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Timeframe: The Harry Potter part of the storyline in the prologue takes place forty years in the past in the year 1967 of Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Eileen Snape nee Prince uses a ritual spell to escape with her son Severus Snape from her abusive muggle husband and they wind up twenty years years in the future with him and they wind up arriving in the year 1987.

Another thing about the timeline, is that everybody who was born in Severus' canon timeline of 1960 is now born in the late 1960's instead of the beginning of the 1960's which means they would have started Hogwarts in the late 1970's instead of the early 1970's. I'm also making it so that female Harry Potter be five years older than in canon and thanks to the change in the year her parents are born in, instead of being born on July 31, 1980 like in canon, because of the change of birth years of canon characters in the story she's going to be instead born on July 31, 1987, while everyone she would have known in Hogwarts in her first year are instead all born in the year 1992 with her younger brother who is seen as the savior of the magical world. Younger brother is five years younger than her who was born on July 30, 1992 who is mistaken for the hero of the magical world when Voldemort attacks when the brother is 15 months old.

Female Harry Potter will be attending Hogwarts during the start of what would be Percy Weasley's school years, with Delphi Riddle already existing in the timeline and is in the same school year as Aerith Videl Potter (Female Harry Potter) and Percy Weasley with the three of them being best friends in school. Percy's birth year in this story is going to be August 22, 1986, while Delphi Riddle's birthday will be on July 13, 1987. Hermione Granger is also going to be born during Percy Weasley's school year as well with her birthday being September 19, 1986, so she'll be with Female Harry Potter.

While Ron Weasley will be born on March 1, 1992 and be stuck being friends with female Harry Potter's five years younger brother, Caspian Sirius Potter being born on July 30, 1992.

Also Bellatrix Lestrange will be GOOD in this story, and NOT in Azkaban and raising Delphi herself with Sirius' help. Let's say in the history of this story, Bellatrix was forced to marry Rodolphus Lestrange by her parents, and was kept under both his and his brothers complete mind control by spells/potions and forced to join Voldemort who used her as his plaything and knocked her up, then the Lestrange brothers both die during a Death Eater raid a few months before Delphi's birth, Bellatrix is set free from the mind control, and after Bellatrix clears her name of everything she did while under her husband's control, and is in hiding from both Voldemort and Death Eaters who might come after both her and Delphi.

So by the time they meet Severus and the Buffy gang, it would be 2004. Buffy gang will also have been born in 1987 as well. Severus birthday would have been in January 9, 1970 in the story (1960 in canon), but I changed the year of his birth to January 9, 1967 (change also includes EVERYBODY who was born before OR after Severus birth). Thanks to traveling twenty years into the future with his mom, his birthday is now legally January 9, 1987.

If anyone is wondering about the years of characters who seemingly are. Remember the cut-off date, at least on Harry's letter, for enrollment for students at Hogwarts is by July 31. So, characters who's already turned eleven BEFORE the cut-off date is getting their invites. But everyone who's eleventh birthdays are PAST the cut-off date, like Percy Weasley and Hermione Granger, probably won't get their invites until the NEXT year.

To clear up some things and answer certain questions before they have the chance to be asked so here's a List of things about the version of Severus Snape in this story that you should know and already realize while reading the story, that DIDN'T happen to him thanks to his mom time traveling 20 years into the future with baby Severus Snape:

Because of the twenty-year time-skip:

1. Severus Snape has NEVER lived through the Marauders Era of Hogwarts
2. Severus Snape has NEVER grown up raised and abused by Tobias Snape OR grows up to be the Potter and Gryffindor hating emo jerk he is in canon series because of his childhood abuse
3. Severus Snape has NEVER met and befriended Lily Evans OR fallen in love with her
4. Severus Snape has NEVER gone to Hogwarts
5. Severus Snape has NEVER met James Potter and the Marauders OR been bullied by them
6. Severus Snape has NEVER met Albus Dumbledore OR gets manipulated by him
7. Severus Snape has NEVER met Voldemort OR joined the Death Eaters

Years and Birthdays of Characters with info coming from Harry Potter Wiki:

-Eileen Sarelia Prince (formerly Snape) - Canon Birthday: December 31, 1940 (1930 in books); Official new Birthday Thanks to time traveling: December 31, 1960 (I'm also making her 27 when she gives birth to Severus)
-Severus Jayden Prince-Giles (formerly Snape) - Canon Birthday: January 9, 1967 (1960 in books); Official new Birthday Thanks to time traveling: January 9, 1987
-Lily Evans - January 30, 1967
-James Potter - March 27, 1967
-Sirius Black - November 3, 1966
-Remus Lupin - March 10, 1967
-Rupert Edmund Giles - April 15, 1959 (Giles is a year older than Eileen thanks to her time traveling and he is a Half-Blood Wizard)
-Percy Weasley - August 22, 1986
-Hermione Granger – September 19, 1986
-Delphi Riddle-Lestrange – July 13, 1987
-Aerith Videl Potter – July 31, 1987
-Ron Weasley – March 1, 1992
-Caspian Sirius Potter – July 30, 1992

