Over the next few weeks, Deidara mostly stays in the apartment, but he doesn't mind at all the time alone while Sakura is out gives him plenty of time to get back to is art. Once or twice a week Naruto or Kakashi will stop by to "see Sakura" but Deidara knows they are really just there to make sure he didn't hurt her, like he would be able to in the first place. But, for the most part he and Sakura have fallen into a comfortable routine, he would wake up every morning and make breakfast. After they both ate, Sakura would go to work at the hospital, go training, or hang out with her friends which she would bring him along claiming he needed more good social interaction. By the time Sakura got home he would have dinner made or still be in his room working on an art piece, on days when she would drag him out they would eat dinner out, but every night they would watch TV and talk about anything and everything.

About 2 months after he first arrived in the Leaf village, Deidara is summoned to the Hokage's office, he is escorted by Kakashi and 3 anbu, and all along the way all he can think is 'This is it, they have decided to lock me up and throw away the key. I just wish I could have seen her one last time and said goodbye.' As he enters the office, he sees two people, both cloaked with hoods up, behind Lady Tsunade on either side of her, "Deidara welcome, we were just talking about you, please sit."she greets him with no emotion, at least none visible. As he takes a seat across from her, the air suddenly becomes very thick and the silence is deafening, "Excuse me ma'am I don't know if its my place or not, but can I ask why I am here and who are these people?" he asks her hesitantly. At that moment bother figures removed their hoods the one on the left was a women no older then 25 with a slender face, ash blonde hair in loose curls, and violet catlike eyes wearing a stone village headband. The one on the right was a man in his 30s with a large round face chocolate brown hair and beard with his eyes closed and a Sand village headband. "Well, it seems news of you being here has spread far and wide, these people are representatives of the Stone and Sand villages respectfully. They came here actually 3 weeks ago, demanding your head on a pike, but since you have been nothing but good I convinced them otherwise. I convinced them instead to spend time watching your every move and they did for 2 weeks, they contacted their respective Kages with what the found, and have come to a decision. Both the Tsuchikage and the Kazekage have agreed to pardon you if you sign this agreement, which states you must never ever enter the land of Wind or Earth ever again. Furthermore you will be allowed to roam free as long as you have your chakra sealed, not cause trouble, or get into fights except in the case of self defense or defense of others. So do we have a deal?"

Deidara couldn't believe what he was hearing, he was free, no punishment needed, he stealthily pinched his leg just to see if it was a dream or genjutsu, and when nothing changed he realized it was real. Without any hesitation he picked up with pen on her desk and signed his name on the for mentioned document. Tsunade look at him and gave him a soft smile before she spoke, " Well, that's the fastest I have ever seen anyone sign a plea bargain, in any case Shizune will make copies of these for our friends here. Now as soon as you have the seal placed on you you are free to leave and go where ever and do what ever you want." In a daze Deidara didn't even notice when someone pulling him up by his arm and lead him out of the room, he didn't even notice when they place the seal on him or feel it. It was only when he was walking down the Main Street towards the hospital that it finally hit him he was free he got a new life a second chance and he was gonna grab it with both hands. With that he took off at a sprint the smile never leaving his face, as he rounded a bend he saw her, the angel who made this all possible. "Sakura!" He shouted with all his might, she turned to see him coming towards her, her mind instantly flew to the worst, "Deidara what are you doing out and about? Did the apartment catch fire or are we under attack?" By the time she finish he had reached her, confused he didn't know what she was talking about till he remembered the previous agreement "No I was just with the Hokage and I got a new plea bargain, I'm free, I can go where ever I want and do what I want! Well except I cant go to the lands of Earth or Wind ever again, had my chakra sealed, and I cant cause trouble. But, other then that I am home free, isn't that amazing!" Sakura stood there stunned, "I guess you'll be leaving then, now that you can go any where, huh?" She said looking at the ground willing her self not to cry and thought, 'It's like Sasuke all over again.' "What are you talking about first off where would I go I have nothing and no where to go to. Second off I have come to love the Leaf village, and third you are the only friend I have why would I leave you? Now come on lets go celebrate!" With that declaration he grabs her hand and pulls her down the road.

After that they quickly fall back into the same old routine, but now Deidara leaves to go on walks, talks to people around town, and even starts selling his pottery. For months they live in this quiet riviera content with each other's company, Deidara and Naruto even start to become friends with a usual Friday boys night where they do god knows what! One day, almost 6 months to the day since they meet on the road, Deidara announces he is going to use the money he made selling his pottery to open a shop. With full support from Sakura and his new buddy, one sunny day he goes with a real estate agent to look at available properties, but something doesn't sit right with him he has a feel something bad will happen.

