Disclaimers: As much as I may want to claim ownership of these two productions, I can't because both Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel belong to a whole lot of different companies that I can't remember the names of at the moment. Any characters that appear in this fic that are not a part of either original series, belong to me so don't take them without asking first.

Timeframe: The Harry Potter part of the storyline in the prologue takes place forty years in the past in the year 1967 of Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Eileen Snape nee Prince uses a ritual spell to escape with her son Severus Snape from her abusive muggle husband and they wind up twenty years years in the future with him and they wind up arriving in the year 1987.

Another thing about the timeline, is that everybody who was born in Severus' canon timeline of 1960 is now born in the late 1960's instead of the beginning of the 1960's which means they would have started Hogwarts in the late 1970's instead of the early 1970's. I'm also making it so that female Harry Potter be five years older than in canon and thanks to the change in the year her parents are born in, instead of being born on July 31, 1980 like in canon, because of the change of birth years of canon characters in the story she's going to be instead born on July 31, 1987, while everyone she would have known in Hogwarts in her first year are instead all born in the year 1992 with her younger brother who is seen as the savior of the magical world. Younger brother is five years younger than her who was born on July 30, 1992 who is mistaken for the hero of the magical world when Voldemort attacks when the brother is 15 months old.

Female Harry Potter will be attending Hogwarts during the start of what would be Percy Weasley's school years, with Delphi Riddle already existing in the timeline and is in the same school year as Aerith Videl Potter (Female Harry Potter) and Percy Weasley with the three of them being best friends in school. Percy's birth year in this story is going to be August 22, 1986, while Delphi Riddle's birthday will be on July 13, 1987. Hermione Granger is also going to be born during Percy Weasley's school year as well with her birthday being September 19, 1986, so she'll be with Female Harry Potter.

While Ron Weasley will be born on March 1, 1992 and be stuck being friends with female Harry Potter's five years younger brother, Caspian Sirius Potter being born on July 30, 1992.

Also Bellatrix Lestrange will be GOOD in this story, and NOT in Azkaban and raising Delphi herself with Sirius' help. Let's say in the history of this story, Bellatrix was forced to marry Rodolphus Lestrange by her parents, and was kept under both his and his brothers complete mind control by spells/potions and forced to join Voldemort who used her as his plaything and knocked her up, then the Lestrange brothers both die during a Death Eater raid a few months before Delphi's birth, Bellatrix is set free from the mind control, and after Bellatrix clears her name of everything she did while under her husband's control, and is in hiding from both Voldemort and Death Eaters who might come after both her and Delphi.

So by the time they meet Severus and the Buffy gang, it would be 2004. Buffy gang will also have been born in 1987 as well. Severus birthday would have been in January 9, 1970 in the story (1960 in canon), but I changed the year of his birth to January 9, 1967 (change also includes EVERYBODY who was born before OR after Severus birth). Thanks to traveling twenty years into the future with his mom, his birthday is now legally January 9, 1987.

If anyone is wondering about the years of characters who seemingly are. Remember the cut-off date, at least on Harry's letter, for enrollment for students at Hogwarts is by July 31. So, characters who's already turned eleven BEFORE the cut-off date is getting their invites. But everyone who's eleventh birthdays are PAST the cut-off date, like Percy Weasley and Hermione Granger, probably won't get their invites until the NEXT year.

To clear up some things and answer certain questions before they have the chance to be asked so here's a List of things about the version of Severus Snape in this story that you should know and already realize while reading the story, that DIDN'T happen to him thanks to his mom time traveling 20 years into the future with baby Severus Snape:

Because of the twenty-year time-skip:

1. Severus Snape has NEVER lived through the Marauders Era of Hogwarts
2. Severus Snape has NEVER grown up raised and abused by Tobias Snape OR grows up to be the Potter and Gryffindor hating emo jerk he is in canon series because of his childhood abuse
3. Severus Snape has NEVER met and befriended Lily Evans OR fallen in love with her
4. Severus Snape has NEVER gone to Hogwarts
5. Severus Snape has NEVER met James Potter and the Marauders OR been bullied by them
6. Severus Snape has NEVER met Albus Dumbledore OR gets manipulated by him
7. Severus Snape has NEVER met Voldemort OR joined the Death Eaters

Years and Birthdays of Characters with info coming from Harry Potter Wiki:

-Eileen Sarelia Prince (formerly Snape) - Canon Birthday: December 31, 1940 (1930 in books); Official new Birthday Thanks to time traveling: December 31, 1960 (I'm also making her 27 when she gives birth to Severus)
-Severus Jayden Prince-Giles (formerly Snape) - Canon Birthday: January 9, 1967 (1960 in books); Official new Birthday Thanks to time traveling: January 9, 1987
-Lily Evans - January 30, 1967
-James Potter - March 27, 1967
-Sirius Black - November 3, 1966
-Remus Lupin - March 10, 1967
-Rupert Edmund Giles - April 15, 1959 (Giles is a year older than Eileen thanks to her time traveling and he is a Half-Blood Wizard)
-Percy Weasley - August 22, 1986
-Hermione Granger – September 19, 1986
-Delphi Riddle-Lestrange – July 13, 1987
-Aerith Videl Potter – July 31, 1987
-Ron Weasley – March 1, 1992
-Caspian Sirius Potter – July 30, 1992

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Harry Potter Challenge – Baby Severus Snape and his mom travel 20 years into the future - Created By: Trickster32: Fearing for their lives, Eileen Prince used her last magical reserves to create a time portal into the future - and managed to flee with her meagre magical belongings and her toddler son Severus - from the wrath of her muggle husband - 20 years into the future! The duo lands in Sunnydale/California, where Eileen decided to start over. Being an excellent Potions Mistress, she opens her own Potions & Herbal remedies store on the Hellmouth. Meeting Giles per accident - they fall in love, and Giles enjoys teaching young Severus together with Eileen anything about magic and the supernatural world. By accident the happy couple learn that Severus has a unique ability - he is unable to fell under the thrall of any supernatural being - this made it much easier for Giles to take the teenager later with him on his numerous trips of the cemeteries in Sunnydale.