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Harry Potter Challenge – Baby Severus Snape and his mom travel 20 years into the future - Created By: Trickster32: Fearing for their lives, Eileen Prince used her last magical reserves to create a time portal into the future - and managed to flee with her meagre magical belongings and her toddler son Severus - from the wrath of her muggle husband - 20 years into the future! The duo lands in Sunnydale/California, where Eileen decided to start over. Being an excellent Potions Mistress, she opens her own Potions & Herbal remedies store on the Hellmouth. Meeting Giles per accident - they fall in love, and Giles enjoys teaching young Severus together with Eileen anything about magic and the supernatural world. By accident the happy couple learn that Severus has a unique ability - he is unable to fell under the thrall of any supernatural being - this made it much easier for Giles to take the teenager later with him on his numerous trips of the cemeteries in Sunnydale.

1. Baby Severus Snape and Eileen Snape nee Prince travel 20 years into the future to get a new start away from her abusive muggle ex-husband and Eileen moves to Sunnydale California shortly afterwards. (x) 2. Eileen accidentally meets Rupert Giles and they fall in love and get together with him and they raise baby Severus together as a family. (x) 3. Eileen is a Potions Mistress and opens up a Potions & Herbal Remedies Store in Sunnydale (x) 4. Severus is immune to mind control attempts by supernatural creatures (x)

(Side Note: I left some of what the challenge had in it out of my story.)

Word Count: 9,099

Summary: (BTVS!HP!Angel crossover) What if, nearly forty years ago, a desperate Eileen Snape nee Prince used a ritual spell to save herself and her seventeen day old son Severus Snape from her abusive muggle husband and the spell transports them over twenty years into the future where Severus grows up in Sunnydale with his mom instead of in England. (Time Travel!Baby Severus and Eileen Snape)

'Hi' - thinking
"§§Hi§§" – Parseltongue

Guilty Little Pleasures
Prologue: Reconsidering Life Choices
By: Sakura Lisel
Challenge Made By: Trickster32

~-# 25 Spinner's End, Cokeworth - January 23, 1967~-

It has been nearly two years since Eileen Sarelia Snape nee Prince had forsaken her Pureblood magical heritage and had moved into the muggle world to avoid an unwanted marriage to a man she didn't know just because her parents had thought the man was a good match for her despite her protests on the matter.

In between taking care of the house, she was also busy taking care of her sixteen-day old newborn son, Severus Jayden Snape, and life seemed to have become harder for her since his birth as Tobias became angrier over the slightest little thing that would set him off. She had to step in more than once over the last six days to keep Tobias from turning his rage on Severus and usually almost wound up taking the full brunt of her husband's rage instead, if Eileen didn't distract Tobias by redirecting his anger at her instead.

Just thinking about the last rage filled attack her husband had brought up upon her just the previous night, after he came home from work dead drunk after stopping at the local pub for a few pints of beer, and Tobias had gone into a frenzy over the fact that his dinner had been left to go cold instead of being nice and hot when he came home, but had still eaten the food before immediately knocking Eileen flat onto the ground with a cuff to the side of her face with a closed fist, before storming upstairs to their bedroom, and plopping down onto their bed and immediately fallen into a drunken sleep on top of the blankets.

At that moment, Eileen had been angry beyond belief at her husband's latest attack, and had been prepared to pull out her wand right then and there and hex Tobias into kingdom come rather than have to put up with his latest rage attack upon her for a second longer, but then she reluctantly changed her mind, because she didn't want to draw any unneeded attention towards her location by the Ministry of Magic, for using magic upon a muggle.

Even though it would have been in self-defense, Eileen already knew she wouldn't get any real help sympathy from the Ministry because she was a Pureblood witch who had 'sullied' her bloodline by not only marrying a 'filthy muggle' but also having a child with him as well, and she definitely knew there wouldn't be any help from her own family, since they had disowned her from the family after her refusal to marry the Pureblood Wizard known as Loleus Malfoy who her parents had already picked out for her as her future husband.

'I can't keep living like this. Tobias is getting worse every day, and I can't trust him to not hurt Severus. What if I can't stop him next time? Severus is the only good thing that came out of this whole mess my life has become...' Eileen thought to herself as she walks over to the baby pram that was in the room she was in, and looked down at her sons sleeping face as he rested inside of the pram, as she absentmindedly rubbed her aching left arm where a still forming bruise caused by husband lay hidden underneath her clothes, and flinch a bit in pain caused by her hands contact with the bruise as she let out another loud sigh of irritation, as she reached up with her left hand to frustratedly run a hand through her thick black hair for a moment, 'If I don't think of something soon, I can't shake the feeling that something really bad would happen the longer I stall on making a decision of staying or not. Though, if I could leave, I would leave right now, and take Severus with me and never come back to Tobias. I have the money to just leave. But where can I go exactly? I can't go back home. Plus I highly doubt anybody back there would welcome me back with open arms, after what I did. They will lord it over me that I came 'groveling' back to them if I did go back...'

