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Chapter 2.

It's only been two days since Luz had destroyed the door to the human world and discovered some not-very-cool truths about the Emperor.

She's spent a lot of time in her room since then, just thinking about her mom; the life she's supposed to have just left behind for a summer had now possibly been left behind forever.

Luz shakes herself off as the depressing thoughts surface yet again, and she begins pacing.

"No, no, no! I can't think like that. Like Eda said, this is a world of magic, for crying out loud! There's gotta be some other way to open up the portal back to the human world. And even if there isn't, then we'll make one. I'll get back home, it's just… maybe later rather than sooner…"

She sighs, pausing at her window. She doesn't want to keep thinking about this right now, but she doesn't exactly feel like she wants to go out and galavant around the Boiling Isles again just yet when she knows the Emperor who rules it is a big dangerous jerk. She's stuck wanting to go out and see her friends, and wanting to stay inside and hibernate for a few months.

"Ugh! Why does there always have to be an evil ruler? Why can't there just be fun adventures in another world without all the drama?!"

Luz flops face-down onto her bed and sighs.

It hasn't happened in the past several weeks, but maybe this time when she wakes up, she'll find this had all just been a dream after all…

Since she hadn't been able to go on the trip to visit the Emperor's Castle, Amity had spent the day of the field trip and the day after pouting around her room.

And when Edric and Emira had come in to try and pamper (annoy) her, she'd been immobilized and helpless against them. They'd ruffled her hair and pinched her cheeks and called her adorable for hours on end, to the point where Amity had more or less willed her recovery to speed up tenfold simply so she could escape the suffocation of sibling affection.

Only a few days ago she'd been cleared by the Blight family healer and gotten her cast removed. She's only been to school one day since then, and that had been the day Luz had reassured her and officially welcomed her to join her friend group. Amity still feels like she needs to do something to thank her for that.

"But what?" she asks herself. "What can I do? Should I write her a letter? No… while that is pretty personal, I feel like I wanna see her. O-Or is that just me being selfish? Ugh!" She grabs handfuls of her hair and messes it up, trying to think of alternative methods.

"Maybe I can cast her a spell the next time I see her? N-No! Isn't that too... romantic? Wait- what? Hah! R-Romance? Where did that come from-?!" She slaps both her cheeks as her face starts boiling red, then gives herself a vigorous shake. "Cool it, Blight! How am I ever supposed to survive being around her in general if I can't even be cool when we're miles apart? Oh, I'm doomed… Wah-!"

Her personal aside is suddenly interrupted by a soft hooting sound and the flutter of wings at her window. Amity whirls around to spot a small, familiar owl outside the glass, titling his head. She blinks.

"The Owl Lady's Palisman…?"

She smoothes out her hair and slowly makes her way to the window. The owl doesn't seem to be frantic, so she hopes it isn't any kind of emergency. Amity pushes open the glass and lets the bird inside.

"Hi there. What-?"

Before she can finish, the owl hoots and flies up to her, revealing a rolled paper in his talons. Blinking, Amity opens her palm as he offers it to her. She gently unravels it to read the scratchy handwriting inside:

'Hey there,

Luz could use some cheering up right now, and we think seeing you might do the trick. Stop by if you can.

- The Old Lady'

Amity blinks a second and a third time, still baffled about what she's holding in her hands and reading.

"The Owl Lady wrote me a letter… about Luz? Luz needs cheering up? A-And they want me to go see her…?" A rush of both concern and happiness floods through her in a split second, but she quickly pushes it down. "No! I can't get ahead of myself. This was just a generic letter. It wasn't even addressed to me. It was probably meant for Willow."

She turns back to the owl on her windowsill for confirmation. But he just gives her a compelling and very certain stare. There was no doubt in his mind that he'd delivered the letter to the correct person.

Amity looks down at the paper, then back up again.

"R-Really…? Me? They want me to go see Luz…?" Saying the words out loud again finally makes her realize their meaning. She gasps. "Th-They want me to go see Luz! B-Because she's upset? Luz is upset? I-I'll go! I'm coming right now!"

Stuffing the letter into her dress pocket, she charges determinedly toward the window, fully prepared to jump out headfirst to get going as quickly as possible-

Until she looks down from the second story of the mansion and sees just how far down the drop is.