1. Baby Severus Snape and Eileen Snape nee Prince travel 20 years into the future to get a new start away from her abusive muggle ex-husband and Eileen moves to Sunnydale California shortly afterwards.
(x) 2. Eileen accidentally meets Rupert Giles and they fall in love and get together with him and they raise baby Severus together as a family.
(x) 3. Eileen is a Potions Mistress and opens up a Potions & Herbal Remedies Store in Sunnydale
(x) 4. Severus is immune to mind control attempts by supernatural creatures (x)

(Side Note: I left some of what the challenge had in it out of my story.)

Word Count: 10,871

Summary: (BTVS!HP!Angel crossover) What if, nearly forty years ago, a desperate Eileen Snape nee Prince used a ritual spell to save herself and her seventeen day old son Severus Snape from her abusive muggle husband and the spell transports them over twenty years into the future where Severus grows up in Sunnydale with his mom instead of in England. (Time Travel!Baby Severus and Eileen Snape)

'Hi' - thinking
"§§Hi§§" – Parseltongue

Guilty Little Pleasures
Chapter 1: Time Knows No Boundaries
By: Sakura Lisel
Challenge Made By: Trickster32

~-# 25 Spinner's End, Cokeworth - January 23, 1967~-

Its been over fourteen days since Severus' birth, and life in the Snape household seem to only have gotten worse since then. If Tobias wasn't already resentful about finding out about Eileen being a witch, he definitely was more hostile towards Severus than he ever was with her.

Tobias was coming home late drunk out of his mind a lot more than usual, and Eileen could always see the hate filled looks he directed at both her and Severus every time he came through the night. Especially if Severus was still awake and making noise, that sent Tobias into a rage filled rant about it.

Lately Eileen was already starting to feel like if she left Severus alone in the room with Tobias while her husband was drunk, that Tobias would seriously hurt or even kill the helpless infant in one of his rages if she wasn't around to constantly keep an eye on the two of them.

Today was a quiet day, since Tobias was once again away at work, leaving Eileen and Severus home alone once more. Eileen was currently sitting in a rocking chair in one of the rooms that had been converted into a small nursery for Severus to stay in, as she fussy fourteen-day old infant gently in her arms as she breastfed him.

When Severus finished nursing from her, Eileen looked down at him and saw that he had fallen asleep once more, before Eileen let out a loud sigh as she remembered everything that's been going on in her life.

While gently cradling Severus in her arms, Eileen carefully bent over to gently place his sleeping body in the basinet that she had at the foot of the rocking chair and tucked him into the basinet with a warm baby blanket, as Eileen decides to get up to go fix herself a light snack to eat, and then would start tidying up the household before starting up dinner.

Just as she got from the rocking chair and covered herself up with her shirt, up a barn owl suddenly flew through the open bedroom window before dropping a letter on the recently vacated rocking chair, causing her to become confused since it had been a long time she had received owl post from anyone.

Moving over to Severus' crib, she gently placed her sixteen day old son in his crib, before she quickly walked back over to the rocking chair and picked the discarded letter up, after doing a quick sweep scan over it with her wand and the test results didn't show any signs of spells or potions on it that could possibly harm her.

Putting away her wand, Eileen cautiously picked up the envelope and flipped it over in her left hand and instantly spotted the Gringotts seal on the back of the letter.

'Now why would Gringott's be contacting me after all this time? Since my parents disowned me after the fiasco with the Malfoys,' Eileen thought silently to herself as she stared down at the unopened letter in her hands, as curiosity filled her as she started to rip it open to read it, 'they completely cut me off from the family fortune until I 'come to my senses' and do what they want. So unless something has changed in the last two years...'

Once she had the letter opened and started reading what was on the letter, a small gasp of shock escaped from Eileen's lips as she read the message, as tears crept to her eyes, as she sat down hard onto her rocking chair, 'Oh no! Not Auntie Jenova! I didn't even know she was dead until now.'

To Lady Eileen Sarelia Snape nee Prince,

We here at Gringotts wish to express our deepest condolences as we inform you the loss of your godmother, Lady Jenova Elmyra Discepolo, and to let you know that as the sole beneficiary of her will, you are required to come to Gringotts to hear what she has left for you in her will.

We request that you come at 12:30pm tomorrow afternoon so that we may discuss your future inheritance, as I have some things that I wish to discuss with you that your godmother has instructed me to do for her for her final wishes towards you.

Bank Account Manager of the Discepolo Family Vaults
London Main Branch

'Auntie Jenova left me something in her will? I haven't had any contact with her since I left,' Eileen thought silently to herself for a moment as she quickly reread the missive for a moment as she thought over what the implications of what the news would mean, 'I wonder what could she have possibly left me in the will after I cut off contact with her and everyone else?'

After thinking about what she should do for a few minutes, Eileen let out a loud sigh of frustration as she came to a decision about what she would do, as she grabbed a muggle ink pen and a fresh piece of paper and quickly wrote a small note back to Snaggletooth informing him that she would be at the meeting tomorrow, before sealing the letter in a enveloped and offering it to the Gringott's delivery owl who instantly took it before flying back out the open window as Eileen watched in silence for a few moments.

~-Diagon Alley, England - January 24, 1967~-

It was now a day after receiving her Gringott's letter, it was a late rainy afternoon, the lone figure of Eileen Snape nee Prince could be seen trudging her way through Diagon Alley, carrying a small bundle in their arms wrapped up in a sling so that her hands could be free to grab her wand quickly if needed, as she tried to avoid running into anybody or drawing unwanted attention to herself.

As she walked, the bundle in her arms started to cry as the chilled air hit it, before Eileen quietly hushed the bundle in her arms for a moment when it started to lose with a loud wail, causing some passing by witches and wizards to shoot dirty looks in her direction for the noise, as she tried to quiet down her child as best as she could.

