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"So let me get this straight" he said. "You want me to be the Lahiffe family connection to somebody rich and famous?"

"Yes," said the God. "Everybody in his class is related to somebody rich or famous. Nino doesn't have that. It would be awesome if he was the nephew of somebody great"

"Well, I don't really mind," he said. "But a mysterious family member showing up..." He trailed off.

The God said. "I'll have Mrs Lahiffe do a family finders kit as a joke"

"Fine by me," he said. "And I know just who I will be. I will be a famous music producer. If nobody is going to pick up Nino when he's older then I will"

It was a noble thing.

"Alright, you get a system," said the God. "But you will need to work hard too. You won't just be working with people who magically appear but real people too. If you don't know how to work, you're just going to blow all your money and bankrupt everybody"

"...Harsh but fair," he said.

And then Reality appeared.

He found himself in Cuba, one of the cheapest and beautiful places on Earth.

But it was so, so poor and was still suffering from mismanagement even after its leader was dead.

He saw the new place where he would set up before him, it was large and beautiful and really cheap compared to the rest of the world.

He was pretty sure, it was sold so cheaply because he promised to bring in some business.

He saw his system before him and in his hands were documents saying he had a sister, her address and her phone number.

He did some small requests to get the lights for the place to come on and have money for upkeep, then he ordered a bunch of furniture and a laptop.

He did some stalking online and found the eldest social media account.

The eldest clearly was the most unremarkable-looking person in his class photo.

Everybody had connections but this boy.

Alright then.

However, but instead of looking for scouts to start finding talent right away, he started doing quests to get a nice house.

Because if he's going to solidify himself as a super-rich and powerful guy, a nice house was certainly a conversation starter.

So thanks to the system, what would have taken him 50 years, was gathered in a month.

He employed workers to build his house from the ground up and employed guards at the door.

And then he took pictures and posted it online, along with what he does.

The Tax people came for him the moment they uncovered his nice house, but he was ready for them and dump his remain cash on them.

Then he went quest hunting again and began to buy talent scouts.

In the middle of this, his new Sister must have given in to curiosity and googled him because why else would she say "Is this Johnny Maxwell, the music producer?" When he picked up?

When he said yes and agreed to face to face time with her, the look on her face was commercial when she saw that it was really him and he walked through the very nice house, under the excuse of getting more comfortable.

But in reality, he was working himself to death to pay for this because he had yet to start making money from actual talent.

Even now he was making money off of reputation and her shock.

Finally, she came out of shock and said. "Did you get the confirmation letter?"

"Yes, I did," he said. "I assume your Lila Lahiffe? I heard you have two boys Nino and Chris Lahiffe." Before he said. "I'm sorry to hear about your husband"

"Oh, thank you for the concern but that was years ago," she said. "So what have you been doing?"

She can see that he was very successful.

He said. "Well, I'm currently hiring new talent for my company. The closing deadline is the end of this week and then I and my associates we're going to have to spend days until we get it all sorted out." Before he said. "What about you?"

"Oh, I'm a worker at a tech firm," she said. "It's not glamorous but my family is comfortable."

He then said. "Well, then, if you need any help. My line is always open. Feel free to give my number to my new nephews, tell them I said hi. We're family, so I'll be more than happy to help out, anyway I can"

She was stunned and thank him for his generously and then they ended the call.

That night he went to bed at 3 because the sight of his money going down no matter what he did, stressed him out so much.

A week later, the auditions closed and he and his new workers went picking through it, they called the most suitable and very excited candidates back.

He split those who received called backs into groups and draw up a schedule for them.

He gave each group a month to come up with and record 5 songs, while also growing a social media presence, which was thankfully free.

If your good looking and people can see your in somewhere important, then you were golden.

When the songs were posted online, and there was a preview for each song because screw trying to negotiate with music shops.

The fans were directed to where they can listen to the music and buy it.

Johnny waited a month to tally it up and the songs that crossed 5, 000 downloads got music videos.

He made sure they all looked amazing, he had no idea how incredibly good looking some of them were with professional makeup on so it was a shock to him when he saw 30,000 views within 6 hours and people calling his company for offers.

Then he saw another surprise, his worker's skill levels had the potential to level up.

It seemed that through the process of making songs and releasing them, his whole company was levelling up.

He then asked the groups if they would like to take small jobs offered to them that would be a nice cool down for them

A few took it while others went home to chill with their families.

When it was the 4-month mark, he had them all redo their profile pictures with his levelled up makeup and photograph crew.

He felt so close to tears seeing how professional and amazing his company website now looked.

Then he got a quest.

[Make a musical.]

It was like heaven had opened up for him, as he saw one movie musical that unfortunately had never graced the world's eyes before.


He saw his bank account and saw that if he cut it close, he could still pay for everything.

So he opened the Cuban flood gates and everybody came rushing in, so many people wanted to star in a professional movie, places opened up for free just to be in a backdrop.

Things were hectic for two weeks before it became somewhat workable and he put in his own script and the writers hired, were amazed.

All hands were on deck, people were learning dance moves everywhere and warming up their voices.

Thankfully Baltimore apparently didn't exist in this universe, so no didn't have to but the licensing writes to say it.

5 months.

It took to record the movie, while the Lahiffe family had shown him that they were doing really well without him, judging by the lack of phone calls.

Then it took 2 months to edit, before he sold the movie as a tv movie to all the stations who wanted it, he paid that advertisement to get the movie on some billboards and posters worldwide, those who were cheap, he managed to get more than a 5 second tv teaser for it.

The system translated the movie for him for those countries, so that was convenient for him.

And then he went to relax in his house and play darts just to earn some money.

The movie was released a month later in America.

The movie, nobody really paid attention to explode, as American found themselves dancing to the songs and loving the movie.

Clips of the songs were up in 2 days and those English speaking, we're shocked by how amazing the music they could hear was.

From there the movie slowly came out in another place too and he smiled seeing the newspaper articles saying that the Cubans slew their movie debut.

The painfully hit in funds had been worth it, he was drowning in money and the sites were the music was being uploaded was crashing because so many people were buying so fast, he gave everybody involved money for their hard work and those employed by him, we're given bonuses.

This increased his popularity on the island.

Tourism exploded for the island thanks to the movie, his company had left some of the sets still out for the tourist to enjoy and his company was put on the map.

Something, a lot of companies will never achieve.

Then he got an unsuspecting call.

It was from Nino.

"Hi, eldest Nephew," he said, as he enjoyed himself and then Nino asked him a question and he said. "Yeah, I own the studio who did Hairspray"

The boy seemed to be shocked by this, and then the boy told himself that made him mad and furious.

"Your classmate is doing what!?" He said the boy seemed surprised by itself. "No, I'm not mad at you but what your classmate is saying is serious. Taking credit for something they have no part in, is a serious crime. It's worse if it gets published. Do not tell her, you are my nephew. Please record her. 14 is far too old to not know that you don't say stuff like that especially in a school filled with famous people's children. I'll be in Paris for a few days to say hi to the family."

And then he hung up.

He was fuming.

All his hard work and money poured into this company and a teenage girl has the gall to lie that they were related and she had a huge hand in the production. She was even lying that some of the singers wanted to date her.

He called his team of Lawyers to draw up a lawsuit contract just in case.

He didn't think he would need to sue a teenager but then again, this Universe may surprise him.

He went googling Lila Rossi and kept in contact with Nino.

He learned some VERY interesting things about her.