One moment he was walking down the road with the real estate agent, next he was helping evacuate civilians or get them into shelters, he doesn't even remember how he got here. As he is helping a woman look for her daughter he spots them the deva path of Pein, he knows why he had that foreboding feeling now, the Akatsuki was here. He didn't dwell on it, he just sped up his efforts to evacuate the civilians, a child here, a woman there. Just as he was nearing the play ground it happened, a loud thunderous rumble, and a tidal wave of earth and concrete coming right at him. He ran to the 5 children screaming for their lives as fast he could and used his body as a shield, even though he knew it wouldn't do much, just as everything when black.

When he finally came to, the world was dark, the air was choked with dust and smoke, and his head felt like it was his by a hammer, he couldn't remember where he was or what was going on. Till he heard whimpering he looked and saw 5 little children crying, then he remembered the tidal wave, the noise, Pein, "Hey kiddies don't worry I am here I will protect you, my name is Deidara what is yours?" A boy the eldest kid from the look of it stepped forward with a nosebleed and as much courage as he could muster "I'm Akira, this is my little sister Yumi, our friends Toshi, Hotaru, and Kaede. What's going on, who are those people, what do they want?" by the end Akira was close to tears. "Hey hey now don't cry, I don't know what they want but I do know this we are going to get out of this okay as long as we stick together." He knew he lied but he didn't want to needlessly worry the kids on things they wouldn't understand. For the next two hours, they climbed and dug all the while they could hear the sounds of fighting off in the distance. When they finally found away out the sight that greeted them was pure and total horror the whole village destroyed and giant crater at its center. He stayed with the kids till their parents came looking for them all of them telling their parents about the hero who saved them. By the time, he went looking for Sakura the sun was starting to set, part of him wanted to look where the hospital or the apartment was, but the logical side knew it would be useless now. After many hours of looking and shouting, he sat down on a large piece of debris and he was losing all hope of finding her at all, 'Oh god, maybe she didn't make it. What now I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her." As he sat there he notice something on the ground, it was his backpack the one she bought for him torn and battered. At this memories of the time they spent together filled his mind, and he began to cry thinking he would never see her again.

As he sat there crying and hugging the backpack, he heard a faint voice shouting his name, he was thinking he was going crazy or Sakura was haunting him, till someone put a hand on his cheek. He looked up and saw the most beautiful sight in the world Sakura alive he hair gently swaying him the wind, and her whole body bathed in the light of the full moon. Neither said anything for the longest time, because the second his brain registered that this was his Sakura alive and well, he was on his feet. With his hands on either side of her face, dropping the backpack on the ground, pulling her close to him in a gentle but passionate kiss. Shock was Sakura's first reaction, but then ever so slowly did she close her eyes, lean in, and wrap her arms around his neck. For the next few hours no words where said except for one thing "I love you, Sakura."and "I love you too Deidara."

As the village rebuilds its self, Tsunade is out of action, but reports still flood into the new hokage's temporary office, about a man with long blonde hair and blue eyes doing many various acts of heroism. They at first think it was Naruto, but he says he didn't do any of it he didn't arrive till he popped in with the toads, till a group a little kids tell them how this same man saved them, and his name was Deidara. By the time, Tsunade comes to she read all the reports while Sakura gives her an 'I told you so' smile. For a third time, Deidara is sat across from the Hokage and again fearing for his life but for a different reason now. "Deidara stop panicking I know about you and Sakura but that's not why I called you in here." At this his curiosity rose and his nerves calmed, a bit. " I have about 50 different reports of you saving people during the invasion, an elderly couple stuck in their home, a woman separated from her daughter, and 5 kids trapped under rubble. Now I'm not impressed easily, but I'm impressed by the bravery and sacrifice you have shown, which I why I have a third and final offer but this one has no expiration date. How would you like to be a Leaf Ninja? You could be in any unit you desire after you pass the required exams of course."

Deidara thought about it he did miss the exhilaration, he would be able to see more of the world and learn more art styles, and even be able to protect Sakura better, no that she needs it. After a while of thinking about it, he looked up, looked Tsunade dead in the eyes, smile, and accepted. Within a week he was fitted for a flak vest, had a new headband, had his new eye piece, and was meet his new team, the Bomb Squad, once again everything in his life was perfect. But little did he know life was about to throw him 2 major curveballs in the form of Sasuke Uchiha, and the Forth Shinobi war, but that my friends is a whole different story.