"Hush now, Severus. There is no need for any of that. We'll be out of this rain soon enough and dry, and out of the prying eyes of this annoying group of people around us," Eileen Snape said kindly to her seventeen days old son as he started whimpering in her arms from the cold, as she quickly continued on her way through the dingy streets, as she returned a glare of her own at one particular witch who she overheard make a snide rude comment about her and Severus, "Just a few minutes more and we will soon be at Gringotts so we can find out why I was summoned there."

~-Gringott's Bank, Diagon Alley, England - January 24, 1967~- A few minutes later found Eileen settled down in a chair inside of Snaggletooh's office after her arrival at the bank, having been escorted to the vault manager's office almost immediately up identifying herself and telling the goblins who she was and why she was there. Though right at that moment Snaggletooth was keeping her waiting outside of his office inside of the waiting room as he goes through some paperwork for a few minutes.

As Eileen sat in her chair in the waiting room, she glanced around the office nervously for a moment as she patiently waited for Snaggletooth to finish what he was doing as she gently rocked a still sleeping Severus gently in her arms, and hoping that the baby wouldn't wake up and start crying during her meeting.

Just then the door leading into Snaggletooth's office was pulled open, causing Eileen to immediately turn her attention towards it to the doorway and see Snaggletooth himself standing in the open doorway as he gestured for her to come inside, causing Eileen to immediately stand up from her seat and walk over as quickly as she could.

"Good afternoon, Lady Prince. I am sorry for keeping you waiting, but I was making a few final preparations for your godmother's will reading before I called you in," Snaggletooth said as he shut the door to his office behind Eileen as she came in, as Snaggletooth moved away from the door and walked back to his desk and took a seat as he gestured with one hand for her to do so as well, "Please take a seat and we can get started immediately, and you may be on your way as soon as possible."

"Good afternoon, Snaggletooth, its been a long time since I last saw you," Eileen said as she gave the goblin a small smile in greeting to him, as she took a seat across from his desk, as she carefully shifted Severus still sleeping body carefully, "May your enemies always quake in fear and your gold flow forever and always be profitable."

"Thank you Lady Prince," Snaggletooth said as he smirked a bit at the familiar greeting she had given to him, as he picked up a small stack of parchment that was on his desk, as he turned his gaze upon once more, "Lets get started shall we? We have much to do today before the day is through and many decisions for you to make involving your godmother's will."

"This has to be a mistake though, Snaggletooth. There is no way in hell my godmother could have left me anything. I'm sad that I couldn't have been with her in her final days, and if I had known she was dying then I would have come back if I could," Eileen said adamantly as she clutched her newborn sons small body to her shaking body, "I haven't spoken to auntie Jenova since I left for the muggle world, so why would she leave me her estate? There must be somebody else she could have left everything to instead."

"Lady Prince, I assure you that your godmother was most adamant that you inherit the entire Discepolo fortune. She trusted you above all else when it comes to the fortune. Since she had no children of her own and all other members," Snaggletooth said as he shuffled the papers in front of him on his desk as he glanced across the desk towards where Eileen was seated, "of her family has already passed on over the years, She had nobody else to leave Discepolo fortune to. She felt that if left alone, the Ministry of Magic would have tried to confiscate it if given the chance to get away with it."

"So, I was her last resort in inheriting her families vast fortune? Seeing the circumstances that I currently am in," Eileen asked, suspicion clouding her voice as she asked her question as she quickly continued speaking, "couldn't she have left it with somebody else?"

"Lady Snape, I can assure you that cannot lay claim to knowing what was going through your godmother's mind when she drew up her will," Snaggletooth said with a board tone in his voice as he returned her look with for a moment, as he picked up the stack of papers he had pulled out, "Do you wish to hear her will or would you like to forfeit your claim to whatever Lady Jenova Elmyra Discepolo may have left for you in her final days?"

"I might as well since I came all this way. I'm grateful that she was still thinking about me in her final days," Eileen said as she lets out a small sigh while nodding her head in agreement to what Snaggletooth had just asked her, as she continues to speak, "and still thought to leave me something despite everything that happened last year when I left everything behind."

"Indeed, Lady Prince," Snaggletooth said as he sneered at her, as he pulled out a rolled up piece of parchment that still had the red seal on it signaling that it hadn't been opened up and read before now, as Snaggletooth used a clawed finger to break the wax seal and unrolled the parchment, and started to read out loud what was written on it to Eileen.

This is the Last Will and Testament of Lady Jenova Elmyra Discepolo. All other wills are considered null and void as soon as this one is read.

To my dearest Eileen. If you are hearing my will then I must have passed on into the afterlife before I could see you one last time before I go.

My dearest girl, I truly wish that you had come to me when you ran into trouble with your parents involving your potential engagement with Loleus Malfoy instead of fleeing to the muggle world and marrying that horrible muggle man in compensation to stop your parents from trying to set you up in marriage against your will.

Are you surprised to hear that I know what happened to you after you left, my dear? I've been keeping tabs on you ever since you left the magical world, and helping when I could. I know how stubborn you can be when you stubbornly set your mind upon things, but I had always thought you would one day and return home where you belonged, if not with your parents then to me. As your godmother I would have protected you if I could.

Young lady, you know darn well that I would have never turned you over to your parents. As I informed you the last time we saw each other, I never agreed to the idea of you being forced into marriage to young Loleus Malfoy, especially seeing what kind of man he's become over the years thanks to his father's influence.

Plus I believe that if you haven't heard news yet before now, then you will definitely be more than happy to know that Loleus Malfoy has passed away from the Dragon Pox outbreak that hit the magical world while you were away, so you won't have him to worry about anymore, though his brother Abraxas has taken over the Malfoy family with his son Lucius as the family heir, and I hear that Abraxas has supposedly had the Persona Non Grata vendetta his brother placed upon you cancelled with your parents' consent.

