It's the next day after the duel between Yuya and Yuri against Rin and Serena. They along with Gongenzaka were at the duel school along with Ruri. Yuya and Yuri were having a practice duel.

"Starving Venom destroy Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon and win this duel," Yuri commanded.

"Not so fast Yuri I activate my final face down Final Fusion," Yuya said. "With this card we both will take damage equal to the total attack points of both our monsters," Yuya said.

"That was very clever of Yuya to play that in the end," Ruri said. Both Rin and Serena nodded their heads in agreement.

The blast sent both Yuya and Yuri backwards. (Yuya ?LP-0LP)(Yuri ?LP-0LP)


Yuri got up and walked over to Yuya and stuck out his hand out to Yuya and helped him to his feet. "That was a very entertaining duel your a very skilled duelist," Yuri said.

"Your not so bad your self," Yuya said taking his hand.

"Yuya when did you get that card in your desk? Rin asked.

"I've always had it. I just never put it in my deck?" Yuya said.

"Hm that's kinda interesting," Yuri said. "I knew someone who uses that card in his deck as well, but I haven't see him since he disappered from school one day," Yuri said.

"You don't mean Jaden?"

"Yeah him," Yuri said.

"Do you know what happened to him?" Yuya asked.

"No all we know is that one day he just up and left Duel Academy and no ones seen him since," Yuri said.

"Hmm," was all Yuya said. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it," Rin said as she went to the door to see who it is.

So Yuri, Ruri tells me that you and Serena can both XYZ summon along with Fusion summoning right?" Yuya asked.

"Yeah Ruri here taught us," Yuri said.

"She's actually a good teacher," Serena said. This caused Ruri to blush in embarrassment.

"It was nothing you guys taught me Fusion so it was an even trade," Ruri said. At that moment Rin returned with a woman with purple hair.

"Hey Yuya could you go get dad there's someone here to see him," Rin said.

"Uh sure," Yuya said as he got up and went looking for Shuzo.

Few minutes later

After Yuya found Shuzo the women introduced her self as Henrietta Akaba the CEO of Leo Corp. the largest duel school in the entire world. She had accused Yuya attacking a Leo duel school which turned out to be Sawatari Shingo.

"There's no way Yuya would attack Sawatari," Rin said.

"We have video evidence that says different," Henrietta said. She then played the footage of a duel taking place in a warehouse. They see some that looks like Yuya summon a dark looking dragon a then proceeded to pummel Sawatari's monster.

"Yuto," Ruri whispered.

"Yuto?" Everyone but Serena and Yuri turned to face Ruri.

"Who's Yuto?" Shuzo asked.

"Yuto is a friend of ours who has the same face as Yuri and Yuya," Serena said.

"And your saying that this Yuto person is the one who attack Sawatari?" Henrietta asked.

"Yes I've known Yuto for years and seen him summon that dragon hundreds of times," Ruri said.

"Hmm well from this perspective Yuya Sakaki attacked a Leo student," Henrietta said. "So the only way to rectify this is if You Show Duel School merge with Leo Duel School," she continued.

"What!" exclaimed Shuzo. "Do you honestly think that I would even consider selling You Show you got to be joking," Shuzo said.

"Well we actually had something else in mind," Henrietta said.

"What do you mean?" Rin asked with great


"We will have four duelists from Leo duel school and have them duel four from You Show. If we win you merge with us, and if you win the whole incident in the warehouse will be forgotten," Henrietta said.

Shuzo turned to look at his students. "It's up to you guys if you want to go through with this," he said.

"I'm in this," Yuri said.

"Same here," Serena and Ruri replied in unison.

"Yeah I can't let my father's school to get taken over without a fight, Yuya said.

"I'm in as well besides I always wanted to test myself against one of Leo Corps students," Rin said.

"Then it's settled we will now bring in the first three opponents which are the best in their summoning method," Henrietta said as three people walked in one was a girl with black hair and maroon eyes. The next was a boy with purple hair and grey eyes. The final person was another boy but he had brown hair and brown eyes.

"These are your opponents," Henrietta said. "They are Dipper from the XYZ course, Yaiba from the Synchro course and Masumi from the Fusion course," Henrietta continued. "So who will go first she said to the three students.

"I will," Dipper said stepping forward. "I will take on the Yuya look a like," he said pointing towards Yuri.

With a smile on his face Yuri readied his duel disk. "I accept your challange," Yuri said. The two of them went to the dueling Arena towards the back of the school.

Shuzo sat at the controls. "Alright let's get this thing started with the Field Spell Cosmo Sanctuary," Shuzo said as the field soon became a space scenery with three temples in a triangle formation.

"Hmph that was a bad move there Masumi said.

"Why's that?" Ruri asked.

