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"Azazel, Lord Zeus, Lord Odin."

"Ajuka, Zeus, Odin."

"Devils, Odin."


Ajuka, Azazel, Odin, and Zeus all greeted each other when they and their boners arrived at the abandoned church at close to the same time. They could see that each of the other men was just as erect as they were, but none of them made any move to cover their boners either. There was just a strange feeling of comraderie in the air, as if each of them had a common goal.

"I'm here for science and creation." Ajuka stated as he took a step towards the church.

"I'm here for science and hot girls." Azazel stated, since that was what his boner was telling him he needed to be here for.

"Hot tits and ass." Odin stepped forward with the reason why he was at the church.

"Bestiality and hot girls." Zeus stated as he more proudly exclaimed his own fetish. He loved watching girls fuck animals, or turning into an animal to fuck girls as. Everyone else gave him a strange look for a moment, but they didn't judge him for his fetish. "Only girls though, not guys... it's gross to watch a guy and an animal." Zeus made a small correction to the flat bestiality statement.

They opened the door and stepped in.

They were greeted to an odd sight.


Naruto had Irina in between him and Asia, as Asia sat on his lap and got his boner up inside of her, Irina was between them on top of Asia's lap with her breasts on top of Asia's own. Naruto was fingering Irina's cum leaking pussy with one hand, while he massaged her boobs one after another with his own hand. Asia would kiss Naruto over Irina's shoulder, but Naruto was balancing both of them in his lap.

"OH MY!?" Asia noticed 4 men enter the room.

Naruto pushed her on her back with Irina on top of her without missing a beat, using Irina's chest to cover her face up. Naruto gave Irina a spanking, and he looked over at the men as they entered the room.


His casual response.

"I see we've come at a bad time-"

"No, come on in. I've got a lot to talk with you all about, since you've answered the call of my magic. Sometimes I can't control my magic when my desires get too high, and it changes things. If you were summoned by my magic, then I'm sure you won't care about what I'm doing right now." Naruto didn't care that they could see Irina and Asia butt naked at the moment.

After all, right now HE was having sex with them, which was a major power move to do such a thing in front of them during discussion.

"All right then!" Azazel sat down a few feet away from Naruto and grinned, pulling out a bottle of fine wine and pouring himself a drink. "You want some?" Azazel asked Naruto with a grin on his face.

Naruto flipped Irina over and pushed her boobs together.

"Pour me up some." He grinned as Azazel reached out and poured some wine between Irina's breasts, with Naruto using her boobs to hold the liquid. He put his face into her chest and drank from her cleavage. He didn't stop fingering her the entire time he drank from her cleavage, but Asia was now able to see the men in the room again.

She covered her boobs, before she covered her face and let them out again when she realized her orgasm face was more embarassing for her than her boobs at the moment.

"I'll get some of that too." Zeus had no problem with the arrangements. He pulled himself out a goblet and filled it with wine.

"I'm good without." Ajuka was more graceful as it sat on a chair he summoned, and he took out a clipboard and started to write down some stuff. "I'm here for you more than anything else, but it's nice to see a fellow scientist in Azazel here." Ajuka had no problems with Azazel's species as a whole.

Azazel was just a suspicious person, but still a scientist.

"Okay, so you're the guy who has been making those WONDERFUL monsters. Those Manphin in the ocean, Poseidin captured a few and sent them to me... and they are well made. I've had a few girls fucked by them already, and watching it has been hot." Zeus wanted to thank Naruto for his earlier works.

Naruto and Zeus nodded to each other, and those were all the non-words needed for that exchange for them to know they were kindrid souls.

Naruto allowed himself to cum inside of Asia when she came a 5th time.

"My turn."

"Doggy style, you too Asia." Naruto didn't have a problem switching between them, but he wanted them both to take the same position. If he was going to be fucking 1 of them, he was going to finger the other one to keep the orgasms coming.

The men watching were very polite and allowed the girls to change positions before they all became more serious.

"We were summoned by your magic, so I assume that you have a need for us... and that we can benefit." Odin spoke up with a perverted grin. Asia's super embarassed face as she turned her head down in shame was a sight to see, and Irina's face of absolute faith as she got taken from behind was a nice image he could save in his memory. "So, my young pervert, are we talking of business or pleasure?" Odin questioned, making himself comfortable.

Naruto grinned.

"Business, pleasure, creation of monsters, excitement, profit, I mean to make all of these things the same thing with the creation of Narutoland... a place of sexual freedom and liberation for all who wish to visit."

"I'm in." Odin didn't hesitate.

"Whatever you need, you've got it from me as long as I can get a free pass to this park... it is an amusement park... a sexual amusement park... with your wonderful monsters featured?" Zeus asked as he looked across the room. He saw several monsters were relaxing all across the room, so many good fuck monsters that were patient and willing to relax as their master got some ass.

Ajuka took more time to think, but Azazel smiled slyly while leaning forward.

"A sexual amusement park, that sounds interesting... you plan to use the guests of this amusement park and harvest their DNA for free... you'll be able to make money, advertise your monsters, and allow your monsters to breed with willing people... while promoting this park as an amazing experience to those who understand true depravity... is that correct?" Azazel had figured out the underlying scheme behind it. "... and you need land and funding for it?" Azazel questioned as he put his hands together.