Now lets move onto the crux of the matter behind why I had Snaggletooth call upon you alone to come hear my final will and testament. I hope that whatever choice you make after hearing it will be the right one and that you take up the gift that I am offering you so that you can start a new life for yourself and that little boy of yours.

As the last living heir of the Discepolo family, I have never settled down myself or had any children of my own to pass on my families' legacy to. I always thought I would have more than enough time to do so, but now I won't be able to help you now that I am dead.

Because your parents disowned you when you left, and have taken back everything they gave to you including money, I wish to leave you something that I truly hope will make life easier for you if you chose to take it. Since I was unable to help you before my death, then I wish to do so after my death by giving you a way out of your marriage to your muggle husband. Use my final gift to you and start a new life elsewhere far away from the life you have now, and that I hope that you will be safe and happy wherever you wind up.

As my goddaughter and official heir, I wish to leave everything I own to Ms. Eileen Sarelia Prince and any future children she may have.

I have asked the goblin known as Snaggletooth to have the bank empty out and pack up everything that is inside of the Discepolo family vaults into 6 shrinkable and bottomless trunks that had long term and permanent weightless charms on them to make them easier for you to carry around, and have the trunks be ready for you to take with you so that you can have it with you wherever you wind up.

Along with the trunks is a spell I found that I think would help you out nicely in getting far away from your current troubles, if you chose to take on everything that I've left for you. It's a transportation spell that will send you somewhere else where you will be safe, and hopefully never have to see that horrible muggle you are unlucky enough to have chosen to be your husband.

The spell is known as the Mutare Fata et Transmuta Vitam Tuam. It will give both you and that child of yours a clean slate elsewhere, which will hopefully make your lives far better than what it could be if you stubbornly stay living your current life. Neither of you will never have to see that horrible muggle again as well if you chose to use this spell.

I have taken the liberty of writing the words for the spell down for you on a separate piece of parchment that Snaggletooth will hand you if you chose to use the ritual.

I haven't tested the spell out myself so I don't know what will happen exactly or where you will wind up, but hopefully it will be a million times far better than where you are now. Keep yourself and your child safe.

Until the day we hopefully meet again in the afterlife, I wish you great luck in whatever decisions you make concerning my last gift to you, and I hope that you make the right one in this matter.

Love you always,

Lady Jenova Elmyra Discepolo

"And that ends the final will and testament of Lady Jenova Elmyra Discepolo. If you so wish, Lady Prince, I can have arrangements made so that I can have several copies," Snaggletooth said as he finally stopped reading the will, and folded up the parchment and set it down on his desk as he turned his gaze upon Eileen once more to see tears were now running down the young woman's face upon hearing the will, remaining silent for a few moments as he let her cry as he continued speaking, "of the will made for you so that you can have your own copy on hand, while I will submit the original to the Ministry of Magic so that it may be known that Lady Discepolo's will has been carried out. What would you like to do in concern with what has been said in the will?"

Eileen took out a handkerchief and wiped at her streaming eyes for a second after hearing the will, as she thought over what she had just heard. The offer was tempting, especially with how her life had been lately, but she wasn't truly sure if she should or not.

'It's tempting I must say. This could be a fresh start for not only myself, but also Severus as well if this spell works the way auntie Jenova said it would,' Eileen thought silently to herself for a mew minutes as her mind ran a mile a minute as she tried to come up with pros and cons for whether or not she should take the offer or not, before finally nodding her head as she came to a decision, 'Doing the ritual couldn't hurt I guess. Severus and I do not deserve what's happening to us right now, and if I can do something to make things better without having to go back to my family, then I will take the risk with the ritual auntie Jenova has given to me.'

"I will gladly do the ritual, Snaggletooth. If Severus and I are going to be happy, I need to do this." Eileen said as she grinned at the goblin before her, as she glanced over to where Severus was napping in his baby seat, before shaking her head ruefully, "I'm not going to ignore a gift horse in the mouth like this. What do I have to do now to see everything come true?"

"Very good, Lady Prince. Let's get down to business then, shall we?" Snaggletooth asked, as he returned her grin with one of his own, as he bared his fangs at her, "We have a lot to discuss if everything is to run smoothly."

A few days later, found Eileen making final preparations for the ritual that her aunt had given her, as Eileen could only hope that things would be fine afterwards.

After coming to a decision to take up her godmother's offer of a brand-new life for herself and her son, Eileen started making plans for her big escape. Using her newfound inheritance, she had some of transferred into muggle money, so that she could buy some essentials for both herself and Severus in case wherever they wound up didn't give her access to the magical world or a Gringotts bank thanks to the spell. In fact, for all she knew the spell could dump them back into the muggle world instead.

Her next stop was to go to the local magical trunks store, and bought over five more magical trunks that had up to over seven bottomless storage compartments within each of them, that she planned to have the goblins use to put everything that was still stored inside of her vaults inside of the new trunks. The contents of her personal vaults would be split equally between herself and Severus in four of the trunks.

Eileen had to pay the proprietor of the store a hefty sum to add in extra protections and wards on each trunk, as well as some preservation charms on the trunks to make sure they never broke down or fell apart as the years passes by.

Two of the trunks she kept for herself, while the remaining two were going to be for Severus when he was old enough to claim his trunks and bond his magic to the keys that came with the trunks, so that he was the only one who could use and open them.

Besides the trunks usual magical protections, Eileen also had the proprietor put on permanent feather-light charms on each trunk to make them weightless and easier to carry around no matter how much stuff was packed inside of them, along with permanent shrinking charms on each trunk so she could shrink and enlarge them whenever she wanted to place them in something else to carry them in, and a few anti-theft charms, that would curse anybody who tried to break into the trunks if their magical signature wasn't hers or Severus'. She also brought in the trunks that Jenova had left her and had shrinking charms added to them as well.

Another feature she had the proprietor put on the trunks was a special lock that could only be opened with special keys that were enchanted to be bonded to the magic of the owner of the trunk the keys belonged to, and the keys would only unlock the trunks if the magic of the person trying to use the key matched what was bonded with the key, otherwise it wouldn't open the trunk at all and the key would just turn uselessly in the keyhole without opening it.