"This field spell is Dipper's specialty he knows the location of every action card," Yaiba said. When Shuzo heard this he started to apologize to Yuri, but Yuri calmed him down.

"It's alright Teacher I always like a challenge," Yuri said.

"Enough talk let's duel," Dipper said as he and Yuri both activated their duel disks.

"Duelists locked in battle kicking up the earth and dancing in the air beside their monsters. They storm through this field. This is the newest and greatest evolution of dueling Action-" everyone chanted in unison

"DUEL," Yuri and Dipper said in unison

Yuri 4000LP

Dipper 4000LP

"I'll start us off," Yuri said. "I summon Predaplant Spinodionea in attack mode (ATK:1800/DEF:0 LV.4) "Next I place two cards face down and end my turn," Yuri said as his monster and two cards appeared on the field.

"My turn I draw I summon Constellar Algiedi in attack mode," Dipper said as his monster appeared on the field. (ATK:1600/DEF:1400 LV.4) "When this card is summoned I'm aloud to summon a level four Constellar from my hand," Dipper said. "I special summon Constellar Kaus in attack mode," (ATK:1800/DEF:700 LV.4) "I activate Kaus's effect twice per turn I can raise or lower the level of a Constellar monster on my field. So first I use it on Algiedi. (LV.4-LV.5) Next I use the same effect on Kaus itself. (LV.4-LV.5)

"He's now got two level five monsters on his field," Yuri thought to himself.

"I will now overlay my two level five Constellars to build the overlay network," Dipper said as his monsters became twin pillars of yellow energy and going into the XYZ portal. "Light of the stars, come descend and shake this very earth!" I XYZ summon Constellar Pleiades inattack position," Dipper said as his monster burst on to the field with two yellow orbs orbiting it. (ATK:2500/DEF:1500 RNK:5 OU:2)

"I activate my monster's special ability once per turn by detaching one overlay unit I can target one monster on my opponents field and return it to your hand so I chose your Predaplant Spinodionea" Dipper said as his monster absorbed an overlay unit.

"It can what?" Yuri said in shock as his monster glowed and returned to his hand.

"Oh no now Yuri has no monsters ob his field," Rin said in worry.

"Battle I attack you directly with Falling Star Burst," Dipper said.

"Not so fast I activate my trap Predaplant Mirror. When I'm attacked directly I can summon one Predaplant from my hand if it's defense points are equal to your monsters attack points in defense mode so I summon Predaplant Dracofly (ATK:600/DEF:2500 LV.4)

Pleiades's attack hit Yuri's monster, but nothing happened. "Darn I place one card face down and end my turn," Dipper said in frustration.

"Few I thought Yuri was going to be a goner," Rin said.

"Don't worry Yuri is a very strong duelist," Serena said.

"It's my turn I draw, Yuri said. "Activate the effect of Predaplant Dracofly I can special summon one level four or below Predaplant from my hand but it's effect is negated so come forth Predaplant Flytrap. (ATK:400/DEF:800 LV.2) Next I bring out Predaplant Spinodionea (ATK:1800/DEF:0 LV.4) Next I activate the spell Predashift by sending one Predaplant from my hand to the graveyard one Predaplant gains that monster's level until the end of the turn," Yuri said.

"So I send Predaplant Sappling from my deck to the graveyard Yuri said as he took a card from his hand and sent it to the graveyard. Predaplant Sappling was a level two monster so I increase Predaplant Flytrap by two (LV.2 - LV.4)

He's now got three level four monsters," Yaiba said.

"I will now overlay my three Predaplants to build the overlay network," Yuri said as his monsters became purple pillars of energy. "Flower that blooms in darkness spread your poisonous thorns to destroy your foes I XYZ summon Predaplant Precatorex," (ATK:2500/DEF:1500 RNK:4 OU:3)

"Next I activate my monsters special ability once per turn by detaching one overlay unit one monster on my opponents field gains a Predaplant counter," Yuri said as his monster devoured an overlay unit it the shot out a vine whip at Pleiades and a small plant like creature was wrapped around Pleiades. "Monsters with counters can't attack or use their effects," Yuri said.

"What," Dipper said in shock.

"Next I activate the effect of Predaplant Sappling in my graveyard by banishing it one monster on my opponents field loses 500 attack points for every Predaplant on my field. "Since I have one your Pleiades loses 500 attack points," Yuri continued. (2500-2000)

"Time for battle Precatorex attacks Pleiades with Thorns of Fury," Yuri said as his monster unleashed vine whips covered with thorn1s at Pleiades. When Dipper saw this he went in search of an action card.

Yuri saw this and went in search of his own action card. Dipper was able to get one. "I acrivate the action card Miracle this card keeps my monster on my field and halves the damage I take," Dipper said as he activated the card.

