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It was anazing to watch Devils, Fallen Angels, Valkyries and Einherjar, and Demi-Gods from the Greek panteon, all working together for a common goal. The construction of a perverted theme park where there could be a ton of things allowed that many of them were excited for. It was easy to see that this might be the hardest that any of these men and women have ever worked in their lives.

"Hey, keep those horses under control!" Zeus shouted to his workers as they got some of the horses riled up. They were currently under the effects of potions that would install in them a desire to breed with humanoid women. They needed to be trained though, that way they could be trusted to not hurt anyone who rode on the ride with them. "... I can't wait to see a Merry-go-round where the horses ride women." Zeus licked his lips at the very thought of what he was going to be able to witness.

Some Valkyries that floated by him gave him a very brief disgusted look for his obvious perversion.

"Pervy old man."

"I like bestiality, it's my fetish!" Zeus didn't even defend himself, he just admitted to what he liked. He was going to make sure that this park was a complete success. He had gods and demi-gods under his control putting all of their effort into building things in the park based on very specific instructions.

-With Naruto, Ajuka, and Azazel-


"Oh yes, this could work."

"Amazing, the results of this will be amazing."

-Back with Zeus and Odin-

"This is the easy part, right now those three are working together to create an army of monsters to work at the theme park. It's a shame that instead of female monsters, we will have to rely on female sluts." Odin could still get behind that, but the only female monsters allowed in the park were those that were not made by Naruto. Since his monsters, more so the female ones, were super fuckers.

It would just be too dangerous to allow those monsters to have access to men, the death count would be a bit too high for them to place a simple warning.

Fuck monster girls at own risk.

"Yeah, I couldn't care less about monster girls. I just want to see all the kinds of monsters that will be born from the women who visit this park." Zeus stated as he gave off a perverted giggle. Not only did he had an unusual fetish, he had a fetish for women giving birth to monsters.

Odin just stared at him.


"Your stare hurts."

"I'm not going to judge your fetish, but I don't understand it either." Odin had to say at least that. He had his own perverted side, which was hard core as well, but he didn't have such specific fetishes. He was just going to have a ton of his Valkyries working at the park, though they would be given the chance to say no to the idea of working here. He was also going to talk with NATURAL born female monsters, and see how many of them would like to visit the park.

Naruto didn't fear female monsters exactly.

Naruto feared his own creations if they were female, due to his own ability to create things amazing sexual appetites. Natural born female monsters were perfectly okay with him, though he still did tend to avoid them to some degree.

"Says the guy who likes Wall Butt Bathroom."

"THAT was a good idea!" Odin had provided the idea of a bathroom that provided semen toilets. Women workers who would allow their butts and legs to stick out of holes in the wall, and you could take a potion that would transform the last potion you drank into semen. That way you could ejaculate the previous potion out of your body. "Semen Toilets, bust a quick nut to negate your last potion, and then enjoy the next potion... it's a good idea."

Zeus nodded.

"It's a great idea... but... other dudes would be cumming inside of the same girl... I don't want my dick touching another dude's jizz."

"You would literally fuck a girl after a bull or horse fucked her."

"Those are animals."

"What is the difference!?" Odin was more disgusted at what turned Zeus on than what turned himself on, though he had to admit a good point was raised. "Anyway, that is why we hire a worker that can clean each girl out between uses. That way we don't run into that particular problem." Odin turned a little red at the cheeks.

Ravel Phenex walked on scene.

She had a notepad in her hands, which had designs for hundreds of rides.

"We're making good progress, over 60% of the rides have already finished construction. Including the House of Mirror Ghosts, and the Tunnel of Vore... that one sounds horrifying." Ravel shivered, because it was just a giant snake monster that had Slime monsters living inside of it. The snake would swallow you, and then you would pass through it's body.

The Filth-Eater Snake, that survived purely off of eating the filth on the bodies of others.

The slimes in it's body would fuck you as you passed through it, before you came out the other end of the snake monster as it sent you down a giant slide and into a pool filled with tentacles that would then also eat the person riding the ride. Finally you would be spat out from the tentacles once the ride was over.

"It really does." Odin and Zeus agreed on that one.

"So young miss-"

"Please don't try and flirt with me, Naruto-sama needs me to remain a virgin, and I have no interest in giving my noble virginity to anything less than him or an extention of him. Just keep your men working according to my instruction... yes?" Ravel pushed a button on her wrist, and a communicator in her ear turned on. "Construction of the Tento-sagge is complete, okay then start on the Bone Eater Ferris Wheel next... send construction Team AY and AZ, and send Teams BA though BF to break." Ravel spoke as she managed the people as they worked.

This was a great idea.

Playing on the perversions and desires of the supernatural to both get an unlimited supply of resources, while also using the magic of those who entered the park to fuel something. Only 2 people knew of the massive magical circle underneath the park, 2 people besides herself and Naruto that was.

The magical circle needed the magical energy of over 1,000,000 different beings in order to activate, and Naruto wouldn't tell her what spell would activate when the magical energies were collected.

"She's a good manager, and Naruto has her not just running construction, but doing marketing and working on public approval numbers... she's doing a great job to get the word out." Odin was both impressed and scared of the brain this girl had on her. She wasn't even a pervert, but she was taking the construction of this park so seriously that her own lack of perverted desire for the park was unneeded.

Zeus nodded.

-With The Science Trio-

"Yes! The Fockerpus is finished, mass produce 5 more and send them to Tento-sagge!"