Another feature she had the proprietor put onto the final new trunk she had bought. The fifth trunk also had extra compartments in it, but it had a special key that would transform two of the compartments into a small mini apartment for her and Severus to stay inside of, in case they ever needed an immediate place to sleep for the night and had no other nearby accommodations to stay in.

The inside of the trunk apartment had three bedrooms, two bathrooms with magical working water and other amenities that you could find in a regular apartment, as well as a large potions lab that was built into the trunk for her, with heavy magical ventilation and other things that would help make living in the trunk apartment bearable without any problems and she could breathe in there, and a fully stocked working large kitchen with everything a home could need. The main bedroom already had a queen-sized bed set inside of it, with a walk-in closet and connecting bathroom, while the second bedroom had been set up as a nursery for Severus to sleep in.

One of the main reasons she had asked for this particular trunk was because she planned to get back into making potions for a living like she had always planned on doing before she had run away from the wizarding world, and she decided that having her own private lab that she could keep hidden away in secret would be a good start. She only had the apartment set up in the trunk with the lab so that she could have a place to go rest, if she was too tired to leave the trunk yet after working in the lab, and Severus could be down there with her in his nursery room.

Another thing she had the store proprietor do, was change one of her spare trunks along with one of Severus trunks into vault trunks. She had decided to split her inheritance between herself and Severus, and before she had left Gringotts, she had come to an agreement with Snaggletooth that since she had no idea where her aunts spell was going to send her or if she was even going to still be in England, that Eileen was going to need her entire inheritance with her, so for a small fee Snaggletooth and some other goblins would help move her entire inheritance whatever she brought to them to store the inheritance inside of.

'At this point I don't care what will happen if I use this spell. If it can truly get me out of my current situation like auntie Jenova says it would. I could even wind up in the underground goblin mines of Gringotts, and I still won't care,' Eileen thought silently to herself with a slight chuckle, as a small smile crept to her lips, as she waited impatiently, 'Severus and I do not deserve this kind of life despite my whatever decisions that I made in the past, and I refuse to let us suffer for it any longer if I can possibly change it for the better. What more can I lose anyways?'

In the following days after Jenova's will reading, and having all of her final preparations made, Eileen made one last decision and cast an obliviate spell on her now ex-husband when he came home from work and was lying passed out drunk in front of tv set in the living room, and completely erased all memories of Eileen and Severus' from Tobias' mind, so that he wouldn't try and come looking for them once they were gone.

Once she was finished obliviating Tobias, Eileen also began casting a basic cleaning spell throughout the household that magically also removed all other signs that Severus and herself had ever been there to begin with, which included removing their images from any photos that might be in the house.

Though after some reluctant consideration, Eileen had left behind a final gift on the dining room table for her ex-husband to find whenever he finally came out of his drunken stupor, by leaving a muggle briefcase overfilled with over seven million pounds of muggles currency, that she had the goblins transfer galleons into, with a simple note saying From a friend, use it wisely.

'Even after everything he's done to me in our time together, I can't help but feel guilty just leaving him in his current situation,' Eileen thought silently to herself, as she shook her head in frustration as she took one last look at her soon to be former home, knowing she wouldn't be seeing it again after today as she took one last look around to make sure that she hadn't left anything behind, 'Hopefully he will wise up now that I'm no longer here, and won't waste all that money on alcohol and actually use it for something worthwhile.'

Smiling a bit, she turned on her heel and walked out the front door, shutting and locking it quietly behind her before she apparated away. 'No backing down now. It's now or never...' Eileen thought silently to herself with determination, as she walked around the room she was in.

~-Gringott's Bank, Private Ritual Room, England - January 27, 1967~-

A few hours later found Eileen deep in the bowels of Gringott's inside of a special room that the goblins had set up specifically just for ritual spells. Eileen was all alone in the room except for Severus who was strapped in and sleeping peacefully on her back inside of his brand new Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Signature Series Child Carrier backpack that she had picked up from a muggle store earlier that day.

The Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Signature Series Child Carrier looked like a everyday muggle backpack, but it was also designed to be a baby carrier for babies to ride in on their parents backs, while the backpack part of the carrier was attached to fit behind the baby's seat.

Eileen had already packed up the backpack with all of the shrunken trunks filled with everything she had removed from her personal vaults that she was taking with her to where ever the ritual was going to send her, along with magical self-updating documents and ID's and birth certificates for herself and Severus that she would need for where ever she ended up to help her get by, along with a document that legally changed Severus' last name from Snape to the Prince family name, and basically cut off all ties with her former husband.

Eileen had also charmed the backpack part of the Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Signature Series Child Carrier so that it would be bottomless as well as weightless so that it wouldn't cause her any problems as she wore it, as well as not put extra strain on Severus' seat, with all of the shrunken trunks inside of it weighing it down.

Eileen had also cast a few baby proofing protection spells on it to make it extra safe for Severus to ride in so that he wouldn't be injured somehow while riding in it, as well as a sticking charm on the seat to keep Severus inside it in case something happened during the ritual.

"Lady Prince, are you ready to begin?" one of the goblins who was there to witness the rituals performance asked casually, as he gestured towards the ritual circle in the center of the room with one hand, "If so, please proceed now, so that we may begin."

"Yes I'm ready. I want to get this over with as soon as possible," Eileen said as she clutched the parchment containing the ritual spell tightly in her hands for a moment, before loosening her grip on the parchment and opened it up to start reading.

Taking a deep breath, Eileen started speaking the words that were on the parchment outloud.