Thinking about what led to her current situation with her abusive muggle husband sent a shiver down her spine, as she tried to decide if she whether or not if she had chosen to do things differently two years ago when she had willingly chosen to leave behind her family to avoid marriage to a narcissistic playboy wizard named Loleus Malfoy who she couldn't stand whom her parents had tried to force her to marry, or

Loleus Malfoy was the younger brother of Abraxas Malfoy, the current Lord of the Malfoy family who she had heard had a two-year-old son named Lucius who had been born two years before she had run away from home to avoid marrying Loleus.

Loleus Malfoy was five years older than her, and from what she could remember of him from her time in Hogwarts with him before his graduation, the man had been arrogant toe rag as well as a sexist pig and playboy who treated women like his playthings and liked to bully anybody who didn't agree to what he wanted from them, and rumors about him after he left school showed that he hadn't changed that much since school.

The Prince family was a huge Pureblood family, that consisted of Eileen, her mother and father, and two older brothers and two older sisters. Eileen was the baby of the family and she had mostly grown up by herself while her parents focused solely on her older siblings as they were prepared to take on the roles of polite magical society when they were older.

The Prince family was a typical Pureblood family who dedicated themselves to the Dark arts, as well as being a family of famous spell crafters and other things, that made her family name well known throughout the magical world, with suitors of all ages vying for the hands of Eileen and her sisters in order to get a dip in the Prince family fortune that each sister inherited that the suitors wanted to add to their own families coffers.

Growing up, Eileen had developed an efficiently for Potions and Charms, and excelled at both, thanks to some tutoring from her godmother Jenova Elmyra Discepolo who took care of her and was like a second mother to her when her parents were too busy with her siblings and other things, to bother caring about Eileen and her interests.

Jenova Elmyra Discepolo was a long-time family friend of the Prince family and was a distant cousin of Eileen's mother.

Jenova had been in her late thirties when Eileen had been born and Eileen's parents named Jenova as Eileen's godmother. married at least twice in her long life with her husband's winding up dead and she also had no children of her own to inherit her vast estate upon her death, so Jenova had decided to legally go and name Eileen as her sole heir to inherit everything when Jenova was dead and gone, and with the goblins help had created a unbreakable binding contract that immediately closed off and voided any potential loopholes anybody might try and use against Eileen in order to gain Jenova's fortune instead of Eileen.

As an extra precaution Jenova had even checked herself into St. Mungo's for a few weeks for both a physical and mental health check, before coming back out with a certified and signed medical certificate from a Mind Healer at St. Mungo's who had Jenova diagnosed as still being sane and still in full control of her mental health and capabilities when she created her will and another certificate from a regular Healer that showed that she wasn't under the influence of mind altering potions and spells, so that nobody would try and use either accusation to contest the will either.

In her seven years at Hogwarts, Eileen became a protégé in potions and transfiguration, and aced all of her courses every year, though Jenova was the only one who took notice of her achievements, and helped out Eileen whenever she could, and encouraged her goddaughter to follow her own path and follow her own dreams instead of doing what was 'expected' of her by others.

When Eileen graduated from Hogwarts despite the protests of her parents, Jenova had even set Eileen up with a good friend of Jenova's who was also a renowned potion master who gave Eileen an apprenticeship in potions so that Eileen could learn everything she could hope to learn about potions that Hogwarts couldn't teach her, and the apprenticeship wouldn't end for seven or eight years.

It had been on Eileen's twenty-fifth birthday that she had been informed of her impending nuptials to Loleus Malfoy, when her family had 'invited' her home to what she thought was going to be a family dinner to celebrate her birthday. She had moved out of her family home to live on her own, while trying to get a Potion Master's Degree in Potions while apprenticing at a local Potions shop in Diagon Alley. She had rented a small two bedroom apartment in Diagon Alley, and had been enjoying her freedom for a few years, and had just finished her apprenticeship with her potions master a few days before her birthday and was now a legally full-fledged licensed potions mistress in her own right, when her parents sprung the marriage plan on her.

When she had arrived at her parents' home for the family dinner, thinking that they would not only be celebrating her birthday with her family but also celebrating the end of her apprenticeship and the start of her growing future plans as a potions mistress, when she had been surprised to see not only her parents and other relatives waiting for her arrival, but she also found the Malfoys and a few others waiting as well inside of the Prince manor parlor room as they waited for her arrival at the manor.