"In that case I activate the action card High Dive which gives my monster an extra 1000 attack points this turn," Yuri said as he activated his own card.(2500 - 3500) Yuri's monster made contact with Dipper's, but failed to destroy it. (Dipper 4000LP - 3250LP)

"Wow Dipper took damage and was able to keep Pleiades on the field," Ruri said.

"Well what can I tell you Dipper is the best XYZ user in Leo corp.," Matsumi said.

"I set one card face down and end my turn," Yuri said. "At this point my monster's attack points return to normal.(3500 - 2500)

"Now it's my turn I draw," Dipper said. Dipper looked at the card he drew and smiled. "I summon Constellar Sombre," (ATK:1550/DEF:1600) "Next I activate its effect once per turn by banishing on Constellar monster from my graveyard I can add one Constellar to my hand from there. So I banish Constellar Algedi so I can add Constellar Kaus to my hand. Also during the turn this was activate I can summon a Constellar monster. So comeback Constellar Kaus," Dipper said.

"I activate Kaus special ability twice per turn I can increase a Constellar,s level by one so I use it on Kaus (LV.4 - LV.5) and Sombre," (LV.4 - LV.5) "I now overlay my two monsters and XYZ summon a sECOND Pleiades to the field, but I'm not done yet I use my first Pleiades to XYZ summon," Dipper said. "Come forth rank 6 Constellar Ptolemy M7 (ATK:2700/DEF:2000 RNK.6 OU:2)

"Now I attack you Predaplant Precatorex with Meteor Shower," Dipper commanded. Yuri ran to get an action card. "I don't think so," Dipper said. Suddenly Ptolemy M7 appeared in front of Yuri destroying his monster. (Yuri 4000LP - 3700LP) I also active the spell Constellar Storm when a Constellar XYZ monster destroys another XYZ monster you take damage equal to that monster's attack points," Dipper said.

"Say what," Serena and Rudi said in shock. The blast from the Spell three Yuri back.

"Gahhhh," Yuri said as he slammed into the ground. (Yuri 3700LP - 1200LP) "I activate my face down card Predaplant Revenge," When a Predaplant is destroyed in battle you take damage equal to my monster attack points," Yuri said. (Dipper 3250LP - 750LP)

"No way he even had a counter for that," Masumi said in shock. Serena inwardly smiled.

"Go Yuri you can do this," Ruri shouted.

"How dare you inflict effect damage to me. Me who has won 40 consecutive times," Dipper said in anger.

"Man talk about being a little conceited," Serena said.

"I agree," Ruri said.

"I activate the continuous spell Constellar Tempest if I have two or more Constellar XYZ monsters on my field this card activates during the end of every turn your life points are cut in half," Dipper explained the cards effect. (Yuri 1200LP - 600LP)

"With that I end my turn," Dipper said. Yuri got back up. "I'm going to win this duel," Yuri said in determination.

"Ha you got to be joking I've got two powerful XYZ monsters on my field while you have one face down and no monsters," Dipper said.

"It's my turn I draw," Yuri said as he drew his next card. When he saw what it was a smile spread across his face.

"Why his he smiling?" Yaiba asked.

"He must have drawn it," Ruri said. This made everyone except Serena to look at her in confusion. "Don't worry you'll see," Ruri said. Suddenly all the lights went out then a spot light appeared on Yuri.

"Ladies and gentlemen as you can see I'm in difficult situation here, however I will put on a performance that will make you all dazzle," Yuri said.

"Just what are you up to?" Dipper said as he glared at Yuri.

"Just putting on a performance that will not only win me this duel, but put a smile on everyone's faces, and it starts with my final face down card. The spell card Rank-Up Magic Predaplant Force,"

"What a Rank-Up card?" Dipper asked in confusion.

"This card allows me to use a Predaplant XYZ monster on my field or in my graveyard and XYZ summon a Predaplant XYZ monster that is one rank higher," Yuri said. "So I use Predaplant Precatorex to rebuild the overlay network," Yuri said as a purple pillar of energy shot out of the graveyard and went into the XYZ portal. "Dying plants of the night rejuvinate your souls so that you may fight again go rank up XYZ evolution descend rank 5 Predaplant Mistletoedactyl (ATK:2700/DEF:1900 RNK:5 OU:1)

"So this is Yuri's rank five Predaplant monster," Serena said.

"My monster's effect activates if this card is summoned using a Predaplant XYZ monster it's unaffected by opponents XYZ monster effects," Yuri said.

"Say what," Dipper said.

"Next I activate my monsters special ability once per by detaching one overlay unit I can target one monster on my opponents field and take control of it till the end of my turn," Yuri said as his monster absorbed an overlay unit. "So I choose Constellar Ptolemy M7," Yuri said.

"It does what," Dipper said as his monster went to Yuri's field.

