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Title: Sleepover (Raven x Male Reader Lemon)

Summary: (WARNINGS: OOC, Extreme Sex Scene, and Language)

Summary: When you and your girlfriend Raven decides to have a Sleepover, and things go crazy when you may have accidentally caused her to mess up on a spell resulting the purple haired girl to get arousal because of the screwed up spell. Now Y/n and Raven either wait til it goes away? or let the messed up spell entice them to explore the consequences?

(Yes I know the summary is bad just read the lemon lol)


Hello guys again, here welcome to Sleepover! I thought of this late at night so sorry if it's bad hehe but if you can't tell from the title this is a lemon. Between the best Waifu ever Raven from TT. This one shot/lemon doesn't really revolve around the titans tower but it has a small part. Hope you guys enjoy. ;)

Pairing: Raven x Male Reader

Warnings!: Hardcore Sex scene, Cursing, and OOC (Since raven might seem out of place because she is horny and all she got on mind is reliving herself with her boyfriends help)

Please remember Y/n is Your Name, place your name there :)

~000 000~

/Day after the Sleepover/

-Titans Tower-

/just decided to make a small part for the tower after the result of the fun sleepover Raven had with her Boyfriend ;)/

Raven just gave a blank stare, as her fellow friends watched as she walked inside the titans tower with a very noticeably limp in her steps as she just stares at them not saying anything til beast boy spoke up.

Beast Boy: Sup RaeRae, something happened to your leg? *points at her legs, as he looks at her.*

Raven just gave him her signature look, as she gave a sigh.

Raven: There Fine.

Star and Robin gave her a look, as Kori gave a light giggle as Dick blushed slightly.

Star(Kori): *goes over to her friend and pokes her cheek smiling big* Sure You and Y/n didn't have any fun while you were to the gone?

Raven eyes widened as a light blush spread across her cheeks and she looks away with an annoyed look on her face.

Raven: None of your concern Star! *maybe she said that a little to loud and in a squeal kind of voice* I'm not telling.

Cyborg pulls the pink haired girl away, as he looks at raven and scans her with his robot eye as Raven gasped and she glares and hits him with her overnight bag.

Cyborg: Yo! Raven don't gotta hit! *rubbing his head where she hit him at* we're just worried your limp looks pretty bad.

Robin pushed the big cyborg away and looks at Raven. As he gave her a reassuring smile and she just gave a small smile.

Robin: *grabs her shoulders and smiles* Guys leave Raven alone we all know she got some cock last night.

Raven eyes went wide as dinner plates and she glares at her friends and she mutters. As they tried to get away but it was to late.

Raven: *angrily stares at her friends* Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

Before they could do anything, Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg and Robin mouths became duck taped Shut with black magic wraps as she made them sit on the couch and placed her hands on her hips.

Raven: *proud of her work* Now, you guys sit and behave I'm going to take a nice hot bath. *walks to the bathroom of the titans tower as she remembers the night of passion with her boyfriend at their - sleepover.

Day of Sleepover

Y/n's POV

I couldn't be more excited! My girlfriend Raven decided to come over to my place and spend the night with me, Yes a Sleepover and I didn't care calling it that just to have Raven my reserved girlfriend spend the night with me was just great. Making sure the house was clean to my liking, I started to get things prepared since this was her first sleepover and I wanted it to be perfect for her first time. Finishing up, I waited til Raven came sitting in front of the tv on my couch my ears perked up when the doorbell rang followed by knocking I quickly jumped up noting I almost tripped over my coffee table going to the door. Opening it, my gorgeous girlfriend stood holding an overnight bag, as she was in skinny jeans that hugged her curves, a dark purple sweater that also hugged her upper half and I couldn't help but blush as she looks at me.

Raven: Earth to Y/n? Hello? *snaps fingers in his face, as Y/n snaps out of it.*

Y/n: *looks at her, and rubs behind his head* Sorry babe come on in. *moves aside as raven walks passed him* You look cute.

