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However, I was thinking about how Edward would react to the news of Covid-19? And this little one-shot came to life. He kind of never phased his death, like, the events that lead to it. We know the basics (at least in Twilight, I haven't read midnight sun though) I think his dad died first, Elizabeth was on her deathbed, Edward was way sicker than her, and she made Carlisle swear he would save her son.

So, I thought that he would panic a little, you know, some sort of PTSD, vampire style...And this came to life.

In this version, Jacob never imprinted on Renesmee.

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They were sitting in the living room, just like any other day. Renesmee was fast asleep on Edward's lap, something he enormously enjoyed. They have moved the previous month to London, and Bella was still finding her way around. Her only experience in Europe had been rather traumatic.

Just at that moment, they all heard the news. The new virus that had been infecting people has now been declared a pandemic. Edward locked himself off, not listening to anything else that the news was saying. Bella could only suspect where his mind had gone. She caressed his bicep, trying to get his attention but failing. She gathered her sleeping daughter and placed her on the empty cushion next to Edward. Then, she grabbed her husband's hands and forced him to stand up. "Walk with me" she said sweetly despite her force. He followed her out of the room in autopilot, letting her take the lead.

Back at the house, everyone, except for Jasper was confused as to what had happened. Sure, the news was disheartening, and Carlisle was already making plans to volunteer as much of his time as he could at the hospital. Working again at the frontline of another pandemic. Rosalie stared at the empty spot where Edward and Bella had been a few minutes before.

"What happened?" She asked no one in particular.

Jasper, however, took it upon himself to answer anyways. "He started to panic, I think Bella might have felt it and took him away. That's all I know" He finished with a shrug.

Esme, the ever doting grandmother, took the sleeping baby in her arms and took her to her room. There was nothing to be done about the noise in the house, but at least she would be more comfortable lying in her bed. Renesmee stirred a little in her sleep, but Esme quickly put her at ease, and the little girl closed her eyes again, quickly falling asleep. Esme smiled and left the room, going back to her family.

Bella and Edward reached a small lake that was out of their property but still very much hidden from the human population. Luckily they were out of hearing range from the family, so they could speak freely.

Edward was clinging to his wife's hand, desperately needing to stay grounded. Bella leaned her head against his shoulder waiting for him to speak. He was so tense, and his eyes were far away. After a few minutes he still wasn't speaking, which started worrying her.

"What's wrong?" She whispered worriedly.

His eyes locked with hers, and Bella gasped seeing the pain, the fear, the horror in his eyes. "I can't lose you:" He said broken.

"Edward, what are you talking about?" She took his face between her hands.

"You and Renesmee...I can't lose her…" If he could cry, he would be crying his heart out.

"We're not going everywhere. Baby, you're not making any sense. What are you talking about?"

Was he insane? Lose her and their daughter? To what? They doted on him, they loved him so much that it was crazy how much someone could love another person. Bella was never a person to make extreme decisions, but once she made them she sticked with them. And she has always been extremely sure that Edward was it for her. Edward was her decision, her choice, her life. She thought she had it all when they got married. But once they learned about her pregnancy, and all the difficulties that it entailed, she sticked with her decision to have the baby. She had all the faith in the world in Edward and in Carlisle. Renesmee followed Edward everywhere she could. She especially loved to sit on top of the piano while Edward played. She swayed her little chubby legs at the rhythm of it, making Edward chuckle. Despite how fast she grew, they enjoyed their little girl all that they could.

"This virus, this pandemic...Bella, what if she gets sick like I did?" There it was.

She stroke his cheeks lovingly. "Edward, we can't control what life has set up for us. But she's half vampire, I'm sure there won't be a problem with it. She's still too small to mix with the humans. I'm still not entirely sure I'm under control. We have at least a year to sort things out. We'll just stay here. We'll speak with Carlisle and see what he says in this regard. And this is not the first outbreak of a virus. There had been many epidemics over the years. Medicine has advanced since 1917, they will find a way to sort this out."

His mind was divided between what his wife was telling him and his own experience with the Influenza outbreak that took his father, his mother and nearly cost him his life. He saw so many people die, so many people get sick. He experienced it firsthand, the panic, the unrest, the feeling of fleeing the world. He couldn't face another pandemic like last one, and least of all, face his daughter getting sick.

"Edward, listen to me." His wife broke through his barriers. He looked at her.

"You're panicking beforehand. We have to speak with Carlisle first. He knows more about what goes inside the body. He has studied her human side." Edward knew that she was right. He shouldn't let his panic cloud his judgement.

He let out a sigh closing his eyes and leaning his forehead against hers. He couldn't see her, but he felt her smile. I love you. She whispered mentally to him. He loved it when she lowered her shield from time to time.