"Yeeaaah… Maybe jumping out of a window when I only just got my cast off wouldn't be the best idea… Gosh, that was impulsive. Luz is really rubbing off on me."

The Palisman hoots again, then transforms into a hovering staff. Amity nods.

"Yeah, that seems like a much better option."

She jumps on, and the staff takes her soaring off the property, across the forests, and toward the Owl House.

She tries to steel herself for when she'll have to talk to the bird tube at the door, but by some miracle the staff brings her straight to a window on the second floor instead.

"Oh! I guess since the Owl Lady gave me permission, I don't need to go through the front door."

Amity leans forward on the staff, peering into the window. She sees a nightstand and a human phone sitting there. She gasps.

"W-Wait! Is this Luz's room?! You're just taking me straight to her?! I-I'm not ready yet!" She flounders and fidgets on the staff, trying to fix her hair and her clothes and let the heat drain from her face. Thankfully, the staff waits patiently for her. When she's ready, she draws in a deep breath that only gets stuck in her throat a little.

"Okay… let's do this."

The staff brings her closer to the window as she tries to plan out things to say to Luz.

"Just be cool. Should I tell her the Owl Lady sent me? Well, I guess that's kind of obvious since I'm with her Palisman. B-But what do I even say? All I know is that Luz needs some cheering up, but from what? Did something happen on the trip to the Emperor's Castle or- wah!"

The staff has now brought her almost directly against the glass. Amity swallows and reaches out shakily to knock.

On the inside, Luz hears the sound of hesitant tapping and lifts herself up from her pillow.

"Oh man, Hooty, I really don't-" But her jaw drops when she actually looks out her window to see a very different visitor. Luz's jaw drops. "Amity?!" She rushes forward, opens the window for her, and leans out a bit. "Amity… and you're with Owlbert? What are you doing here?"

Amity opens her mouth, coaching herself to give a calm, clear, and cognitive response.


Nailed it.

Luz blinks at her, and Amity blinks back. After a moment of blinking back and forth in silence, Luz finally offers out her hand.

"Well since you're here, you wanna come in?"

Amity grips the staff in a panic.

"I- what? C-Come in? To your room? With you-?" Her voice gets tangled up and dies in her throat, and every thought in her head and every ounce of self-control she ever thought she had go out the window - maybe literally.

But in contrast, Luz just nods, cracking a genuine smile as she continues holding out her hand.

Amity grips the staff harder so she won't fall off, but after another moment she finally manages to breathe. She reaches out for Luz's hand, and even though she's shaking, Luz's grip is firm and steady.

Luz gives her a tug and Amity hops off the staff, over the ledge of the windowsill-

-and straight into Luz's arms.

"Wah-!" She yelps softly, not sure if this was intended or not. Even if it was an accident, Amity certainly isn't complaining.

No, you dummy! You're not here for you right now! You're here for Luz!

As the staff flies off back to its master downstairs, Amity remains frozen in Luz's embrace for a few seconds, still trying to process everything while her brain is several seconds behind.

"S-Sorry-" she wheezes.

But Luz pulls back with an honest smile.

"Sorry? Why are you sorry?"

Luz's hands are still on Amity's shoulders, and she's smiling, and she's really close-

"I… have no idea."

Luz bursts out chuckling.

"You're such a card, Amity!"

"A card? What-"

"It's an expression."

"You humans sure do have a lot of those..."

"It means you're funny!" Luz explains with a giggle.

Amity's not sure if her heart stops or just beats so quickly that she can't feel it anymore. She has no clue of what to say or do now that she's here.

"So?" Luz asks. "Why are you here? Why were you with Owlbert?"

Amity hadn't been able to decide if she should tell Luz the truth or not, if she should reveal that the Owl Lady had sent for her because she was worried about Luz. But Amity sees no point in lying, and she doesn't want to anyway. Not to Luz.

"Well," she begins, shuffling her shoes a bit. "The Owl Lady sent me a letter…"

"Eda did?" Luz blinks. "About what?"

"J-Just that I should stop by if I had the time." Amity looks at the floor, then musters up enough courage to look up into Luz's eyes again. She chokes just a little bit. "A-And also… I wanted to come… I was actually thinking of an excuse to come see you anyway, and then the Palisman showed up and then-"

"Aww, you wanted to come see me?" Luz beams. "Why's that?"

