Title: (Not) A Perfect Shot

Pen Name: Lynn (Evelyn)

Cohort/team: 1st Cohort

Prompt: There is a paper route that PJO character(s) go on. Chaos ensues.

Words: 500

A/N: So, this was a short challenge, so the chapter is supposed to be short. Sorry if it's a little rushed, I'm not very good at writing short things. That's all really. This is really strange, just like me! I hope you like it! :)

"We were hoping to try out something new," Chiron said. "A few of our new campers were complaining about the lack of the modern world in this place."

"Are we getting phones?" Percy asked hopefully. Annabeth promptly elbowed him in the ribs well shaking her head.

"No Percy, you of all people should know demigods can't use phones or technology of any sort like that well." Chiron said, "But I thought I would try something anyway. I was hoping you and a few friends could deliver newspapers."

"Newspapers?" Percy asked. Chiron nodded. Annabeth shot Percy a look, telling him to accept throuh her expression. "Alright, I'll go gather up a few friends." Percy said.

Within minutes, Percy had assembled his 'Team', consisting of him, Nico, Annabeth and Will Solace. Piper, Hazel and Frank were all down at Camp Jupiter, so they kept their team short and sweet. They stood on the hill dramatically, looking into the sunset.

"So, what are we doing?" Nico ventured, "Or are we just going to keep standing here like we're from some action movie?"

"Give it a few more seconds," Percy said. "I want to get the full effect."

"Percy, we're just delivering newspapers, not saving the world." Annabeth said.

"These headlines could save many lives from boredom!" Percy said dramatically, "Save us all from being left in the dark! No offense Nico."

Nico glared at Percy, but didn't say anything.

"Can we just go?" Will asked, "I have a shift in the infirmary in a half hour."

Percy pouted, "Fine. Let's go deliver some newspapers." And they did.

Nico 'cheated' and shadow-traveled all his papers to their respective doorsteps, earning him a full lecture from Will about using his "underworld-y powers." But nothing really big happened on their end, same with Annabeth. On Percy's end however…

It had started out simple enough. Percy was skipping happily over to the Apollo cabin, right next to the archery range, where Kayla had been practicing. "Hey Percy," she greeted.

"Hey! Here's your newspaper!" Percy said happily as he tossed it directly at her. Kayla jumped, clearly startled by the paper flying straight towards her face. The action caused the arrow she had knocked to go flying… straight towards the Apollo cabin. In the process… smashing straight into the statue of Apollo, somehow cutting off the statues head.

Instantly, Apollo (the god of course) appeared on the doorstep. "How dare you vandalize my beautiful statue!" He whined, falling to his knees beside the fallen statue, weeping over it. "I shall remember your statue! I will write many haikus about you!" Kayla tried desperately to comfort her father, but with no avail.

"Well, time to go to the next cabin!" Percy said gleefully, skipping away, oblivious to the destruction he had left behind. And he was true to his word, as he hit every cabin on his list.

If you asked Percy, he would say he had an amazing time and looks forward to the next errand.

If you asked Apollo, he would still be crying.

And if you asked Chiron, he would simply say in his thousands years of life, he had never witnessed such chaos. Except for that one time we do not speak of...