Even after just two years since the incident with the Malfoys and her family, just remembering what happened that fateful night of her twenty-fifth birthday, still had Eileen pissed off, as she remembered after politely greeting everyone who was there. Her father had then immediately told her to take a seat, because he had 'good news' for her that he felt would be beneficial to her and everyone there, before they would head in for her birthday dinner celebration, and that they would have more to celebrate tonight than just her birthday if things went as planned.

Feeling a bit wary about the situation as she glanced over at the Malfoys once more, she could definitely feel her skin start to crawl and a shiver of complete disgust crawl down her spine when she saw the creepy and lecherous look that Loleus Malfoy was now directing at her as his eyes seemed to roam up and down her body, before he noticed that she was now looking at him and quickly looked away, and schooled his face into a look of practiced indifference.

As everyone sat down in the sitting room of her parents' home, and after refreshments had been served to everyone, her parents had immediately started telling her the 'great news' they had for her as her twenty-fifth birthday present, involving her future that they had been planning together with the Malfoys for the last few months.

It turned out that Eileen's family had been in negotiations with the Malfoy family since September, setting her up into an arranged marriage with Loleus Malfoy, and that now that she was officially free from her apprenticeship, they felt that now was the perfect time to finalize the marriage plans, and that all Eileen needed to do was to sign the betrothal contracts that the two families had already drafted up for her in order to seal the deal, so that they could start preparing for her impending wedding.

Let's just say that Eileen's reaction to the announcement didn't end well as far as both the Prince and Malfoy families were concerned.

~-Flashback – Prince Manor, Edinburgh- December 31, 1965~-

"Mother, father, please tell me that you are kidding when you are telling me that you seriously invited me to my birthday," Eileen demanded in an angry voice as she glared at both of her parents from where she was sitting across from them and the Malfoy family, as she shot an irritated look at Loleus Malfoy for a moment as she saw the smug look start to spread on the older man's face, "just to inform me that as my twenty-fifth 'birthday present' you have set me up in an arranged marriage to Loleus Malfoy?!"

"Eileen dear, you are not getting any younger the longer that you wait to settle down and get married. You have wasted enough time on that silly potion making hobby of yours, and truly need to do your duty to this family and settle down with a nice wizard and put this 'career' idea you seem to have in your mind away." Eileen's mother, Sierra Prince nee Hargreeves, replied happily in a simpering voice as she waved a small fan in front of her face to cool herself off, as she smiled at her youngest daughter for a moment, while ignoring the incredulous look on Eileen's face, "Your sisters have already married and now you are more than past your turn to do so now as well. Its past time for you to get married, as every young witch your age should do, and continue our family bloodline. You should feel honored that Lord Loleus Malfoy is more than willing to take you as his wife."

"Your mother is right, Eileen. We only want what is best for you and your future to see you settled down and set for the rest of your life as well as what's best for our family as well. We feel that it's been long enough for you to settle down," Eileen's father, Delos Prince said, as he nodded his head in the Malfoys direction as the Malfoys remained quiet during the discussion, as Delos pulled out a parchment and set it on the table in front of them, "We've been in negotiations with the Malfoys for a few months discussing your impending marriage to Lord Malfoy, and we have the marriage contract already drawn up and now just need your signature upon it to complete it."

"So you have already 'negotiated' everything without telling me beforehand about it at all," Eileen said in a deadpan voice, as both of her parents nodded their heads in agreement to her words, as she feels her anger begin to well up inside of her the more she was hearing about the whole situation, "and all I need to do now is just sign that contract for my arranged marriage, just because all of you 'agreed' that I would go along with it as if its already been decided?"

"Yes dear, of course it has all already been decided. All you are required to do now is simply sign the contract and we shall proceed with the wedding planning. It is perfect timing as well, now that your tedious potions apprenticeship is officially over," Mrs. Prince said as a wide smile spread across her face as she thought the latest wedding she would be planning for one of her children, as ideas for the wedding were already running through her mind as she continued to speak, "We may now get to more important things like your future wedding, now that you no longer have your apprenticeship tying you down and taking up all of your time. we have so much to do for your wedding. We need to get the caterers and church where the ceremony will be held set up, and also start sending out the invitations to our closest friends to invite them to your wedding and..."

"Mother, I really..." Eileen started to say as her narrowed a bit in irritation as she could practically see the gears working her mothers brain, as the older woman planned out Eileen's future nuptials, but whatever Eileen was about to say was quickly cut off as Loleus Malfoy decided to speak up.

