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By now, everybody knew that if your name was called and it was not your teacher, then it was doomsday for you.

The name Adrien Agreste was called and the guy and everybody understandable freaked the hell out.

What was more alarming was that the principal looked sad!

Adrien couldn't run from whatever this was, so he had to go but he was praying that his father didn't get into a car accident.

But he was about to find out that he should have wished that his father got into an accident instead.

Everybody was on edge through the rest of the day.

Adrien didn't come back.

He didn't come back!

They prayed to God that Adrien father just decided to be an ass and pull him out of school for the day and Adrien wasn't getting run out of the city or something.

Nino got home from school but when he sat down to try and cool his head with some music, he received a call.

It was Adrien.

"Adrien! That God you're okay!" he said.

However, he got a disturbing silent pause back before Adrien's voice came back, weaker then he had ever heard it.

"Nino...is the offer still up? Can I stay at your house for a bit?"

He was stunned.

Adrien said. "S-Something happened with my Dad and Nathalie is in trouble too. I have nowhere else to go. Please."

All kinds of alarm bells were going off in his head.

What the hell was happening?

What was going on!?

Why did Adrien sound like he needed somebody to tell him everything was going to be okay?

And as a best friend how could he not come to rescue?

He said. "Yes, my house is open. I'll talk to my mom and my Uncle later but you can stay the night. Where are you? I'll come pick you up"

Adrien told him the address.

It was not the police station because if it was the Police station, Adrien would have found his father and Nathalie, and he would have completely lost it.

Nino typed the address into his phone and then put on his coat before heading back outside, something told him to take the limousine so he did.

The limousine soon followed the address and found that it was a safe surrounded by police.

His regular self walked out of the limousine and the police opened the door for him, he entered and asked for his bro.

He was directed to Adrien who had a suitcase with him.

Adrien looked like he need a serious hug.

Nino didn't ask what was up, he merely directed his buddy outside and the guy's suitcase was put into the boot.

The door closed behind them and then the limousine drove off.

"I didn't know the Lahiffe family was rich," said Roger Raincomprix.

And he wasn't the only one surprised.

The police were definitely going to be treating Nino and his family differently now.

Meanwhile, the trip back home was mostly silent.

"Thanks for picking me up," said Adrien.

He panicked and called him.

"We're best buds. Of course, I would pick you up," he said.

They spent the rest of the time in silence and then they entered the gate and the door was opened for them.

Nino got out with Adrien and Adrien suitcase was pulled out by a servant.

The moment Adrien entered his house, the thing that had broken him was pushed to the side by the sight of how much bigger the space in the mansion was.

That and how lively the mansion was.

Adrien mansion was pretty much dead most of the time but this mansion was filled with lively and smiling workers.

Nino laughed seeing his best friend's expression.

Yeah, even he knew the huge contrast between the Agreste mansion and his own.

His family wasn't a bunch of sourpusses and actually took care of the workers well.

In fact, had Adrien ever seen a rich house or hotel not full of staff who look like they are wondering how they got to this point?

"Welcome back, Master Nino," said a Servant.

"Yo." He said, informally.

They went to the elevator and Adrien got in, then he pressed the bedroom party button.

His hit song came on and then they heard. "You may begin bouncing"

"What?" Said Adrien.

"Bounce, dude," he said and then he jumped and bubbles began to flow into the elevator, Adrien was hesitant before bouncing.

It was the most fun elevator ride ever and both of them bounced out of the elevator when the door opened.

"That was the most fun I've ever had in an Elevator," said Adrien.

"Of course, this is my house," he said. "If you can't have fun in my Elevator then your not in my house."

They walked down a warm corridor, nothing like the chilling perfect corridor of the Agreste corridor.

They saw a sign that said 'Guest' and he opened the door underneath with a key fob and said. "Here, you are"

They entered and the room was comfortable and just as big as his old one, but with no feeling of crushing loneliness.

The suitcase arrived minutes later.

"There's a reason I put you in this room, Adrien. Come to the window" he said, confusing the guy, Adrien came and what he saw next stunned the guy.

Instead of the grave scenery where the only thing interesting was a Car passing by, there was a beautiful growing farm and garden.

Adrien was stunned.

He said. "My family grows its own fruit and vegetables. We let the staff take home what's growing, on the condition that they leave enough for the kitchen."

Adrien was still stunned.

He said. "I noticed that your window was very boring the last time I came over so I thought you would appreciate the change of scenery."

He then said. "Wait. It gets better"

Adrien watched him press a button on the wall and the window opened and out came a floaty slide leading to vegetation below.

"No, way," said Adrien.

"You can go out there, any time," he said before he said. "So am I your best bud are what?"