Amity clams up and turns pink.

"J-Just to, uh… a-ask about the field trip…? What'd I miss?"

But she realizes that was the wrong thing to say. Luz's smile fades immediately, like a light snuffed out by shadow. Her gaze drops to the floor.

"Oh… w-well a lot happened, actually…"

Amity feels as though she's just been struck in the stomach. The dismay of making Luz lose her smile because of something she had said makes her feel sick.

"I-I'm sorry!" she says frantically. "Th-That's not what I-! Y-You don't have to tell me about it! Honest! I don't care, Luz! Let's talk about something else then, okay?" Amity reaches out to take both of Luz's hands in hers, squeezing them gently. Luz looks back up to her and shakes herself off.

"Sorry," she mumbles. "It's just that… a lot happened. Like… a lot a lot. I'll tell you about it, Amity. Just… maybe not today."

"Of course!" Amity yelps, a bit too loudly that her voice actually cracks on the pitch. She slaps a hand to her mouth and blushes. Luz giggles.

Amity sighs, relieved she hadn't made things irreversibly worse. She reels her voice in, back to its normal tone and squeezes Luz's hands again.

"Tell me whatever you want, whenever you want, Luz. Or don't tell me anything ever. Whatever's best for you, okay?"

Luz smiles wider.

"Thanks, Amity. But I'll tell you soon! You're one of the only people I'd trust with this."

Amity smiles back.

"I'm really glad to hear that. But until then… is there anything I can do to help…?"

Luz thinks it over for a moment. "Hm… then maybe a little bit of this-?" She opens her arms and pulls Amity into another hug. Amity flails her hands a bit before attempting to return it.

"O-Oh, these things? Th-The hug things-?"

"Yeah. They help a lot when you've got a lot on your mind." Luz sighs, resting her chin on Amity's shoulder. "Unless you don't like it. If you don't-"

"N-No!" Again, Amity half-shrieks the word. "I-I mean I do! I mean, I don't not like them-! I mean-!"

Luz bursts out chuckling again.

"Right! You said the same thing last time!"

Amity is just thankful that Luz can't see her blushing right now, though she can probably feel it.

After a moment, Luz takes a step back, still wearing a smile.

"Thanks, Amity."

"H-Hold on a second." Amity steels herself again, drawing in another deep breath, trying to be serious about this. "You just… 'hugged' me, right?"

"Huh? Yeah."

"B-But wouldn't it be better if… I 'hugged' you?"

Luz blinks.

"I mean, sure. That'll work. If you wanna."

"I do!" Amity pipes. "I definitely do! I mean, not that much, but-! Um…"

Luz just keeps on smiling, waiting patiently for her to figure herself out. Amity straightens up.

"Okay! Here I go! Prepare yourself, Luz."

"Pfff, are you gonna hug me or suplex me?"


"Nothing!" Luz grins and takes a step back. "Ready when you are!"

Amity freezes when she actually realizes what she's just signed herself up to do. But it's fine. It's normal in the human world. Luz has probably had thousands of 'hugs' before…

Thinking as much starts to dishearten her a little.

"It… might not be very good…" Amity confesses.

Luz just shrugs.

"Fine by me! And besides, it's not like there's a competition or anything! I'll love any hug if it's from you, Amity!"

Idiot. If she keeps saying stuff like that, Amity's just going to pass out before she can even give her a hug…

Amity draws in a few more deep breaths to get ahold of herself.

"Okay. Here I go. For real this time."


Amity finally takes a step closer to her now. Luz is just standing there normally, but somehow knowing what she's about to do makes Amity a flustered flushing mess all over again.

All at once, she closes her eyes and opens her arms and folds them around Luz's shoulders, pulling her in tightly. But then she gets worried it's too tight, so she loosens her hold a little. But then that feels too loose so she tightens it just a little bit more.

Luz chuckles.

"What am I, a stress ball?"


"Nothing! I like your hugs, Amity! They're different from anyone else's!"


"Yeah!" Luz opens her arms too and hugs Amity right back. Amity feels herself turning red again, so she clings tighter to hide the blush.

"So… it's not horrible…?"

