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"Woah... this feels super weird, is the set for the next scene ready yet?" Serafall asked as she was given a drink after the hard core fucking scene that she just did. She was pregnant with her belly fully bulging, and she would give birth within 10 minutes of taking a potion that Naruto had given to her. "How does this potion work, by the way?" Serafall asked as she stared down the potion with a raised eyebrow.

She had a person currently between her legs, cleaning the semen out of her so that she could do a different scene, the birthing scene. The scene that would happen "several months later" after she had been broken and turned into a sex slave for the "Wicked Potion", aka, Naruto. She wanted a clear shot of her pussy for the scene where she gave birth to a monster.

"Well, for the monsters I made for this show, I spend up the time it takes for them to grow in the womb and reach maturity, but they can't be born until after you drink that potion and activate the birth." Naruto explained to her, with Xenovia looking over the notes that she had been given to study for the day. She was still an apprentice and she couldn't do much on her own without his help, but she was learning and he brought her with him so that she could study the newborn monster in detail. "You okay by the way, the Servurnt isn't exactly a gentle lover." Naruto asked as he looked at the marks around her arms and neck.

Servurnt was a Monster Species that he created for the show.

Serpant + Phoenix + Flame Power.

"I'm fine, I'm tough... and letting this one have it's way with me kind of makes up for the fact that I murdered the other one for the real ending where I don't get fucked." Serafall stated with a thumbs up. She had already shot the take for the regular magical girl series where she was molested a little, but defeated the monster. She just shot the take where the monster fucks her and breaks her, before putting a baby in her.

"The set is ready!"


Serafall, dead eyed and broken, stared into nothingness.

She had her hands chained up above her head as her pussy was spread wide open, the head of a feathery serpant crawling out of her vagina and going up her body, wrapping around her as it's wings caught on fire the second they fully escaped her body. It wrapped around her breasts and squeezed them tightly.

'Damn, I'm such a good actor.' Serafall thought to herself as the monster she just birthed was fully out of her body. She felt more movement as she started to give birth to the monster's siblings as well.

It was just a newborn, but her firstborn Servurnt child got rock hard and instantly went for her mouth as it wrapped part of his body around her neck.

'It tastes like fried tofu?' Serafall kept the broken look on her face, but out of the corner of her eye she saw Naruto sending her two thumbs up. 'He must have flavored the monster to be something that I would like to suck on.' Serafall eagerly sucked her child off, managing to keep the broken look about her.

Behind the camera, Xenovia had questions.

"So... the Servurnt is ready to mate once it leaves the womb?"

"Actually, they reach full adulthood while still in the womb. After they fuck, they only have a couple weeks left to live before they burst into flames. They are super fast breeders, but with an extremely fast lifespan to make up for it. They require no food to survive, and the ashes that they create are great for plant life." Naruto explained the basis around this monster. Instead of being a monster made for the sole purpose of sex, the ashes this monster could create would help to create more tentacle plants in the future. "I made it to have a healthy relationship with tentacle plants... Servurnts have no battle strength, so they will rely on Tentacle Plants to capture girls for them... in return, they will die and feed the tentacle plants soil." Naruto wanted to create an entire ecosystem for his sex monsters to thrive in.

Xenovia nodded her head.

Serafall listened to them, as she started to get fucked by several more of the monsters. She had 2 of them fucking her pussy at the same time, and her firstborn was keeping her mouth preoccupied. She felt the heat from their flaming wings as they circled around her. She had given birth to over 10 of them, and they were all waiting for their turns to have fun with her body.

She got a mouthful of cum, and she felt her entire body heat up as the heated liquid gushed down her throat.

"How do they survive when there are no women around?" Xenovia asked Naruto.

"If they don't fuck, they can live for thousands of years by going dormant in the soil that tentacle plants thrive in."

'Interesting, he put a ton of effort!' Serafall came when she felt her children sink their fangs into her body. She looked down at them while the camera was zooming in, and she saw that their fangs did not pierce her skin. Instead, they focused on squeezing and biting her breasts and ass. Their fangs pushed against her body, but their rounded edges did not pierce her. They expanded their jaws and started to suck on the fronts of both of her breasts, locking into place.

As they were cumming inside of her, she could feel her belly expanding as they used her as a personal breeding grounds.

"They don't need her egg to get pregnant?"

"Actually, while they are still in the womb, once they reach maturity, they recreate the egg of their own mother and attach it to the womb. So, in case they are born in a place with no other women, they can drastically multiply and ensure their species." Naruto added that little feature to make sure the species could breed so quickly that wiping them out would be a serious challenge for anyone. "I made them super delicious... take notes Xenovia, when designing monsters, you have to consider how they interact with the world around them... give them a place to belong." Naruto gave her a lesson with a grin.