He opened his eyes and smiled at her. His beautiful wife. His forever love. How could he have ever thought that he could live without her? Those six months apart nearly killed them both. He made her a promise then and there, one that he intends to keep over everything. He would never disappoint her again.

"I love you, too." He kissed her softly on the lips.

"Do you want to go back?" He nodded.

They stood up and walked slowly towards the house, each of them deep in their own thoughts. Once they got closer to the house they could hear that their daughter was awake and trying to get her uncle Emmett to play with her.

They got inside the house distracting Renesmee from her pleadings to Emmett. She ran to her daddy's arms instead. She touched his cheek showing him that Grandma Esme made her eat broccoli and she didn't like it, and Uncle Emmett was trying to convince her to play hide and seek. She didn't want to play hide and seek, she wanted to play teatime. She was on the process of convincing Uncle Emmett when they arrived. She showed him her happiness that him and mommy were back.

Bella's heart always swelled with pride when Edward and Renesmee had one of their moments. They could communicate silently, and it was a beauty seeing a man like Edward become pudding in the hands of a little hybrid.

"Do you still want to play teatime?" He asked her. She nodded enthusiastically. "Well, give mommy and I a few minutes and we'll all play." She smiled showing her little girl's teeth. It was her mother's smile. It completely disarmed him.

Emmett chuckled. There was no escaping now. Little manipulator with big eyes.

"Where's Carlisle?" Bella asked noticing his absence.

Esme smiled "In the study." A mother always knew what her children were going through. Edward might be experiencing the vampire equivalent of PTSD.

Edward explained his fears to Carlisle as best as he could. Having blurted them out to Bella before had helped some. Carlisle understood his own memories coming back, being triggered by a similar situation. To that, it should be added their worry over Renesmee's health. He pulled the file where he had written everything down. He could show Edward in his mind, but this would also put Bella at ease. He explained as basic as he could what he had researched about hybrids. After the confrontation with the Volturi, he had kept in touch with Nahuel and his family. Asking them questions from time to time. She could get human diseases, but it wouldn't affect her as deeply as it would a human. For instance, if she got a flu, it would definitely affect her but very briefly, maybe a discomfort on her throat, but she wouldn't even need antibiotics, her vampire side would take care of the foreign agent in her system.

"Evidently I don't know anything about this new virus. Or how she would react to it. But I can assure you with a 70% of certainty that it won't be of gravity. Her vampire side is stronger and more dominant than her human side." Bella nodded understanding what he was saying. She really appreciated everything he was doing for her daughter.

"Thank you so much Carlisle. This means a lot to me." The kind doctor smiled sweetly at his daughter.

"It is my pleasure Bella. I do this for the same reasons you would. I love her just as deeply as any of us do. I promise to look more into it." He shook Bella's hands affectionately.

The conversation got stopped due to a loud crash coming from Renesmee's room. They rushed to it. It was instinctual. They knew it was very hard for her to be seriously injured but they still reacted.

She was sitting in one of her little chairs, frowning at the little broken cup on the floor.

"What happened?" Carlisle asked from his spot at the door.

"It slipped and fell and it breaked" Her lips stuck out in an adorable pout. Edward read in her mind that she was worried they could get mad at her broken toy. It was an accident. Untie Alice had bought her those teacups. She didn't mean to break it.

Edward rushed to her side. "It's ok baby girl. Nothing happened." He caressed her little arms trying to comfort her. She tilted her head to the side looking at her daddy's eyes. Bella crouched next to her husband, catching her daughter's attention.

"Mommy…" Her eyes welled with tears that she couldn't let go due to her vampirism.

Bella smiled. "I used to break a lot of things when I was little too. My daddy and mommy laughed a lot every time. You wanna know why?" The little girl nodded, curiosity shining in her eyes.

"Because they knew it had been an accident. Before Daddy made me like him, "She quickly cast a glance at her husband before giving her attention back to the little girl "I also used to fall a lot." Edward laughed at the memories, some pleasant and funny, some not so much.

Renesmee smiled at her daddy's laughter. "Really?"

"Oh yes, baby. I used to carry her everywhere so she wouldn't fall." Bella pushed Edward softly and he pretended to fall over to one of his sides, making everyone at the room laugh. The little girl looked at Auntie Alice who was smiling. She couldn't see her in her visions, but it was worth it.

"It's a tiny thing, precious. The important thing is that you didn't hurt yourself." Jasper said before his wife could speak. He didn't need to use his power on her, she had already calmed down.

In fact, all the fears about the new pandemic, about virus, and things out of everyone's control were swiftly forgotten while they got around the little girl. Carlisle had done a good job keeping track of every minor thing that Renesmee went through, health-wise. It had also put his own fears at bay. Fears he didn't even know existed before Edward and Bella asked Carlisle.

Edward nodded towards Jasper and the brothers shared a smile.

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