Duel Field-

On the Duel Field. The Field is a Japanese place, as a bulky and muscular man, with black pompadour hair was seen. This is Gongenzaka.

As he say. "I'll release Super-Heavy Samurai Waka 02 and Warrior Sword 999, to Advance Summon Super-Samurai Warrior Big Ben-K!"

As a big robotic samurai appears.

"Yuya! Duel me, Gongenzaka, one on one!"

"Ladies and Gentlemen!"

A voice was heard.

As a pink hippo hopped onto the roof, as a boy was riding on the hippo, as the 14 years old boy with maroon hair, following with green on top of it and wears yellow goggles that a blue star on the right-eyed lens, a neck belt a blue pendant, wears a jacket which is his Maiami Second Junior High School uniform, that he wears it as a cape, with a orange shirt, green pants with two pockets on both right and left sides, with a brown belt, pink shoes and red wristbands. This is Yuya.

"I activate the Quick-Play Spell, Hippo Carnival!" Yuya says as a yellow, greenish-blue and orange hippos appears dancing. "It's showtime!"

"Are you kidding me?!"

-Control Room-

While in the control room, was a 14 years old girl with aqua-green hair with a lock of hair sticking up over the head like Yuya's, her hair also has two light green sidetails, she has orange eyes. She wears a blue and white jacket with pink pads on the shoulders and elbows, pink shorts, and white and pink boots that reach up to her thighs with pink kneepads. She wears jewelry consists of a pair of blue studded earrings, a black choker with a blue jewel and a double-banded bracelet with two pink stones set on either side of the bracelet where the bands intersect, framed by a simple rose design. Also around her neck is a pendant similar to Yuya's but hers is an aqua colored. This is Rin, Yuya's childhood friend.

As Rin angrily yells at her childhood friend goofiness. "Yuya! Stop goofing around!" As she slams her hands down on the control, as it started to malfunction as Rin screams because of what she has done.

As a man in a jumpsuit came in saying. "Rin! What happened!"

"Dad! Sorry! I'll fix it later!"

"If this thing break, my hot blooded training is... The Solid Vision gonna disappear!"

"This is the Entertainment Dueling, of the You Show Duel Schoo- AH!" Yuya says as the solid vision disappeared and Yuya fell onto his back.

As two people were watching, a woman and a boy. As the boy is Tatsuya with his mom, as Tatsuya wince as Yuya fell.


"Oww..." Yuya winced and make a funny face.

While back in the control room, Rin just sigh at her friend goofiness, before turning black with words appearing.

-You Show Lobby-


As Shuzo sat down holding his head. "The Solid Vision System is broken, and the new students will leave... WHY!?"

"Well it's Rin fault that she broke it." Yuya said.

As Rin got up and scold. "Yuya!" As Yuya flinch. "This is your fault for goofing around, instead of dueling seriously!" As she was about to hit Yuya, but miss as he got up and ran into Gongenzaka.

"I thought you left, Gongenzaka..."

"That boy wasn't smiling."

"Huh?" Yuya said in confuse. "What do you mean?"

"There a difference between smiling and nervously smiling!" Gongenzaka told him. "Your father, Yusho Sakaki, always make people smiles with dueling. But, you forgotten the smiles he stirred from the hearts!?"

"But, things turn out good, right?" Yuya said with smile.

"Yuya...!" Rin said as she wanted to scold him like a mother.

Until someone enter the room. "Oh, it seem that something is amiss here."

"And you are?" Shuzo asked.

"Nico Smiley the name, I'm the manager of the current champion of Action Dueling, Strong Ishijima." He introduce himself.

As Yuya eyes widen. "Strong Ishijima..."

As Rin look at Yuya in worry, as she remember something from the past.

"Ishijima is our poster duelist at LDS, and we love to have Yuya here be with him, for his Fan Appreciation Day." Nico exclaimed.

"So you want me... with Ishijima...?" As Yuya started to know what was going on.

"Of course! Duel the champion!" Nico said as he show them the poster of Ishijima and Yuya, who is on the bottom.

As Yuya was thinking about it until...

"No! We can't allow Yuya to go up against him." Shuzo said.

"Why? The fans love seeing the son of Yusho appear!"

"He will not be a show pony!" Shuzo declared. "How do you think Yuya have felt for three years...?! Now, leave!"