Ubah ib dra ryhtc uv desa,
Ymmuf ouin bufan du creha pnekrdmo,
Syga dra lmulg yht fraamc uv desa cbeh,
Pnehk pylg fryd uhla fyc seha

Pnayg draca Ayndrmo lryehc
Keja ic y haf vyda
Frana uin tnaysc lyh pa vimvemmat
Ymmuf uin rybbehacc du caa dra mekrd uv tyo

Nasuja drec linnahd tacdeho
Pnayg draca ayndrmo lryehc
Lryhka dra vydac' tacekh
Paht ed du so femm

Yht cad ic vnaa

As Eileen continued to chant the spell for a few more times as her voice began to grow louder with each passing second as she chanted the words, the ritual circle she was standing in started to emit a pale golden glow that seemed to grow brighter with each passing second as the glow started to spin and swirl around her body.

Not breaking her stride as she continued to chant the ritual spell, the bright light continued to spin around her body as it slowly surrounded her as it seemed to envelop her body inside of what looked like a golden cocoon as her voice faded away, before the cocoon dispersed a few seconds later leaving the ritual circle now empty once more, and leaving no sign that anyone had been in the room at all.

A few minutes later, a goblin clean-up crew entered the ritual chamber and starts cleaning up the room for any leftover magical residue from the ritual, and decontaminating the room of anything that might harm the next person who came to use the room, as Snaggletooth slowly came into the room to watch the cleanup process for a moment as his gaze moved towards the empty ritual circle for one last time.

'So it actually worked. Well then, all's well that ends well as the humans say, depending on where Lady Prince and her son ends up because of the ritual...' Snaggletooth thought silently to himself as a toothy smirk appeared on his face, as he thought about the repercussions Eileen Princes actions might cause once others discovered it, 'Hopefully where ever they wind up is a lot better than here. I wish you good luck in you and your sons future endeavors, Lady Prince.'

With those thoughts, Snaggletooth turned on his heels and left the ritual rooms and left the goblin cleanup crew alone to continue their duties in the room.

~-Prince Manor, Edinburgh - January 27, 1967~-

Meanwhile back at Prince Manor, Lady Sierra Prince nee Hargreeves was walking through the empty hallways of her family's vast manor as she made her way towards the dining room to have the House Elves start preparing dinner for herself and her husband to eat.

Though as she walked down the hallway, Sierra's mind couldn't help but wonder back to her errant youngest daughter, Eileen, who she hadn't seen in over two years.

'It has been two years since Eileen left. Why couldn't she understand that her father and myself were just doing what was best for her,' Sierra thought angrily to herself in irritation, as old anger from Eileen's abandonment of the family stilled festered inside of Sierra, 'when we set her up with Loleus Malfoy? That girl is just so stubborn. She's just like grandmother in that regard.'

Ever since Eileen had stormed out of the manor in a rage, Sierra had been both upset, especially when she didn't hear from Eileen since. In the days since the Malfoy-Prince engagement disaster as it was now known as to those who had heard about it and were still gossiping about it even now even two years later.

Sierra had stood by her husband, Delos Princes side as in the weeks since that fateful night, as he and the Malfoys had started to spread word around to Eileen's usual haunts that she was to be considered Persona Non Grata to the magical community and that there would be dire repercussions to anybody who tried to deal with her until they were told otherwise.

At the time, both Delos and Sierra along with the Malfoy family who had been more than willing overlook the humiliation that Eileen had dealt all of them and go through with the betrothal agreement, while adding some alterations to the new contract they had drawn up to replace the original contract that Eileen had burned up.

The two families had truly believed that by doing so and taking away Eileen's options concerning her 'career' plans of being a potions mistress, would cause Eileen to come crawling back to the family and do as she was told like a proper Prince daughter should do, only for it to backfire on them.

When Eileen had discovered what they had done, she had sent Delos and Sierra a Howler voicing her anger, and demanding that they cancel the Persona Non Grata order on her, which they had written back and told her that the would as soon as soon as she married Loleus Malfoy, like she was supposed to do as their daughter.

Eileen's response to that had been another Howler informing Delos and Sierra what she thought of them and the Malfoy contract and that she didn't need them any longer to make her own way in the world, before telling them to never contact her again if they were willing to ruin her life like they were doing now.

After that last letter, Eileen seemed to have disappeared completely from the magical world without a trace. Any letters sent to her either by Delos or Sierra were always returned unopened, with the delivery owls sometimes being seen flying around in circles around the manor immediately after being sent off to deliver Eileen's latest letter, only for the owl to eventually give up on the attempt and return to the owl roost without going anywhere at all, which had the two Prince's worried.

Even Eileen's older siblings had tried contacting her, with the exact same results as their own owls giving up on trying to locate her and returning to the roost without going anywhere at all.

As time went by with no word from Eileen, the Malfoys eventually cancelled the deal with the Prince family, mostly because Loleus had come down with a bad case of Dragon Pox while they awaited word on hearing word Eileen, and Loleus Malfoy wound up dying from a bad case of Dragon Pox a few weeks after contracting it.

They had even tried contacting Eileen's godmother, Jenova Elmyra Discepolo, to see if the other woman had seen Eileen recently or even had heard from her at all. But Jenova had told them that she hadn't heard from Eileen since around the time Eileen had sent out her last Howler letter to Sierra and Delos. All Jenova would really tell them about what happened.

Jenova had really laid into Sierra and Delos about the entire situation as she told the couple off about how she had handled Eileen. As she yelled and cursed them both out in her Howler, she proceeded to also inform them that even if she wanted to help them find Eileen, she still wouldn't tell them since she had promised her god daughter that she wouldn't do so, just before Eileen had left.

Then nearly eleven months after Eileen had disappeared public view in the magical world, on Januarys 9 of this year, Sierra just happened to be passing the magically self-updating Prince Family Tree wall hanging scroll that they hung in the main hallway of the manor, when she noticed a new addition to the Family Tree scroll that hadn't been there when she had gone to bed the previous night, which caused Sierra's eyes to widen in shock at the Family Tree scroll.

Directly under Eileen's name was a jagged line leading down towards a picture of what appeared of a black haired baby boy with navy blue eyes looking back at Sierra on the Family Tree scroll with the name Severus Jayden Snape printed directly under the babies name. That was when Sierra also noticed that Eileen's maiden name had also been changed to Snape as well on the Family Tree scroll.

