"

"I see so it's basically like the cooldown of skills inside the game," Max said after he knows that he will have 3 live like in some game

"Yes, that right, but this function of the system I give you can change depending on what wishes you wish for, too"


"that is you use your wishes to wish to get infinity live or become unkillable then this function will be removed or remodel to adapt to your wish"

"Wait! So doesn't it meaning I can use my wishes to change the system too?" Max say in surprise since he doesn't know that the system that Father called The Player will change its function to the wishes he used

"Yes it will, but that also depends on that I allows that wishes or not" Father rejected what Max thinks that he can change the system by using his wishes as he wants

"But you said that you give me wishes, right. Then why I cannot use my wishes to change the system? Besides you also just said that the function of the system will change if I use my wishes to get infinity live just right now"

"Yes, I do say that, but I don't say anything like how much change that I allow to or that I cannot deny any wishes that I don't like"

"So basically that I can wishes whatever I want, but you are the one deciding what wished I allow to get or not to get, right"

"You're damn right about it" Fater just confirm the truth that he can wish whatever he wants to, but it up to him to a decision that will him allow that wishes or not

"Damn it" Max curse as he knows that whatever he wishes for that can happen or not it up to Father and he also feels that he just wasting his entire time to think of the wishes that make him become overpower while asking what he needs to know before she sends him to go another world

"Well, don't be that disappoint like that, after all, most of whatever wishes that you thinking of the entire this time while asking is can happen since those wishes are not affecting the system much. So as long your wishes don't have much effect on the system, then almost every wishes you think of that can happen" Father gives Max a little of the console, so at least he knows that as long his wishes not affecting on the system much then it can happen

"Really?" Max ask to make sure what Father said is true or not

"Yes it really, so now let us get back to the topic as what is the difference between offline games and the online game is the final goal, as you know most the online game don't have a specific goal, like most MMO and FPS game, their games are made to human enjoy the fantasy that everyone wants to go through or maybe dreaming to live that life so those game did not have much specific goal as the offline game. As for the offline game are mostly being made with a goal in mind or you can also call is the scenario or the script for the player to follow to its ending, but those two types of games also have some exception like the Minecraft game, the Second Life, the IMVU or any game of the same type, those type of games technically don't have any specific goal being build in as the most games, basically, you just do whatever you can do or come up while playing those game as long you able to pay to it (in some online games) or know-how to do it, also there is something you need to pay attention that when you go to the offline game then you will control the body of the protagonist inside that game instead of your own body like an avatar you create in some MMO games and you will also get the knowledge of any field of that protagonist supposed to know like the knowledge about anything of the Federal Agent that Leon Scott Kennedy need to know for the job like how to fight or how to shooting but the skill like paper work or how the Federal Agent work in that world since that are unnecessary, also beware that you also get necessary memory but limit from that protagonist to interfacing with other character inside that game you get in. And even though you get the necessary memory from the character, but most of those memories don't have much impact on yourself much since the memory your get is just the name and the info that you need to talk with other NPC inside that game, so no need to worry about a thing like you will get all the memory from the character that makes you forget about yourself or make you confused which memory belongs to your real self. And you also have to go through whatever the protagonist go through like how Adam Jensen the protagonist of Deus Ex: Human Revolution being through in the first level of the game, sustaining life-threatening injuries while attempting to repel the attack of the team Tyrants, if that what the protagonist has to go through so no matter what you do you will not able to change that and have to go through the pain that Adam Jensen feel, so beware that you need to choose carefully on what game offline that you want to get in if you don't want to go through what happened to the protagonist since not every game has a happy ending" after explaining about the game online and offline then Father pause a bit then continue

"Now as for FPS game, FPS is the VS type game so when you choose that kind game then you will need to use the Server tab, the Server tab are basically, is the ability that allows you are to invite or force other people into the game that your choice and you are the admin of that game and able to change or make the rule of the game as you wish and other people will have to follow your rule as you the admin of the game. But beware that you will have two modes inside the game as the player and the admin, as the player you will able to gain item and exp as the normal player, but as the admin then you will not able to gain any exp since you are is admin so I will not allows you are to use is as the cheat code to play easy mode and if you play as the player then you will also have to follow the rule that you make too, so if you plan to abuse the admin power to get all item then you just keep dreaming since this is my system and I am the one who make the rule, to put it simply I am is the CEO of the company that owns the game and you just an admin that control the game and I can fire you at any moment I want, but since you are the admin so I will let you...let just say some of the power like if you choose the game WOW then I will allow you are to able to taxation all other players that you invite or force into your game like you able to make that for every coin that other players gain then you will 10% or 20% of what they earn. For example, if one player loots from the mob and get 100 coins then at the moment they touching or looting the mob then 20 coins will be auto move into your inventory and this tax function is also applicable to the trade between player and NPC or Player with Player, and besides that, I will also give you an ability to access to the special shop that you able to buy all the materials that you need to level-up the profession's job, and that is all thing about the game online Wow for now as for the gathering problem then you will know when you choose the game. That is all, is there anything else you want to ask" Father explained to Max about his question but he also reminds him that this system is made by him and he can take it back any time he wants and Max himself will have to follow the rule that he made without any exception unless that Father himself allows that

"No, I don't think of anything more to ask" Max say as he doesn't know what else he needs to asking now, besides since Father did say that he can ask him later when he chose another game so maybe if he comes up with some question then he can ask him later

"Good, then I think it time move to the wishing part and after that then we will discuss what form you will take to begin a new life since I highly doubt that you want to travel to another world with that fat belly and the nearsighted you have when you still alive"

"Yes, thank to reminded me about my fat belly and nearsighted" Max thanks Father for that, since if he does not remind him then no doubt that he will forget about that too since he is getting used to this body for a long time to go and he knows that he has a weights problem and frankly to say that he doesn't give the fuck about that when he still alive, but now if he will travel to another world then at least he wants to travel in style