"What? What are you talkin' about? It's great, Amity! You're a fantastic hugger! I feel so much better already. Honest!"

Amity's heart flutters; she's getting used to that.

"Th-Then… should I keep going…?"

"Sure! If you want. I sure wouldn't mind…" Luz sighs, slouching against her classmate a little bit and closing her eyes. She's more than willing to let Amity take her mind off of things for now.

And Amity is more than willing to keep hugging her if Luz likes it so much; that makes two of them.

The two witches stay locked in a long, tight hug for a few minutes, long enough for even Amity to start relaxing a little. Luz herself hadn't realized how badly she'd needed a hug right now. She'll have to thank Eda later for sending Amity to come see her, because Amity was just the person she'd wanted a hug from the most, it seems.

But they've been standing for a while now, so Luz slowly brings Amity over to sit down on the edge of her bed with her. Amity, thinking she did something wrong somehow, quickly detaches herself with a gasp.

"I-I'm sorry! Should I stop now?"

"Only if you want to!"

"A-Are you sure?"

"Yeah! You're fine, Amity." Luz grins again and opens her arms invitingly.

Amity exhales as slowly as possible.

This is bad. If Luz keeps letting me hug her, I might never let go…

Amity would have no complaints, though.

So she hugs her again, wondering if Luz feels the same kind of warmth she does. She must be doing something right though, because Luz keeps making little giggling sounds.

Luz really is glad Amity had come, and she really does love her hugs. She conveys her gratitude with another squeeze around her friend's back.

Amity smiles, so glad she could be of some help to Luz during a difficult time...

And then, something happens.

Amity can't really explain what it is. It almost feels like a tiny thorn-prick in her side where Luz touches her, only… it doesn't hurt. It's light, sort of, but it still sends a prickle through her whole body.

She can't help but react on reflex at the unfamiliar feeling. Gasping, she pulls away suddenly, breaking the hug. Luz is startled too and lets go of her right away.

"Amity? Are you okay?"

Amity looks down at her side, to the source of the odd feeling.

"I… I think so? I'm not sure…"

"What's wrong?" Luz's voice grows heavy with concern. "I-I didn't hug you too hard, did I? Did I hurt you?"

"N-No, no! Definitely not!" Amity wants to banish any thought that might dissuade Luz from hugging her again. "It didn't hurt! It just… I don't know what it was. But it's gone now."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Sorry." Amity sighs. "I'm supposed to be trying to make you feel better, not worry you more, Luz."

"It's okay! I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

"I'm fine. Are you?"



They stare at each other, then blink. There's a smile and an unspoken mutual agreement for another hug. Both witches open their arms again and hold tight.

But the strange thing happens a second time. Again, it stems from the spot where Luz's fingers touch her side, and again Amity gasps. Luz frowns and moves back.

"Okay, I think we're done with hugs."

"N-No!" Amity whimpers. "I-It didn't hurt, I swear!"


"I'm serious! I-It was almost like… I-I don't know… nice? S-Sort of? I can't explain it. I've… never felt it before…"

Luz makes a pensive expression for a second, putting a hand to her chin.

"Hmm… did it only happen when I touched you?"


"Where did you feel it?"

Amity touches her side.

"Around here."

"Hmm… Mind if I try something?"

"Huh? Sure, b-but what?"

"Liiiike this!" Luz pokes her index finger lightly into Amity's side. Instantly, Amity jolts and lets out a yelp of a laugh.

"Hah-!" Blushing, she quickly covers her mouth. "S-Sorry! I-I don't know what-"

"Oh, Amity, that's too cute!"

"I… beg your pardon…?"

Luz busts out laughing, holding her sides as she tries to get ahold of herself.

"Aha! Oh my gosh! Miss Amity Blight-" she says bemusedly. "It is my great pleasure to inform you that you are ticklish."

"I'm… what…?" Amity shakes her head. "Is that some kind of human thing? A disease? Is it contagious?"

"Hah! Well sort of, but not in the way you're thinking! Not in a bad way! But it is true that only someone else can tickle you. You can't do it to yourself."

Amity is at a complete loss.

"You're not making any sense."

"Then allow me." Luz holds up her finger again. "May I?"

"I… guess so…?"