"Ms. Prince, it would be my deepest and greatest pleasure to take your hand in marriage if you will have me. Your parents and I have made all of the arrangements for our impending betrothal so that we may unite our two families in holy matrimony. Once we have wed, you won't have to worry your pretty little head," Loleus Malfoy said serenely from his seat as he stood up and moved to sit next to his would be fiancé at her parents beckoning, as he gave Eileen a look that had the man eyeing her body up and down, as he started to reach for her hands to clasp within his own, only to frown in displeasure when she jerks her hands out of his reach, before he continued to speak once more, "about anything anymore for the rest of your days when it comes to the future, nor shall you be bothered by your tedious potions job planning, that your parents have informed me about. A Pureblood lady such as yourself shouldn't be doing such menial tasks as working like a commoner."

'Unholy matrimony he means. Just whom does he think he is talking to me like that when he says that I won't have to worry my 'pretty little head about anything anymore' my butt! I would sooner rather marry a Hippogriff than marry somebody like him, no matter what both he and my parents seem to think on the matter.' Eileen said with a slight sneer on her face as she scooted over on the couch as far as she could get away from Loleus, before letting out a small sigh as she turned her gaze back upon her parents once more, and she could see the expectant looks on their faces as they nodded their heads in agreement to what Loleus Malfoy was saying, and Eileen could feel her scowl growing as her anger grew stronger, 'I already know tonight is not going to end well by the time this 'meeting' is over, but I refuse to be bullied into an 'marriage arrangement' that I do not wish to be a part of.'

"Lord Malfoy, for your information I happen to like 'working as a commoner' as you call it. I've spent the better part of my life perfecting what I do as my career of choice." Eileen said, as glared across from her would be fiancé for a moment as she tried to think about what she was going to say next, as she ignored the agitated looks her family was sending her now, "If I were to marry, my husband shall have to settle for me continuing my potions work, because I shall not stop after all the effort I put into what I do now over the years training as a potions apprentice since I graduated from Hogwarts to throw it all away now."

"Ms. Prince, I assure you that when we marry, you will drop these ridiculous notions you seem to have that makes you think you will 'continue' to work once you become my bride. No Malfoy bride shall dishonor the Malfoy family name by acting like a mere commoner and by to work. You will stay home where you belong," Loleus said as his eyes narrowed a bit in anger at what Eileen was saying to himself, as he sat up straight in his chair and haughtily dusted off an imaginary speck of dirt from his clothes before he continued speaking, as his tone of voice seemed to change and made him sound like he was talking to a misbehaving slow witted child who had just told him something stupid, as he continued talking in his condescending tone, "and spend your days raising our future children like a good wife and mother will do and accompany me to functions when they come up. Once you have born me an heir or two, and if you feel the need to keep yourself busy outside of our home, I am sure that you can find some form of charity work to idle yourself with when you are not with me. Otherwise you will not be working such a menial job as you have been planning to do before our marriage, and that is final."

'Oh I will, will I? He really is full of himself if he thought that would happen. I am not one of those simpering, vapid girls who simply does what she is told,' Eileen thought silently to herself as she felt her anger rise up inside her as she listened to Loleus Malfoy speak to her and give her orders, as she shot a dark look at her parents who both now had strained looks on their faces as they looked at her, 'I am not giving up my career for anybody, let alone this twat who seems to think that I will do it just because he says so once we are married.'

"Lord Malfoy, I thank you for considering myself as a bride worthy of your attention, but I truly must decline because I fear we will not suit each other at all. I for one have no interest in getting married to you or anyone else at this point in time, especially if you 'expect' me to give up my work to become a stay at home wife, who's only 'job' in her life is to pop out babies for you, so here is my final answer to you and this so called betrothal contract that will never be fulfilled." Eileen said as politely as she could, using her years of training in etiquette and good manners at the fullest when she spoke, though deep down she felt like doing the complete opposite, especially once she spied the shocked and disbelieving looks she was receiving from everyone inside the room, as she continued speaking quickly as a small sneer appeared on her lips, as she pulled out her wand and quickly cast Incendio on the betrothal contract and burned it to ashes before anyone could try and stop her then cast a quick Aquamenti spell to put out the small fire, before pocketing her wand once more as she turned her gaze back upon everyone once more, "There. No more betrothal contract so you can be on your way, Lord Malfoy, because I will not spend the rest of my days looking 'pretty' and playing the part of being a happy wife and homemaker for you and your guests while I entertain for you in your home. I am far too busy with my work and other important matters to get married to such an esteemed lord such as yourself, and I have no interest to giving up everything I've worked for to become your bride. So I suggest that you look elsewhere for the next Lady Malfoy who will fit your high ranked requirements of what a Malfoy bride shall act like, because I assure you that you will not find a bride here in this home unless one of my sisters is willing to divorce their husband in order to marry you instead."

After the contract had been burned, everybody in the room could only stare in silent shock at the still slightly smoldering ashes that had once been the Malfoy/Prince betrothal contract in shock, as Eileen simply sat back in her seat and patiently waited for the total meltdown over her actions that she just knew would be coming to start.