"You are. Thank you" said Adrien, he couldn't believe that his best friend did this for him.

"Okay, now my room," said Nino and as they walked out, they went around the corner and they saw his name in a gold Plaque and then he used a fingerprint scanner instead of a card.

The door unlocked and the room they were greeted with, was just so Nino.

Adrien's mouth was open as he saw the lights, he saw the dance floor, he saw the big sound system and TVs, he saw the anime posters, he saw the vending machine and candy floss maker, he saw the giant Cat Noir figurines in-between each window, all packaged in a room much bigger than his.

Nino had filled the entire wall.

Nino waited for Adrien brain to catch up.

Never had a bedroom had so much personality to it.

Finally, Adrien said. "How is this your room?"

This place was bigger than his and more compact.

Nino smiled and said. "Well, my Uncle loves me and wants me to have the very best, but my mom fought him on a few things. She thought the multiple Cat Noir figurines were ridiculous"

And Adrien had a strange smile on his face which he couldn't understand.

"So are you ready to get your game on?" He said he pressed a button and the TV transformed before Adrien very eyes and the couch flipped over to reveal gaming chairs.

He said. "My Mansion doesn't have as many rooms as yours but we make up for it with space and cool technology"

Adrien then caught the controller that was thrown to him and both of them played video games together.

The Tv told them every 15 minutes to rest their eyes.

It was a helpful suggestion.

And nobody came busting in to tell them, that their time was up or that Adrien had lessons or something.

There weren't been forced to be aware of the time.

Just two boys chilling and playing a co-op video game together.

However, this heavily time was the result of one thing.

Suddenly Adrien blurted out. "My Dad's Hawk Moth"

And on reflexes, Nino paused the game and said. "What?"

Realising, Nino can not un-hear what he just said, Adrien. "My dad's Hawk Moth. Nathalie is Mayura. My dad and Nathalie were the ones who destroyed Paris and terrorised New York. The Police have proof"


And suddenly things clicked for him, but it was fucked up.

"Wait... Your father." He said. "Was the one who Akumatised your bodyguard and almost killed you!?"

Adrien finally let out a cry.

It was the worst thing seeing his buddy Adrien cry but Adrien had every right to cry, his dad was Hawk Moth, the woman who was like a mother in all but name was helping him.

His father hurt so many people.

Once the news got out, Adrien wouldn't be known as the prestigious world-class fashion designers son, he would be the son of a world-class Terrorist.

The son of a world-class Terrorist, how can you live life under that?

"The police showed me a video of my dad transforming in the basement of the house," said Adrien, his voice broke at the end. "I don't understand. Why, Nino? Why was me loving him and the business not enough for him? Why did he try to kill me? Why did he hurt you and all my friends? He kept me locked up in that house and right under me, he was Hawk Moth. My father tried to start World War 3. I stayed with him and believed there was some slither of my father there but I have been staying with a monster."

And he couldn't say anything.

There was nothing be could say to ease the gravity of the situation.

Imagine living with a controlling parent and thinking their not so bad, only to find out he tried to kill you because you snuck out of the house?

It would destroy him too if he found out his kind Mother or his Cuban Uncle was Hawk Moth.

And what was worse, was that Adrien's face was everywhere, half the world knew what Adrien looked like, his face will haunt him for the rest of his life, the moment the world found out who Hawk Moth is.

Adrien said. "Why couldn't Hawk Mouth be a man with no kids or somebody not famous at all? Why did it have to be my Father, why did he drag Nathalie into this? So many people count on my dad and he gambled it all and lost. I can't go back to that Mansion and not think about what happened in those walls"


"So what are you going to do now?" He said, with a reputation like his father, the Gabriel brand was soiled, nobody would want to buy the product or be associated with it, the Mansion and the Gabriel assets will be sold off.

Adrien basically had no money to his name now.

The only way Adrien could return to that house is to get more of his stuff.

But did he even want to touch any of those books lining his walls?

Adrien said, tired. "I don't know. I guess I could call my Cousin"

"Wait. Your evil Cousin who pretended to be you and got almost everybody in class Akumatised?" He said.

"He's not Evi..." Adrien trailed off.

Adrien could no longer ignore those flags, he ignored the flags in his father and look what happened.

Well, Nino said. "There is no way, I'm letting you move in with your evil cousin. I need my best friend with me and I don't want you locked away in another depression Mansion. You're staying here"

Adrien's mouth opened.

Suddenly they heard. "Master Nino, your mother is back"

He said. "Perfect. Watch me, fight for you. Were not dealing with your terrible dad, were dealing with my mom. Come on"

He got up and began walking to the door.

Adrien had no choice but to follow him.