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How did Adrien classmates react to finding out his dad was Hawk Moth?

Not well.

"Is it true that Adrien dad is Hawk Moth!?" Said Alya as everybody was in an emergency group chat immediately.

Nino said. "Yes"

"Oh, my god!" Yelled all of them.

"...But wouldn't that mean, his own dad was the one who Akumatised his bodyguard who ended up throwing Adrien off a building?" Said Alix.

"Oh, my god," said everybody else in realisation.

Everybody was freaking out.

They were freaking out because they knew what this meant for Adrien.

"Adrien only parent is his father but his dad been trying to kill us, this entire time," said Nathaniel. "What monster does that?"

"Apparently Gabriel Agreste does that," said Juleka. "Only thinking about himself"

And they couldn't refute that.

Marinette said. "How is Adrien doing?"

Yes, how?

He said. "He refuses to leave the mansion ever since word broke out. He took it badly when the Police told him about it. I shook too when I found out who Hawk Moth was. All I can do is be here for him"

And nobody could say anything, because this wasn't just a class thing, this involved the whole world.

The whole world found out who almost succeeded in launching nukes on them and was crucifying his dad and anything related as they speak.

Apparently, people didn't like realising they had been funding the lifestyle of somebody who tried to kill them.

Shops were being destroyed, posters ripped down, people were campaigning for the harshest punishment possible, people were asking if Adrien was just as evil as his father even though they had never met him.

It was a mess and the brand name Gabriel was officially bankrupt.

But what Nino didn't tell them was that the police had called the house to see if they were willing to pay to keep Adrien's mother alive.

Yes, Gabriel Agreste had kept his missing wife, Adrien mother under the mansion this whole time, keeping her barely alive.

It was a sick discovery.

The police wanted to know if they would shoulder the hospital bills for that treatment but Adrien wanted to bury her immediately.

Adrien was determined to end his father's madness and they buried her on the Lahiffe family property only yesterday because there was no he would allow his mom to be buried on that land.

Not that there was a land anymore.

A 'mysterious' fire broke out a day after the announcement and the firefighters took their sweet time putting the house of evil out.

The mansion was unavailable because of the fire and it had to be knocked down.

This was all in a span of 5 days mind you, its been 5 days since that news announcement and Adrien refused to come to school.

His family was looking into tutors for Adrien from Cuba.

As it stands now, Gabriel Agreste had no legacy, Adrien wanted to disown himself from the Agreste family.

And from what the Lahiffe family lawyers said, he had a real case against the man too about this is, even though he would get no money out of it.

As long as Adrien was willing to speak out about what he endured, to the world who was convinced that he had the perfect life.

But then the very press the world finally found Adrien through a very good guess.

Adrien woke up to a crowd of people beyond the field and they were all staring back at him, he freaked out understandably.

Adrien picture was taken and spread, it was confirmed within a minute and an angry mob began to form outside the mansion.

People were coming and Lahiffe family were, of course, told, just then they received a text from the Uncle of the house that he was about to kill this thing in Cuban Style.

A second later, all that heated discussion and articles disappeared from the internet.

The world got a viral text that said 'Until the date of the Trail, nobody online will be able to text about Hawk Moth from this point forward'


The world thought this text was a prank, people tried talking about it online but the program itself refused to post it and warned them if they tried again, they would be banned.

All that hatred was being deleted, and the news all around the world received a call from the government telling them to take it down or they would not only do it for them, but they would also be fined hugely as well.

Adrien watched in real-time, as anything mentioning him or his dad was deleted before his very eyes in real-time.

And then Paris police pulled up and told everybody to move along, they had orders from the government to arrest anybody who lingers here too long and is not part of the workforce.

The crowd was wide-eyed, people thought this was a joke until the police actually started arresting people!

Suddenly that well organised and hate-filled mob, ran for their life because they didn't want to be arrested.

Nadja said. "Chief of Police. Who is protecting Adrien Agreste? Why are we being silenced? Why is the Government suddenly trying to hush us?"

"Move along, Nadja," said the Chief of Police, not caring whether he was on live tv or not. "From now on whoever goes after Adrien Agreste or the Lahiffe family will be arrested. The government has now declared that not only do we have the authority to do it, but all employees of the Lahiffe family household have the right to arrest a suspect and we the police will take the suspect in no questions asked"

"What?" Said Nadja and the rest of Paris.

How can that now be legal?

"Move along," said the Chef more firmly and more seriously, the news moved along.

"What do you mean, I can't talk about it at all or I'm fired?" Said Nadja, as the camera still rolled. "Who is threatening us!?"

Nino said behind Adrien who was stunned having heard a bit from an open window.