The silence barely lasted a minute, before everybody seemed to suddenly snap out of their shock at the same time, as they started yelling and cursing at her for what she had done, while her parents were also busy apologizing to the Malfoys for the disrespect she had shone all of them in between yelling at her.

Her father had tried to demand that she apologize to the Malfoys, while saying that they would have to draft a completely new betrothal contract for her to sign, which she repeatedly refused to do every time it was brought up, and earning herself some more cursing on both sides. After nearly fifteen minutes of arguments between the two families, the Malfoys finally left in a huff, with her parents 'promising' to 'talk sense into her' on the matter of the betrothal, even though Eileen still informed all of them that nothing was going to change.

As the Malfoy's left the Prince home, Eileen saw the angered look on Loleus Malfoy's face that he shot her, as he gave his farewells to her family as he walked towards the fireplace to floo home. The look that Loleus was giving her appeared to be filled with pure hatred and loathing for the humiliation she had done to him with her refusal to marry him, and Eileen already had a feeling that her rejection of the engagement would cause her trouble in the future, but she didn't care at that point.

Once the Malfoys were gone, her parents forced her back into the sitting room to 'talk', and as they settled down in their previous seats, Eileen could already tell from the enraged looks on her parents that tonight wasn't going to end well at all by the time their 'talk' was finished.

Delos Prince was the first to speak up, as his face flushed a dark red in his anger.

"Eileen don't be foolish, girl. It is imperative that you go ahead with your engagement with Lord Malfoy, as its already been agreed upon by everyone here," Delos snapped angrily as he quickly came out of his shocked stupor as he realized what his daughter was doing, as his face flushed in anger, "You are embarrassing the family by being so disrespectful to our guests and turning down this great opportunity we found for you."

"Correct me if I am wrong, father, but exactly how is it a 'great opportunity' for me if I don't want to do it? It only benefits you people and doesn't really benefit me at all. I came here tonight expecting to not celebrate my completion of my apprenticeship as well as my birthday, yet the two of you try and railroad me into an arranged marriage don't want instead as what I am guessing was supposed to be my 'birthday' gift unless you had something planned. I don't even get a family group congratulations for finally passing my apprenticeship." Eileen asked as she raised an eyebrow at her parents while ignoring the disapproving looks she was getting from everyone in the room as she continued speaking, when nobody else spoke up in response to what she had just said, as Eileen's irritation seemed to build as she realized she was right about her 'birthday gift', "Oh yes, by the way thank you so much for completely ruining what was supposed to be my greatest and biggest achievement in my future career, by the way and possibly killing my happy mood. Other than to make me miserable by marrying somebody I don't want to be with. Need I remind you that as of today, I am a twenty-five years old which means I am legally no longer some underaged shy little miss of seventeen who still needs both you and mother to decide my future for me as if I have no say in the matter? I make my own decisions for my own future and plan to continue to do so."

"Eileen, look we are sorry if we have offended you in some shape or form, but young lady despite whatever your age might be now, you are our daughter, and it is still your duty to do as we say. I should have nipped this rebelliousness in you a long time ago. I thought allowing you to do your apprenticeship would give you time get this 'potions career' plan," Delos said, as his wife nodding her head in agreement to her husband's words, as Delos continued speaking once more, "of yours out of your system, or at least you could find a way to use as a hobby if it's so important to you. We have spent months setting up this arrangement for you, and now it is your duty to fulfill our plans whether you want to or not like a proper pureblood daughter should."

"I don't know what the two of you are up to, mother and father but this ends right now, because I will not be signing that betrothal contract, nor shall I marry Loleus Malfoy." Eileen said sternly as she ignored the shocked gasps from everyone around her and immediately continued speaking before anyone could try and interrupt her, "I have no interest in getting married to him or anybody else any time soon for any reason, and I especially will not marry a man who 'expects' me to give up the career I trained for years to become and become a stay at home wife and mother who does charity work for the rest of her life."

"Eileen..." Sierra started to say in an attempt to reprimand her daughter only to be instantly cut off by Eileen before she could say anything else.

"Enough mom. I'm done with this nonsense. Father, if you want the marriage to go through, father, then YOU marry him, because I won't," Eileen said with a small scoff when she saw the scandalized looks on her parents features, as she slowly stood up from her seat once more and dusted off her clothes and starts to walk away, "Mother, father, I don't know why you think I'm in need of marriage right now, but I must sincerely refuse this 'agreement' of yours. I have too much plans going right now. Now if you would excuse me, I need to get going."

"Young lady, just where do you think you are going?!" Delos demanded as he and Sierra also stood up to stare in shock at Eileen as she moves towards the door leading out of the room, "Come back and sit down, because we are not done talking, young lady!"