Over 100 new monsters created in the 2 weeks that they had been working together to make monsters, and each more perverted than the last. Getting the three of them together had been the best idea for allowing them to bounce ideas off of each other.

None of them had left the lab in 2 weeks either.

"Heheheh... this is the most fun I've had in over 200 years." Ajuka didn't even care that he was making fuck monsters, he had never thought of getting into genetic research and creating monsters like this. Now that he had started creating life, it was like an addicting drug to him. He had dark circles under his eyes from his lack of sleep, but he didn't care.

This was worth a dozen light-sleep nights.

"Next up in the Ass-kraken... that name though."

"I like the name, the name stays... an Octopus that has Anal-beads for tentacles, and those beads are actually eggs... brilliant." Naruto shouted as he raised both of his hands in victory. He finally had people he could freely bounce his ideas with, people who KNEW what they were talking about.

He loved Xenovia (not-romantic), but she wasn't his equal in the field of monster creation, and she focused on fighting power over fucking power.

"It seems that we already have over 3,000 women seeking employment sir."

"Don't interrupt our research!" Naruto, Ajuka, and Azazel shouted together as a worker came into the lab and interrupted them.

Ravel appeared out of a magic circle.

She took the list of applicants from the man.

"I'll start interviews instantly, please line them up according to species. We'll start with Western species and most to Eastern after. Please leave the lab." Ravel led the worker out of the lab as she followed behind him.

She had been creating a massive public campain.

Fuck with NO downsides.
A free for all fuck-fest, fuck hot women, fuck hot men, and fuck monsters of all persuasions. Every ride and attraction is designed to bring pleasure and satisfaction.
No worries about pregnancy or STDs, unleash all your pent up desires.
Buy all 4 season passes with a stamp book, and collect all 2,000 stamps to win a Philosopher's Stone.
Immortality is 2,000 Stamps away.

Suffice to say, the idea of getting immortality as the ultimate prize for a perverted park was no small motivator for people of all species to want to join in on visiting the park. She got Naruto to make several thousand stones of the red stones, and he made them without asking any questions, but they were securely located in a vault that only she had access to.

The best part was that it was only possible to get 500 stamps during any 1 season of the year, since the rides were designed to change depending on the season, and the stamps gained through each ride could only be attained during the season that the ride was active.

She did the math as well, it would be VERY HARD for anyone to get access to all 2000 stamps needed to get a stone. She designed it that way that people would need to buy season pass after season pass in order to keep trying every year. It was designed in a way that every year a person could get very close to getting all the stamps, but only the sluttiest of sluts would be able to manage it in a year. Then again, those who managed to get all the stamps were the kind of people who didn't need to be tricked into getting a season pass.

By letting people get close to getting all the stamps, it encouraged them that it was possible, which would make them want to try again.

"Yes... by creating a time limit by season, people will always come back when their favorite ride of the season is back... yes... OHOHOHO!" Ravel laughed with her hand next to her mouth. Naruto had left the financial parts of this to her as well, since he didn't actually care all that much about the money involved so much as the unlimited research materials. Ravel stopped laughing and started to check off the completed rides.

Thanks to Ajuka, Azazel, Odin, and Zeus they were able to hire thousands of workers to run and maintain the park rides and attractions. Hundreds of monsters were being produced to fill in their spots in the park, and once they started to get customers and gain profits, they would expand and hire even more workers.

Ultimate power was HER goal.

To become the one true entertainment monopoly, where no other theme parks could compare. She would continue to be the manager for this park, a manager that would take this park to a level that they would absorb all other parks into themselves.

"Team CS is finished with the Partner Swap Bar."

"Make sure that it is stocked with the potions needed, are the Cuck-King and Cuck-Queen stations finished... if not, then finish them in the next 4 hours. We have a tight schedule to keep up with." Ravel had set a open date and she would make sure that they kept it. She was even keeping Naruto, Ajuka, and Azazel on a tight schedule for monster creation.

Not that they needed her to ride their asses to keep working, they were having the time of their lives staying in that lab.

"Are they still in the lab?" Asia asked as she walked by, carrying trays of food.

"You know it."

"I'll go take them lunch to keep their energy up!"

"What do you mean Pork and the Boblins are fighting!? I don't care if Pork wants to run the front counter, he can have it, but the Boblins have no business leaving the Boblin Cave... they are a unique park of the Boblin Breeding Bitch ride... sorry Asia, I have some Boblins to burn." Ravel summoned her wings and flew off.

"Oh... okay?" Asia tilted her head in confusion.

There was an explosion somewhere in the park, showing that Ravel had just killed a bunch of Boblins. Asia pat Sly on the head when he walked up next to her, wagging his tail and nuzzling up against her like the big puppy that he was.

Now accepting applications.
4,000 Female workers needed.
3,000 Male workers needed.
Shota and Loli-body types encouraged to apply for the Shotacon Cafe and Lolicon Maid Cafe, but will be allowed to apply to other positions if they personally decide to.

"... this is going to be very big." Asia looked at the application that Ravel had dropped when she went flying off, it was just laying there on the ground and she saw the top of it. She also saw lists of thousands of names of people who were already applying to fill the positions in the park that needed a more humanoid touch to them.

By the way, Irina and Mittelt were being put to work testing all of the male applicants to see if they were up to the standard that Naruto set for applicants. While Xenovia and Odin's own assistant Rossweisse were being asked to interview female applicants (using a Futa potion) to make sure they could all take a dick like a champ.

There was a LOT of serious effort and money going into this park to make sure it was a success.

Not to mention tons of magic.

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