Seeing that Eileen apparently now had a son to call her own, Eileen had felt both surprise and elation at the idea that she was a grandmother again. But also felt annoyance fill every fiber of Sierra's being directed at Eileen for letting her petty grudge against the family keep her from telling the family about her future baby.

Another worrying fact was the lack of a picture of Severus Snape's father appearing on the Family tree next to Eileen. The fact that both Eileen and Severus last names both showed up on the Family Tree under the 'Snape' name instead of the 'Prince' name shows that Eileen had at least married the man before giving birth, but the lack of a picture for the man in question could only mean one out of two things. Either the man was a Squib or was instead a filthy muggle, and Sierra still couldn't decide on which idea upset her more at the moment the longer she thought about it.

'Snape? I wonder who the father is? I've never even heard of that particular family name before. I would love to meet him as well as my grandson. Though...' Sierra thought silently to herself days later, as she glanced at the Family Tree scroll every once in awhile to look over 'The fact that the father isn't showing up on the tree with them, could only mean that the man could either be a Squib or a Muggle. But.. Eileen wouldn't really do this to us would she? By marrying a muggle of all things?!'

A few days after Severus' birth, Sierra had received word from Jenova's lawyer telling Sierra that Jenova had been found dead in her home, apparently having had died peacefully in her sleep, and that a funeral would be happening soon, and that there wasn't going to be a will reading.

On the day of the funeral Eileen had looked around, hoping to catch Eileen there attending the funeral of her godmother, but Sierra became disappointed when she didn't see Eileen anywhere in the church or at the funeral as Jenova final remains were laid to rest inside of the Discepolo family crypt with the rest of Jenova's' long dead family.

'Now that I think about it, it would almost be just like Eileen to go off and marry a dumb muggle, just to spite our family when she's in a snit,' Sierra thought silently herself, as she shook her head reproachfully at the mere idea that her youngest daughter's child might be a half-blood instead of a proper pureblood wizard, 'At this point I almost really don't care about who or even what the boy's father is. If I could just see Eileen again even if its just for a few minutes and we never see each other again afterwards...'

Just then, as Sierra passed by the Family Tree scroll a sudden flash of light from the scroll caught her attention, causing her to immediately turn her attention upon it, just in time to watch in shock and horror as the images and names of Eileen and her son slowly faded from the Family Tree as if they never existed on the tree.

'What the hell?! What happened?! Where did they go?!' Sierra thought frantically to herself as she quickly pulled out her wand and start casting every single spell she could think of to try and reverse whatever happened to the scroll, only for Sierra to feel her panic rise as no spell she used seemed to reverse whatever happened.

"Delos!" Sierra shrieked loudly as she knew her husband would hear her, since he was just a few doors down the hall from where she was inside of his personal study room, "Delos! Come quickly! Its an emergency!"

A few seconds later, the door to the study slammed open as a frazzled Delos Prince appeared in the doorway, as he looked around for a moment before spotting his wife and hurries over as fast as he could

"What is it, Sierra? What's wrong" Delos demanded as he finally reached his wife's location, as he watched her raise a shaky hand towards the Family Tree scroll. As he stared at the Family Tree scroll for a moment, it took him a moment to realize what was wrong, as his eyes widen in shock and disbelief as he saw that Eileen and her sons images were now missing from the Family Tree scroll, "By Merlin's beard. What the hell happened?! Where's Eileen and Severus?"

"I don't know what happened! That's why I called for you. I was walking by the Family Tree scroll when it suddenly started glowing," Sierra said after a few seconds as she tried to take a steadying breath to try and calm herself down, as she reached out a shaking hand to touch the blank area where Eileen and Severus used to be on the tree, "when the glow died down they were both gone from the tree as if they were never there to begin with. Before I called for you I tried several spells to try and reverse whatever happened but nothing is working."

As he heard his wife's words, Delos pulled out his own wand and started casting his own spells upon the Family Tree only to get the same results as his wife as the pictures of Eileen and her son refused to return.

"What could their pictures disappearing possibly mean, Delos?" Sierra demanded as she stared at the empty spot on the family tree, "if they were dead their images wouldn't have disappeared like that. It would have just blacked out and show the day of their deaths..."

"I don't know Sierra... I'll have to contact somebody about this. Its high time we track down our wayward daughter and bring her home where she belongs," Delos said firmly as he glanced towards his disthraught wife, before turning on his heel and going back to his office to get started on the search for Eileen.

Little did the entire Prince family know, it would be a long time before they would see Eileen Prince and her son again.

~-Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Scotland – January 27, 1967~-

Somewhere within the hallowed halls of Hogwarts there is a room where a large lone book resides in that was sitting on top of a golden pedestal. The book is the school registration ledger that automatically records the birth of every newborn witch and wizard that is born into the world and what year they are scheduled to start school.

Professor Minerva McGonagall was currently in the room copying down a long list of names of children that were scheduled to come to Hogwarts in the following school year, so that the names would be ready to be addressed and sent out to new students before school starts up again.

'Perfect. I'm finally finished. Now that I have this year's roll call of incoming new students taken care of,' Minerva thought silently to herself as she snapped close the notebook she was using to write down the names in the registration book, as she gently closed the ledger itself, as she turned away from the registration book and starts making her way out the door, 'so I'll send out the invites later in the coming months before school starts up again...'

As the door to the room shut behind her, the registration book started glowing a bright yellow glow moments before it slowly lifted off of its pedestal and flung itself open as it started flipping pages until it reached the page listing the names of all of the future first years who had recently been born that year in 1967 who would be attending Hogwarts in the year 1978, as the name Snape, Severus became highlighted in golden letters in the S surnames section of the book.

For a few seconds, nothing happened as the 'Snape, Severus' name slowly began to glow brightly for a few seconds inside of the book, before the name turned black and disappeared completely from the books pages as if it had never existed before the book finally flipped back closed again and settled back on its pedestal like nothing happened.