Raven smiles Thank you, Y/n. So, what are we going to do at this sleepover?" I watched as Raven sits on the couch, and looks at me. (Writing like that sucks ugh)

I smiled, as I'd walked over to my purple haired girlfriend and sat next to her. "Well we can either watch some movies, or eat. It's almost 7 o clock, so we still got the night." I responded to her question, she looks at me and smiles.

"While you get things prepared I'll just meditate make some spells on the way to keep me occupied." She says and I smiled getting up from the couch, quickly kissing her cheek I went into the kitchen and started to make us something to eat.

Raven's POV

I waited til my boyfriend went into the kitchen to take out my spell book, crossing my legs I started to levitate from the couch and closed my eyes. Just thinking of Y/n and Me's relationship I couldn't help but think of something else in mind, something lustful.

I tried to not think of it, but my mind just kept going back to those thoughts. His hands on me, his sweet lips on my body, and my moans of pleasure of his touches and kisses upon my sweaty body. I could t help it I grabbed my spell book from my side and flipped through it trying to find a spell to get rid of my lustful thoughts about Y/n. Finding it pretty quickly I started to preform the spell hoping not to get interrupted as it was slowly coming to an end, my eyes went wide when I felt Y/n's hand on my shoulder knocking me out my concentration I heard a snap and I knew I screwed up the spell.

"Did I catch you at a ba-ha?!"

Before, Y/n could finish I started to shake him. "Yes, Yes you did interrupt me at a bad time! The spell I was doing it got screwed up because you took me out of concentration. So, I really don't know the consequences of it getting screwed up." I say with one breathe, and Y/n looks at me.

"I'm sorry, Rae I didn't mean too. Well, on a good note I got our food done." I couldn't stay mad at him as I smiled nodding and we went to the kitchen to eat.

~An Hour Later~

Still Raven's POV

Me and Y/n was cuddled up on the couch watching some cheesy horror movie as I laid on his chest as he held me, and I had to say it was a pretty funny horror movie. But that all changed when I felt as though my body became on fire! Especially at my lower reigns, I tried to ignore it but it only grew hotter and I squeezed my legs tightly together feeling my panties getting wet, and I tried my damnest to not make to many sudden movements to alert Y/n. But it didn't last long.

Y/n looked at me with an raised eyebrow. "Raven? Are you okay?" He asked, at my flushed face and legs rubbing together and squeezing tightly.

"Y-Yeah? Why wouldn't I-I Ah~?" I quickly covered my mouth hearing that sweet moan escape my lips, and Y/n chuckles. "Did this horror movie make you horny?" He teased me. and I glared making daggers at him.

"I think it's something to due with the spell being messed up." I said hinting at the 'messed' up part, and he mentally rubs his neck.

"So, from that it made you arousal?" He asked, I nodded and another moan escaped my lips the unbearable heat between my legs was growing worser and I felt wet building up in my pajama shorts.

"Y/n Ah I Ahh need you~" I breathed out in a voice, as Y/n nods and pulls me into a kiss, as I straddled his waist his hands roaming over my body.

Normal POV

The two lovers laid on the couch, there lips in a fierce battle showing dominance as Y/n's hands roamed down the curvy body of his girlfriend the arousal beauty ontop of him moaning from the slight soft touches of his hands on her burning body. Raven couldn't help but pull from the heating kiss as soft pants escaped her mouth before they lips crashed again, Y/n's hands found her hips and lifted her as he flips them being on top his growing bulge rubbed against her smoldering clothed p*ssy as Raven body arched off the couch from the sudden touch as she lets a squealed moan escape her partly opened lips.

"You're so sexy, Raven~" Y/n said with such a husky voice as it sent her over the edge as she gasped biting her lip and her legs crossed she wasn't going to cum she had to fight it. Y/n smirks at her as he started to rub her clothed p*ssy as Raven moans blushing furiously her face red. Y/n kept rubbing and pushing against the heated warmth evening through panties and pajama shorts the heat down there was overwhelming but the look of pleasure, and wanting to beg for her boyfriend to ease the heat in her lower regions were plastered over her flushed face- but he wanted to tease.