So Luz pokes her again - and again, Amity squeaks with laughter. Her face reddens even more as she covers her mouth, while Luz is sent into another spiral of laughter.

"H-How did you do that?" Amity demands. "What is that-? Witchcraft? Humancraft?"

"Like I said!" Luz grins. "You're just ticklish!"

"Is that bad?"

"No way!" Luz tries to contain her giggles and give a decent explanation. "Oh man, how do I describe tickling to someone who's never been tickled? Uh… it's like… it's a funny feeling you get when someone else pokes you or touches you a certain way! Different people are ticklish in different places. It's suppose to make you laugh!"

"…Then why are you the one who keeps laughing?"

"That's just because you're so cute!"

"Wha- huh-?"

"Cuz you've never been tickled before!" Luz elaborates. "So you don't know how to react to it! It's adorable!" Luz goes off laughing again, and Amity watches her, completely smitten.

"You're adorable…" she mutters back.



Luz just keeps grinning at her, and Amity can't even be mad about it because she's so cute.

"Soooo~" Luz leans in a little closer. "Do you want me to really tickle you?"

Amity just gives her a more puzzled look.

"You already did… didn't you?"

"Oh, Amity, Amity, Amity," Luz shakes her head. "That was only the beginning. The appetizer to the four-course meal!"

"Wait, now we're going to eat?"

"No, uh, never mind! What I mean is, that was just a single poke! You've never experienced a real tickle fight before!"

"A fight?" Amity frowns. "But… I don't wanna fight you, Luz."

"No! Agh-! Why are all the human phrases so misleading?!" Luz face-palms and tries to word it more accurately. "We won't actually be battling. It doesn't mean we're mad at each other or anything." When she gives the explanation, Amity becomes visibly relieved, and Luz just barely resists the urge to hug her again.

She really is too cute.

"Listen," she goes on. "A tickle fight just means… well, why don't I just show you?"

"Huh? Here?" Amity frets. "If it's a fight - like a witches' duel - shouldn't we do it outside? What if your room gets destroyed?"

"Don't worry! It's not that kind of fight!" Luz assures her, lifting both hands up in preparation to pounce.

Amity slowly leans back.

"Th-Then what-"

"Aaaannd Luz-Attack!"

"What- Luz-?!" Amity shrieks as Luz suddenly tackles her back onto the bed. She doesn't even have time to be stunned enough to turn into a blushing mush of jello before she feels Luz's hands on her sides.

Luz wiggles her fingers, and all the weirdest but warmest sensations shoot through Amity's stomach all at once. It feels like worms or vines or fish flopping around inside her. But somehow, it feels kind of... nice.

She has no hope of stopping the laughter that swells up in her chest and bursts from her mouth. It's such an odd sound, something so unfamiliar to her, that she doesn't even realize it's coming from her own two lips. She giggles and shrieks uncontrollably, and she can't do anything else.

"Wha- w-wait! L-Luz! Wh-What is this-? Eep!"

Luz can't stop grinning. Her face hurts from it.

"Amity! I didn't know you could laugh this much!"

"M-Me either!"

"You're so cute!"


Luz just laughs again and continues tickling her, causing Amity to roll around helplessly as the new sensations take over her. Amity goes from giggling to yelping to squeaking - all the cutest sounds Luz has ever heard in her life.

"Who knew-?" she teases. "That the distinguished Amity Blight could laugh like this? So unhinged! So unrefined!"

"H-Hey! You ambushed me!"

"You let me!"

"…Aha-!" Amity can't think of a response quickly enough before she's rendered helpless by another bout of giggles. "N-No fair! H-How do I even defend like this-?" She shrieks with another trill of laughter, and Luz chuckles as she continues tickling her.

"It's no use!" she declares. "Not even the strongest magic can ever hope to combat the power of tickling!"

"W-Wait! Is there really no counter-spell? Eeeep!" Amity rolls over onto her side, hugging herself as more giggles bubble up. "It's true… my energy's being drained… wh-what kind of spell is this…?"

"I told you, it's not a spell! It's a tickle fight!"

Amity can't get another word in now as Luz continues. All she can do is thrash around and squeak. The more Amity laughs, the more Luz laughs.

"It's contagious, all right; the laughter, that is!"