~-Outskirts of Sunnydale, California - January 27, 1987~-

Late one evening on the outskirts of Sunnydale, California, the night was quiet except for the usual sounds of animals crying in the night or passing cars on the road going in and out of Sunnydale.

All of a sudden the silence is broken by a loud cracking sound, as a bright flash of light seemed to light up the road, and as the light faded away to reveal a young woman appearing out of the nowhere in the middle of the road, with a sleeping baby on her back as she staggered a bit before catching her balance once more and standing back up straight, as she pulled out her wand and lit up the area with a Light spell so she could see better.

'Where did the spell send me? I don't recognize the area at all.' Eileen thought in confusion as she squinted her eyes a bit in the darkness trying to figure out exactly where she was, as she spotted a nearby road sign, and quickly made her way over to it to read what it said, 'I wonder just how far away from home am I exactly?'

Coming to a stop in front of the sign, Eileen raised her wand up higher to fully illuminate the sign, as her eyes widen a bit in surprise as she read the words that had been printed on it.

Welcome to Sunnydale, California
Please enjoy your stay in our peaceful little town!
Population: 38,450
Established in 1909

'Sunnydale California, huh? So the spell sent me all the way to the colonies to start over? Sunnydale sounds like a cheery little place from that name.' Eileen thought silently to herself for a moment, as a small smile crept up to her lips as she glanced over her shoulder at Severus who was sleeping peacefully in the backpack baby carrier she was wearing on her back, and smiled when she saw that she he was still asleep, 'I seriously hope I am not making a mistake by doing this. But if it keeps Severus and myself safe from Tobias, I am willing to do this.'

Since the backpack had been muggle in design, Eileen had taken precautions with it, and reinforced it with protection spells that would keep Severus safe from any harm and injuries while he rode inside it, as well as some cushioning and heating charms in the seat to make it extra soft for him to sit in as well as keep him warm. Designed into the back of the carrier was a backpack that contained all of the shrunken trunks containing everything she and Severus owned that she had managed to grab from the home she that shared with her former husband for the last year, along with the trunks containing her inheritance from her godmother.

'At least the trip didn't wake him up and upset him. I don't want him to be upset and crying until I can figure out the situation we are in.' Eileen thought silently to herself as she looked around her unfamiliar surroundings worriedly for a moment, while gripping her wand tightly in her hand as she looked for any sign of an attack, but didn't see or hear anything, 'I can't stay here all night. There is no telling what might be out here that could endanger us, so I need to focus more on this 'Sunnydale' place first of all and get us there as soon as possible and find proper accommodations for us...'

Glancing over her shoulder to check on Severus once more, and seeing that the infant was definitely still fast asleep, Eileen let out a small sigh as she starts walking in the direction that the street sign said that 'Sunnydale' was located in, and unaware of strange light blue glow that was shining underneath Severus' baby t-shirt on his left shoulder, with the light fading away into nothing just as quickly as it had started.

'I mean seriously it can't be as bad as the last place I was in...' Eileen thought silently, as a small smile crept to her lips as she walked, 'living in the colonies would be a nice change of pace compared to England after everything I've been through...'

To be continued...

Author's Notes:
So what do you guys think? This chapter is completed at 20 pages. This is my second attempt at writing a Harry Potter crossover, involving Buffy the Vampire Slayer with my first one being called Brimstone Kisses. Please tell me what you think of it in reviews. Do you guys love it? Hate it? What? Though extremely rude flamers won't be tolerated. Please tell me what all of you think of this story of mine.

Yes I changed Severus middle name to 'Jayden' I think he deserved his own middle name instead of being named after the man who would have made him grow up abused in canon. lol And I made his eyes a dark navy-blue color.

Anybody recognize the scene involving the Hogwarts registration book? I copied and pasted it from my Harry Potter and Avengers and Captain Marvel fanfic called Racing the Daylight after making some alterations to the last two lines so it would fit Severus instead.

Meaning of the spell that Eileen uses (created using Google Translate):

Mutare Fata et Transmuta Vitam Tuam - Change that will transform your life and death

If anyone is wondering what the words to the spell I created came from, I took and altered different parts of the four incantation spells from Disney's Tangled series, while using a Al Bhed translator to make the words foreign sounding. Here's the Al Bhed to English translation for the spell.

-Ubah ib dra ryhtc uv desa - Open up the hands of time
-Ymmuf ouin bufan du creha pnekrdmo - Allow your power to shine brightly
-Syga dra lmulg yht fraamc uv desa cbeh - Make the clock and wheels of time spin
-Pnehk pylg fryd uhla fyc seha - Bring back what once was mine
-Pnayg draca Ayndrmo lryehc - Break these Earthly chains
-Keja ic y haf vyda - Give us a new fate
-Frana uin tnaysc lyh pa vimvemmat - Where our dreams can be fulfilled
-Ymmuf uin rybbehacc du caa dra mekrd uv tyo - Allow our happiness to see the light of day
-Nasuja drec linnahd tacdeho – Remove this current destiny
-Pnayg draca ayndrmo lryehc – Break these earthly chains
-Lryhka dra vydac' tacekh – Change the fates' design
-Paht ed du so femm – Bend it to my will
-Yht cad ic vnaa – And set us free

Anybody wondering what the baby backpack Eileen is using to carry Severus around in looks like? It's called a Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Signature Series Child Carrier and its picture can be found on .

I thought that the backpack would be perfect for Eileen to have to use to carry Severus in while she's traveling through time, and it also holds the shrunken trunks containing her belongings in it so she doesn't have to juggle between carrying Severus while also carrying their belongings. Before anyone says anything about the existence of the bag in the 1960s, let's just say in the history of the story that the bags DID exist in the 1960's. lol

Plus if anybody thinks Severus (who was just barely a few weeks old) was too small/young ride in that thing safely, remember I said Eileen used magic to reinforce the stupid thing with all kinds of protection placed on it to make sure Severus DIDN'T get hurt while riding it.

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Completed On: November 12, 2020