"Yes, we are, father. We can waste the entire night away arguing over what will NEVER happen between myself and Loleus Malfoy until we are both blue in the face, but in the end the marriage will STILL not happen," Eileen said as she stopped walking for a moment to glance over her shoulder to glare angrily at her father as he took a step towards her, then stopped when he saw the look on her face, "I'm not wasting my birthday here listening to you guys prattle on about it. I am going out to celebrate properly and hang out with my friends if they will still have me tonight, who had invited me to go out tonight but I declined because I THOUGHT we would be celebrating my birthday HERE instead, but obviously I wrong. So, if you will excuse me..."

"Eileen Sarelia Prince! If you walk out that door right this second, you can forget about ever coming back. Plus," Delos yelled out as the color of his face started to turn purple at the disrespect his youngest daughter was giving him, as he stormed after her in time to see her reaching the fireplace and grabbing a pinch of floo powder to throw into the flames, "you need to be prepared to immediately apologize to everybody and agree to marry Loleus Malfoy and do your duty to your family as well as your duty to your husband's family. I don't know what's gotten into you!"

Eileen glanced back at her father for a second once more, with blank eyes, before a sneer appeared on her lips as she met the gaze of her enraged parents without flinching even for a second.

"If that's how you feel on the matter, father, then fine. I won't come back if that's what it takes for the two of you to realize that I mean exactly what I say on the matter of my so called engagement," Eileen said as she calmly tossed the floo powder into the flames and disappeared into a flash of green flames after yelling out the name of where she was going, leaving her parents standing there in open shock at the spot where she once stood.

In the next week and a half following the birthday/engagement fiasco, Eileen quickly learned how the Malfoys truly knew how to hold a grudge against those who had wronged them, as everything started to go wrong as time went by.

First her parents had cut her off from the Prince family fortune, after sending her a Howler saying that until she learned to act like a proper young lady and do as she was told, then they had no place for her in their family if all she would do was bring them shame.

Eileen had written off her virtual disownment from her family, because she wasn't too worried about losing their financial backing. Eileen had opened up her own bank account at Gringotts a few years back, that she had deposited all of her money into over the years from her work and old birthday gifts and presents that had money in it. Plus also thanks to some quick thinking and exchange of coins with the goblins, Eileen's personal bank account was also completely sealed off from the Prince family vaults so her family couldn't legally touch it for any reason even if they knew of it existence, when they cut her off from the main family vaults.

At first she had thought some of the incidents she had been facing had been pure coincidence, since she had never truly paid attention to Pureblood polite society or the gossipmongers, but then things became worse over time.

At first the trouble had started out small, like when she tried to apply to pay for a building to open-up her new potions shop in with the shop in a nice little spot in the center of Diagon Alley. Before the birthday fiasco, she had been in negations with the buildings former owners and had been on the verge of officially buying the building when the former owners suddenly canceled the deal while saying that they had found another buyer.

Losing out on the building had upset her, but she soon moved on and started looking for other buildings that she could buy for her potions shop instead, only to be turned away at every corner no matter where she went.

As time went by she realized that things were getting worse as people who she had known for years who used to welcome her into their establishments and usually bought her potions if they needed new stock, now turned her away, saying that they didn't want any trouble brought to their businesses by serving her.

It hadn't taken her long to finally realize what was going on, as one of her contacts finally decided to tell her what was going on. It turned out that the Malfoy Family AND the Prince Family were still feeling slighted by her rejection to the marriage contract, and had put out the word in Diagon Alley that she was now to be considered Persona Non Grata when it came to doing business with her, with threats to all businesses who owed the Malfoy's money that if they did business with her that the Malfoys and Princes would call in all debts and shut them down.

Upon hearing the news, an enraged Eileen had immediately sent her parents a Howler demanding to know what the hell they were doing and demanded that they retract what they were doing, only to receive a letter back from them informing her that the only way it would ever happen was for her to agree to marrying Loleus Malfoy as was her 'duty' as their daughter to do as they wished. In their letter they point blank told her that they were doing her a 'favor' by cutting off her business ties so that she would have no other choice but to come back home to them and do as they wished whether she wanted to do so or not.

They also informed her that the Malfoys were even willing to 'forgive' and 'forget' her ridiculous outburst back on her birthday and finally accept the marriage arrangement that had been set up and to forget her silly ideas of being a full time potions mistress, and become a proper stay at home wife to Loleus and become a proper mother to his future children, and that a new contract had already been drafted with new rules and stipulations and was just waiting for her to come sign.

Eileen's instantly response to the news was another Howler where she cursed out her parents and told them exactly what she thought about them and the Malfoys and their marriage contracts, and they as far as she was concerned they were no longer family if this was how they treated her just because she refused to let them run her life for her, and that she was cutting off all ties with them from then on out.

After sending out the second Howler, it hadn't taken long before she started getting letters from her family in response. But she never opened any of the letters and had the delivery owls send the letters back unopened.

After awhile after the letters kept coming in, Eileen erected some special wards that kept incoming owls delivering mail from her former family from finding her again and eventually got some peace and quiet as a result.