"And that is my awesome Uncle magic," said Nino. "You're fine, dude. Tomorrow, there won't be a peep about your father or you on the internet or tv. Nobody talks about it, no buzz and the world moves along"

And then they both got a text.

"And it's gone through," said Nino. "You are now just Adrien. You didn't have to go to Court at all thanks to my Uncle"


Finally, Adrien said. "Nino, who is your Uncle?"

Adrien had seen power moves before but never somebody who could add a law.

Nino mysteriously smiled and said. "You haven't had breakfast right? I haven't either." He turned around not answering him and said. " I'm going to drag you out later to Paris nearest water park, dude. You, need to get out"

And Nino really did drag him to Paris nearest Water park that day, but with security around them and nobody allowed to, post online, very few people knew they were actually here.

With the new law, anybody who was hostile was forced to be nice to them because they didn't want to be arrested.

Other then whispers, which could be ignored, the two had a good time at the park.

However, Nino Uncle wasn't done because Gabriel Agreste stuff was put up on auction that very night after dinner.

Because they could not say Hawk Moth of Gabriel, they said 'The man who can't be named'.

It was a lot better, as the bidding war began.

The things that Adrien grew up seeing was now being auctioned off, while that Chinese book was now in a Chinese museum like it should have been all along.

The bidding was good until they Auctioned Gabriel personal suits and the whole place was silent.

Nobody wanted to buy a fashion designers clothes! It was every designer's worst nightmare!

They wouldn't even buy it for their dog to sleep on.

Because of the lack of bids they had to put it back and then the deed to the Gabriel business Empire was put up, stating its current debt as well.

Which big giant would take over Gabriel?

This why so many people looked like stand-in on screen.

The bidding started at 200,000 and quickly went up to 150Million.

Nobody seemed to bid higher until they heard.

"500 Million!" Yelled a woman.

Everybody gasped and turned around.

She said. "My employer is willing to offer half a billion for the Gabriel brand"


Nobody said anything because they won't bid more than that, it's outrageous for such a tinted brand to reach that high.

"Going once. Going twice" said the auctioneer. "Sold to..."

"Maxwell Music," said the woman.

"Maxwell Music for 500 Mil!" said the woman.

"Wait, did Uncle just?" Said Chris, in his room.

"Yep," said Nino.

The irony was not lost on him.

Gabriel Agreste used to look down on their family and barely tolerated him, now their Uncle had come for his Business.

The irony.

And then Gabriel other property's were put on sale and each one, Maxwell Music came for them like the company existed only to take everything away Gabriel Agreste.

Altogether, the company must have spent close to 2 Billion that night, but the gain was more than enough to justify it.

The next day, the international news announced who took over Gabriel empire and a spokesman from Cuban said.

"We will not be firing any workers so their jobs are secure. Under our management we will turn the stores into vibrant clothing stores the world will be proud to shop in. The Ceo has found the old lineup lacking and wants to bring Cuban colour to the world. So we will be opening Max U. The Store that will be bright and make you shine"


Nino sure as hell hoped Gabriel wasn't seeing this.

Imagine, having your business taken, insulted on national tv and replaced by another clothing store by a music company who said they could do better.

A few days later, several stores that had been under renovation were mysteriously completed and photos surfaced fast online of the most colourful and shiny place the world had ever seen where Gabriel used to be.

The clothes were vibrant and amazing too.

But the haircare products.

Never before had the world seen such shiny glossy hair and skin before, as people reviewed it.

What is this beautiful witchcraft?

When people saw the clothes and products, they rushed each store like it was on sale.

Shiny hair, vibrant skin and colourful clothes were suddenly everywhere.

People can indeed reach that animated perfection now.

The world loved what replaced Gabriel.

And the Cubans were loving getting work and having their designs appreciated.

The 500 Mil had been worth it because the Empire was making bank.

The well-received Max U had completely killed the buzz around the Hawk Mouth case.

Who knew that one man could kill the number one news story so stylishly?

And Adrien was all too willing to try on something other than Gabriel when Nino gave him some Max U clothes and the dude discovered he could be a hundred times hotter, not being in his father stuff.

However, the time had come where Chrismas was approaching.

Adrien became aware that the Lahiffe family were going to spend Chrismas with this Uncle of theirs.

Of course, he wasn't invited, he wasn't family.

"Dude, are you coming?" Said Nino.

"Huh?" Said Adrien.

"What do you mean, huh? I asked you if you wanted to come with my Family for Chrismas." Said Nino. "My Uncle really wants to meet you"

And Adrien blinked owlishly with Plagg inside his pocket.

How could they say no, to visiting the man who fought off the world anger for them?