She was taking notes.

'Don't make a noise... no matter how hard you cum... do not break the broken character.' Serafall reminded herself when she came for the 5th time. With the potion from earlier in her system still, her quickly maturiny babies started to come out of her once more as a new set of penises went inside of her.

When once baby came out, another one stuck it's penis inside of her to put a new generation of Servurnts in her. They didn't just impregnate her over and over again, as they made her their breeding grounds, she birthed generation after generation of them. Her children, her grandchildren/children, all of her children of each generation fucked her and put a new generation inside of her.

"Any health benefits to the mother?"

"Loyalty, they form a strong attachment to their mother. 1 child from every generation will give up their chance at sex to protect the seedbed that is their mother. This is the guardian, and they eat their own penis in the womb to ensure that they can't give into sexual temptation." Naruto also gave them a hardcore mother protection instinct. "They have no combat power, but they will still try and protect her emotional wellbeing. Their scales are soft to the touch and warm. They make great pets." Naruto didn't give any physical benefits to them.


Serafall came too hard, and for a brief second, she opened her mouth wide enough to fill the area with a moan as one of her great-great-children filled her throat with jizz. She showed that off, and while she managaed to keep the "broken" look on her face, on the inside she was humiliated.

She had broken character for a brief moment.

"Cut! Cut! Do over, we are doing it over! I broke character, I'm suppose to be completely broken in!" Serafall ended the scene early as she called for somebody to undo the chains on her wrists. "Once I finish giving birth to these next ones, we're going to have to start the scene over. Can somebody clean me up for the next scene?" Serafall asked as she rubbed her wrists.

On the floor and flying in the air were over 190 of the Servurnts that she gave birth to, most of them having already fucked her.

"I thought the scene was fine, you looked like you were fucked to the point that you were so broken, you decided to become a wanton whore." Naruto actually thought the moan made the scene better.

"Yeah, he's rock hard right now." Xenovia added.

"It's hard not to get a boner when a hot girl is getting fucked, it's like real life porn. Since Irina is waiting for us, I'll go and take care of this with her real quick."


"Leave the scene in! He's got a good point! Okay, make a NEW set for me! We're going to do a scene where I've been thrown into a pit with all my babies, and I'm going full slut in an orgy pit!" Serafall called out to the crew. "You've got 3 hours to kill, you enjoy your break with Irina." Serafall stated as she sent Naruto a thumbs up.

They ALREADY had a group of people with shovels getting ready to dig a pit, and a group of men ready to turn that pit into a dungeon pit.

"3 Hours?"

-Next Scene-

"YES! Fuck your mother!"

"She's really getting into this... but I understand, to have sex with a monster designed by my lord is such an amazing experience." Irina gushed as she stopped her work on Naruto's dick for a moment and looked at Serafall shouting her lungs out. She had tossed herself into a pit of servurnts, to the point that half of her body was submerged, her arms and legs weren't visible, and her bloated belly was on prime display for the camera.

"She's acting sluttier than Koneko."

"No, Koneko is a genuine slut. Serafall is just acting, kind of like how most porn stars don't have a ton of sex outside of their job. This is just a performance for Serafall, done to make a good "Hentai Magical Girl" series." Naruto argued with Xenovia the clear difference between Serafall and Koneko. "I don't think Serafall would do any of this if she weren't on camera."

'He's got a point.' Serafall agreed as her hands came out of the pit of monsters and showed that she was jerking several of them off. "Give mommy your spunk!" Serafall had little interest in sex outside of what she was doing for the enjoyment of making a great magical girl porn series. She was far more interested in her own sister, and no matter how good monster sex was, she could barely wait for the day she got her hands on her sister.

-9 Hours Later-

"Okay! Now, we take the best scenes from all of that and edit them together. This is the lengthy process!" Serafall was wiping the sweat and cum off of herself this time as her team of editors took all of the best footage from the day and started to edit it. "Same time in... 3 days? Can you make a monster with a massive 'bitch breaker' style penis?" Serafall asked Naruto.

"Bitch breaker huh?... Yeah, I've got it, no problem." Naruto sent her a thumbs up. "By the way, be sure to release all the ones that fucked you into a forest with tentacles plants in it... and send me about 50 of the ones that haven't fucked yet." Naruto communicated what he needed from Serafall.

"What about the other 300?"

"Put half of them into the same forest as the others, and you can eat the other half. They are delicious and pre-cooked." Naruto stated with a grin.

Just another day of filming.

Chapter End!
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