Slowly, Y/n pulls away the pajama shorts nice and slow enjoying the soft moan from his girlfriend he eye her dark purple panties a big wet spot of wetness coating the fabric in thick p*ssy juices he rubs right above her clit looking at her with lustful eyes as Raven lets out a scream of pleasure at the touch, Y/n couldn't help but rub in slow circulation movements against the sensitive clitoris as his girlfriend squirms and moans in pleasure. "Ahh n-Ngnn Yes haa Y-y/n please stop teas-Ahhh~!" She yells out in pleasure as Y/n pushed into her clitoris roughly loving the reactions he received smirking he couldn't help but rub softly and enjoy the sweet moans til he forcefully rubbed harshly against it sending her over the edge as he felt more wetness come from her p*ssy as she had squirted from his touching as she laid there panting heavily, Y/n looks at her oozing juices from her panties going down her thighs as he kissed her as he removes the soiled panties and pulls away holding them above her.

"See~ look at this mess you made~" He says as her panties were wet dripping wet as her cum smelled lingered as he rubs her inner thighs enlightening a soft mewl from her as he set the panties down on the cluttered coffee table. Y/n picks his girlfriend up and carries her to his bedroom as Raven cling to his neck her p*ssy juices were still dripping from her as the heat was getting more unbearable. Making, it to his bedroom he threw the girl onto his bed as Raven landed on the mountain of pillows with a soft grunt sound as Y/n didn't take much time to strip her of her pajama top and proceeded to take off his shirt showing off his muscles as Raven cheeks turns more bright red as she let her hands roam his upper body and she felt her p*ssy tingle and she bit back a moan as she grasp his lips with a kiss as Y/n runs his hands down her back and gripped her breast as raven lets out a moan of pleasure. They proceeded to kiss for a few moments. Saliva connecting the two after the intense kiss broke off. Y/n smirks at his flustered girlfriend.

"Y-you're Ah enjoying this too much." She shivers, as Y/n chuckles and grabs her hand and kissed her hand. "Yes, my sexy girlfriend." He says as they kissed and touched each other as moments passed the room filled with Ravens moans of ecstasy as Y/n ate her out hungrily his tongue lapping at her pink walls her p*ssy giving off a sweet scent and taste as he grabbed her thick thighs slurping and licking her as Raven screams grabbing his hair and she arched her back her legs spreading wide around his head as her head lower back and she shivers.

"Ahhh Yes Y/n~ haaaa~ Ngnn!" Her voice shuttered and shook as she pushed him in deeper his thumb and forth finger punishing her clitoris as it sent the purple head over the edge screaming his name in pleasure as she falls against his bed as Y/n licks her smoldering hot p*ssy clean of her sweet essence he sits up on his knees as he tugged down his pants and a dent was in his boxers. And like bees on honey Ravens hand grasped at his boxers as she felt her lower half burn wanting his cock but she felt a hand grasp her wrist and she looks at her boyfriend lust clouding her eyes as he pulled her into a kiss. Which he took happily.

"In due time. I deserve some pleasure." He says in a husky voice as he talked this way she couldn't help but grow wetter as she nods and Y/n laid against the pillows as Raven sat between his legs and she hungrily stared at the big bulge of her boyfriends cock through the fabric that she wanted most to please her lower regions was right in her face as she pulls his boxers down and seconds a big, hard pulsing 10 inch cock stood straight up in the air proud as Raven looks at the monster cock as her eyes wandered around the veins and it pulsating as the musk coming from it enticing her more.