"He recently got land in the Underworld... but the creation of new monsters, from that alone I can say I'm in. I don't care too much about sexual pleasure, but you've created a lot of interesting things." Ajuka's boner was not one of sexual arousal, but a boner of pure scientific excitement. He was excited about the types of things that could be created. "Not just monsters, I assume that more can be created... more needed to be created." Ajuka smiled as he tested Naruto.

"Potions, monsters, sexual amusement park rides. I want to make this park the undisputed ultimate sexual park... and I'll create anything I need to create a place where my monsters can be happy and accepted." Naruto had another ulterior motive of wanting to make his monsters a home where they could be happy and healthy.

"I'm in!" Zeus said AGAIN when he got more confirmation.

"You said that already."

"Good that you and Odin are in, and Azazel is in... and Ajuka is in. We can talk more about different details later. Odin and Zeus, can I leave the designs for perverted rides to you? Ajuka, as a Devil King you have a lot of man power to make sure the amusement park gets the basics built... and Azazel..." Naruto didn't really know how Azazel benefitted from all of this. "... How do you benefit?"

"Don't need to, this sounds fun... and I'm sure that as more monsters, I'll be able to study their abilities and make new artifial Sacred Gears from them. I'm happy to work with you and supply you with all the start up funds you need... just name a part of the park after me." Azazel would like to see his name on one of the park rides.


"Niiiiice, can I have a turn after you're done?" Zeus asked Naruto when he got both girls to cum within seconds of each other.

"Only if I can do your wife, if I can't do her, then the answer is no."

"Fair enough, so that is a no... Hera hates it when I cheat, but she would never have sex with a man other than me." Zeus sighed in minor disappointment at not being able to get with such awesome young girls. "Either way, if I'm in, I want a petting zoo where people get fucked by male animals... where they can just go to town with those animals... a Heavy Petting Zoo..." Zeus had his own desires that he wanted fulfilled with this park.


Naruto agreed with that easily, and he looked at Odin.

"... This park will need workers... have all the workers wear super skimpy outfits, I'm talking nothing left to the imagination, and that can be my reward for helping out... and you can have sex with them... male customers need satisfaction too." Odin wanted to be able to get a benefit from visiting the park as well. He cared less about bestiality, but he wanted to be able to sink himself balls deep in some hotties.

Only the hottest, sluttiest of sluts at that.

"That sounds like a good idea." Azazel gestured to Odin with a thumbs up. "Of course, we'll need a way to prevent STDs and negative side-" Azazel stopped when Naruto extended his hand, and a magical circle appeared above his palm.

Azazel's eyes lit up in excitement.

Ajuka practically came in his pants when he saw just how complicated the magical circle was, a circle so complicated that he didn't even understand it. Then a small red stone popped out of the center of the circle, a red stone that he had been interested in for a long time.

"Here, use that to make a ton of STD cures. You can have everyone who enters the park drink it before entering, that way there is nothing to worry about. Just dilute the stone in water and you can make a ton of cures, feel free to study it after if you want, I can make as much as I want." Naruto created several dozen more stones and allowed them to fall to the ground. He came inside of Irina and switched to Asia.

He drank a potion to restore his stamina when he noticed that his boner was starting to calm down, he would use as many potions as needed. Since he didn't care about holding himself back nearly as much, he would allow himself to cum once he got each of them to cum several times.

'The Philosopher's Stone... he can mass produce immortality... and he wants to build a theme park instead of sell these stones... a true man that follows his desires, instead of taking the way way.' Ajuka grabbed a couple of stones and studied them up close.

They were perfect down to the last detail.

"Perfect, and how has Mittelt been by the way?"

"She disappears during the day half of the time, but she is useful for testing monsters on." Naruto responded, not even caring that Mittelt was reporting back to Azazel. He had suspected as much anyway, and he had never cared too much.

It wasn't like what he did was something he cared to keep a secret.

"Then lets shake on it." Odin extended his hand to Naruto.

The two shook hands, before Naruto accepted Zeus' hand right after and shook it.

"Can I at least sp-"

"Sure, take a good spank on Irina here." Naruto gave Irina's ass a hard spank in response, and Zeus spanked her right after. With that, Zeus sealed their deal and his agreement.

"Nice ass on her."

"It's her second best feature, after her trained athlete waist." Naruto shook hands with Azazel, followed by Ajuka. He came one final time in Asia as both girls panted to catch their breath, and Naruto himself was out of breath slightly from the effort he had been putting into fucking them. "Damn, that was a good work out." Naruto stood up and saluted the men before him. "I look forward to working with you all."

"I'll fund this and provide workers."

"I have a personal zoo of great beasts to donate, and I've got several gods that will be happy to help with any construction." Zeus reponded after Azazel.

"I'll help with monster creation."

"I'll do whatever else is needed... I hope to make Narutoland a resounding success." Odin spoke as he bowed gracefully to Naruto.

The birth of Narutoland would soon be at hand.

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