"However Mistletoedactyl can't attack the turn I use his effect," Yuri said. "Next I activate the most wonderful spell card going by the name Smile World," Yuri said.

"Smile World? That's Yusho Sakaki's signature card," Shuzo said.

"Yeah, Yuri and I each got one when we meet him," Serena said.

"Wait you meet Yusho Sakaki? Where? When?" Shuzo asked.

"We'll tell when these matches are over," Ruri said.

"With the effect of Smile World all monsters on field gain 100 attack points for each one so since there are three monsters on field all monsters gain 300 attack points. (Mistletoedactyl 2700-3000) (Ptolemy M7 2700-3000) (Pleiades 2500-2800)

"What was the point of increasing all our monster's attack points by the same amount?" Dipper asks in anger.

"It was so I can play this the Quick-play spell Help from the Other Side," Yuri said. "When an opponent's monster has it's attack points increase on monster on my field can have it's attack points doubled until the end of the turn so I choose Constellar Ptolemy M7," Yuri said (3000-6000)

"6000 attack points," Dipper said in shock.

"Now Ptolemy attack Pleiades with Mayor Shower," Yuri commanded.

"I've got to get an action card," Dipper muttered to himself as he ran in the opposite direction. "There's one," Dipper said as he saw an action card about five feet away he dove for it. He got his hand on it he then saw what it read Wonder Chance.

"My 41st win in a row gone," Dipper said as the blast from the attack threw him into the air. "Gahhh," (Dipper 750LP-0LP)

Winner Yuri

"He did it he won the duel," Serena said.

"So the score is You show one Leo zero," Rin said.

"Yes, but you still have to face two more students and they won't go down that easily," Henrietta said. When Yuri and Dipper entered the control room everyone from You Show gave him a round of appaluse.

"That was some great entertaining dueling down their Yuri," Yuya said.

"I agree Shuzo sensei would be proud," Ruri said.

"It gave me the shivers," Frederick said.

"That was some hot-blooded dueling Yuri," Shuzo said.

"Excuse me, but can we get to the next match please," Henrietta said.

"Of course, sorry just got caught up in the moment I guess," Shuzo said rubbing the back of his head in embaressment.

"Okay who will go next?" Henrietta asked.

"I will and I want to duel Masumi," Ruri said.

"Ruri are you sure about?" Serena asked.

"I'm positve besides it gives me a chance to test out these new cards I got," Ruri said.

"Alright I'll take you on, but jyst so you know I won't go down as easily as Dipper did," Masumi said.

"Good I aways liked a challange," Ruri said.

Later on the dueling field

"Alright the second match between You Show vs Leo Corp. will now begin on the Crystal Corridor field spell.

"Like with Dipper you picked Masumi's prefered field spell," Yaiba said.

"Gahh, I messed up again I'm sorry Ruri," Shuzo said.

"It's alright like I said earlier I like a challange," Ruri said.

"Enough chit chat let's duel," Masumi said as she activate her duel disk.

"Right back at you," Ruri said activating hers as well.

"Duelists locked in battle kicking up the earth and dancing in the air beside their monsters. They storm through this field. This is the newest and greatest evolution of dueling Action-" everyone chanted in unison

"DUEL," Ruri and Masumi said in Unison.

And finally done sorry this took so long I wasn't really in a writers mode for a while, but I'm glad the way this chapter turned out. What did you think of Yuri dueling Dipper instead of Yuya. Next chapter will be Ruri against the Fusion specialtist Masumi will Ruri's new Fusion monsters be enough to take on Masumi's Gem Knights? Find out in the next chapter. Now for the OCs that made an appearance


Constellar Storm


When your Constellar XYZ monster destroys your opponents monster inflict that monsters attack points as damage.


Predaplant Mirror


When you are attacked directly special summon one Predaplant from your hand if it's defense points are equal to your opponent's monsters attack points in defense mode.

Predaplant Dracofly

Plant/Effect LV.2

Special summon on level four or lower Predaplant from your hand, but its effect us negated.



Send one Predaplant from your hand to the graveyard then target one Predaplant in your field and increase it's level by that monsters level.

Predaplant Sappling

Plant/Effect LV.2

Banish this card from your graveyard and lower one monter your opponent controls by 500 for every Predaplant on your field.

Predaplant Revenge


When a Predaplant is destroyed in battle your opponent takes damage equal to that monsters attack points.

Predaplant Mistletoedactyl

XYZ/Plant/Effect Rank 5

Once per turn remove one overlay unit from this card and take control of one monster on your opponents field until the end of your turn. Predaplant Mistletoedactyl can't attack the turn this effect is used.

Help From the Other Side

Quick-Play Spell

When your opponent's monster's attack increase double the attack of one monster on your field until the end of the turn.

That's all for now get ready to Swing into action.