Y/n smirks as he watched her glassy lust filled eyes look over his cock as he encouraged her. "Go ahead~ don't be scared." He says as Raven slowly licks the underside of the musk smelling cock as her eyes closed and she works her hot moist tongue around the hard cock as her boyfriend moans filled her ears to keep her going as she takes the cock into her wet cavern as she bobs her head up and down and the musk going up her nose as she lets her fingers slide down her hot body rubbing against her labia as she moans sending vibrations around his cock. Y/n growls at the pleasure and grabs her head and forced her head all the way down his length his hips thrusting upwards as he grabs fistful of her dark purple hair. Ravens jaw slacked as slurps, gags and wet noises echoed throughout the room as Y/n's moans, grunts and pants of pleasure mixed with the sounds as he came with a yell his hot white essence shot inside her mouth as Raven lips closed to not drop any of the sweet, and salty release of her boyfriend pulling away with a Pop her boyfriend leans down and kissed her deeply not caring about the aftertaste of his own release.

Raven pulls away with an exhausted sigh of her hips the heat still burning between her legs as he smiles and looks at her.

"You deserve it~?" He asked in a teasing matter, as Raven nods her head as she was practically begging him to take her right now, she hated the torture her boyfriend was giving her. Maybe he had planned this? Her thoughts were interrupted as she felt a sting and she knew she had been spanked for not answering him fast enough as she felt her head be lifted up to see that wide smirk on his face his hand still firmly grasping her burning red asscheek. "I'm not going to repeat myself~ do you deserve it~?"

Raven nodded her head frantically. "P-please~ Y/n I can't take this A-Ah anymore~" She begs, as she looks at her boyfriend his smirk growing more as he flips them over and pins her down and he nods.

"Your begging is so cute~ I think you deserve this~" He sits up on his knees as he reached in the bedside drawer and pulls out a condom as Raven watched impatiently as she was dripping wet as he took it out and placed it on he rubs it against her as he watched her thick luscious essence coat the latex and he felt his thick cock enter her welcoming p*ssy as Raven eyes rolled back and she arched her back. "Ahh~!" He slides inside her as he pressed firmly against her womb and he started to thrust as he placed his hands on either side of her head. Not evening moving in a fast or bruising pace was Raven already a mess of moans, under him as her legs wrapped tightly around him.

"Ahhh haaa Ngnn~ Y/n~!" She moans as Y/n started to quicken his pace as he used one hand to grasp her hip in hand as his cock Plummet into her hot womanhood.

Y/n couldn't help but moan as he looks at his girlfriends face the red flush on her cheeks, the sweat glistening off her curvy body and the bounce of her breast as he thrusted the sounds of skin on skin echoed in the room along with her screams, pants and moans from Raven. The couple released at the same time, as Y/n didn't stop thrusting into his girlfriend. Her sweet moans and screams of pleasure ringing in his ears as he holds her waist tightly his own sweaty body dancing against her own as she has her arms wrapped tightly around his neck as he pushed straight passed her wound as her screams of pleasure and skin slapping echoed and mixed music to they ears.

After hours of love making, Raven arms hung around tiredly against his shoulders as she lets out scream of pleasure and calls of his name. Y/n released again inside of her hot p*ssy as he kissed his panting and out of breathe girlfriend lovingly Raven legs fell down his sides as she smiles tiredly at him. In seconds the once burning heat of her vagina was now the regular heated temperature, her eyes were half lidded as Y/n captured her lips in a passionate and heated kiss as his soft cock slipped from her and he grabs the condom the fifth one he had used during there sex he tossed it away as he laid beside her, Raven instantly cuddling his side as she smiles at him tiredly as a yawn escaped her lips.

"I think I like this slumber party thing." She says her fingers tracing his sweaty coated chest. As Y/n lets out a low grumble in pleasure from the touch out his chest as he wraps his arm around her own sweaty body.

"Yeah same." He says as he looks over at the sleeping dark haired girl in his arm as he shakes his head and kissed her forehead pulling the cover over them as he shuts the lights out.

"I'm so happy I interrupted that spell..." he says in a whisper smirking deviously to himself as he fell asleep. Mission Accomplished.

~000 000~

Hi Guys! Man this took a while to make but I love it! Though I did think of not writing this anymore but I ruffed it through and here's this.

I hardly write X Male Reader stories but I hope to do a lot more of these maybe you guys can request some things! I hope the Sex Scene was graphic and extreme enough. I never ever made a detailed lemon scene before so hope you guys like it.

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