As Nico have a backup plan. "How unfortunate! We can also give you the newest Real Solid Vision System by Leo Corporation. For free."



As Shuzo head was hit by Rin's fist. "Didn't you say that he wasn't going to be a show pony?!"


"The school is also important, dad! But..."

"It's on how Yuya feel about this." Gongenzaka said.

As they saw that Yuya was missing.

"He's gone..." Rin whispered. 'I bet he there again...'

As Shuzo and Gongenzaka rush out to the Stadium, as Rin rushes out to go where her childhood friend is at.

-With Yuya-

With Yuya, he was sitting on a railing, of a bridge, with cars passing by, and looking at his Pendent, as he have his goggles over his eyes, as he started to remember what his father said to him.

'The Pendulum... swing! More and more!'

While he thought that a male figure appeared beside him. He has silver hair with light green highlights he was wearing a blue and white jacket with orange borders. He also is wearing thick red-brownish gloves, black pants with brown chaps, faded gold knee pads, dark-blue suspenders with faded gold buckles hanging from a red-brownish belt with two large holsters, also a large faded gold buckle, and brown shoes with dark-blue outlines and straps.

This is Zarc Yuya's original self.

"Still thinking of him aren't you?" Zarc asked Yuya. Yuya nodded. It's been three years already," Yuya said thinking about his father.

"It was that day that I first appeared to you," Zarc said. Yuya nodded at this thinking of when he first meet Zarc.

Three years ago Yuya's father Yusho was supposed to duel The Sledgehammer for the championship however he never showed up. People started calling him a coward. Yuya runs up saying his father was not a coward and to let Yuya duel in his place. It took everything in Rin had in her to drag Yuya away.

Later while Yuya and Rin were alone Yuya's pendant began to glow and Zarc's spirit appeared beside him. After getting over the initial shock of seeing the spirit that looks like Yuya Zarc introduced himself as Yuya's original self before the original dimension split due to his childhood friend Ray used the four energy cards to try and free him from the influence of the Supreme King. However she couldn't take all the energy and she, Zarc, and the dimension split into four dimensions each with a different summoning method.

They were in the Standard dimension which actually had all three summoning methods.

"I knew you be here."

As Yuya turn to see... "Rin?" As he remove his goggles. "What are you doing here?"

Ever since Yuya met Rin, she was crying of her mom death, as he try to make her smile by making funny faces and noises. After a while, she began to laugh and smile, as she thanks him for cheering her up, as Yuya's dad, Yusho show up, make them smile more, as till that day, they became friends.

This also became a habit of theirs, whenever Yuya need to think, Rin always be there for him to talk to.

"To make sure that you're ok like always." Rin answered as she smile. "But I see that Zarc is already taking care of that for me," she said. Zarc just nodded his head. Run likes that Zarc was there for Yuya. Yuya didn't say anything he just turned back and looked out towards the stadium.

"Your still thinking about your father aren't you?" Rin asked.

"Yeah... I really miss him..." Yuya said in a sad tone. "And I don't know if I could beat the Sledgehammer..." Yuya began, but Rin cut him off.

"Come on!" As Yuya was flinches at Rin. "I'll bet that your dad is cheering for you where ever he is and looking after you as well!"


"And beside..." As Rin look at the Stadium. "My dad, Gongenzaka and I will be cheering you on."

As Yuya stare at Rin for a few seconds and say. "Thanks, Rin."

"Not to mention if you need any help I will be there right beside you," Zarc said.

As both Rin abd Yuya grab each other hands and shake.

"You go ahead of me, Rin and tell them I'll be there."

"Right!" As Rin started running to the Stadium. 'I got a feeling that he might do something stupid...' As she sigh, but smile, as she like that part of him.

"Yuya it's almost time the battle for the dimensions is about to begin," Zarc said.

"I know Zarc When your ready to activate the power that is inside mine and Rin's pendants do it," Yuya said as he took one last look one last look at his pendant before getting off the ledge he was sitting on.

"Let's go Zarc we've got an audience to entertain," Yuya says. Zarc just smiled.

"He's just like me before I was possessed," Zarc said to himself.

And done this is the first chapter of my new story. I haven't found to many stories where Zarc isn't evil so this is one of them. I also put Rin in the Standard dimension just because I felt like it. A/N Rin will still use her Windwitch deck which will later include pendulum monsters. Until next time. It's time to swing into action.