They continue on like that for a few minutes, with Luz poking her every chance she gets while smoothly avoiding Amity's reflexive kicks and swipes. Amity's turned cherry-red, and her laughs are still as cute as the first, even if they are getting a little weaker now.

Amity feels her energy being sapped away because of the fight. Her face is burning and her stomach hurts from laughing so much. It feels super nice, but it's also super embarrassing, but she's also super happy…

"L… Luz…" When Amity opens her eyes again she feels tears in them, but she isn't sad at all.

Luz hears her breathless plea and stops wiggling her fingers.

"Oh, man…"

"Luz…" Amity gasps. "I… I think I'm dying…"

"Oh, nononono!" Luz quickly moves off of her and sits aside. "I'm sorry! I went waaaay overboard, Amity! I was just having so much fun and you were being so adorable I couldn't help myself! You're not dying - this is normal! I promise! Just take it easy!"

At the very least, Amity is relieved to hear that this is a normal result from a tickle fight. But she's so drained she can't even sit up, so she just has to lay there. On Luz's bed. With Luz sitting right next to her, watching her with those stupidly-cute brown eyes of hers…

Amity was already breathless enough as it is, but now she stops breathing altogether.


"Amity? Hey, stay with me, girl!" Luz shakes her shoulders gently. "Oh geez, what have I done? Way to go, Luz! First time tickling your friend and it's gonna result in a hospital visit! Eda-!"

"Wait…" Amity wheezes, peeking one eye open. "I'm okay…"

"Amity! Oh, thank goodness you didn't pass out!"

"Not yet…"

"Yeah that's my bad…" Luz scratches her head sheepishly. "I'm really sorry. I got carried away."

In spite of her exhaustion and her bashfulness, Amity manages a smile.

"But… you were having fun, right?"

Luz perks up and smiles back.

"Yeah! It was a lot of fun! Especially to hear you laugh, Amity! B-But I'm done now! No more! So just take some recovery time, okay?"

Amity does as Luz suggests, closing her eyes and breathing manually for a minute. And little by little she does feel her strength coming back.

Luz sits with her hands on her knees like a chastised child until Amity finally gets her bearings and opens her eyes again.

"Amity? Are you okay? I'm so sorry-"

"Luz-" Amity sits herself up and smoothes out her hair and clothes. She puts a hand on Luz's shoulder and smiles. "You don't need to apologize. I'm just glad you were having fun."

"But you're right. That was kind of unfair. You couldn't really defend yourself like that…"

"Oh, don't you worry," Amity smirks. "I intend to master the art of Human Tickling now that I know it exists. One of these days I'll challenge you to a rematch."

Luz perks up again.


"Absolutely. As top student at Hexside, I can't let some human girl best me in a fight, now can I?" She smiles, nudging Luz good-naturedly. Luz chuckles.

"Yeah! That's right!"

"Wait until Ed and Em try to coddle me again," Amity mutters. "I'll show them a thing or two. They'll never see it coming."

"Uh, Amity?"

"R-Right! Sorry." Amity shakes away the thoughts of revenge for now. "A-Anyway… are you feeling any better, Luz?"

"Pfff, who me? First I get to be the one who receives your first-ever hug, and then I get to hear you laugh like a little kid? Amity, I'm feelin' awesome!" Luz opens her arms wide and squishes her into another big hug.

And though Amity hasn't stopped blushing for a second since she'd arrived here outside the window, she's also never felt better, or warmer. She's been getting more confident with these hugs as of late, so now she returns one to Luz with full force.

"I'm glad, Luz. I-If there's ever anything you need, o-or if you just need someone to talk to-"

"I know," she murmurs. "Thanks, Amity. I really mean it."

Amity sighs, glad she's gotten her point across.

The two witches stay in their hug for a few more minutes, just enjoying the feeling and the comfort of it. It's something they're both getting really used to now with each other.

At last Luz eases back, knowing that Amity never would, so she has to be the one to do it.

"So," she grins. "Care to join me downstairs for tea? I'll teach you aallll about the best tickling techniques!"

Amity blushes all over again.

"Sure. I'd love that."

"Great! Let's go!"

Luz jumps up from the bed and takes Amity by the hand, pulling her to her feet and twirling with her once.

Then, the two witches head downstairs together, giggling all the while.

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