By the end of January 1966, Eileen became bored with the magical world and all of the ill treatment she was receiving thanks to her former family and the Malfoys influence, and Eileen decided to pack up anything she could carry on her and transferred some money from her bank vault into muggle currency, before leaving the magical world to take a small 'vacation' in the muggle world to get away from the prying eyes and unwanted stares of people around her who knew her and her family. ~-End Flashback~-

Two months after Eileen had left the magical world to live in the muggle world in a bid to get away from everybody for what was supposed to be a short while when she had originally made the plan to leave, found Eileen working in a muggle pub serving drinks when she met a young muggle man named Tobias Alexander Snape.

Tobias was a brown haired handsome young man with dark navy-blue eyes in his mid-twenties who at first had seemed kindhearted and sweet when they had first met. Tobias also liked to flirt with her whenever he popped into the pub for a drink with his friends after work ended, and often tried asking her out on a date every chance he got.

At first, Eileen had been hesitant to give Tobias a chance because he was a muggle, but Tobias eventually won her over and managed to get her to go out on a few dates with him, and the two of them became close for a while.

The day things went wrong between the two of them happened a few weeks after they started dating after a drunken one night stand they had after one of their dates that led her to becoming pregnant, and Tobias had been absolutely livid when he found out about the pregnancy, but had the decency to do the right thing and reluctantly marry her and give their child his family name, despite her trying to insist that he didn't have to do so.

Over the course of her pregnancy, Tobias changed for the worse as the kindhearted man she had grown to know before her pregnancy seemed to disappear immediately almost overnight as time went by, as he grew resentful over having to marry her because of the pregnancy, as he started coming home from work later and later and always dead drunk and always angry about every little thing.

Everything came to a head one night, when in a drunken rage over dinner not being hot when he finally came home, Tobias had raised his hand and smacked her hard across the face to send her tumbling to the ground and nearly whacking her head against the kitchen table when she fell.

Even in his drunken stupor, at first Tobias had been shocked and immediately regretful when he realized what he had just done, and had apologized repeatedly to Eileen begging for forgiveness, and promising that it wouldn't happen again as he helped her to her feet and into a nearby chair.

But after that night things became worse, as despite his promise to never strike out at her in anger again, it soon became a recurring occurrence every single time he came home drunk and angry, and it seemed like some part of him seemed to begin to enjoy taking out his frustrations out on her, though he avoided doing anything that could harm the baby that was still inside of her.

It was during one of the beatings that Tobias found out she was a witch when she became desperate enough to pull out her wand and sent Tobias flying. Luckily for her she had set up wards around the property they lived in that blocked the magic usage form being detected by the ministry of magic.

Tobias hadn't been hurt too badly from the attack, but now Eileen was forced to tell him the truth about herself, and what she had done to him, and his anger had grown stronger than ever as he started accusing her of using her magic to 'enchant him' into falling for her, and tricking him into marrying her by getting pregnant with his child, which she flat out denied, but Tobias refused to believe her.

After that fateful night Tobias was still abusive to Eileen to a degree, and he still got rough and physical with her after coming home from a drinking binge after work, but he was now wary of her as he shot glares of distrust in her direction every chance he got while muttering angrily under his breath as he turned away from her to go plop down on the couch to watch tv, while Eileen brought him his meal as quickly as possible and tried to keep out of his way.

In the final weeks until the day until Severus was due to be born, Eileen had considered making her sons middle name be after his father, Tobias Snape, but Tobias had immediately shot that idea down as soon as she had brought it up to him, while saying that he was already giving Severus his families name by marrying her before Severus had been born, and Tobias didn't want his son having his first name as well.

In the end the two of them had finally settled on the name 'Jayden' as their son's middle name, a name that seemed to greatly please Tobias for once for some reason, and Eileen herself decided that she liked the 'Jayden' name for her sons middle name a lot better than using her husbands name that once she had time to get used to it.

It was a cold afternoon on January 9, 1967 when Severus was born in the local muggle hospital maternity ward, and Severus had been born with a small mop of the Prince family pitch black hair on the top of his head, but had inherited his father's navy blue eyes, even though on Severus the navy blue eyes almost looked dark enough to be black at first glance until you got close enough to see the blue in his eyes. As Eileen lay in her hospital bed, completely alone since Tobias was still at work when she had been rushed to the hospital by ambulance earlier that day, as she gently cradled her newborn son in her arms as she placed a gentle kiss on his forehead as she smiled down at his sleeping form.

"Welcome to the world, Severus Jayden Snape. I don't know what the future will hold for you, but I hope it gets better than it is now." Eileen said softly to her sleeping son, as she placed him in a nearby baby basinet that the nurses had left for her, before curling back into her hospital bed and falling fast asleep herself.

To be continued...

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